S4E04   Grace, Colvin Making rounds

S4E04 Grace, Colvin Making rounds

what's the line on this so far I'm just each is Lounger name they're saying you this year's band-aid is that how you feel so come on back this year splits a Miss absent yo he police I mean school system seems benign and I get the sense North Avenue might give us a latitude we've got support you think so some doubtful you can tell the days by their faces the best day is Wednesday that's the farthest they get from home for whatever's going on in the streets you see smiles this Monday is angry Tuesday's good caught between Monday and Wednesday so it could go either way Thursday's they're filling that weekend coming Friday is bad again this is where I leave you your class language arts huh yes anyway used to see it without me they behave differently when I'm around no it's not the number of days you've been suspended it's not the number of years we'll spend in prison if you don't shape up it's 50% below average its 30% below failure even but really it stands for the amount of interest you're taking in your own future tell me why was clarence mitchell jr.

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