Real Medical Student Reacts to GREY’S ANATOMY | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Disney

Real Medical Student Reacts to GREY’S ANATOMY | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Disney

Yo, introductions are harder than they seem… What’s up everybody, welcome back to my channel today, we’re gonna do another medical review video You guys watched the last one – The Good Doctor – and made it a HUGE HIT surprised me of all the comments everyone I realized I’ve never actually introduced myself in these video. So hello. My name is Peter and I Yeah, that’s all I had I’m going to sneak in a quick little segment here where I share my favorite funny and most heartfelt comments from the last video I hope you all enjoy and comment on this one for a chance to be in the next video. Three two one play Vanessa G. Dr. Mike led me to dr Hope which led me to eat and I only got 17 like staying so a lot beautiful follow that same trail. Yeah Yeah, same same thing. Finally someone addresses the whole summer call 9 my own thing. Absolutely love this video, especially similar box That was ice landing. I love your channel acting sections attend. Love your sheena Love the comments. The cyclist is love the co menace but you distract me to your wrinkled shirt So read so rock this person’s fallen over in the day broke from does not allowed to double quick letters to write Michelle book However, I want you to be through like why do you think he’s forgetting? I think you’ll hit 5,000 subscribers by 2019 25,000 200,000 My goal is to get all the medical youtubers and teleconference reaction show Oh, yeah, um for this topic as I said, I would love to do that Well, this person might be posted on my clip still the same three. I hope you lensman new rectangles Wow I love this so much about this is Jenny. Oh, I didn’t know. Wow. I love this so much props for this This was very informative and entertaining you pointed out medical terms and acting tips. That’s truly impressive and focused so hard That was my goal. Because yeah, everyone is like a medical review of these kinds of shows But literally it has the insight into the medicine and the art You are such a delight and I enjoyed watching you review immensely it was instant subscribe into subscribers on Instagram Your very real and personable. Oh and that’s rare on here becoming a doctor was my dream Unfortunately, it costs money to go to school so I could not whether or not you’re still interested in following medicine at late whispers We have people of every age and every background in my class there. Something is parents. There’s someone else for 35 years old So it’s never too late from Anita Daniel a warm – Indonesia. Hello my videos are more international than Haas house said I’m gonna get this home said wani Cynthia Kumar Let me know pepper it up that right. Gabi says greetings from an Argentinian medical student. So hello Argentina again my videos we’re going further than I’ve ever traveled the bloopers and the editing are freaking hilarious I especially love the whole to crack the back part It was worth it, I’m in middle school and really want to become a family doctor something I’m worried about are my grades in high school. Well, odelay Yeah props to you for one one would be a doctor to speaking so eloquently I was not this formal when I was in middle school My parents wished bring us up to me and my siblings when we were in kindergarten all of our teachers like you guys better behave Because once you’re hit first grade, they don’t play in first grade, and I got so nervous I’m like, okay, I’m not cut out for first grade and I got to first grade. I was like this Lightwork fifth-grade. I’m about to start middle school. They’re like middle school is no joke. I’m not cut out from the school you know, I’m gonna fail and then I got to miss schools like Okay, this is a little it’s probably easier than elementary school And then the same thing happened on the way to high school you think for college don’t worry about high school my favorite comment Which I saw and I pinned it as the top comment. You guys can even go check it out on the video It’s from a woman named Amy hull and when I read this it just it won’t my heart so much and I even read it to my to my sister and she’s Like wow like this is great She says I enjoyed this so much You are delight and you responded to so many of the things I did in this episode when I first read out like you did Are you are you one of the actors or an extra in the video? I didn’t understand that meant the next sentence says I have autism as does my son So it’s great to see you giving props and snaps to the stuff you Recognize and can compare to the kids you worked with your personality is a total joy bouncing right off the screen to me Thank you for your social commentary and the bloopers and for it all I had a ball when I read that it just it Showed me how powerful Social media is this is specifically YouTube Can be if it was used properly the the reach of these videos and it makes me want to continue to do them So, thank you so much Amy Miranda said watch Grey’s Anatomy today. We’re gonna go watch Grey’s Anatomy now. I haven’t seen this at all I’m gonna watch the very first episode again pilot episode needs the very first episode and we’re gonna go over the acting point of view the film point of view and of course the medical point of view because I am a medical student if You