48 thoughts on “S2:E5 Art Ebony Action Body Painting 'Untitled No.15' • GD Films • BMPCC 4K Deep House

  1. I swear George your use of lighting and contrast in colors is impressive and just keeps getting better every episode. Your eye for beauty is amazing. Always great locations and the mesmerizing Mel. Thank you for your art.

  2. Angle Mel, I would sail the seven sea’s to see you. I would fight the dangers of the Bermuda Triangle just to hand you a rose. Glen another great location. The old hard wood against her young smooth soft skin was a perfect beginning, as both your arts combine to talk to us through Abstract art. This is another masterpiece in your all’s collection.

  3. Very well done! As usual, Mel just flows like water and the camera work and editing are on point. Abstract at its finest. Jackson Pollack would be proud. 👍

  4. Hello she is so sexy and hot I love her she has a beautiful body and I love the way she move that sexy body 😍 👌😘 🌹

  5. your skin is a perfect canvas that body so spectacular … this video left me with more desire of you

  6. Hi Greetings, I do not know English but there is help on the internet. I had never enjoyed the nude of a beautiful woman but it is beautiful what makes the paintings paintings that good production. a greeting from here of Mexicali Mexico.

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