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  1. You know what scary the human race they take forest kill there own kind and betray each other but also kill a lot of the wilelife That the truth and soon were gonna need electric cars because of our cunsumption of gas and at some point we need to move to a new planet so thats 😨.

  2. From a religious stand point you would have to be very holy to command a demon. The main example I think of is King Solomon. However on a lighter note there have been countless recorded miracles associated with saints that have had enough witnesses to remove doubt.

  3. “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” His t- shirt is a quote from alister crowley which is most famous for being the wickedest man ever on earth famous for practicing black magic btw in mikes eyes is not real. Oh and also in his rituals which there is proof to the fact that crowley has been part of 3 murders in rituals he had performed with his sect. Any way Mr mike here says demon are not real, and still you are admiring the wickedest man and his quote and all seeing eye and the practice of black magick which he performed., I'm not sure what you are trying to say that demons are not real and still you are wearing a t shirt with a quote from a man famous for practicing black magick!?!?! Also black magic is referred to the use of supernatural powers or magic for evil and selfish purposes, and from what i can tell you being very selfish for making mockery of the 5 billion people on earth by saying demons are not real and then making fun of the people who believe it. If demons are not real then GOD is not real nor the spiritual world which all religions on earth believes in. So tell me Mr mike how come you can admire the man who is famous for being part of cermonial murders when doing rituals meant only to summon the unknown. Now i say the unknown because i don't know what that is or if demons are real or not but, the fact is, that your friendMr crowley likes to talk to the unknown of which things could never be explained.

    So don't sitt there on your high horse and give the crap about demons are not real while you are your self admiring the most famous man on earth for being the most spiritual person on earth, he was spiritual in the way of believing in the unexplained and the spiritual world. And if demons are not real according to you, then i guess the spiritual world is not real aswell. you are contradicting your self on al levels especially with the missleading title. I promise i will make sure to dislike every video you put up for the fact that you are such a …….

  4. david blaine is not amgicin he is actually a type of selfharming emo however his magic has been proven whilst dynamo and all his flying acts and all his untying a shoe in glasbox in a store can not be explained. If you are right and demons are not real please do explain how dynamo has achieved all the flying acts and so much more.

  5. Alister Crowley liked little boys. Kinda how ppl still refer to pavlovs dog as some kind of hero to human behavior yet no one knows the truth about the dogs Pavlov murdered for an elixir. And ppl can claim all they want that everything is just conspiracy theories, but what about those who have lived on the dark side and have insider information. Yes magic is magic no doubt but demons are real.

  6. "Within this dark practise, there is a nefarious agenda to discredit Jesus Christ"

    What did God use to create Darkness then?

  7. Yeah nah shits real if you know where to look for answers. There is a hierarchy of demons as well as angels, you got ceremonial magick, enochian magick, biblical magick, white/light magick, folk magick, blood magick, black magick, norse rune magick, voodoo, hoodoo, santeria, kaballah, hermeticism, body alchemy, blood alchemy, spiritual and physical alchemy, all types of stuff. I study Alchemy. Physical is about making profound medicines out of any natural substance, and spiritual is more so about elevating your consciousness. Not all magick/practices are bad and some are considered holy arts. There are many books on many subjects so i wouldnt be quick to dismiss anything in this world.

  8. It's always sad to see people making videos about breaking the laws of physics when they have no idea how these laws work in the first place

  9. There’s a funny video of dynamo walking on water behind the scene. The boat bumped into one of the things he is stepping on and the crowd laughed hard. Lol

  10. I’m with you on this brada but dam how does that dynamo dude or whatever his name is make all those fish come out that empty bucket man I have to know it’s been driving me Nutts hahaha!

  11. Clearly I see that you don't understand any of it and all those symbols you're wearing you still don't have no powers why?

  12. Sorry to break it to you but the believe in Jesus Christ as the saviour is not the same as Christianity.
    Yes it's fucked up if there is an agenda against Christianity but as always you hear what you want to hear and not what is said. If there is something good and bad in everything like you believe, it's also in magic, you just deny the unknown and call it misinterpretation and illusions.

  13. I honestly think that we don't know enough to say it's fake there are some weird video's out there.
    We don't know what we are capable of doing or what has happened in the past so we can't say what's fake or what's real because we 100% don't know.

  14. We don't know anything about the after life so we don't know what demons or angels are capable of they could very well transcend time.
    yeah demons have rankings just like angels.
    like Arch Angel Michael he's the leader of the 7 high rank angels.

