100 thoughts on “Removable Paint That Actually Looks Awesome

  1. Big thanks to Josh Carter from AdrenalineAutoSports KY for all the tips. https://www.instagram.com/adrenalineautosportsky/

  2. If you don't wanna use the red and just gonna let it sit. Use my car as a test spray car haha, I live near you!

  3. Great video though all the terms are indeed confusing… a graphic with translations might help… It seems to spray a lot like old, old, old fashioned lacquer though you seem to be able to put out quite a heavy coat…

  4. Kinda wished you would have spent more time showing how polishable it is vs showing us how you can peel it off.

  5. It's kinda funny that they call it "REAL CLEAR", like: "NO! REALLY! We mean it!!!" ROFLThis stuff gives me some underhanded ideas, if I had deep pockets and wanted to get away with something stupid a paint job with that could be laid on to a car you didn't want to have identified and you could stop under a bridge and peel it off to change the color of a car that was being chased. Another underhanded notion is if you had a real expensive car and wanted to do a head trip on your friends you could show the car with a skin like that, drive off and peel it – then come back and claim: "And THIS is my OTHER ONE…"**sssnnnikkkerrrezzz**

  6. Im just wondering what the song is at the end of the video?? It definitely looks better than Plastidip, but you must realize that they cannot be classified together. Plastidip is for DIY projects and amateurs. It also costs a lot less. This product would be much more comparable to AutoFlex coating. They are both meant to be used by professionals only, and can both be treated as a real paint job in terms of paint upkeep and restoration. And Autoflex has HALO beat marginally. Mostly because the color options in Autoflex are far greater, and the quality is superior.

  7. could you do a spot repair with this or would you need to peel it off and reapply over the whole panel?

  8. Looks like just another brand that does the same thing as plastidip with some of their "glossifier" additive

  9. can you spray this on top of prepared plastics?like the plastics mudguards and panels found on motorcross bikes or enduro bikes.have an idea to re paint my bike and buy new pastics then i thought i would put this removable paint over the top so the plastics would be in great shape when i sell the bike.

  10. Why colored tats when you know the tats will eventually become the 'death blue' color?
    Tats are colorized heavy metals – not good.

  11. Interesting. But what if you get a rock hit, how to you touch up the hit? Or can you treat it just like regular paint and touch up and buff out.

  12. great application for robbing banks? says local cable co on the sides of the van, pull into warehouse, close door. peel off. exit building as local plumbing shop.

  13. how does this hold up after the material loses it's flexibility? I had a car come in with a 3 year old plastidipped roof and that thing was a nightmare to get off. Not even aircraft would put in work. Ended up using the jitterbug and a quarter box of 36.

  14. Just wanna say I love your videos! Keep it up. And quick question, you said 4 gallons of base coat and but how many gallons of clear coat do you use?

  15. @The Gunman

    Is it possible to apply this paint using the DYC sprayer from plastidip, and still get the same finish? Cuz the needle is a little bit bigger 2.0

  16. Hi, thanks for sharing.
    So, this is how pro's hand moved when they're spraying a car. Nice.
    'need this kind of paint on my car…

  17. Bro plastid dip is bad ass what u talks about unless u can't paint with it that's y you saying that and plus is cheaper

  18. My question is how durable is this? It looks like it would scrap off easily with nicks and impacts. Once it starts to peel its over. Heck I can imagine the little kid in my neighborhood walking by and peeling it off just for fun! Imagine a little wind and debris hitting it…oh my!

  19. Another great video by Gunman. Your generosity in showing these videos is fantastic. I built your gun cleaning station with siphon and it's frickin' awesome. Thanks Dude. You're the best. Been trying to find something to spray my BMW OEM wheels. Tried that Rustoleum peelable primer which sprayed like a straight uncontrollable stream of paint and ruined my wheels. I tried Dip Your Car (or rather, Dip Your Hand In My Wallet) on my grilles and everytime I washed the car, it would peel off more and more. Motip Duplicolor shows Sprayplast on YouTube but try and get an answer to anything. Good luck! Anyway, I have a Devilbiss Finishline with a 1.8 tip. Hope that's OK, the wheels are rather difficult to do with a large gun like that but my SATA Minijet 4400b's 1.7 tip is like $200.00 U.S.! Insane! Any recommendations on spraying the wheels? I'm not taking the tires off rims, but am taking the wheels off the car. Thanks again Gunman. You Rock!

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  21. I like it for the simple fact you can remove it before changing color. You know what it is to have to strip 4-5 paint jobs off a car.
    I immagine you have to take extra special care of this. How does it touch up later if you have a nik of damage?

  22. this would be something interesting to do a custom look on my Cadillac Escalade EXT. how long is this expected to last i wonder

  23. that does look better than wrap or plastidip, im scared about the removal tho, doesnt seem like it would come off easy after 3 years

  24. what a great way to two tone a car for a change in look and then be able to go back to factory with a quick peel back..nice video, although gunman you could spray a turd and make it look sexy…

  25. idk the last time you used plasti dip, but it's really come a long way. They also have a pro series that was created before HALO EFX… Just sayin' mate.

  26. Its all good till you go through the car wash for the first time and it comes out looking like a zebra lol. Looks like a cool product you can actually get a good finish on but at that point why not just paint it. We know in 3 or 4 years your not just pulling it off and with just a bit more time and effort you could put a real paint job on the vehicle.

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