ROBLOX | Draw My Life

ROBLOX | Draw My Life

We are sure at some point, you have dreamt
about being the creators of a videogame millions of gamers enjoy playing all around the world. Well, if you keep imagining it… that means
you haven’t found Roblox yet! It is an online multiplayer platform, where
players interact in virtual worlds, similar to Minecraft, Terraria or Lego Worlds. What makes it different to the rest is that,
apart from its design and interactivity, its users can become the actual designers of the
game, even receiving a reward for it. Developing this creative and looked after
platform took its time. Roblox was originally created by the US engineers
David Baszucki and Erik Cassel, back in 2003. When the demo was released a year after, they
chose the privisional name Dynablocks for it. But it soon became famous as Roblox, after
mixing together the words “Robot” and “Blocks”. The game evolved throughout the years, adding
different characteristics with a messenger service, a search service, and the possibility
to personalize avatars and earn badges. They also created the members’ accounts, with
different levels, through which you could have access to multiple extras of the game. By 2011, more than 5 and a half million games
had been created by users, and they started celebrating anual events called “BloxCon”. The first one took place in San Francisco,
California. In 2013, one of its most important changes
was introduced. Up till then, the creators of the games were
rewarded with Robux, currency that could only be used within the platform to obtain upgrades
and special elements. It was then that the system DevEx was introduced,
allowing users to exchange those Robux for actual american dollars, though… under some
conditions. The currency exchange rate was was 1 dollar
to 500 robux, and the estimation is that the main creators of the game make around 50 thousand
dollars per month. As we were saying… apart from the platform,
users can also access a tool called Roblox Studio. It is a Sandbox or test environment, and thanks
to it you can make changes in the interface and create from scratch your own challenges
and games. In order to do this, you not only have the
default resources, but also pluggins and tools that you have developed yourself through Lua,
the programming language the platform is based on. These can then be available at the library,
same as the games created by its more than 5 million creators – all the community can
enjoy them! We can enjoy a whole set of 3D worlds where
you can carry out multiple activities, from simple exploration, to the collection of resources
and creation of items, as well as participating in those minigames. Interaction with other players is also important,
not only fighting, but also exchanging objects, even collectibles some of them. Players split into 2 groups according to their
age, as the company takes child protection as one of its main policies. The minimum age to play is 8 years old, and
if you are younger than 13, a symbol will show up on your account and a protocole security
system will be activated, affeting several aspects in the game, like chat rooms. Throughout its history, Roblox has evolved:
from its origin, exclusive for the web, till now, available for most platforms, both in
computers and smart phones. Even for the Virtual Reality System Oculus
Rift, being able to chose between the 1st person or the 3rd person perspective. But the platform also has its charitable side
– they donate part of their earnings, and also organize fundraisers. Everything for charity, helping victims of
natural dysasters, or investing on diseases research groups. Right now, Roblox has more than 100 million
active players every month, surpassing even Minecraft, which has more than 91 million. It is very popular among kids and teenagers,
and the games include all genres: action,adventure, comedy, terror… And what about you, Tiktakers? Are you fans as well, or are you more into
Minecraft? What’s your favorite Roblox game? Leave a comment and let us know!

100 thoughts on “ROBLOX | Draw My Life

  1. Who loves roblox. HECK YEAH I LOVE ROBLOX.

    Also my top 15 favorite roblox games are:
    1: Halloween Simulator
    2: Thinking Simulator
    3: C.B.W.R.P
    4: Meepcity
    5: Tower of Hell
    6: Zombie Attack
    7: Construction Simulator
    8: Destruction Simulator
    9: Mining Simulator
    10: Pet Simulator
    11: Magnet Simulator
    12: Epic Minigames
    13: Cookie Simulator
    14: Heaven Simulator
    15: Work at a Pizza Place

  2. I like roblox because itโ€™s fun not Minecraft because it needs dollar I have bounds it is a Egyption Mony from Egypt ๐Ÿ˜‘

  3. I have been playing Roblox for the past 6 years and met many friends from school who play it. But all of a sudden, one day I was playing "Royale High" then my game crashed. So I closed it and opened it again, but it showed me error code: 277. So went and tried to play other games like "Adopt Me!" , " Murder Mystery" " Superhero Life II" etc: but sadly none of them worked. If anyone know how to fix it please tell me. I am going to die from the jealousy my friends try to give me T^T

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