Rubble Road Soapstone  - Art Market Artisan

Rubble Road Soapstone – Art Market Artisan

I like the challenge I like doing something that's a little different a little outside of the box I enjoy doing things a little difficult in stone because it kind of shows some of the aspects that I've learned throughout the years of working in stone but the stone carving is a process it's never one thing that you do it's process of different things that you do to get your final carving and that's one of the other things I like about it it's not just one simple single thing that I'm doing is a multitude of steps if I'm doing they give me my end product never gets later you think after years of working with it it gets lighter but no feel pretty heavy rock the soapstone itself you're looking about a hundred pounds for a cubical [Applause] [Applause] favorite part about carving soapstone are the different looks you can get from this stone the different textures you can create with it and how lasting it is as well you can have a stone sculpture that you've made last hundreds of years if it's properly taken care of and there's not a lot of kits or anything out there that lasts as long as stone does and that's probably my favorite thing about stones I can make something out of it and I know that they can still be around after I'm not my name is David Swarovski from railroad soapstone and I carve soapstone provide kids for those who wish to carve it themselves and teach in the classroom those wanting to learn more both strolling and how to carve it

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