Save this painting for the nation | #SaveOrazio | National Gallery

Save this painting for the nation | #SaveOrazio | National Gallery

Orazio Gentileschi’s ‘The Finding of Moses’
was painted for the King of England in the 1630s. We have it here at the
National Gallery, we want to keep it. This is a campaign to acquire it for the
nation, to acquire it for the Gallery, to acquire it for future generations too, so
we can all enjoy it down into the future.

7 thoughts on “Save this painting for the nation | #SaveOrazio | National Gallery

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  2. Please do not take this the wrong way, but a 27 second video? Give some history about the painting. Tell us why we should care about it, versus any other painting.
    I have listened to multiple hour long podcasts on a single painting.

  3. Come on! Future generations won't have any idea as to why this painting is valueable. It's predictable European goodness, nothing more

  4. +Feed your artists. Build a fifty foot high inflatable beggar with bowl outside your gallery for Farage and BoJo's clowns & the idle Royals to drop money in. C'mon Banksy! C'mon Damien! C'mon M.s Emin! Save the Baroque!

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