Ruswai | Episode 2 | 8th October 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Ruswai | Episode 2 | 8th October 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

it’s ok darling…. stop it! baby…
stop it, Hello!, Hello… Sorry, it was such an intense traffic jam on the way what happened? what happened Wardah…
why are you crying? mother, what has happened? this is all because of you, Salman what do you mean? just leave it now, what’s the purpose to get the children worried? what has happened? Wardah, at least say something I’ve never got insulted like this ever in my life before what? … why? why don’t you ask this from Sameera? brother, did you had any conversation with Samera? no … but you talk to her daily no, I haven’t talked to her… I cannot accept this….
this is the reaction of what mother had said to you yesterday, right? else, why did Hamza misbehaved that way? you could have waited for a day only this is really unfair to me … father, do you also think, that I’m to be blamed for this? look son … there is sudden change in their attitude
how can this happen? and … huh …. Hamza was so rude… but, our insult doesn’t make any difference to you…
Hmm … you keep on doing Sameer’s slavery whatever happen with the sister.. let it happen
what difference does it make to you? mom, please enough what enough?
Hmm …. this is your created problem, Salman whatever you are seeing right now, Ariz… this is just a trailer that’s why I’m against of doing marriages of both the children in the same house all these dramas happen then I’m not going to accept any condition, I’m already saying that they are bound for us, and we are not bound for them can you please keep quiet?
you have started a great issue you have also get our son worried what was this move Hamza?
what my friend must be thinking… do you have any realization for that girl’s emotions? how should would have felt? and you, why didn’t you said anything.. you could have handled the situation what they must be thinking… that we came because of this purpose only for our daughter’s marriage & to pressurize them … there is a proper way for doing everything what wrong have I done? they have completely forgotten about Sameera’s relationship, if we’ll not take of Sameera, when who will? Wow.. Wow you got us insulted along with you, and you are saying by this you are taking care of Sameera? that’s great if this was the case, then you could have gone there alone, why did you took us along? or it was the mutual decision of you guys? what are you saying? I even never liked this if they’ll not realize now, then they won’t ever realize don’t tell about this to Sameera I have started this, and I will end it a person needs to be answered as per their nature *Greetings* so, what is decided? ok, I’m going… will talk later… brother … why are you angry with me? honestly, I have nothing to do with this I haven’t said anything to Sameera it’s ok, brother … whatever you felt right, you did … and whatever they felt right, they did the important matter is this … that I don’t know, from where I have come between you and Sameera? I has liked Hamza, so I asked for a favor from Sameera neither I told mother, to be against Watta-satta (exchange of marriage), nor I said anything to you but I got the punishment my God knows, I haven’t said anything to Sameera you are my younger sister
why would I ever do anything to hurt you? trust me … *Greetings* I came so late last night, that I slept without having dinner couldn’t meet you all so, what date got fixed? son, shall I make more tea for you? No … alright then, I shall go & give breakfast to your father Thank you! what has happened, why are you creating so much suspense? is there any surprise? Haan … I have said to them, that date will be fixed when we’ll get your proposal from their side Salman, knows everything before hand.. but I’m surprised he has not informed you their intentions are not ok brother, I’m so proud of you… you have done very well this should be done with them… but I don’t think so, that you have done this right now i understood why father has closed himself in the room, and why mother is quiet I didn’t expect this from you I know what is right or wrong, better than you do some what knowledge, I also do have your nikkah (marriage) has happened, it’s not a joke to give other girl’s happiness to your sister is not good this is unfair & dishonesty, Hamza they are being dishonest what they have done for you, that you are taking their so much side? you stay quiet, Rohina huh … why are you creating my scene? you are my sister … and Wardah, who is she? have you even realized for once, that what she must be feeling? ok, I’m going to office… we’ll talk later you will not talk to Wardah at all, from my side why would I be doing? because you like to be in the good books… that’s why I’m saying what is the problem? brother is taking your side here, and you have become Queen on Jahnsi it’s brothers right to fight for their sisters right
he is only doing that let brother stay brother… don’t make him crutches I’ve been waiting for you, for so long, also called you many times, but you are not receiving the phone you always have to be late at least, you waited for me … by the way, these are days are passing in a filmy manner you don’t like the days of love
you just like days of war only let me tell you one thing whatever Hamza did yesterday … I was about to do that only huh, whatever has happened, is not right
I’ve been trying to make you understand this since yesterday No .. I feel, it is definitely right I would have accepted, what you are saying… but, I think Hamza has taken the right step he has saved me Salman, I can’t become an imposer on your mother, forcefully you are getting married to me, not to my mother also, I won’t stay quiet now
you just watch, what I going to do why? now, what you are going to do?
