S4E06   Cutty, Micahel Ain't no angel

S4E06 Cutty, Micahel Ain't no angel

you cube one inch hey would love women you see spider-man Denis I mean he ain't been around a gym like a month man I leave messages young Paul I understand me well my best welterweights now why we just quit like that won't you accident mom's oh that's it I'd like the good while right Evie I ain't no angel nah you ain't that

5 thoughts on “S4E06 Cutty, Micahel Ain't no angel

  1. Mike was just defensive with old man that act nice because of what happen to him when he was little with his step father

  2. Probably the one of the saddest parts of the whole series. Cutty's missteps in trying to reach Michael and Spider. Two young men that clearly needed help but it had been too late to help them with Cutty's well intentioned but superficial mentoring. Sadly you can't save everyone.

  3. He heard Michael make a comment at the fight in an earlier episode that the boxer in the fight probably had a fine woman. I think Cutty was having a lot of trouble connecting with Michael and thought that maybe if he talked to him like one of his boys rather than a father figure he would actually be able to get through to him. I think at this point in life Michael had had far too much abuse done to him by older men and had no idea how to act around them and no interest in it.

  4. He's just trying to bond with him, he hasn't been able to so he's trying to different tact. Talking about women to a teenage boy, makes sense, though it does come off mega awkward.

  5. Two things strike me about this – why would Cutty brag to Michael that he likes women? Does he suspect Michael's nervousness around adult males is related to his abuse? Odd scene. Second, the utter righteousness and morality steeped in Michael (from who knows where) from a very young age.

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