S4E02   Michael and Cutty in gym

S4E02 Michael and Cutty in gym

like I coach work let's go I like to see baby that's why I like this guy use that left low yo man you finished that up to ministry fuck dad I got a fight coming up comment later alright the man said he got one more round I a stopcock younger nah man bagging them off for four rounds let me get through this yo put the fucking John at 5:00 Saturday night the boy won't get off the bed what the fuck you on the bed for anyway huh don't even fight you don't even smoke ball with us any good morning hey don't be cool you hear me I putting up with this foolishness come in Mike I can work the bag Yeah right and yet just waiting you're set for ground yeah I know what I said you finish up your rounds and then Justin gets on I'm gonna hit on more Street talk boxing up in here we ain't fight you want to get in a ring with me we go okay okay sir Joe you can come in here and work out use the equipment but nobody gets in that ring unless they've been trained and you want to be trying might you make that back got a natural right in where you throw it where you land now by was the train you have to stop floor work let's see you don't know how to move you ain't got no business being in that ring so what you talk I trained myself personally now I just want people right

33 thoughts on “S4E02 Michael and Cutty in gym

  1. michael’s molestation makes him so scared to say yes to a genuine offer from an adult. he WANTS to fight Kenard but bc cutty is an adult it doesn’t matter that he gives em a perfect in and opportunity to fight em. it’s his distrust for adults. GOD I LOVE THE WIRE

  2. Naymond was lucky spider doesn't slap his bitch ass or else he would have been crying while sliding down the board! lol!

  3. Just another reason I hate Michael how can anyone be dumb enough to think cut he's a fucking faggot worse than that a pedophile. I just hated the well no I hate it all the kids except for donut and dookie I don't really hate Michael is just such an unnecessary character

  4. Isn't that Spyder with the zero haircut. That push Michael in the back…? Because later of the show Spyder grew short dreadlocks he was working for Michael and scared of Michael

  5. If Mike got trained he could have been in Apollo, now he's stuck having gay sex and robbing drug dealers like Omar

  6. Micheal's boxing in that scene was hard to watch it was so trash, they should have at least given the acter a couple of lessons first.

  7. Michael should have just went ahead and tried his hand at the boxing route would've been better than what he ended up doing becoming a killer oh well

  8. This scene is like Team New York Boys Michael and Namond VS Team Baltimore Boys Justin and Spider cause both Namond and Michael are actors from New York while Spider and Justin are local Baltimore Actors

  9. Spider need to stop skipping Leg day and build up his leg muscles his legs look like to skinny Black Twigs about to break

  10. Why do a lot of these actors sound like they are English and accidentally breaking into their accent ? Such as the dude who attacked Namond outside of the gun.

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