want to vote for the next video? Click the I up here again enough talking? I know you all are here for the video. So let’s jump straight into it. Boom. That’s not like a good intro I like that just a little fun fact For those of you who don’t know the title Grey’s Anatomy actually has a deeper meaning behind it This is the book that we all use for anatomy class in medical school It’s actually called Grey’s and now they knew that the medical community was gonna understand the joke bind But I don’t know if all of you knew it, so hopefully you learned something new They say a person either has what it takes to play Or they don’t My mother was one of the greats Me on the other hand. I’m kind of screwed That’s really funny for what you said was oh My mother’s not dead. She’s you know what we don’t have to do the thing. I like their relationship already It’s very magnetic to watch. This is like an actor’s trick when they try to play off intensity They don’t blink. So most people when they say that like like, you know, we don’t really have to to do the thing When actors do it because the blinking breaks off the words and when you see it on screen It’s so much more amplified. So actors have learned to cut out blinking when they speak their lines. That’s a little discontinuous He jumped over to be right next to her and in the next frame, they’re super far apart where isn’t this Canada? Her puckered lips the seven years you spend here as a surgical resident will be the best and worst of your life in seven years For surgical residency. It’s usually five years. Dr. Richard Webber MD PhD F ACS Good job. This is your arena. Like I said I’m screwed. They make it some of the Hunger Games. What do you think so far? See you in a black dress of the sort of designs strappy sandals Cree but below this continuous. It’s very sloppy I’m a filmer point of view because it means it passed through actors the Cinematographers the directors the studio producers and people didn’t pick up on the inconsistencies and for me inconsistency is the king of cinema sloppiness So if you notice here, he has his stethoscope around his neck and in the next scene He’s holding it in his hand So that means that they did on two separate takes which is fine but there should have been someone there watching what each character is doing of where they ended the frames they can pick up in the Exact same spot O’Malley. Yang great Oh is her name gray Wow triple meaning If it is that her name everyone calls me easy I Have five rules memorize. Oh my gosh. She’s human shake her hand My friend told me she first day of surgical rotation as a student She went to go say hi to her resident stuck out her hand. She’s like hi My name is so-and-so and they just looked at her hand and didn’t even say anything it turned away baseline respect you have for another humanists at least say 48 hours What you don’t I don’t think you can work 48 hours. I Was doing night flow from 5:00 until 7:00 a.m. On Saturday. I worked and then at 7:00 a.m I had to leave to go back home. I was actually in a play once I hit 7 a.m Ish and everyone in the world was starting to wake up. I was getting their energy I was awake for 36 hours straight So I don’t think that 48 hours is real, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were able to do it Again these on-call rooms look pretty comfortable number 5 when I move you move And the way she ran was very unenthusiastic because if you do get a page and someone’s actually in trouble you Sprint my very first call day. We’re sitting down someone comes into the room Like do you guys not hear the code and we’re like what so we go outside and we hear it and we all just start Sprinting I kid you not we open the staircase and 12 people on my team Just like sprinted down the stairs and we got to the places in the ICU as I’m running down the stairs I’m like, you know 30 compressions don’t stop believin or what it was a song Oh Stayin alive stayin alive stayin alive stayin alive we get to the door But I see you and we see All these people what’s going on and they’re like, oh you didn’t know or testing the pagers So there was no call, but thank God no one was injured Helicopter. Yo That this continuous she’s wearing glasses now To put on our sandwich with almonds, it’s like flies out This is like if you have a drunk friend or anyone who’s vomiting You always want to put them on their side so they could vomit out and not have a chance of it coming back into their Mouth and they can swallow it or it potentially goes into it lungs which is called aspiration. They can get an infection from that I know you get to do rectal exams On this patient, okay just in general Her fingers, it’s the best intern and he’ll listen at the front procedure during the first shift Oh my gosh is such a gunner you Jamie now. I wish I could but yeah, I’m a healer What I wish I could kill you You’re so lost. What do you like a tail honestly? Countless times I’ve gotten lost when you rotate your just likes thrown from hospital to hospital and some hospitals Legit have jigsaw puzzle land Like there’s one hospital you feel like fly through tunnels to get from one building to another and you have to have like seven keycard Passes and the students have like negative one of those passes a question for all the gentlemen out there I Was told when I was learning how to do general exam and the rectal exam for women you say ma’am is a right by exam