Rick Lax: The Biggest Con Artist On Facebook

Rick Lax: The Biggest Con Artist On Facebook

oh my god the world is so fucked up right now people in Syria are being murdered Isis seems to be unstoppable and I'm pretty sure the United States is about to go to war this is terrifying and what am i doing how am i contributing to anything I'm not I spend all my money on food and right now I'm just sitting here on my computer I'm not even wearing pants there are millions of people out there right now wearing pants and I'm not I could be doing something anything but I just choose to do nothing does that make me part of the problem am I just as bad as everyone wait holy shit this fucking guy again hey guys I'm back and I'm ready to bitch online magician whose Facebook page has almost 4 million likes including apparently six of my friends so we're just gonna get right into one of his videos where birth month reveals who you really are shocked face shocked face shocked face shocked face shocked face is the title of this video I know you I know what kind of person you are and I'll tell you but first you have to do something for me think of the month that you were born now convert that month to a number we're gonna use your unique birth number to get a new random number together totally random number completely random take your birth number and multiply it by two all right 10 times 220 easy now add 10 alright we're at 30 now and now / – didn't we just multiply by 2 and now we're dividing by 2 but I'll do what you say 30 divided by 2 is 15 subtract your birth month number okay and now subtract the number we started with so for me I would subtract 10 and now I have 5 okay so five five is my random number you have to agree that if I get it right you'll share this video with your friends okay sure I'll share this video if you can somehow get it right consider how the fuck did he do that so I started with 10 and I ended up with 5 let's try 1 right 1 times 2 is 2 plus 10 is 12 divided by 2 is 6 minus the original number which in this case is 1 you get 5 interesting let's try a random no let's let's try June right so 6 6 times 2 is 12 plus 10 is 22 divided by 2 is 11 minus 6 is 5 huh it's almost as if you end up with the same number no matter which number you started with again 89 million views I don't want to write off his entire page as this big scam just because of one video so let's watch a couple more what he does is he's very visual so he's got these colorful cards not to mention boobs McGee over here who is pretty much just in the video to distract the part of your brain that might deduce that all of this is totally phony you only have to remember one word oh but here's the thing you can't pick sleepier hamburger what does every other word in this sentence have in common why did the red cat not see the shy dog eat the dry off the bar every single one of them is three letters five seconds in I already figured out what the thing is it's gonna be like how many letters did your word have and if I had three you got to share the video that's what that's what that's gonna be so yep how many letters are new word he throws in a bunch of other words that weren't there to make you think oh wow there's so many possibilities to choose from I there's no way he could guess my number which is three in this sentence instead of every word being three letters there's only one word that's three letters it's obviously May we picked May that's sneaky son of a bitch oh god I gotta share this one too well I'm the man of my word so I will but you're not gonna get me again Rick wax on to the next one I guess I need you to think about how old you were when you had your first kiss let's see I'm 23 now so I'm hoping 24 I don't know who knows when I'll get it but for the sake of this one I'll just go with 24 and I'll cross my fingers next year I want you to add 3 to it 24 plus 3 is 27 now here's where things get interesting if you're a guy only if you're a guy oh this one has layers to it I want you to add 427 plus fours 31 only if you're a female I want you to add five if you're a girl you had five so okay maybe maybe this is the real magic involved and now I want everyone to subtract to the age of your first kiss is that how you start with a number but it doesn't matter what number you start with because you eventually just subtract it I think that might be how all of them are probably assuming that there's a lot of comments that are like this is a hoax or comments that explain how he does it but it's like everyone all the comments are like yeah you got it right I can't how did he do it this is crazy I like the journey this guy went on age zero life got kissed by God wait what the fudge he got it right two minutes later after watching the video what the fudge oh that's so funny all right so subtract my kiss age 31 minus 24/7 no matter what age head I kissed someone at 12 which would have been wonderful I would have seven right now in a girl would have eight that goes for everyone it doesn't matter what age everyone multiplied your current number by two always have four teen girls have sixteen that's where we're at subtract seven only the females I'm gonna guess that he's gonna say and if you're a guy subtract by five you're a guy then take your current number and subtract five yeah I swear to god I have not watched this video before I'm watching this for the first time and it's just I just I get what he's doing by somehow can roll the number that you are thinking of right now you share this video I will agree to share this video if you can guess the number nine but just so you know I'm pretty confident that you're not gonna just roll what the fuck dude my facebook friends are gonna see all these posts and think it's a cry for help or that I'm just having a great Thursday you know what to do of course this one about tools has some honky ass country song in the background cuz rednecks like tools truck truck truck truck truck truck truck truck you I think of one of these objects now I'm not even gonna wash the rest of this one because I I already figured it out I can't believe that relax would do this to us I can't believe it he's lying to us he's taking advantage of our stupidity and I'm gonna show you how easy it is by doing my own relax impression only I don't think this outfit is right let me perfect now I look like either a total creep or Dax flame are you ready to be amazed I'm gonna put up a bunch of photos of random objects none of them are the same just random things all the photos are different there's nothing these photos haven't comes no way I could guess which one you pick right so go ahead pick one oh and if you haven't already remember to click that like button to lock in your your answer yeah hit that one whatever the picture was I'm going to remember that in your head but I want you to find another place in your brain to simultaneously think of something else can you do that I know you guys are all big goddamn idiots but I'm sure you can manage to think of two things at the same time right so you got your word I also want you to think of the number 2 all right if you're a boy think of the number two if you're a girl think of the number two and don't forget don't forget the thing from before I know you're an idiot but please don't forget that all right you've got your word which is any word it's not doesn't have to be that word you have to number two now I want you to take that number and subtract to do it now subtract two from the number you only you had no one else had that number was only you if you got the number zero forget about it throw it away get rid of the zero and now think of that word again you remember that word maybe you should have if you forgot it maybe you should have wrote a damn that's okay if you didn't rewind the video think of the word again come back but remember to like it remember to share if you got a rewind you got a share you know that it's time to blow your mind you see the thing you were thinking of wasn't a thing at all it dog thanks for watching my video remember to like again comment I read all your comments so say whatever you want really I don't care it can be mean you can hate the video just click the like button and cut and comment like fuck you idiot I don't care it's all about quantity baby it's not about quality again thank you so much for watching and I'm gonna go eat a sandwich oh you know what I should have said I should have said I'm gonna go do some magic

