Satyr Rory - The CUTEST Art Toy by Korean Artist Surprise Blind Boxes FULL CASE

Satyr Rory – The CUTEST Art Toy by Korean Artist Surprise Blind Boxes FULL CASE

my guys lost the queue today I am SuperDuper duper excited because I have something very very nail well I've actually had this for a few months now but I am finally getting around to opening them and I have never introduced these on my channel before so rolling back a year or two I found this toy artist named siggy on Instagram and I first noticed that she was Korean due to her name and then I completely fell in love with her designs of her toys at the time when I found her she was just rolling out her first batch of her new toy line Paul Seder Rory and since then she released several of them but they were individually handmade and they sold out really quickly so I was never able to get my hands on them but recently she's been collabing with Mark and she's been releasing these blind boxes on pop mark I don't think you can actually find these in regular stores in America by the good news is there is my classic heart calm which is located in New York actually gets stock of these so when I found that it was only natural for me to place a pre-order for a full case she also released Christmas edition and several other ones I do have another one coming on the way and when it does arrive I will open it on camera but for now we have the seeder Rory zodiac collection so without further ado let's get started seriously look how cute these are even the packaging so it says twelve designs plus one hidden edition but a case of um comes with twelve boxes all of these boxes so I'm assuming that I'm going to be missing one of them I guess but on this side of shows twelve well 11 and then one kind of blacked out so I don't I don't really understand what is going on but all I know is that I'm so excited to get this so let's open it up look at that boiling so that's the I believe pop Mart is a Chinese story and that's the name of the artist we'll link where I got my case in the description and also the link to her Instagram because I think she definitely deserves more love here we go okay one of these things I do want to get her one-of-a-kind Seder Rory she pronounces it on in Koreans Hapkido T so I was a little confused at first but SAT why are got Seder right so here's the first bag and there is a little slit right here so you can open it up easily oh my gosh the first one I wish I could show you like the colors are so pretty it's um it looks a little more pastelly my voice just cracked it looks a little more personally on my camera but it's a little darker it's not completely like super vibrant it's still pastelly but yes this is so cute let's look at the details on the eyes do you guys see the details those stars oh my goodness I am in love oh my goodness the lighting is not really working in my favor today so cute and the paint job is really well done I mean just look at the paint job on the iced tea that is so nice this wine let's look at the checklist so the box itself is a checklist this one is the Gemini oh I got one of the Gemini ones so I should be able to get a matching one so let's set this one aside and in the Box there are some other goodies – so we got a Gemini satyr Rory card that is so cool and we got like a disc rubber disc of pop mark I don't really know what the purpose of this is but yeah that was inside what is the purpose of this hmm moving on to the next one honestly I have no idea what the hidden figure is but according to the shape of it yeah I have no idea I I have no clue here those are second one not looking at the card yet and here is I want oh my gosh it's the one that's holding a heart and a star which one are you okay let's get the card out the card says Libra so I got Libra and here is a detailed look on Libra the paint job on it is still really nice because of the lighting in my room it's a little hard to tell but each figure actually has blushing on the cheeks so cute and this one's got really soft purple eyes very cute and just like the name they're supposed to be satyrs you know here we go third one and this one we got Aquarius I honestly I don't really know my zodiac unless it's Leo Gemini and cancer Oh Virgo so here is the card for Virgo and if you guys are wondering what the back looks like they all look the same and here is my Virgo satyr Rory so cute oh my goodness this one doesn't have little points probably because it's wearing a headband and the hairstyle of this one looks different from the previous two I got C so cute oh my goodness I can't wait to display these here goes our next one Genisys pinky oh we got another Gemini one so this one goes with the first one that I got so let's take out the card just to make sure that this one is a Gemini seriously what's the purpose of these coins I don't get it this one is the other Gemini here he is so that must be why it's twelve plus one because there are twelve zodiac signs right but then each of the Gemini twin has a box so there must be one zodiac that is not listed on the box and that must be the hidden figure so cute oh my goodness oh here are the twins together look they could be holding hands here goes our next one this one's quite tall oh my gosh cancer right it's cancer or is it not no this one is Scorpio how cute oh my goodness yeah the color on this one is showing up better than the other ones that I have opened come on card come out from the box please here is the card I got it's Scorpio and here is the figure so cute oh that's interesting so unlike the other ones the other ones except for Virgo all had like satyr legs but this one actually has human legs with scorpion tail on the back I mean I suppose it does make sense very cute very very very cute here goes our next one we are halfway through our case and in this one we got like a mermaid which which sign are you this one is Pisces Pisces Pisces Pisces oh that one yeah that one so here is how the figure looks it's so cute it's got starfish on besides and all my goodness the eyes are nice mint green color even though my camera is refusing to capture its beauty and it's got really cute pretty fin for or mermaid tail so cute oh my goodness here goes our seventh box I think I'm going to be addicted to the Seder Rory's they're so cute oh my goodness thank goodness I was able to get another case it's a different theme now open it as soon as it gets here this one we got another theatre you are one adorable theater this one is Capricorn and this one also has mints eyes with flowers on its head so cute look at the tail oh my gosh look at the little fawn like dot details so cute I love this we are 2/3 way there to completing this case opening it's happening to see so seriously what's the point opening oh my god oh my gosh you look like a kangaroo no you're supposed to be a horse are you a donkey I'm not sure I'm not sure this one actually came with a little accessory in the box and this one is a Sagittarius Sagittarius I guys please don't hate on me for not knowing how to pronounce all of those something signs Sagittarius I don't know but that one and I gotta take this out and put it on put it in his hands so for these arrows it's a little tricky but you see the little knobs and those actually go in the hands so which way am I supposed to okay so it's supposed to be held this way so I need to put it into the hole carefully I can't I don't think I can do it looking through the camera lens so I'll be right back okay so he's kind of holding it I wasn't really able to fit it into the hole but I was kind of able to balance it on top of his like a little belly so I guess that's how it's going to be this one is also really cute too I love the hairstyle on this one it's so simple but it still works really well it's got a little tail SuperDuper cute I am loving all of these so much I'm moving on to the next box over here and this one which one could this be I'm actually going to go through all of the boxes after I'm done to make sure that I did not leave out any accessories which I'm pretty sure I have not and this line oh oh this one is cancer this one has to be cancer right here is cancer card it's so cute for those of you who we're wondering I'm actually a gem enhancer I like to call myself a Gemini answer because I was born on a day where it was like switching from Gemini to cancer so I'm I can't be both Gemini and cancer I don't know if you guys can tell but on the head it's got little stars painted on the eyes are nice aqua blue this one also has like regular human legs and it has starfish on the back that is so cute oh my gosh here it goes our next one hold on so let's quickly look at which ones we are missing so we're missing Taurus Taurus Aries and Leo and whichever one this is I don't know let's see [Applause] here we got oh this must be e e ries I ate no my goodness I should have probably looked up how to pronounce all of these zodiac signs before I started opening them I think it's a rewrite so here's the card and this one is such a cute figure I think no nevermind I can't pick a favorite they were all just so cute oh my goodness they're way too cute mmm can't pick it this one actually shows the blushing a little better on camera for some reason but yeah how cute here is our second to the last box and we'll set back which does make sense because there is a bag inside the box so yeah this one should either be Leo or Horace so which one is the secret character I believe this is Leo oh my gosh look at the tail okay it's wrapped in plastic let's let's take it out oh I need to be careful I don't want to break it here is the card for Leo do you guys see the little whisker detailing on the card how cute is that here is my Leo he is so cute oh my goodness his little ears his little tail I adore them I adore these figures so so so much guys I am so sad to tell you that this is our last box this is our final box and I am assuming this is like a Horace so open it up and yeah it's wearing a bib that's that's milky here's the card for this speaking and look how sweet this one locks I love the little little pattern on the legs that is so cute and the tail oh my gosh look at the bow detailing the little ribbon detailing so cute oh my goodness so actually looking at this Fox right now the only one that is not listed here is Libra which is this one this one is not listed on the box so I wonder if that is considered the hidden design but that doesn't really make any sense because it says 12 plus right 12 designs plus hidden edition so I'm so confused is there supposed to be a chase figure that you just get randomly in different cases hmm regardless I am really happy that I was able to get this box so I'm not really complaining here are all of the adorable Fader rori figures I got from my blind box case I absolutely love these and I'm definitely definitely definitely going to keep on trying to get a full case each time she releases a new one I honestly don't know which one to pick for my favorite but I absolutely love the Taurus on the the the cow design is just so cute but I also love the little pan one the one with the little um the pipes I don't know what that one was called but that one yeah that one's really cute too but also oh my gosh you know what never mind scratch all of that I love every single one of them if you do have a favorite from the ones I open please let me know in the comment section below as always thank you guys so much for watching until next time