  15. trying to lead us ofcourse my g i see you, magic is real demon magic is real and familiar spirits are real dont even try argue with me they do help you and there is a contract but its not a contract that can be described in words its the experience if you know you know

  16. Oh yeah its "bullshit" . Stage magick is bs ,thats why Aleister Crawley whose shirt you are wearing distinguished the real magick with a "ck" rather then a c. I dont thimk you are in Illuminati,and i agree that real magick should remain a seckret. If you dont believe in real magick other then stage magick,and you think its bs,why go to Amazon and buy Crawleys shirt if you think hes full of shit? See Crawley is one of my favorite ppl,and i would wear that shirt too,but i wouldnt sit there and try to dumb ppl down like youre trying. Yes most stage magicis
    bullshit , but magick isnt magic if you know what i mean.

  17. Every other magician magic can be explained and theorised expect for Dynamo the he is putting was putting a big Target on his back for doing all this amazing things publicly with out giving any room for people to say it was a trick or it's CGI forgetting 250 years ago the church ordered the exactions of anyone that practiced witchcraft in England (just watch Merlin) it's just funny 600 years ago everyone practice magic or knows someone that practiced it and now it's impossible? any1 with brain knows this is witchcraft and witchcraft is not satanism it has been in existence long B4 the church came with the theory of God and his achnemesis Satan which is laughable cos God or source as no Nemesis. And witchcraft is completely natural when you pray and it get answered it witchcraft.. witchcraft at its bases is the power of ones will put upon the universe to manifest a desired reality. There is nothing demonic about that it's just something the church use to scare people from using witchcraft with is a good thing cos you can't give this power to everyone… So I can see the good in religion and I can also see the bad…

    This comment you are reading may or may not be true.

  18. Nah dude…nice try though. Energy and manifestions using the mind is VERY real. We're spiritual beings having a human/physical experience.

  19. I have friends that insist that people like Chris Angel are supernatural. It's pretty entertaining to watch them grasp at straws.

  20. David blaine himself said that he didnt sell his soul to the devil or he doesn't do devil worship or anything like that for his magic

  21. THe shirt you have on might be a prop to make fun of those saying Demons exist or
    you know they exist but no matter what your reasons the man on your shirt diddled
    kids & felt entitled to DIDDLE children for his Luciferian beliefs. If GOD isn't real then
    why is it that they practice their religion which includes all kinds of sick/bent/twisted
    shIT? And they do it while making Governments take any forms of God out of school
    or other organizations. They aren't faking their worship of lucifer as they sacrifice
    kids but as for magic, some of it isn't tricks from the store. peace

  22. Every magician who practice black magic is assisted with demoniac force. In my religion they ask you to kill an animal or a person because they want her soul. And that's the pact(trade)

  23. You said it youself "That needle goes though his hand" and the built up scar tissue is bull.
    Science says that blood should run out of his hand. Not a drop or two.
    Where is the blood ??

  24. Haha classic yin and yang!!!!!! You lame asf, I believe everything said in this video mainly because there’s no proof against it!

  25. One time I was in an elevator. 3 people collapsed without me touching them. It only took overly spiced chipotle. You cannot dispel my ass blast.

  26. I'm not at all saying the trick is real. But my first instinct would have been to poke at the coffee cup with a spoon first. Then once I got no results from that. Then I would have dumped the coffee out… But to me the girls expressions, and actions seemed fake.

  27. 🤦‍♂️… Now I'm not seeing proof of Demons. But also I'm not seeing proof that it is not Demons. This guy fails to explain how any of the tricks work. He just says he knows it's not Demons. With out showing proof… I'll tell u right now. That I've never seen a ghost, Demons, or UFO. I like facts, and use to be a skeptic. But one day myself and an old girlfriend of mine instinctively turned our heads at the same time out of nowhere to look behind us. We then see a shadow figure at a light jog speed kinda float/jog across my dining room. As it passed closely by the dining room table a stack of papers on the table blew up in the air. Just as if the shadow ran past the papers and made a breeze to blow them in the air… This has been bothering me a while now, cause in no way have I been able to explain it away. Can anyone seriously help me understand wtf happened??

