Ranked Play Fun vs. Cloud9 and Dignitas - CLG Lyric

Ranked Play Fun vs. Cloud9 and Dignitas – CLG Lyric

take my mouse and shot my gun all right hit my keyboard I'm going boys come my good comeback on the scene are you coming frag he's gonna get a frag my frags are frag dropping them in random places I don't care I'm W King dropping them in accelerant on the body by the door okay are you 45 here hop senior XE is that a c9 them oh it is c9 Opie Opie go fishing this was lice you yes already disrupter issa yeah blue light Mac we're on the scene boys if the Kobe's get the Kobe's I have no throws autumn I got here right away the book them luck what the Mon frère one is blue shows broke yo pathfinders weeks broke ball hit a shot on him you see put a voice I didn't see anyone hit him with the 4347 know you love me my going down to the opening one shot one shot watch out watch out there by the stairs I don't have any way we can wrap and go or the through from yeah yeah yeah damn I go so unshod they won't even expect this well let me get let me pop another better I don't have I got you I got you try not to make noise on this side you want to Road say we got a minute I think we shop on the trip as well all right we'll give it a second there just as many cute guys that you say they are okay yeah we should go loot that bar they just went to 40 so 43 of them that way there's one on the roof you see this yeah one there that's the third guy there we go love they're gonna be closed right because they just kill them yeah I would hold him out weekend they do it what do they have a longbow no there's a portal here we go they do have a longbow on the big meet us I hear what they're gonna go all the way around good they have all better someone look right side so I'm like right try not to let them get behind this we gotta rotate okay watch someone watch this I'm looking I'll come back I honestly think they're gonna be okay yeah I think they I think they already yeah that's it something that we would have throws yeah what are some names to poison you see ya here I hear my hair my hair have all so we don't be sorry watch this it's all there going left nice job mark I have to push forward oh yeah looking at me in the building I stunned them 72 72 in the buildings are in the building I just heard him I can a resident right fruit alright good portal out I'm gonna put all out take the portal okay mark we shall wait you might come watch how are you doing yeah he's telling me I'm good I'm good please man

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