49 thoughts on “Rick Lax: The Biggest Con Artist On Facebook

  1. Those videos are so dumb but the thing that makes it worse is how everyone is always so surprised and think it's an amazing thing, BITCH ARE YOU RETARDED!? Like the one that guesses your birth year and literally has you SUBTRACT YOUR OWN BIRTHDAY YEAR, like obviously you're gonna get it if I have to think of my own birth year…

  2. 10:04 actually no for me it was drew, ur face was perfectly in the middle and cut out as if it was a picture😌

  3. My first kiss was when i was like 5. I ran up to a kid that always used to LITERALLY BITE MY ARM that i for some reason had a crush on. I ran up to him and kissed him against his will😂😂😂 Feel kinda bad abt it, even to today.

  4. Rick: if youre a guy ONLY if youre a guy
    my enby ass: lmao a wut
    Rick: ONLY if youre a FEMALE
    my enby ass: i dont know her

  5. Rick Lax: Think of how old you were when you had your first kiss

    Me: 5

    Rick Lax: But you were in kindergarten

    Me: Ok, and?

  6. This is like that Facebook post where like “CRAZY TRICK!!! If you subtract your age from the current year it gives you your year of birth.” And I bunch of people were like :0000 it works!

  7. Rick lax: think of the age you've had your fist kiss
    Me: I haven't had my first kiss ima just .-.

  8. I figured out the equations for the first two tricks, and they basically encapsulate how you always get the same answer…

    For the birth month trick:
    Y=the answer
    Divide the two: x+5-x=y
    +x and -x cancel out, so…
    No matter what, you will always come to 5 as the answer. Your variable (x) has no impact whatsoever, he intentionally cancels it out.

    For the kissing age trick:
    X=any age
    Y=the answer
    Guys: (x+3+4-x)×2-5=y
    Again, +x and -x cancel each other out, so it's now 7×2-5=y

    Girls: (x+3+5-x)×2-7=y
    Again, they cancel out.

    There you go…

  9. Hey, have you ever heard of this other YouTuber named Danny Gonzalez? You should check him out. Your humor is pretty similar. Maybe y'all could do some videos together and possibly even go on tour? If you do, you owe me 20% for hooking y'all up together…

  10. I like that the third image result for "people wearing pants" is a girl supposedly not wearing pants

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