Rick and Morty is an American animated series
produced by Adult Swim, a television channel dedicated to “adult only” animation. It was co-created by writers, animators and
dubbers Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. The pilot episode premiered on December 2nd,
2013, and since then its audience has grown steadily. Rick and Morty follows the endless adventures
of Rick Sanchez, an alcoholic genius and reckless scientist who goes back to his daughter Beth’s
house to turn her family’s life upside down with his intergalactic madness, mainly that
of his grandson Morty, a 14-year-old teenager that tries to guide his grandfather to make
the best decisions. Together they explore multiple parallel universes,
getting in trouble and generating commotion. The series comes as a review of an animated
short film that Roiland presented to the Channel 101 short film festival, in which participants
present their shorts in the form of a pilot episode and it is the audience who decides
which ones continue as a series. Harmon, co-founder of the festival and delighted
with Roiland’s work, decided to bet on him and his parody of the main characters of the
film Back to the Future: Doc and Marty McFly, which later will become the hilarious characters
we know today as Rick and Morty. The creators wrote the pilot of the series
in 6 hours! Considering that Back to the future is one
of the main influences of the series, it’s no wonder that Rick and Morty turns out to
be a great mix of science fiction, adventure and comedy genres. With a black and fairly acid humour, the series
is riddled with references not only to popular and freak culture, but also to the most classical
and cult science fiction. You can find references to Jurassic Park,
Doctor Who, Star Trek, The Twilight Zone and Animal Farm among many others. The series is critical of society and human
behavior, always from the most scathing satire and the politically incorrectness. Its unique scripts combine intergalactic and
multidimensional adventures with the everyday problems of a dysfunctional American family. This has led the creators to describe the
series as a fusion of Futurama and The Simpsons, both created by Matt Groening and of which
the creators are big fans. The awe seems mutual, and Groening invited
Rick and Morty to make a cameo at the start of the final episode of the twenty-sixth season
of The Simpsons, broadcast by Fox on May 17th, 2015. But this isn’t the first time Rick and Morty’s
universe has been present in another animated reality. Roiland and Harmon share a friendly relationship
with Alex Hirsch, creator of the also animated Gravity Falls. In both series, references in the form of
an Easter egg can be found, as it is the case with the notebook, the mug and the pen that
travel through a portal from one series to the next. When it was discovered by the fans, the social
networks exploded and a number of theories were put forward about the connection between
the two universes and the possibility of a crossover between the series. After the end of the third season in October
2017, many fans wondered when they would see their favorite characters again. It was in May 2018 that Adult Swim announced
through their social networks the renewal of the series for a total of 10 seasons and
70 episodes, so we have plenty of fun in store! We can’t wait to see what new interdimensional
adventures await Rick, Morty and the rest of the characters in their new season. Are you fans too? Leave a comment and let us know which chapter
is your favourite!

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