S1 Artist Day Jobs: Georgia Ramin - Rocker/Mail Carrier

S1 Artist Day Jobs: Georgia Ramin – Rocker/Mail Carrier

this friend of mine just said well they're hiring at the post office and I always thought it would be a dream job it's funny because it seems like it would be in many ways the simplest job in the world but there's actually a lot to it if you want to be good at it you to me the things that I do to make money make the rest of it possible your kids what is this a fan letter your music is smart inventiv sexy creative industrious and most importantly not dasol that's a pretty good way to describe me they're comparing me to God and a Wonderbra i would say being a singer was my first dream and everybody thought that was just a ridiculous idea so by 12 I was like alright I'm going to be a fashion designer and that was more attainable that was like oh that's a real job that some people have I ended up going to art school but fell in with a lot of musicians which I had already started doing in high school I did start my own band a girl band in New York my first panels call the glue girls yeah we got a record right away our first show was at CBGB's and we got really popular really fast and we were on the news and in magazines and I kind of imploded which is just a scene if you're a musician one of the hardest things that you can do is try to keep the band together and then I moved here and I was in a band called Speedway the band I had with my best friend was called rhinestone Chaffee and then the next band i had was called the short fuses and that was probably my biggest local band I sang and played bass with Nicky Corvette from Nikki in the Corvette's which was awesome we got to go to Japan three times we did the u.s. a few times we went to Europe a couple of times so here's how i became a mailman degeneracy Private Benjamin I feel like this mailman job is like how she got an army that they're not to be the best thing that ever happened to her no like she was just lost and never had a job and didn't know what to do and join the army by accident when your watch so you're walking up and you're like oh man I hope it fits I hope it fits and then perfect so when they interviewed me they asked me why why do you want to work here and I said I think there's honor in the post office and there's honor in this job and to spend you know 40 hours of your week doing something that you think matters is important to me I love being part of the community I just I like that it's hard every day it's a challenge I like that a lot so my new band was as a whole new thing because I didn't start this band these other women asked me to join their band they said we need a singer and a guitar player I was like I know how to do both of those big you and it was great from the start to get paid to sing all the time I would love that but I don't want to be naive and think that I can handle all the sacrifices that go with that the fact that we own a home like we have a mortgage and a home and the car and it's not necessarily how we envisioned our life but we wanted a family and that's as important as the art oh thank you thank you yeah I could I could tell you all the people who don't shovel

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