for God’s sake, don’t do anything stupid just watch and watch … what will happen next Salman, please … Hamza .. how are you? what are you doing here? why did you come here? what happen? I feel, you people have not understood what I’ve said… Hamza, I’ve called Salman here I;m already talking here … these meeting since many days, here & there… this can’t continue anymore either bring her proposal, or finish all this we have already respected much, due to parent’s friendship I know this is wrong
if wrong is done, then correct that mistake Salman, my sister is not an orphan go and tell uncle aunty, that now, I will not respect anything
I can go to any extent just understand this thing very clearly, and make your family also understand this please, Hamza … what has happened to you? come … but Hamza …
I’ve asked you to come … you can’t meet him till the date he doesn’t bring his marriage proposal Hamza, I wanted to talk about Wardah … she must be upset what happened to Wardah? she is at her home… in peace .. must be a little upset we are also upset… have they come from moon, so that we respect their attitude? their daughter is special … and our sister is nothing … I guess father is talking with uncle Ariz now he will get to know sister-in-law Wardah, must have started crying … all preparations must be spoiled and look at us, we are showing nobility… you know how to react, while knowing about your enemy what are you saying?
is this “Game of Thrones”? what do you mean? there is no value of moral character… what is the purpose of being noble? now just see, the proposal will be here in next 2 days you have gone crazy … mad girl .. *phone vibrating* *phone vibrating* *phone ringing* mother, why is Pinky calling me again & again? child, she will go with you to the designers here, Hamza is not picking my call… and there you are sending me at designers mother, what is this? he will pick up … my love you go and do your preparations… I’m telling you, that me and your father will handle everything nothing is going to be alright … please refuse her, I’m not going anywhere Tariq … give me some water you will not even greet? I don’t want to get into any discussion you will leave the world, if you won’t get married to Sameera? think about your sister … why?
what has happened now? Hamza is not talking to her he has to take her for shopping, but he is not receiving the phone I had never thought, that they will behave like this at the eleventh hour come … I will take you no brother, there is no need
I don’t want to go why no need, dear? go with your brother, it is brother’s duty to take you for shopping & do sister’s work go … good girl come now … I’m waiting for you then go now …
I don’t want to go come on … my child, be a good girl …
go now good … and I’ll tell Pinky to join you Hmm … hi! Pinky … Hi! oh, what she is doing here? mom has said, to go on shopping with her Hi!… for God’s sake, you know I can’t stand her
please don’t say anything in front of her hey!… how are you?
I’m good, how are you? perfectly fine Hi, Salman Hi, Pinky… what a surprise, wasn’t expecting you really! didn’t Wardah informed you? sorry! I forgot… brother I forgot some stuff in the car, give me the keys so that I can bring them let me bring them you won’t be able to fine them… it’s a lot of stuff, give me a minute I’m just coming and what are you up to nowadays? back to back flights? Yeah … Sameera! what a surprise! what are you doing here? why? can’t we be here? no, I mean… you are in the hospital… so what you’re doing here? it was a cancer awareness workshop, nearby, so we went there oh! nice … we are here for shopping but, I’m very hungry … can we please have lunch first? in fact, why don’t you join us? no, Thank you …
you guys enjoy it’s a good idea… come with us… I was all alone Salman … it’s ok she is busy … let her be it was really nice to meet you, Sameera
we have to get going thank you … shal we? … let’s go
bye! I just had a word with Ariz … they are against watta- satta (exchange of marriage) I have to request Sameera … to make her brother’s family … sacrifice if they’ll come now … then it will be forcefully forcefully …. yes, daughter I get this vibe from their conversation why are you telling all this to her? it should be her decision… not ours if Hamza wouldn’t have got married… hen I would have break this relationship as well my proposal has no link with Hamza’s marriage
by this we’ll punish Wardah who knows… late on, Salman will make everything alright …. if the basis of one relationship is on lie, how it can be alright later on? what shall I do? at one side it’s you, and on the other it’s Hamza … I don’t want to spoil anything father, you start Hamza’s marriage preparations it will be very bad, if any tension occurs on Hamza’s marriage Hamza shouldn’t have kept any condition for my proposal
father, its a marriage proposal not any trade *Greetings* what’s up… *greetings*
you tell me, did you talk to Wardah? no … then there is no need to talk to me also ok, make tea for me Hamza, I had a word with Ariz ok … what was he saying? why are you telling her all this?