  28. The guy that walks on water he’s mocking Jesus mocking God that is pretty daemonic to me and that’s not real because when I saw Chris angel doing it it’s a clear glass that he’s walking on top it’s very hard to see but he’s walking on the clear flat and he’s walking on it make it look like he’s walking on water but he’s actually not only Jesus can do that at the moment where he saves Peter’s lifeFrom drowning

  29. YOU ALL MAKE FUN ALL YOU WANT! BUT everyone dies… and then we will all see…. who laughs and who cries forever… :=)))) Let them laugh a little..


  30. There is only 2 ways to use REAL demonic power: 1) Sex Magik and 2) The sacrifice and spilling of innocent blood. That's is it.

  31. If the shirt's on Amazon why do you need one then ?? You ain't religious but only push satanism in all yur vids …? yu won't see a Christian wear a shirt that says I'm Buddhist but yu do that with satan all the time but you ain't religious right ??

  32. you go on about how over played the spectators are to make it seem real, yet there you are over playing that real magic doesn't exist… 🤔
    na fr tho i love your vids!
    ps i know im 2 years late :/

  33. I’m 3 weeks in cards. Thanks for being my teacher. I’ve got 3 card tricks I’ve been practicing every day straight. I still suck. But one day maybe. Right now my magician name is “Flashy” lol

  34. The contract is basically selling your soul basically u giving Satan your soul and you are being controlled u are not allowed to do whatever u want if u sell your the devil will help u with these powers but u will likely die earlier and if u do die u go to hell cuz you sold your soul so I advise u not to sell your soul to the devil black magic is involved and that stuff is dangerous a lot of rappers such as lil xan, xxxtentacion and lil Uzi vert sold their soul to the devil, Lil xan song betrayed in the first line it said sold my soul at a good price means he sold his soul for free and is famous and has money but then he made a video saying how he is being controlled and he can't even drive his own car and he is not happy, Xxxtentacion made a song called, I spoke to the devil in Miami and said everything will be fine he said he talked to baphomet which is a devil and he sold his soul cuz he was depressed and needed money and wanted to be happy after he still wasn't so he asked for forgiveness and spread positivity so he can get it back but I don't think u can, and lil Uzi vert said he is gonna die at 27 for Marilyn Manson he sold his soul to Satan for Marilyn Manson and he wants to be part of the 27 club no surprise all rappers are dying fast at such early ages its cuz they are all selling their soul for money, that's why the modern music industry and magic is kinda sad , cuz your being controlled, this illuminati shit scary

  35. You said something about facts..I reviewed the video and the only fact I found was the one where the audience tells you that although you MAY not be involved with spiritism, there are plenty of people who ACTUALLY can't just take away that FACT by SPEAKING in high opposition towards it..THERE are things that are set by nature..there are people who deal with this first hand.. Day to day..n they can give two fucks about some YOUTUBERS "presidential" opinions…

  36. Any real pagan, wiccan, etc will tell you magic isn't white and black, it's just magic. What makes it dark or not is SOLELY based on the INTENT of USER behind the magic, NOT the magic itself. If you do magic with good intent then you will always have a positive experience, but if you are doing it with bad intent then you will have a negative experience. It really is that simple.

  37. That crazy cat who wrote the song "everybody must get stoned" swears that he made a deal with the powers of another world and that is what gives him fame and I believe it because the dude has no musical talent but is considered a legend.

  38. Wonder if its ok for youtube that your kind of mentioned contract demon mage/magician share clips. You might slave us Mortal people to serve Nordic USA magic illuminati. Do you have gandalf type staff? Any news from Sauron?

  39. The dude with the coffee I’m pretty sure he isn’t want to do that pulls bread from his hand I don’t think he was wearing sleeves at the time either it was one of the best trips I’ve seen I mean he pulled a whole loaf of French bread right from his hand it was insane.

  40. People think that a dude changing water to wine is in comparing himself to Jesus. And u think That’s why they do these religious effects but you don’t know because you haven’t asked all of them that is your opinion I don’t care either way I think a lot of this magic is pretty bad ass but I don’t want people thinking what they think that is their choice

  41. So I so i've been doing card magic as a side hobby for around 7 years and am a Catholic Youth Minister. I honestly got super worried when Chris started talking about religion but he handled it super well. I think that my one thing about this video is that just because we do Magic as slight of hand doesn't mean that demons and black magic don't exist. But Chris right on you for how you went about the religion conversation! Love the vid and everything else you put out!

  42. Look I think they is actually a logical explanation for a lot of these one they acting two it for entertainment and for walking on water trick a plank of wood

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