31 thoughts on “Satyr Rory – The CUTEST Art Toy by Korean Artist Surprise Blind Boxes FULL CASE

  1. Virgo is the virgin star sign so maybe no horns to keep the innocence great video and I’m guessing from comments we ain’t gonna see Aquarius which is my star sign

  2. here's virgo! from the mlp movie lol I think those coins are for advertisement purposes cuz who looks at the box? idk just me? ok. love you lastic! edit: I like the fawn legged one

  3. "Available in single blind box or a case of 12. Twelve different designs with the possibility of a secret (chase) in some of the sets by random." That is what the site days, so I guess since the Libra is on the front of the box, it's part of the "checklist," but I'm not too sure.

  4. OMG being born on any of the transition days between signs is called "being born on a cusp"! I am a cusp baby too. Mine is a cusp between Scorpio and Sagittarius! I have traits of both signs and I love it.

  5. These figures look amazing, also pisces is often represented as a fish so that figure has a fish tail not a mermaid tail just fyi

  6. I 'm a Taurus and I really like the figure,I just wish The Cow spots were in a Pastel color instead of Black to match The Theme.

  7. Yaaaay I'm so happy you are featuring Korean independent toy artists in your channel as well!!!!
    I wish you would open more Korean toys as I adored the videos when you were there for vacation and going to the toy markets there, everything was so different and cute!

  8. Aquarius is the hidden figure. Since libra shows on the front they probably just wanted to show the rest on the side. Since Gemini is just one zodiac but two figures.

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