Ronnie Wood – Somebody Up There Likes Me (Trailer)

Ronnie Wood – Somebody Up There Likes Me (Trailer)

I was in the hands of destiny all my
life and being in the right place at the right time. Well he’s had quite a life. Sex, drugs and things like that. Drinking… I wouldn’t change anything except I’d do it with my eyes open a bit more. We were all well aware of Ronnie
Wood, it was almost as if it was predestined in a way. Crushed velvet trousers, big crosses, bouffant hair, little bit of make up. What is all this? Ronnie brought a sense of fun to it. Something different. The crowd, they’re loving it. I like things too much. I went to see him after he’d been in the rehab about a week and he was pals with everyone. They’ve got a little studio and they got some paints, canvases as well. Doing something like that you bond you know. Ronnie is always a happy person. I just feel that if you’re talking to a sober person you’ve got the real person. And has it got you into a lot of trouble? No… It got me into a lot of pleasure. Somebody up there likes me, somebody down here likes me too.

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