S4E12   Namond I am not him, Mike is not Mike

S4E12 Namond I am not him, Mike is not Mike

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42 thoughts on “S4E12 Namond I am not him, Mike is not Mike

  1. Thing is, Namond dont need to be a street life thug at all, but he needed to grow a damn backbone so he wont be so easily targeted. He dont got to be a "soldier" at all, but he needs to be a man some day. What if in his adult years, he got a normal job but he always get treated like shit because he was afraid to hold his ground?

  2. 2Pac – "Nigga, now is it me or 50 Cent should come & knock the fuck outta Ja Rule's Bytch Azz Son on Everything I love Namond my nigga you'z a disrespectful lil muthafucka"

  3. Wealth and status don't equal mental, physical, or emotional strength and to Namond's credit he was just a kid doing and saying dumb shit that most kid's do at his age the moment his character was introduced to the show. His mom wasn't strong enough to be a voice of reason because of her own value's in how she grew up and what she thought was keeping shit real in the game, but it was nowhere in the sense of what a strong woman and mother should be. Women in the street's like that who don't have shit going for themselves but ass & tit's, some dumb ass sense of street code, or ruled by money & status don't know nothing else and can't teach or direct a confused child (especially a young black boy) on the path to become better or the route's they need to go in life in order to become better. Oddly and ironically enough the father (Wee-Bey) who was doing the most dirt had to be that voice of reason for his own son and tell the mother of his child to back up off of him and let Namond live his own life without the influence of his mom and the street's and in that one scene Wee-Bey proved his worth as a real man by accepting his own consequences as fate but realizing that his son did not have to follow in his footsteps…that was a powerful scene.

  4. 2Pac – "Not only that Yo' lil Bytch Also likes 2 fuck with the peace shit you're gonna learn 2 stop fucking with the peace & to mind yo motherfucking business Rest in Peace Nipsey Hu$$le"

  5. Namond is a good guy and a cool dude
    They shouldn't treated him like shit
    I feel him
    But they were being too hard on him
    And made him be hard on himself by him being so aggressive and tough out on these streets

  6. 2Pac – "So you're the lil muthafucka who likes to fuck wit' grown ayo Word iz Bond Yo my nigga this is what the fuck happens 2 Bytch Azz Lil Bad Ass kids who likes 2 fuck wit' grown, U gets fucked up in this Bytch seen that shyt happen 2 yo lil nigga Donut of how that cop broke his finger same shit could happen to yo' lil Bytch Azz my nigga word da muthafucka my nigga fuck bad Azz kids yo' & that's a message from yo' Word Iz Bond nigga 2Pac Makaveli Da Don"

  7. Fucking pussy , tries to act all hard and tough but when he gets tested his true pussyness plays out.
    Would have had more respect if the faggot acted within his limits.

  8. A dam shame. Home should be your SAFE Haven ESPECIALLY for a child. But Namond can't be a pussy and picking on the weak. He was picking on Dukie. So I don't feel for him getting beat up but I do feel for his momma being a str8 bitch🤦🏾‍♀️

  9. Ja Rule – Pussy Azz Lil Cock Sucka Bitch Azz Nigga Nay Nay Crying like a punk pussy ass lil bitch Wee-Bey is a Douchebag bitch Azz muthafucka

  10. Al Pacino & Master P – The Heavy Metal Show –
    Baby Capone – Yo’ Wallace Checc it out, this lil bitch Azz nigga of Wee-Bey’s Namond is Crying like a lil ass bitch on Crip this is what da fkucc happens 2 lil BKytch Azz Niggaz like him on Crip wannabe Slobk Azz Nigga

  11. He's a sympathetic character. Too many of the fans shit on him because he's not built for the corner life. He's not the first character that can't handle it. But he still gets the most negativity from fans. Maybe its because he picked on Dukie or because he was actually spared the life the other kids had to suffer. Idk, but his mother was evil and he essentially had no father to raise him. Everyone on the street knew he was weak but they backed off because of his father. But Marlo would have eventually killed him because of that.

  12. Wee-Bey – Sorry my boy, but you chose to be on the enemy’s side sorry Namond I hate to tell you this but you gotta be a dead Fucka so Wallace is right & Wallace is doing the right thing there for Namond what the fuck you need to do is to SHUT THE FUCK UP

  13. Wood Harris ft. Mekhi Phifer & Cam’ron – 2Pac’s The Boondocks – Brooklyn, New York 1999 – Wallace is Crying like a Bitch

  14. What I don’t think people appreciate about Namond is that he has spent every waking moment of his life being forced by his mother and the adults around him to be something he is not. Everything about him is fake, bc he had no choice. He is not a killer, he is not ruthless, and he’s not made for the game. It reminds me of the Sopranos episode when AJ tried to kill Junior, and Tony went off on him “It’s not in your nature, and that’s a good thing for Ch*ists sake!”

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