But I was told that for men you shouldn’t ask Because if you ask they’re gonna say no if you just have an opinion on this Let me know down below because I’m really interested it threw me off when I heard it that you don’t ask for permission. I can’t Do you know why that guy stood up and left Because if they kept that same camera angle of everyone he would have been blocking the shot Paid rice is a pain in the ass if I hadn’t checked in the Hippocratic oath I could work in or with my bare hands My god, baby, honey. Mom and dad are here. They gave her a sedative for the CT scan So she’s a little groggy. Will she be all right our doctor at home said that she might need an operation. Is that true? What kind of operation she’s um? well You know what? I’m not the doctor. Um, I’m a doctor, but I’m not Katie’s doctor. So yo That is so accurate. Oh my gosh, how Uncomfortable. It is to be asked those many questions and not be Trained to have the answers. Oh my god. I need to watch that again They gave her a sedative for the CT scan notice how she’s like she leads with confident They gave her a sedative for the CT scan So she’s a little groggy and then like they’re like, oh so she knows what’s going on? questions and you’re like I’d love to help but I don’t want to give you false hope and I’m not the real Doctor because I’m still a resident but I am a doctor but the training is extend away that I have my degree before I have My confidence KT belongs to the new attending now, dr. Shepherd. He’s over there Oh My How did they not know What did they talk about before why did they just meet Oh button what oh, My gosh, no You’re an attending and I’m your intern I like how confident she is like this is not what’s supposed to happen to her attending No, we’re cutting this off. Even though in the medical world. She’s in the inferior position in the social world She’s like or equals or cutting this off. So it’s very cool. Dynamic, dr. Shepherd This is inappropriate Never do yes rule number one Never have sex with your patients rule number two, never have sex with your students open I don’t know that little swab thing is a how you sterilize the field. I believe it’s iodine. That’s one of us down there The first one of us, where’s your loyalty? Oh my gosh. I’m so proud of her. Can you be my classmate? Oh So encouraging copy paste her in the entire medical world non-jewish today Put your balls on your butt pocket. Let’s go This is very like a like a football coach wants to make a medical show and that’s what they came out with. Come on Jerry I just for free to live with the mothers and then have sex I’ve got to get my own place. That’s so weird because I know people my class were considering geriatrics Also, I will say that those white coats have so much space in them and it’s Perfect. Sometimes I’m doing like my monthly clean out of my white coat Maybe I’ll do a video of like what’s in my white coat sometimes it’s like wow, where did I get all these books from and like thousand pens and snacks and a clown like Mm-hmm and stop wasting my time But I can’t sleep my hats awful. That’s called thinking go with it. I bet you Because this is her first time being like super Stern with the patient’s like yeah Bravo it’s gonna backfire because when she said some things fuzzy in my head or some like that that’s actually like the condition that’s causing the seizures like maybe a Cancer growing or something after paleo me bother you there. Don’t its mr. Joey, so she’s dying No, don’t stop talking to me The five rules next time you wake me he said if it’s so close to death it’s a tag on this time Inform the patient. Nah, that’s drunk Wow this little frame jump right here when he drops the stuff on the ground You’ll see the guy in the background is on that signals, right? He’s going down and then frame cut very quickly They tried to block it with the person walking in front of the screen. There’s an idea Why don’t you go spend four years in med school? And then let me know if it’s the right diagnosis Why is everyone so lean? again that only Allows medical errors to happen. I bet you that’s the wrong diagnosis. You dum-dum. It’s not a nice word Like I said, I hate nurses What if you just say? Did you just call me a nurse? No do I can’t Fritz That’s so disrespectful A lot of my female friends actually tell me that when they’re in the hospital a lot of the patients Mistake them for the nurses. Oh, hey, sweetie. Could you go call the doctor for me? And they’re like, I am the doctor So I completely understand her irritation at him. He knows that she’s a doctor and he’s still playing the stupid card Can we hang out it really only like just today good they stopped talking Yeah, all that personality. I told you I told you I’m totally This is literally like my worst nightmare you start residency everyone expects you already have the answers, especially patients and nurses You don’t want to say something that can potentially kill the patient But if you don’t say anything You could potentially kill the patient and the person is supposed to be there to make those these kinds of decisions Might not always be there. So you’re just panicking might even my heart rate. I was like beating super fast What if you’re touching the person when they shock the current can pass through to you Nothing v-fib is the short way of saying ventricular fibrillation And so that’s just the heart normally supposed to pump from the top