Refrigerated Box Converted into Tiny Cabin

Refrigerated Box Converted into Tiny Cabin

My name is Timothy S Creek Sr. I own
a tree and landscape company in Olathe Kansas also own a construction company. We
built this little cabin here oh I’m going to say about five years ago. This
cabin basically is completely reclaimed material. There’s a few items that are
not but for the most part everything is reclaimed. My wife and I used this the fifth wheel.
We’ve been everywhere in that fifth wheel. You know we’ve had our kids all in
that all in the truck and we’ve been to Colorado we’ve been down south. We’ve
been to California. We’ve been up north. We have just gotten to an age that we
don’t think we’re going to do that much anymore so this was kind of a this was
kind of a necessity for us I’m guessing for because I have six children the
fifth wheel will only sleep so many people and this cabin in here believe it
or not will sleep six. I mean it’s a little cramped with six in there but if
you want to get out of the heat or the cold really handy. Everything in here is
at least 50 years old the wood itself and you see the supporting beams right
here. These were locally cut and they were notched out to hold the weight of
the roof and then there’s piers underneath the building you know to hold
it in place. It’s pretty, it’s pretty solid and it’s pretty it’s pretty heavy.
We bought this box in Baser, Kansas I believe and it was sitting out in the
middle of a field. This box weighs in excess of 12,000 pounds and we did it
all by all by hydraulic jacks to get it up on this trailer so there was no big
equipment to move this. One full day to pick it up put it on a trailer and
another full day to get it actually stabilized on this ground. You look right
here this is all this is all cedar right here all this trim is cedar. Door’s cedar
door’s custom made. I didn’t make door handles. I bought those at Home Depot,
unfortunately. These are 2×4’s so each one of these 2×4’s were drilled and doweled and it was all pressed together and glued and
then I took it to a company that actually has a planer that’s 36 inches
wide. They went ahead and planed the outside of the door. This I had made
from one of my employees. All the sheeting on the inside this is all plywood. I did have to purchase this
plywood, unfortunately. This bed has made I made this bed it’s out of
cedar. The floor was actually a refrigerated truck means if you’re
unfamiliar with those forklifts actually drive into the truck so the floors got
to be pretty pretty substantial to hold the weight of the forklift and the
materials coming out. So the floor is three inches thick so this is where a
lot of the weight comes from right here. We look around here. This is all
reclaimed. I don’t know how I did it but we walked into a I think it was a
restore and we found this exact cabinet. Things just went together perfectly for
whatever reason. Cabinets too. They are were all in one situation. Microwave,
oven, frigerator, you know the coffee pot got to have a coffee pot. Back over
here my sons little entertainment center TV. We don’t have cable TV here but
we have games and videos and of course we have to have the air conditioning and
that window was actually a sample window. We have a fan that actually fits in
there when the weather gets nice. I have a junction box out here. It’s 30 amp
right out here I have a 200 amp service that runs out of my shed and it runs
right right to here. You can get a 101 on electrical and do your own wiring pretty
pretty simple just don’t work with it live you know and you can see the wiring
that’s exposed on the outside. I’m not a journeyman electrician but in order to
wire this behind the wall would require drilling into steel behind the wall and
I didn’t think I was wanting to do that so exposed wiring is fine. We have a tank
outside that holds water. I elected to go really basic back to the bare-bones on
this cabin because we have facilities in our fifth
wheel and then we have our little eclectic mix of what is important to us.
You know like the saying right here the Indian prayer there. I got that from a
friend of mine that has since passed. Little trinkets like this. We were at a
Swap and Shop this fella made this little carving for us. It’s not a carving
it’s a drawing. I don’t I’ve never lived large I don’t like that. That’s
just my preference. Everybody else may be different that’s fine but when we get
down here it’s like all the pressures off and the sweet thing about living in
something small you don’t have a lot of upkeep. You don’t have to clean all the
big space so that’s that’s kind of my wife likes that you know. If somebody’s going to build a little tiny house you don’t really have to have
you can read a book, read a book. That will take you a long ways if you if you
can comprehend the the construction end of it and then just think about the
whole thing. Get your shell up get that done and don’t get in a hurry
to put it together. Think about it. Think about how it’s going to be used you know
instead of just going in there and doing it but have has some thoughts down put
it down on paper and say, “this is what I want out of this cabin. This is what
we’re going to do and this is how we’re going to how we’re going to get it
done.” Don’t go buy it don’t go to Home Depot if you don’t have to. Don’t go to
Lowe’s don’t go to the lumberyard. Look for that stuff, you know. Instead of
putting it in the landfill, use it. I mean if you look at this cabin to have this
cabin built probably thirty forty thousand dollars. I have well we’re not
going to count the labor let’s not do that I have maybe oh three four thousand
dollars in this. It’s small and it’s quaint and we love it.

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  1. wtf is this shit this channel going left field you started off in nyc now you just go to abandoned houses for no reasons UNFOLLOWING

  2. Tiny houses are the future! I have a damn leviathan of a place I built myself and now I have to clean it myself! I am going to convert my photo studio into a small home and rent out my big house. Keep up the good work!!!

    Show us more small houses!

    Greetings from Afrika!

  3. thanks for showing this video and the home owner seems down to earth when speaking about cost and less house work for his lady. ✌

  4. I was looking at these trucks on Craigslist hinking they could be turned into tiny homes. I am impressed with how you did yours.

  5. This is a good example of new advertising. You know those ads that try to look like news stories? This is the video version of that, but a little further evolved. A pleasant video that's really all about selling his company. He starts with naming his company (why, if the video isn't about that), the T-shirt, mentioning his employees and other details that reinforce he has a business, a likable spokesman, connecting emotionally with the wife comments and other nice comments, say nothing opinionated or challenging, etc. Smart next-gen ad. But still a damn ad. And look at the morons lapping it up. Blow me, fat man, and screw your company. At least pop-ups are honest.

  6. some day I want to build my own house but I been thinking about living alone since I'm to good around people lol so maybe building a log cabin would be a good option I love living in the country 🙂

  7. Electric is EZ⚡ just don't do it when it's live..😂.. really enjoyed your video at the end of the day maybe a small house better than. HUGE money debt!✌

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