Raphael TMNT – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Raphael TMNT – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay tutorial. Today we will create Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Two kinds of green, ocher and brown gives us this nicely turtle green we want to create for our Raphael. We start with the head, so just make a ball and start creating all the facial expressions you want to see on your Raphael’s face. I decided to make him look a bit angry and dark. I think he is the one of the four turtles who is the most serious one. Just make some dents for the eyeballs and place in some white clay. And, well after that we are mixing green and yellow to get this nicely color gradient of the eyes. Well this is a coincidence, the right eye is more yellow than the left, which is more green. Just place the tiny piece of the black clay in the middle for the iris and we can start mixing this characteristic red for his blindfold. I was bit confused when I watched the animated movie trailers a few years ago. In the new movies he is wearing well it’s more like a headscarf, than a real blindfold. The other turtles of the gang are wearing this blindfold which looks like a belt with holes in it. And Raphael is wearing this headscarf which is closed on the top. But I think it’s OK for him. But I miss this characteristic blindfold he was wearing all these years and now he started wearing that headscarf. Start cutting a very thin slice of black clay, this will be the sunglasses, we will put on his head. And after the figure is hardening in the oven, we will paint the sunglasses with some transparent polish and this gives a nice shiny detail to the sunglasses. This is aluminum wire often used in my creations and we need four pieces of the wire to create the arms and the legs. I start creating the arms. So just put this wire into a piece of green clay. Start creating and forming the arm. So this will be the left arm and also the right arm. Normally I create the whole figure out of one piece of aluminum wire and then I start wrapping around the clay. But in this case, well Raphael and also the other turtles I created, they are so detailed and for me its more easy to have different pieces where you can add all the tiny details. And then as the last step you just have to put it together. I was talking about details. I am using gauze, bandages. Put it right on top of the ochre clay and start making it a bit dirty with brown and red clay. And, well you can just add it to your creation. I think all of the four turtles are wearing this gauze, bandages. And, well I love mixing different kinds of materials and it gives it a really nice and realistic look. Also for the hand wrist you add some parts of these bandages. And just keep some bandage mixture material for the feet, on the right arm, this is the left arm. There’s also some red bandages and I decided to make it just from clay, so without any gauze, bandages. Now, well it’s obvious we will create the legs and also the feet. But well I start just with the legs and we are adding the feet after that. And try to get this shape of his muscle legs. These are the feet, we will add it together. And this is a really nice way to create. Just start with the bigger parts after that you create the next tiniest detail or body part. And then you start just matching it together. Yea this is the correct colour. Characteristic toes for the turtles. Mew Two also has just two toes. I mentioned it in the Mew Two tutorial. Pokémon tutorial. I always try to compare both legs so that they are equal. The first time I used this bandage for a creation of mine was when I created Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. On this figure I also used pieces of old boxer shorts of mine. I will link it, just click on the I. This is just some brown, which is supposed to be some leather. Actually I thought about taking real leather as I had some pieces left from creating. But I thought putting this clay figure into the oven to get the clay hard. I think the leather would have suffered very badly from the heat. Although its just 110 degrees, which is about, just looking it up, about 230 Fahrenheit. How is it pronounced? I don’t know really well. OK. Lets go back to our creation. This will be the front part of the turtle shell, just made it very raw mixture of brown and ochre, cause I really like this pattern which appears inside. And now I’m just adding some more details, placing the head right on top. And we can start creating the last big body part, which is the turtle shell. Yesterday I’ve been to the zoo and I had a close look the turtles. All of them had some scratches and cracks and rips on the shell. And so I tried to create these damages as well. Coming from a lot of fights, cause Raphael is protecting us guys in the night, when we are sleeping. This is the characteristic pattern, right on the back. All we have to do is to add some more details to the turtle shell. And its finished. So these are all the parts. Now we are adding some tiny details. One day this will be a piece of leather. I like these tiny scratches from my table, because I am cutting all the time on the table. And now that can be seen right on this piece of clay. So I tried it to be very rough and raw. Just use some ocher and tiny pieces to create the scene. I’ve seen that in the trailer that Raphael is wearing some, some kind of.. is it a pullover made from leather is it just some kind of protection? This is the front part and I would bet this comes from some samurai fashion style. Samurai’s vogue. These are the belts Raphael is wearing and wrapping all around his body. And now the most popular part his weapons. First, I started creating with the silver clay, but it broke so much and so easily that I decided to start all over again. And this time I am using a very thin aluminum wire. I think these weapons of Raphael are called Sai. So it comes from Japan, Okinawa I think, I heard about that. I am wrapping around some aluminum foil to get this characteristic shape. And after we are done we can add the hands, handle parts, the handles. Its just some brown clay. Sticking it right onto the aluminum wire. On the other Sai, as well. I’m picturing a Japanese guy saying Sai. After.. before attacking his enemy. As details I am wrapping around some of the bandages. And the last part is painting. There is too much shining on the or coming from the aluminum foil, I am just painting it over with some color. This is supposed to be grey. And for the outline I mixed just the darker kind of grey. I really liked this kind of effect. This is the comparison. So I decided to paint the other Sai as well in the same way. Putting all the pieces together starting torso and the legs. This is always very exciting when you start putting all the pieces together. If they are matching or not. I am removing the arms again just to put on the turtle shell and also the belts. Yeah. But it has some kind of ninja turtle feeling right now, when all the pieces are coming together. So this is the pullover or the manly samurai protection. This is a piece of the belt Raphael is wearing and then we can wrap around the black belt. You may have noticed it I also mixed in some brown into these black pieces of belts to get a very dirty look. Just adding some more details. Just adding some more pieces of that characteristic Raphael red. And after that we will attach the arms to the body of course. We won’t forget to put the Sai into the turtle’s hands. And I think Raphael is ready to go into the oven. Freshly baked Raphael. And now the clay is pretty hard. We can start adding some details with transparent polish. And this is just some duct tape I am using, because I saw on the movie poster that he has some duct tape right on his turtle shell on the back. This looks really nice. As if he had been to many fights and that he had to tape his back. This is the transparent polish. So just start painting the green, so the turtle skin. As this is the only part which should get this shiny look. And just some areas on the back part, of course the sunglasses and after a very long tutorial we are done. And I guess that’s it. Just click on the I in case you missed the tutorial of Michelangelo. I hope you enjoyed this Polymer Clay tutorial, me creating my third Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle clay figure One is left, I definitely will create Donatello, as well. I guess that’s it, thanks for watching I hope to see you next time. And please leave me In the comments what you think of this tutorial and this figure. Raphael. Bye!

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