Sculpture from Walnut Wood – Woodturning, Woodworking, Art

Sculpture from Walnut Wood – Woodturning, Woodworking, Art

It turns out that the walnut loop pieces that
I made are some of my more popular items. Someone contacted me recently about doing
another walnut loop commission. I do not normally take commissions, but this
one was too good to pass up. I bought a couple of large walnut slabs, in
part to use for this piece. I also wanted some walnut to use in future
projects. Walnut is so nice. I started out buy cutting two twenty-inch
disks from this slab. If it was any thicker, I would not be able
to cut it with the jigsaw. Twenty inches is the swing of my lathe. It just barely fit. I started contouring the outside of the disk
in order get the first ring. I had a cardboard template that I compare
it with to ensure I get a circular profile. When I parted it, I turned it as thin as I
dared. Then I stopped the lathe and pulled it off
the rest of the way. Unfortunately, that leaves a little ridge
on the inside that I will take care of later. I was able to get four concentric rings out
of this one slab. Then I just repeated the process for the other
rings. I could just use the cole jaws for the four
smaller rings, but I needed a solution for the larger pieces. I put it between 2x4s. I have done this before, where I get it as
straight as I possibly can. Then, glue it on. Then, I turn a tenon. I turn it around and mount it in the chuck. I gently turn the inside and sand it smooth. Because it is hot glue, I can easily pull
it off. Everything was going great until the very
last ring. I was not recording, but it flew off the lathe,
unfortunately. I decided I am not going to do anything that
large again. The larger it is, the more likely it will
come off. I marked the centre of the rings. I cut them in two pieces. Then, sanded the faces flat. I started to glue them together. I am just using wood glue. At this point I decided that if I used all
these rings in one sculpture, it would be too much, I think. Especially if I want to ship it to the client,
it would be very awkward. The larger it is, the more likely it would
not survive shipping. I decided to not use the largest rings and
set them aside for now. I will probably use them in a future piece. I just hold them together for about two minutes. That is long enough for the glue to get tacky
and it stays together. After it was mostly glued up, I smoothed out
the glue joints with a rotary tool at first, then hand-sanded it. I do not know why I did not try this before. I put some blue tape on. That seemed to help hold it together. The glue joints were surprisingly strong. Then, I glued the final piece on. I press it down for a minute, then let it
dry. The client did not want a base, so I just
sanded it flat on the bottom. Once I put the finish on, it made it really
pop. So nice. I am really happy with how this turned out
and so is the client. Thanks for watching. See you next time in Cammie’s Garage.

20 thoughts on “Sculpture from Walnut Wood – Woodturning, Woodworking, Art

  1. You made that look so simple, but I'm not fooled. It must have taken a lot of skill and patience. When you're halfway through a project like this do you ever have to drive yourself on concentration wise? It looks fantastic, well worth the effort. Thanks for sharing

  2. Awesome! I would really like to see how strong those glue joints are sometime. If you could do a strength test is show us, that would be awesome!!!

  3. Your work is so fantastic and I loved the voice over. I'm always surprised how strong your glue joints are!

  4. Great work!!! I’m considering using Walnut wood for an art project for school do u by chance know if the piece of walnut wood you used is High in price and if so where can u find it at? Once again really good video from start to finish!

  5. Dude this is some crazy skill and talent! Well done!!! One of your loop projects was just featured on a popular reddit sub only 3 hours ago and it’s already gotten well over a thousand upvotes so far. That’s how I found you so don’t be surprised if you get a surge in new subs! 👍🏻😄

  6. Two thumbs up Cam! Beautiful piece and some nice tips and tricks getting to the finished project. Thanks for sharing.

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