Ruby Art : First Video – Avatar Painting Time Lapse

Ruby Art : First Video – Avatar Painting Time Lapse

Hey Guys! Welcome to my Youtube channel! I’m Ruby, and this is my first video. So..I have an accent, I’m French Canadian. I will put subtitles in here so.. I’ve been doing digital painting for 5 years now. Five years? I’m getting
old… Well… I hope that you can find here some useful tips, some inspiration, some motivation. So my goal is really to share with you guys. I hope you will watch the video. So let’s just jump in that painting! So the first thing I’m going to do is the
sketch. So the sketch is done, the main idea is here. I wanted to create a symmetrical composition. I really like the blue sky… I do a lot of blue sky… So next, I want Aang to be in Avatar phase. With all his magic, elements, and powers. So we got what we wanted. Now I’m going to
make it fit better with the color scheme. I’m going to start painting the temple
as well So let’s do some painting on Aang now. So we are now at one of my favorite parts
of the painting! Add the rim light! After that, I will start drawing flying bison. Let’s add the finals details. Almost done! Now… something is missing isn’t? Let’s add one more bison! So, it’s the end of the painting. You can please subscribe to the channel below. Leave comments, like the video… Thank you for watching! See you next time!

7 thoughts on “Ruby Art : First Video – Avatar Painting Time Lapse

  1. Nice editing and production! Glad you are doing those now. You ever thought about making some light "How to" guides for your patrons?

  2. Oh, my God!! I really, really love your job! I love that you have opened a page on YouTube because that way I can see the processes of your drawings … I'm excited!!!✨☺️

  3. French Canadian here too! The painting is already mindblowing enough but the edit of the video and the way you presented it is awesome! Keep up the good work!

  4. Wow Ruby, the video is very nicely done ❤😍👌 I liked everything and nothing is missing. However I'd suggest if you could slow down the video a little, because after 5:20, the screen shift was very fast compared to the size of elements shifting on screen, and watching that with my phone close to my eyes gave me a little workout 🙈 So, the only suggestion is to slow down the video a little. I liked when the video would showcase you telling about what is going to happen next. You've done a lovely job 🤗

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