39 thoughts on “Sabaton – The Art of War (Lyrics English & Deutsch)

  1. Me getting a card bonus in risk and then using it to defeat an opponent and using their cards for even more troops

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  3. Sun tzu said that and I am pretty sure he knew a little bit more about fighting then you do pal 'cause HE INVENTED IT! And then perfected it so that no man could best him in the ring of honor!

  4. This is what metal is missing

    Great stories

    For example
    A little bit more on the heavy side

    Deeds of flesh RIP Eric
    Started writing about an all impeding alien invasion

    And some of the songs they made

    Fucking delicious

    Of whats to come
    Dawn of the next
    Hollow human husks

    Roadside picnic levels of spun out

    Lyrics for "Portals to Canaan"

    In the wake of the apocalypse

    Humans pray to be saved

    Prayers for a rapture from this dying world

    Alien radiation

    Poisons the planet with extreme gastric force

    The demise of Earth is imminent

    In time the troposphere screams

    The polar ice caps melt at a rapid rate

    With an injured sky

    Solar flares lick the Earths' skin

    Sinister intentions ignite

    In the demented mind of the sun

    Eternal flame seals the eyelids of the past

    All historical and religious scriptures are now destroyed

    Hatreds and prejudices towards one another, eliminated

    With all technology annulled

    Mankind is no longer distracted

  5. the moon landing? THAT'S THE COMMERCIAL YOUTUBE SHOT ME? Yeah sure we landed there 40 something years ago and we've never been back. They must think we are so gullible. WAKE UP!!!!!

  6. If I was a character in a fps, My catch phrase would be that's the art OF WAR MOTHERF*CKERS. Wait a minute…

  7. You know what would be a good subject for Sabaton to do a song on? Ashoka the Great, specifically his war against the Kingdom of Kalinga. For context, Ashoka had murdered and schemed his way to the throne of the Maurya Empire, which was the largest superpower on the Indian Subcontinent in the third century BCE. The only resistance in northern India was the Kingdom of Kalinga, which Ashoka brutally crushed in a massive campaign. Afterwards, instead of celebrating his new conquests, Ashoka felt a profound sense of remorse for all the suffering he and his army had caused. It was this remorse caused Ashoka to later convert to Buddhism, and fashion the Maurya Empire into one of the most ethical nations in the ancient world. I’m picturing a sadder song, sort of like A Lifetime of War or The Final Solution.

  8. Art of war , people=shit und nemesis. Das waren die lieder die mir geholfen haben wo es mir sehr schlecht ging wegen der psyche. Bin mit den liedern in den wald für 1 std. gegangen und bin rumgelaufen um klar zu werden mit allem. Das war letztes jahr immer mehrmals das Problem. Aber jedesmal wo ich in den Wald ging und mir diese lieder anhörte ging es mir danach immer deutlich besser. Das laufen in der Natur und dann die Härte dieser musik hatte einer sehr gute Wirkung auf mich. Ich bin dem Metal dankbar dass er mir dabei geholfen hat. Metal lifes on and on.

  9. This sounds like a theme for a military commander like Genghis Khan or Vlad Tepes: someone who uses a lot of tactics like feigned retreats, night raids, scorched earth, and/or psychological warfare to defeat their opponents.

  10. about the woman doing the reading at the start, did she do that especially for sabaton or is there an audiobook they licensed it from? i want to listen to that version of the recording if possible

  11. When you’re playing a total war game and you have to fight 3 armies that are individually bigger then yours

  12. The female voice reminds me of Shu's enemy (forgot her opponent's name) from Lady Bloodfight when she trains her students.

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