to the bottom and out to the bodies goes top Bottom out to body it’s called the atrium the ventricle and they’re supposed to beat in synchronicity v-fib means the ventricle The bottom part is fibrillate. I would like to think about it like tickling so it’s like It’s just like it’s passing very little it’s not fully contracting to push the blood out and so the body’s not getting the blood that it needs and if the body’s not going to blow that it needs the brain is also not getting the blood that it needs and so it’s very dangerous because organs in the body can start to die without the blood and the oxygen that then you have to shock it so that the Electric current can just synchronize all these little tickles to be one huge tickle You know, it’s not really tickling but that’s how I understand it in my head What were you? Sees your heart stopped so you’re supposed to be monitoring her I checked on her I got her just just go no It’s right immediately We’re gonna see you gonna Bobby she’s like a whole nother world. She’s like oh That was so realistic That was junkie. I like how the asian doctor also came out She still has a compassionate side which I think is really cool to see a doctor who knows what they’re doing You get me someone else you don’t normally have these conversations out in the open I don’t think you’ve ever actually yeah, it’s hard because patient want answers and sometimes we don’t have them or we’re still Working to find them and sometimes we don’t get the answer saying I don’t know is not usually taken Well, even though that is the most true answer there’s like a culture of not Being able to say I don’t know or if you say I don’t know you’re less than or the patient wants someone else you have nothing to worry about Promise. Oh This is like what they tell us They say don’t give false hope and like it’s such a double-edged sword because I see doctors doing it They’re like, yeah, he’s gonna be fine recover in two weeks And then I’m always like how can you say that anything can happen in two weeks? I think I would rather have a doctor who would preemptively gave me Hope and said yeah, everything’s gonna be fine and then if an unexpected complication happened I understood that there was a risk to the surgery versus I don’t know if it’s gonna be fine and oh look something happened Well you were in confident going in so of course and they happen that’s just my personal opinion But that’s not how I deal with patients. We’re gonna say case like we have to do it soon That’s really cool because it shows the teamwork aspect and it’s finally like a first positive in the episode was their dynamic We had sex What about an aneurysm That Is such a complete like way to dissolve it. There’s how they use the music to make a comedic point We had sex What is it gymnastics, I don’t know maybe I can’t even say and I don’t know what it Katie competes in beauty pageants I know notice how the elevator is closing and the next scene the elevator doors open Discontinuity and you don’t just say it into an open elevator one in a million literally Well, this is the 1 million you Let’s go so dramatic mmm Andrea Graham You can see the blood vessels to see if there’s any bubble which is dangerous to subarachnoid hemorrhage subarachnoid if she’s bleeding into her brain the buzzword is the worst headache of your life because you have to think about the brain is In like a very closed box and you can’t add more to what’s already in there So if you have a cancer you’re adding more brain tissue. There’s no space for it So that’s why you start having headaches and stuff. If you have bleeding you’re adding more fluid Meredith. I’ll see you know Drama I thought you said Malone I Like that they got a song in here You never promised the patient’s family a good outcome you get to be the one to tell her that she’s a widow What Wow, that’s very interesting from an arts Perspective because they put this like fun upbeat music So you think it’s all going fine? But he died screw you I don’t get paid for surgeries because I slept with my boss and I didn’t get into med school cuz I have a Famous mother, you know some of us but Fran what we get. Oh, My gosh, the Meredith should have said something girl that’s on are you I know someplace Take her to a room what the heck with very little training you helped save her life You earned the right to follow her case through to the finish drew, you know, I would have been a really good postal worker I’m dependable What we’re gonna survive this, right Wow Those tender moments with other people who understand what you’re going through that really make the whole journey Bearable the funny thing is that so many people think they understand but unless you’ve gone through it You don’t know it’s nice, but it’s never Fulfilling when other people like oh, yeah, you know, I understand you’re like no you don’t really their very first day It was completely life-changing already and I also like that he ended it with a question like we’re gonna survive this right and Then there’s no answer. It almost made me feel as though he wasn’t gonna make it in some capacity either he’s gonna quit or Something’s gonna happen to him. It’s like a very foreshadowing fly. How would you diagnose? CTE Spiral CT EQ scan everyone at home breathe in right now That oxygen went into your lungs into these little holes called alveoli the alveoli hold the oxygen so then the blood passes by and