20 thoughts on “Saving Chinese Art From Extinction | Meet Yang Yongliang

  1. China is the most populated nation on earth. They can make more art if they lose some….Who cares…

  2. when they say chinese art, they dont mean art by the chinese… they are talking about the traditional form and style from ancient china

  3. Art is important to every country or anybody if the'er no Art from the pass then what will inspire us to pick up the pencil or Paint brush. As a drawer myself i don't mind Helping keep Old Art from becoming lost

  4. Very wise man. He is one of the only ones holding traditional Chinese art together. Good luck to him and all the best!

  5. inspiring to see this! wish i could buy one of your videos. you should do it in 4k for the new big screens that people will use for art int he future..

  6. A stunning piece of work – I saw your video at White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney. The composition and blending of painting and video is very clever. Hope to see more of your work!

  7. Thank you very much for sharing this video, I really appreciate! This artist is so amazing! I really want to share with my art teacher who lives in China, that he can't access to youtube. And also I want to share it with publics, cause many Chines concern about traditional art but they had little idea about new media art nor this artist. It's there any chance that I could reupdate this video on a Chinese video website? I will definitely cite with youtube address and your name!

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