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39 thoughts on “SAYONIKA'S LITERATURE CLUB | DDLC Meta Ep. 19

  1. 16:48 wait, that was akuri talking. Was it a glitch or is akuri still here?
    21:01 "and who knows? Maybe she still exists"

    We're doomed aren't we?

    This is not going well, I'm already calling it.

    And if I'm right yet again I'm on a winning streak on calling bad events

  2. 16:47 Ceaser I thought you deleted her. How so she is not dead. Monika and Yuri won't be happy about this.

    Also, you chose at least one word for everyone except Monika?

    Also also, if all of them are persistent now, do they see your poems as a string of random 20 words?

  3. I get why Caesar's doing this, but I feel if they lie to her too much and for too long, it might start taking a toll on poor Sayonika. And she might not take the truth too well when the time comes. There's also a chance she might get upset over the fact that Caesar and the others kept the truth from her for so long. If they're gonna tell Sayonika the truth, they should do so sooner rather than later.

  4. The president stands in front of the room
    Like a bride awaiting her perfect groom

    With pen in hand the lines begin appearing
    In front of this girl with the looks so appealing
    I open the door to discover in my eyes
    A crazy mix of Sayori and I

    Sayonika, the name twirls in my ear
    And everything seems totally weird

    I keep staring trying to inquire
    The nature of this being, cant help but keep trying

    How can you exist if I am still on this world?
    The question rushes towards my core

    Is this a fail in the code
    Or instead, I managed to create perfection

    The answer eludes me, I escape into silence

    For from now and on I will do nothing but ponder

    Sayonika existence doesnt requires Sayori or me. Is this a dream or my reality ?

  5. Analysis of Sayonika Words
    — — Long Comment Warning — —

    The poem at the end of the video, in the order they appeared. All of these are Sayonika words, until noted otherwise:

    —overcome— (An MC word)*
    —heartbeat— (A Natsuki word)*
    —extraordinary— (A Sayori word)*
    —afterimage— (A Yuri word)*

    These words are all compound words, alluding to Sayonika’s fused nature.

    What interests me is some compound words will form entirely new words pointing towards entirely new concepts – water and melon, for example, are two entirely different things, but watermelon is a significantly different thing from water, and significantly different fruit from a melon,
    A star and a fish are atmospheres apart, yet a starfish is different from both of these (the fish less so, but they’re still really different).
    Perhaps she won’t have to worry about the truth of being a fusion, because really, her fusion is what makes her unique.

    (I included the other words that weren’t for Sayonika because they’re still compound words, and I think they’ll still add up significantly for the total word-score towards Sayonika; perhaps a 5 or 4 word-score rather than a 6, but I’m sure they will still appeal closely to her.)

    [Yes, this looks a bit familiar, doesn't it? Worry not, I'll not share the proposition, I just wished to share my analysis with others as I have done prior. I had already planned to analyze these last night but had forgotten to do it. Further, nobody can be sure it's wballaja, so doing this should be okay.]

  6. 16:45 ……….WHAT THE CINNAMON TOAST F*** IS THIS?! How does that name still exist?! That better be a scripting error dangit!

  7. The Rambles of a Mad Theory-Man
    — — Long Comment Warning — —

    Well, the solution to the Sayori-home problem presented in this video is only temporary. If Sayonika's stay at the hotel is only seven days, I'm sure she's going to want to come back home after those seven days are over.
    So here are some potential ways Ceasar might establish permanent residence for Sayonika…
    1) Ceasar keeps paying for her room for a really long time
    2) Ceasar pulls some strings to make it so she somehow owns the hotel now (“Hey, your dad won the lottery so he’s buying the hotel now” -esque or anything similar)
    3) The spider gig is just to buy some time, he’ll learn how to make another house and have her live there instead (with some “The exterminators said it’s impossible to recover your house” jazz [though with exterminator memory being wiped I can’t be sure of that])
    I’m sure there are some other ones, but it’s late in the night I don’t wanna think some more…

    Whatever he does, I think of this as one part of the slowly feeding Sayonika the truth of the world plan. If Ceasar does any of these things, Sayonika has to realize that something’s off. She’s gonna have to ask in her head, depending on what happens…:
    1) How is Ceasar so loaded?
    2) How did my family suddenly gain so much money to buy out this hotel (or something similar)?
    3) How did Ceasar get me a new house in such a short time?
    No matter what Ceasar does for Sayonika’s permanent residence, she’s going to have to realize that Ceasar has power of some kind, financial or other, and that can segue into feeding her some more bits and pieces of the truth.

    Curious to see where that goes….

    Now to more outlandish theories… MY FAVORITE
    Now, unless…
    Ceasar doesn’t have to worry about permanent residence…
    Ceasar seems sure the problem is definitely solved like he doesn't have to do anything anymore. He doesn’t specify a follow-up like what I just did. It just seems he thinks the problem is already solved. Why? Is something gonna happen? Will this series only last seven more days? 🤔Is some unavoidale cataclysm gonna happen? Is Ceasar planning something in seven days which will end the whole series?

    I doubt so, that's too out of left field for even me to like, but I'm putting it down in case.

    I'm just thinking out of my ass here, I doubt any of these are even slightly laudable. I do enjoy sharing though, no matter how dumb the thought because thinking just excites me, discussion more so. I never think this hard anywhere else, so my congratulations to Ceasar for writing an exceptional series.

  8. Now, THIS is high-quality content! Another fantastic job, yet again, Ceaser. I'm very excited for the next part of the story!

  9. You know for once I'm glad the playback speed option exists in YouTube
    the poem game goes too fast
    not enough time for analysis

  10. Okay, Ceasar uploaded this earlier, but then reuploaded it because some typos were found.
    Now, I expected the 16:45 "Akuri" thing to be gone, but…
    It's still there…
    cue X-Files music

  11. Haha, love the fact you can write a poem for MC too 😀

    But wait… what about the spiders? Isn't Sayori's house still teeming with them?

  12. Soo… we are writing poems again…

    What could possible go wrong?

    16:48 is there a mistake or why is Akuri speaking O_O

    22:07 OMG I wanna hug all those Doki Forms!

  13. Ceaser: the entire inside of the house is covered in a massive army of spiders
    Me, a fan of frisky: 1! 2! 3! 4! I LOVE MARINE CORP
    Edit: ok guys, CHILL I was highlighted and likes OK stop spamming it

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