Rebelle Artisan Bagels - Providence

Rebelle Artisan Bagels – Providence

eight and then six and forest I grew up in Puerto Rico and I went to MIT to study Chemical Engineering 1/2 of 3271 so I worked in business for a few years off sick of it and then decided to actually apply my chemical engineering degree and making to me the perfect bagel has a crispy slightly crackly cross the very thin crust and then the inside is gonna be a little bit moist and pillowy this feels like food porn hi my name is milena pagan and welcome to rebel artisan bagel we're about artisan bagels is a scratch bagel bakery we are located in Providence Rhode Island we hand make our bagels following traditional methods and we boil and we bake them in small batches the name Rebell is French for rebel woman and I thought it would be very fitting given that I was giving up my corporate cushy job to enter the unknown when we're making bagels the first step is to mix a dough first thing we're gonna do is add the sugar in the yeast it's five simple ingredients we use flour salt brown sugar yeast and water and now we're gonna put the dough click on it let's go proof and a well-oiled plastic container we cut it into smaller portions and then we put it into the dough divider and then we put the dough onto the wood table and we roll each bagel by ham this is the old-school way the traditional way making bagels but you just roll it into a rope wrap it around your hand press it and there you go when we're ready to boil our bagels we get a giant tub of water and then we bring that to a boil so we're gonna add a little bit of dehydrated baking soda and what that helps to do is to Brown the surface of the bagel next we would put in a little bit of our malted barley syrup and this helps give the crust more sugars for the baking soda to caramelize and also the distinctive me or taste that people are looking for so these are the bagels they've been cold proofing for 24 hours what we look for is just a little bit of Bounce on the crust but not too much we want to make sure that they are not flat that would be a sign of over proofing and then the most important test really happens when we drop one basil in the water if it's floats then we did our job properly if it doesn't we have to start over look at it look at it look like oh so we did it right we're ready to go so here we have all of our bagels we have six flavors that we do every day we have plain onion poppy sesame our signature everything mixed and then depending on the day we might do some specials so every Thursday we do cinnamon raisin on the weekends we do pumpernickel on Wednesdays we do our beet bagels and then whenever we feel like it we'll do something crazy like our black sesame and squid ink bagel you can get our bagels by themselves and they're delicious or if you want to get some spreads on them we do a beautiful harissa cream cheese with a smoky pepper sauce we do a garden herb with freshly chopped herbs and then you can also get sandwiches like the classic lox and cream cheese and you can also get a hound dog which is one of the specialties of cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter caramelized banana cream cheese and tons of bacon I don't think that there's any shortcuts to a good product honestly I think it's important to do everything by hand and from scratch and that tradition is getting totally lost nowadays I think a lot of people see our bagels and taste them and they are reminded old memories or reminded of their childhood and it's very fulfilling to help people reconnect with those memories I love my bagel so much I would say our bagels are delicious I have eaten so many bagels in the past year and I'm still not sick of eating our bagels every time I eat a bagel it's like well that first bite all over again

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