it should be her decision, not ours Salman, it’s ok … she is busy
let he be it was really nice meeting you Sameera, but we have to get going Salman come … I’m hungry, I’m starving…come
Let’s go *phone ringing* sister … *phone ringing* it’s brother’s Salman calling.. why aren’t you attending the call? let it ring what has happened sister? why are you angry with brother Salman, what is his fault in this? a lot has changed, Rohina
if he will not change, I will be very surprised no, Ariz… please talk to him… he is already angry with me good morning
*greetings* good morning
*greetings* come, son … come you don;t have to leave early today? yes.. just leaving after doing breakfast Um … Mehmood had called me Ahan … he was saying that Sameera has got scholarship, and she is going abroad for research really! she didn’t mention this to you? no, she didn’t tell me any such thing hmm …. son, we were thinking to to go and talk about your marriage proposal first, before fixing Wardah’s wedding date but now… she is going it will take at least 2 years … Hmm .. I’ve no clue by the way it is very important thing …she should have discussed with you, son Sameera … daughter… Sakina didn’t informed you?
that Salman has come downstairs why he is here? you father has told brother Ariz about your scholarship, he is being very furious downstairs, go and see sit … there is no need of this, we can talk like this what is this new drama? from where did you get this craze of doing specialization in a night? my parents were coming with your marriage proposal… and you refused? I really do have plans they can be fulfilled after marriage
why are you making me angry? I’m being practical what do you want? shall I kill myself? as you wish .. but to tel you the truth
I cannot make any decision now, Salman at one side, you say that “you love me” and on the other end … all this? what are you doing …. Ok, I understood God! this all is happening from the day, you saw me doing shopping with Pinky I love my profession, dude
and presently please let Hamza get married oh! it means you are sacrificing? ours.. because of Hamza or there is some other reason? I really want to go for studying I know you since childhood, I get to know when you lie & when you tell the truth tel me the truth Salman, what’s wrong with you?
you guys don’t let Hamza & Wardah get married with peace we people? what do you mean by this? you, your mother…. and Hamza, himself ok, please go now
I have to go to the hospital ok go…. hospital is your real life, right yes it is…what you’ll do? Salman, I don’t want to fight… also Hamza has said to me enough … enough don’t pressurize me I have understood, what story is being going on here and you … Rohina! you also don’t tell me, that what’s going on here
you all are together in this what has happened to you?
why are you doing this? I don’t want alms… I don’t want it Salman aunty has cleared told mom & dad, that she doesn’t believes in watta-satta (exchange of marriage) they are doing this relationship, in Salman’s pressure does any one sends marriage proposal like this?
tell me? but just for Hamza, and his happiness … all this need to be done at the moment else, this chapter has been closed *phone ringing* Ariz…. where are you Ariz? Salman is not in his room, his clothes are not there even I don’t know where he has ben
do you know where he has gone? where is Salman? has he gone somewhere?
