REMOVED Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Characters + More! (Concept Art)

REMOVED Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Characters + More! (Concept Art)

Hello everyone my name is azzatru how are
you and welcome to another Star Wars jedi fallen order order video. In this video I am going to be sharing with
you some brand new unused concepts from jedi fallen order. From sith to battle droids, there is nothing
spoiler related in this video as everything you see in this video is not in the game. They are exactly what they’re called, cut
concepts. Respawn will have created 1000 more concepts
that never made it into the game but they have shared some really interesting artwork
publicly. I was going through the art of star wars jedi
fallen order book and at the very end there is a cut concepts section showing us brand
new things that were explored at some point so let’s get into what they show us. Let’s get started with Mag Zaroff. The book says Mag was an early concept for
the antagonist. Wearing a long cloak and walking with calm
confidence she would levitate surrounding objects and use them against her prey She
also had her own ship and was a fierce Jedi hunter. A lot of the second sister is in this concept
but a lot of the iconic shapes from her early design ended up transferring to Merrin. Another villain simply titled Inquisitor would
have been a Quarren. The book says the character was a unique addition
to the Inquisitor lineup. And due to him being a Quarren, this would
have been a great opportunity to make an interesting helmet shape and an intriguing reveal. There are some other images of Inquisitors
including the Grand Inquisitor who obviously never made it into the game. Next up we have the temporary hero before
they got to Cal. The description is as follows, The temp hero’s
design borrowed elements of the Mon Calamari fleet officer outfit like the upper chest
section and double front pouch. The upper part of this design evolved into
the protective leather for welding, and the pockets evolved into the back tool belt pockets,
on Cal’s final design. There are some really crazy battle droid designs
that are in no way related to the cis battle droids. They mostly have a melee combat weapon and
some even have a samurai look to them. A few of them also look a little similar to
what we have in the vader immortal VR series. But to me the concepts themselves don’t
really look very star wars to me if I’m honest. They still look cool though. I’m not 100% sure if this ship is an idea
for what the mantis would have been but it looks like they used parts from an arc 170
and a quadjumper. I still like the design and the idea of different
wing modes seems to have stuck and made its way into the final mantis design. What I find interesting about this piece of
art is how varied the group of enemies are. We even have a Mandalorian using an EE-3. There are even X-Wings in the background too. I wonder what any of these concepts meant
but they look awesome regardless. There
are plenty more unused concepts in this art book plus over 250 pages of artwork from almost
everything we see in the game so if you want to see it all, I will leave a link to it down
below. I’d say the standard edition price is well
worth it, it is not too much for what you get. I bought the limited edition which comes with
a special case and printed piece of artwork but the price is way too high even though
the case and art is really nice. I got it on a great pre-order discount so
if you can get it lower than the retail price, I would recommend doing that. As you
can see the cover artwork is really nice and the material and build is of high quality. Anyway, that is going to do it for this video. Thanks for watching, if you enjoyed this video
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if you missed them and I shall see you in my next fallen order video, good bye!

34 thoughts on “REMOVED Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Characters + More! (Concept Art)

  1. In the concept Art it looked like Cal was fighting a smaller dragon—and I would’ve loved to have fought something like that.

  2. At first I thought the woman in your thumbnail was Barriss Offee, but sadly it wasn't. I was hoping to see her in the game, but seems they had other plans.

  3. Hello everyone, my name is AZZATRU, how are you? And welcome to another star wars battlefront 2 top 5 mods of the week showcase video of mine!

  4. Imagine a games similar to fallen order but you're a bounty hunter and can swap between blasters and melee combat and hand to hand. It'd be so cool. You gradually upgrade your arsenal and could get a jet pack or something

  5. If there is a sequel to this game, I hope the Grand Inquisitor shows up as one of the villains. He was probably the best part of Rebels season 1 and was what kept me watching until season 2 when the show got better.

  6. I wish we could have gotten the Grand Inquisitor in the game he would have been the best fighter in the game. Hopefully we get to see him in possibly a sequel.

  7. Alot of the concepts could still be used in the sequel. Maybe having another playable character being Cal's apprentice?

  8. I personally love the Quarren inquisitor the most. He looks incredible! I hope he makes his way into star wars soon, mabye for a potential sequel

  9. The unused concept battle droids look like they belong in star wars more than prequels CIS battle droids, they're just so out of place

  10. Ok I know that many people don't like the flying inquisitor lightsaber but does anyone know how deadly those thing are. They need to be hella fast to lift a full inquisitor! Which means that they are even deadlier than a regular light saber!

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