20 thoughts on “SCOPE ART SHOW 2019 NY

  1. Wow? Nice video just the right speed and many close ups thank-you best wishes ken (artist)

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  3. Thanks for sharing. There was some really great stuff in there, some trite kitschy stuff and some slop on paper. It‘s always interesting to see the work of artists that are trying too hard next to those who are more thoughtful and purposeful. Before I knew the one section was AI I thought, “the color palette is interesting. Too bad the art is mediocre.” The marriage of the mind of the artist with technique can’t be reproduced.

  4. I've never seen so many ridiculous prices for some of these paintings…otherwise theirs a lot of creative pieces here.

  5. Only a tiny percentage ever make the big time in any walk of life, not just art. Here you see a good example of that

    I looked and saw that several artists were very capable craftsmen. They can draw, they know how to paint etc. BUT I love art that instantly resonates with me in some way.

    I can look at the Mona Lisa, and see that it's a good painting, but it's just that and not much more. Now look at Franz Hals "Laughing Cavalier" It's got that "something' that I like

    Look at Norman Rockwell's work. You can see there's something happening. Kids playing marbles with the expression of delight and concentration shown clearly on their faces. Look at his "Going and coming" and look at the faces. He was a master at capturing the moment and recording it forever Now go back and look at the work of the very old masters, say 4 or 500 years ago. You'll see lots of portraits of very "important" upper class people with NO expression on their face. Yet they kept producing the same old same old ……….. year after year after year. Why ? Well it paid the rent.

    As an artist myself I'm always looking to produce something new and interesting, something that will get a response Time is too valuable to waste on "same old same old"

    Kind regards – From Chris in Thailand WWW.100Temptations.com

  6. Thanks for sharing. Scope seems to attract a kind of galleries that carry work that is a kind of Scifi Lobrow Pop Art. Lots of art that relies solely on technically amazing visuals, I think most come off as vapid without any meaning. Not my thing. It was an interesting watch though.

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