Reseña de criatura: Kitsune | Fuego Fatuo Art

Reseña de criatura: Kitsune | Fuego Fatuo Art

I’ve been few weeks without uploading anything because I’ve been very busy, I have been travelling from a place to another, with many things to do. and, honestly, I haven’t had any time to film, and didn’t had enough recorded to edit new stuff, but summer or summer holidays are finally over I’m back home, I’m trying to have a real routine and here I am! Welcome to Fuego Fatuo Art! In this video I want to show you one of my kitsune pups which are one of my followers’ favourite creatures. In case someone does not know what a kitsune is they are mythological foxes from Japan that has also a Chinese and Korean variants, called Huli-jing and Kohane, respectively They are basically foxes with many tails They are supposed to be born with one and as they evolve spiritually they grow more tails to a total of nine. The ones I make, the one have here has only three, but I also offer them with five tails But the one I have here at home has three and that’s the one I am showing you. Same as the kittycorn I shown in a previous video (That you will be able to see at the end of this video, in the final screen somewhere around here) is also articulated. It’s a bit smaller than the cat. but, as you an see, it also has a lot of joint points, with a plastic skeleton fully articulated. The good thing about plastic instead of wire is that it cant be broken by metal fatigue. It is a very resistant skeleton. A plastic ball and socket skeleton. that allows big poseability. I hope you liked this kitsune as much as the kittycorn. I am very fond of them, because they are the second type of articulated creature I ever made I think Unicorns were the first ones and after that I made the kitsunes and they marked the type of creatures started making from that moment on, as in the beginning I usually made goblins, faeries and so and thanks to unicorns and kitsunes I started making animals. like furry, articulated beasts I hope you liked it if you have any suggestions about other creatures you want me to review in these videos leave a comment in the comment box, like this video and if you are not subscribed yet, subscribe!

2 thoughts on “Reseña de criatura: Kitsune | Fuego Fatuo Art

  1. Todas esas posturas que le pones, no son maltrato a animal mágico, jajajaja
    Muy bueno el video, siempre me han encantado los zorros y mientras mas colas mejor.

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