where has he gone? I’ve searched for brother everywhere, but I’m unable to find him I was telling you, that you guys are not doing right Wardah dear, please don’t give me lecture at the moment, please presently, your brother is not even attending the phone I had told you… don’t keep this attitude with the children we have got no right to decide about their lives if we would have given them the right of their life’s decision we would not have seen this day, today Ariz, please… don’t talk about such thing now at least try to find, where he has gone please…
let me call him his phone is coming to switched off… Uff Ariz was asking me not to go… but I was so tensed sister-in*law… that please wake up Sameera Uh.. sister-in-law Salma.. I don’t think so, that she knows about him look, she is here what happened? is everything alright? I don’t know where brother has gone … his phone is also switched off did you had any conversation? no … there must be some conversation … at our home, everything was going good he was doing wedding preparations don’t know, where he has gone I didn’t had any word with him… we are not in contact for last 2 days aren’t you hiding anything? why will I hide anything? since, there is nothing like that my last conversation with him was that…. I can’t marry him and you people know the reason brother shares everything with you, he must have told you that, where he is going believe me, he didn’t tell me anything, I don’t know… where he is don’t know, where he has gone…. don’t get worried…. nothing will happen to Salman he will be back you should have accepted his plea you didn’t get convinced in the right manner now, one wrong method he has experimented…
and second one, I guess, I need to experiment what are you talking about? make him understand … we were we were coming to talk Hamza, do you know, what you’re saying? is this a joke? father, they have made a joke of my sister’s life this is mine & my sister’s life decision… we’ll decide about it ourselves where have you been son? do you have any idea… how much worried I was say it … whatever you want to say to your mother, just say I cannot live without Samera I am very much disappointed from all of you that’s why I am here to tell you that after Wardah’s marriage, I won’t live in this house I’m so sorry … so sorry whatever you’ll say, I will do the same… my love do you feel, they will get convinced now? they also do have some self-respect you did not take care of anything how will ask for Sameera’s hand for marriage? you have cleared stated that you don’t believe in watta-satta (exchange in marriage) and if you will get this married done, it will be forcefully and those poor people noble people… accepted all of your conditions just because they think Wardah is their daughter, not daughter-in-law just because… Hamza & Wardah can get maried just because, there shall be no hurdle between Hamza & Wardah’s marriage leave it what has happened… has happened but now, if Hamza doesn’t gets convinced… I can’t do anything in that regard I’m sure, they’ll get convinced but please…. please… you also get convinced… son please, give me one chance I have promised Salman … but I don’t think so, that they’ll get convinced very easily you don’t worry much about this just let me do this work… how and what to do…that I’ll do myself Hmm … sister … sister do you know what just happened? what…. father has just received a call from brother Salman… they are coming for marriage proposal and brother Salman was so happy, that I can’t even tell you
did you talk to him? no … yes, why you would tell me now?
are you happy! focus on your studies…. don’t dance around much then tell me… are you happy or not? if you want me to be happy… then see… I’m happy this wasn’t the answer…. you didn’t even tell me that why you didn’t talked to brother Salman? ok, I’m going look … this one sister-in-law… you have pleased us, by making our favorite kebabs hmm … don’t waste your time by praising her, Ariz.. else you’ll get to eat this next time also every time we’ll get these Kebab’s to eat… there can’t be anything so exciting than this sister-in-law … & brother we’ll go after doing rasm (ring ceremony) today Salman has waited a lot and you have also make them worried a lot always say the complete sentence
It was just a small conversation and you elongated the sentence look…. sister-in-law & brother
we apologize to you for any of the hurt feelings please… where is Sameera? I will make her wear the ring today Uh … both of them bought it with mutual consent… it’s really beautiful sister-in-law you are very quiet you people are not eating anything bring the tea….. serve the tea what is Rohina? you are very quite brother, let us fix Hamza & Wardah’s marriage date first it is coming closer not at all first of all, we will do engagement ceremony of Salman & Sameera… for which we have come Ariz, I believe … Sameera need some time to think leave that let us fix Wardah’s date today date can be fixed anytime… right I’m feeling .. Sameera is still angry no aunty, nothing is like that…. sister has to go on a duty, so brother has gone to drop her there Um.. actually Sameera has rejected about this marriage proposal trust me.. we tried a lot to convince her but she is standstill on her decision… she wants to specialize and it is right though a relationship which gets so many obstacles in between… it shall quit oh! how can this happen? this is impossible we came to do engagement, sister-in-law no it’s ok … no problem… as she wish you people fix Wardah’s date… I’m leaving

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