picks up the oxygen and then carries it to the rest of your body with your Heart as the main pump that’s circulating everything and so with a VQ scan you take the C Whatever the person can breathe and get Oxygen in is there blood coming by and if there isn’t blood going into this area like goes to somewhere else That means that this area probably has some kind of blockage in the blood flow ventilation/perfusion mismatch I think she’s falling for Shepherd. We don’t have to do that thing wearing You know, I say something and then you say something and then somebody cries and there’s like a moment. Yeah They’re very like Self-aware that they’re in a drama but like they know they’re being recorded like we’re not to do that thing, right? How is her hair and makeup and everything still good after two days of no sleep Two days you should be dying irin See ya She’s so funny she’s so quirky, but I am a doctor Is that her mom, it’s me and mom Meredith Does your hand to Johansen I used to be a doctor I think Yes You are a doctor mom you’re a surgeon Oh My god Let me breathe So that was a Grey’s Anatomy episode 1. What is this called a hard day’s night? Okay, self-explanatory. I don’t think that they got a lot of the medical stuff, right, especially with the shocking I think the Asian actress is the strongest on the show personal struggles of being in the medical field were Delved into in a very deep way I’d give that a 10 out of 10 and everyone saying oh you’ve got to med school because ever your mom She knows that deep down. She’s fighting a personal battle because her mom doesn’t even know who she is and can’t Appreciate the successes that she’s had So it’s wonderful story writing because it shows in addition to everything that she’s dealing with at the hospital Contents it is. She also has a very difficult personal life to it So it gives you a deeper appreciation for the stuff that she’s going through. It also reminds us All everyone is fighting a battle that we don’t see so we have to be kind always And as always be safe be strong be swagged god bless you and I’ll see you in the next one Next one next one next one You’re sponsored buying from narrow plastic cups That’s refreshing Welcome everyone, you know, this guy looks really good. It’s not like a llama Actually it dizzy very quickly I did a cartwheel. There was like a thing down that the reason I never joined the Olympics because What am I insane? I get very busy very Nice just my job Just like I Talk this is actually more work in my camera doesn’t have a front-facing you scream No, no Okay No, no crying. No use in crying over spilled milk is what they say, but shouldn’t spill milk from there’s like You know hours of Disney fixing this No one really appreciates More than one way any another go review What to do I’m not reacting because I don’t know if I’m on the right Road these people look familiar I think this relationship is too far in what season 1 episode 1 they knew each other from the start What it starts with? The camera have battery Back touch today again subscribe so I can make some money off this video so I can buy second that the camera Like fix my hair and make it look exactly how it yesterday So that for you all doesn’t look like I actually am filling two separate days atrium ventricle atrium United States, Canada, Mexico Panama Haiti, Jamaica Peru Wow, I just showered my chin I was showing you guys an example the quickly this is Deb destroy all bacteria So my brother came me to get a parrot Did you talk to me as if I need more voices in my head? So, do you know why I feel crazy. This show is called Grey’s Anatomy. That’s correct. Do you know the name of the book? They ask you how you are you just want to say that you’re fine you’re not really fine You just can’t get into it because they would never understand. I don’t know how much time is supposed to give him We’re gonna survive this right? Everyone who’s new to the channel welcome again my goal for the years in 1000 subscribers Perhaps we’ve already hit it because it’s taking me so long to edit this video So maybe have to make my goal for the year 2000?

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    You should do also ER S09E21 “When Night Meets Day”, one of the best and dynamic medical episode of all time. 🙂

  30. Damn.. you're giving dr mike a run for his money with the title of "hottest dr".. Your enthusiasm and energy give me life.. and I want you to react to every episode of greys ever.. just so we can get more of you.

  31. I just watched greys on Netflix for the first time. I saw a few of these type of videos ads recently and I fell in love with watching them and to see the accuracy! I loved watching this! Your reactions, and emotions just made the whole video! I didn’t see anymore you had done but I hope to soon! I def have a couple suggestions on episodes!

  32. Just a little FYI..(if you still haven’t watched them all) the mean intern.. Alex Karev… gets soooo much better lol! I was very surprised, and the specialty he chose, and ended up being so good at! 💜 loved how his story line ended up!

  33. Hello from Australia I love these doctor reacts but this the fourth one featuring the pilot episode of Greys anatomy there must be hundreds of other episodes you could choose. Maybe you were the first to do this episode if so I am sorry,Please continue making these shows thanks

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