REACTION | MB14 & SARO | Boss Rc-505 Artist Week | Wolfgang

REACTION | MB14 & SARO | Boss Rc-505 Artist Week | Wolfgang

all right moment all right we start rolling moment we'll go back to my channel this is my boy once again today we're going to react to another boxing video from Swiss beatbox you guys just woke up I'm so sorry my voice is kind of cranky right now we're just going to react to another beatboxing video from Swiss beatbox guys Envy 14 in sorrow just released another video my man and this one is I think it's a sponsored video from boss actually 505 am I really wanted to have I really wanted to buy RG 505 I'm still saving it I'm still saving money for it and I read to hope that someday I will be able to save enough in buy something and learn how to use it and then do videos like this just in case in the future you know my goals my dreams yeah those kind of stuff so I this this this title Envy 14 and sorrow boss RC 505 artist week named Wolfgang now if you haven't seen the original video yet from Swiss beat box or you suggest that you check out their channel and search for the set video and if you are not yet subscribed to my channel so wealthy citizens wrap it on like this video and share with your friends you might want to hit the notification button as well for you guys to be updated whenever I upload a new video so without further ado my man let's do this I know you're excited I'm great at it this 5 minutes video oh my goodness 5 minutes of goodness of greatness by these two monsters when it comes to loops a shit yes here we go guys let's do this hold on hold on alright alright Martin are are in three take one box all right we are all recorded dang it's a collaboration moment I don't know how I was going to work but two loop stations two legends to greatness explosion mama yo your this is crazy moment you're the goosebumps problem yo oh my god yeah yeah as every one who played tennis lambda therefore in similar stages well imagine about 200 [Applause] we're old coffee mix it up France and broke the base there's no step oh man yo oh my yo the gamma yo guys this is crazy no man there's just too many genres or one video this is crazy man oh my god bro before we go on proceed with this video guys I just want to tell you I'm so sorry I had to put this ad just I have to tell you my thoughts right away guys as if one Loop Station is not enough for one person now you're going to add to them stations I don't know how is that possible but man their imaginations are great man and and to try it and to do it with MV 14 and sorrow guys this crazy man hold on let's just rewind a bit let me just catch my breath man Oh daddy but Retin man I can't cross this what's going on in the first loop in the second loop guys this is too much Oh work yo Oh the guy's crazy Oh Mike Oh Oh all right good boarding line Linda hi no more no more oh my god that's five minutes already oh my goodness oh yeah yeah I love that girl bro yo yeah oh I can't the video is stupid I can't imitate that intro anymore man that's crazy bro oh my god this is bean marks good in this moment when you combine two people and show up you know I've heard both of them Wolfgang and we we heard them during the battle and rap beatbox battle but I really didn't imagine that they're going to collaborate using groups station moment bill there's too many genres going on in this one video it's soaked in tales man I can't I can't my god all throughout the video all I got was goosebumps man should watch this I don't know the video is too great man I can't believe this I had to I had to throw my tripod once again man and I have to grab something else but the video is so intense it's great am b14 and sorrow guys you are crazy you are sick oh my goodness keep on doing this movement we like this we love this kind of video keep on doing this yo yo I love it how about you guys I want to know your thoughts about what happened what just happened today so I just woke up and hearing it something and just start my day with this well fully energized oh man BAM alright so yeah please let me know guys but your thing about this video me hundred-percent it's great if you don't agree with this game guys just don't talk to me all right look I love this I love this video we love this man Thank You fork gotta envy 14 sorrows this big box thank you for putting this out yo by the way we gonna do some shout outs my man daily shoutouts to Ram Santos what's up my man Vincent's adílio me redeem my Agha no Nathaniel Nazzaro we also have he'll mark what's up man you also have BJP Leonel Madariaga did wanna Ralph Boris Ambree do and you you eat I don't know how to pronounce it Koren TV that my man Joel's beats grills have done to a Buddha doubles Opie what's up my man Kevin Magna without man wolfy yo bull fonts without man we also have watch some by imports umpire John real big Udo Abdi King sup man we also have Mega Man Oh yo know I loved Megaman we also have Russell pH Foxtrot could we also have Phil Marco PR 30 just the sander % ml we also have I need power Travis Espada repeat repeat I don't know if they pronounce it directly a load of game of phg was that man RI be too near we also have yoki official we also have Marquis Oogie gives up man Russell pH that man Paul prop up banging a new pilot that's the name of his YouTube channel mark burn Ilya area marking PBX yo it's me sweet they pronounce it correctly Mac Arthur maybe shoutouts goober online sup man Mackey Kiku yo trap X beatbox a sickly stump bogey yo man we also have Ria's Gremory traps Apple Jethro my brass slats light ways Z Y without me my bond and I'm seeing here names that's on the channel for a very long time yeah was that man thank you for watching my videos I like it guys I don't know what else the same man and I'm just gonna end this video right now if you enjoyed my ranking for debate please subscribe button like this video share with your friends you see you again makes your action

45 thoughts on “REACTION | MB14 & SARO | Boss Rc-505 Artist Week | Wolfgang

  1. This is the 6 time that i tell u to watch
    Inertia & audical LSD
    Come on man im so waiting for ur lovely reaction❤️

  2. Please React to Caught in the Beatbox At HeAt’s you watch inertia first then Audical next ☺️thanks I’ve been waiting for you to react to it 😳

  3. yoooo, if need mo sir ng new logo or banner for your youtube, just hit me up! pa shout out na rin sa MOZR CREATIVE! thanks sir!

  4. Just LOVE mb14 & BERRYWAM now.. love it man

    Love sound talent from body maaaaan yooo.. keep it up👊 ✌

  5. Saro and Mohamed. 😍😍👏👏 hi kuya pa shout naman sa next video mo thanks. Hahaha. 😊😊😅

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