Rainbow Paint on a Speaker – 12,500fps – The Slow Mo Guys

Rainbow Paint on a Speaker – 12,500fps – The Slow Mo Guys

Hello all right we’re back, it’s been a long time hmm well compared to our days of daily uploading. That’s for sure Hopefully you enjoyed the super slow show me a lot of fun making it mm-hm and now we’re back in the back garden With no crew and no one to help ya. It’s just us. We got some lovely new equipment We do don’t worry. Though still the same janky old table. This is the same crap table So today, we’re testing out two new cameras one very kindly provided by Vision Research Which is the Phantom b-26 40 which in full HD do twelve and a half thousand frames a second? It’s mental hmm the the high-speed we’ve been able to do in HD before is 2500 so huge step up and also over here very kindly loaned to us by Hasselblad is the H 6100 C which is a 100 megapixel medium format stills camera two very different cameras Because with this one in one second. I’m going to take twelve and a half thousand pictures and on this one I’m gonna take one, but it will be massive one weight So you got a beefy picture and a beefy frame rate there you can bind Yeah just beefed all around so hopefully the idea is that we’ll revisit paint on a speaker because Seems like the perfect one to revisit with slower speeds And you’ll be able to see the exact moment on the slow-mo that I take this massive picture, so I’m very excited Let me take up new technology before the Sun Grace’s us. We’ve got some work to do yeah I’ve got to take this speaker like the front bit off and use the actual cone This is more complicated Okay just screws You’ll hit there I feel like at no point do we correctly use any of us that works? Yeah? They look like you’re about to axe your own crush There we go it’s a 100 watt so it should be beef enough for the paint We’ll have a base of yellow And then the other colors will be squirted on top Have some green Buh-buh-buh-buh-buh, it looks like a weird paint pizza. Maybe ready yeah in three two one now Forget, how quickly it turns to brown even though, it’s just pure pain There’s no water mixture in there at all it just turns to brown really quick Ready yeah one by loud it in three two one now whoa jeez Did that get on the phantom? No that does not mess about Oh no We look at it, it’s all over it, what do I do? Oh? Oh? God I’m gonna delete it half my stuff there summer. It’s messy work this week and done with some crew on this one I actually started to think that so I have to set the experiment up hold a light Get the music right plug the speaker and turn it on do that you’re operating an extremely complicated camera and another extremely complicated yeah two very manual cameras Yeah, so the idea behind using this camera is there I’ll be able to take a 100 megapixel image And I’m going to set the shutter speed to a 2000 of a second which is its maximum hopefully? They’ll be enough there might be a slight bit of motion blur Because we don’t have the shutter speed we have enough phantom and my favorite thing about it Which is amplified by the the lens hood here is the sound it makes when you take a picture have a listen to this oh? You can get all the off it’s like it leaves a little ringing in your ears, so I’ll call this method stacking Okay, color stacking color stuck in rainbow pancakes Oh Lovely bullseye three two one go Not only is kind of great because it’s fast at high resolution. It’s also very sensitive giving us the ability to shoot 12,000 frames a second for a lot of this a team stop of eight mental And they’ll give us the depth we need we’re also using lights in that right, Daniel. Yeah, I Smoke a 64 hat Who’s that? Yeah It’s a Sun Hat What you’re in for slo-mo Really cozy round here. I’m like in the bit of shade doing my paints Got my sound my laptop, so now. We’ll do a Sort of strip rainbow idea yeah, we’re gonna Lay all the different colors down in the rainbow pattern in lines boom it and then hopefully they’ll all mix together so really 10 mil of each color Yeah, this it’s this syringe, it’s just really like difficult to pull up It’s like a finger workout every time okay, all right. Hope this works now, and I don’t mess it up That would be annoying top is copter me to go vocal fingers vocal fingers Okay, okay, yeah Torch is on and in Ready when you are ready Okay in three two one now Okay, I’m pretty sure that look good. Oh, I got it really early. Let’s take a look at that oh Yeah How do you like that nice sweet, hope you love it, that’s cool huh wow That’s actually watch this on camera shall we yeah sure I’ll be able to see your face when watching this tonight alright Look away a bit and save it alright Oh Can it rise in like that for that? That it’s just king isn’t that Kali? all those colors you can distinctly see them as well I Sweet I Like her just for one like sound the speaker actually moves several times. Yeah It’s just weird like when you see sound of this level It’s just a bunch of vibrations, which means that some of the paint is going up and some of it’s coming back down already And I meets in the middle look at that It goes high as well, and you can still see the distinct colors, and now it’s getting a bit more blend here It’s um that marbling going on There was one glob there. It was falling and it had I think I had every color in her you know what I was bidding Did you ever saved it Some good practice Lord even though that was great, and I shot on the Hasselblad was great. Yeah I just want to do it again. Oh so much SAP is really Top down one. I’ll come up on this I almost hate finding stuff that you love Yeah, I’m like oh god She’s great. I just watch that forever. It is really cool. It almost makes all the setup worth it almost almost not quite Quite all that testing for this was done indoors wasn’t it Yeah, which means it’s problems with the wind with stuff blowing away. I see you’re fakin to using your head If I had three hands much easier, but I’m just Struggling it and the thing is I could help out, but I’m just filming it yes Three two one go Hopefully that was a success it sounded like it was I Heard the click just as it was quite high. Oh, it’s quite high, but that’s how I like it. Is it good? Yeah, I think that’s quite good. That’s a class I like it that what the torch is putting some nice sheen on the blue mmm Here is like up here when you got that one. It was higher really. Yeah, goodness gracious well There’s a bit yellow here that it’s just like So on this one I threw the focus to the front yeah, you’ve come really down on the angle whoa that was a big one I Wonder. What caused that yellow just come on yeah? What part of the speaker was like just you only you Look at all the different colors mixing because it’s so hard to Actually, just put layers of paint because it’s a liquid it kind of mixes already, so there’s paint underneath each but other paint Yeah, imagine working in a paint factory right where his job was to mix paint But it was just done with music now be a hell of a place to work. You just get a beats all day long It’s part of your job. Oh That was cool there when everything’s settled for a moment you can actually see the floor of the speaker again And then he went boom take that in doesn’t that look nice Lovely looking for free top actually you think we haven’t done is that our sort of our in slow-mo very touch to it Well got an idea actually kind of hungry We’ve got some cereal and milk But I don’t have a spoon you a cereal first kind of guy or a milk first kind of guy Cereal first boys correct answer that’s enough for a hearty breakfast. I think this is gonna Be gross why cuz it’s milk. What’s wrong well when he gets hot and sway There’s pretty gross right, okay, so Up until this point because we’ve been using pain, and we don’t want it to just completely bugger off immediately We’ve actually had the volume at like six out of ten And I’m just gonna whack it straight up to eleven and I haven’t even seen it eleven yet You’re gonna need earplugs, so I’ve got earplugs in Just in case it blows my face off yeah three two one Oh, it’s all over the laptop damn it You just, ha ha, you just vanished It’s all my beard and horrible oh, I see my eyes all right oh Aww, it’s all in my eyes, I’m not even funny I look and I shook the picture and I when I went to in real life. I couldn’t see your face I Didn’t need to be that close. I don’t think did you eat any yeah, I’m out, but I didn’t get any cereal only milk It’s like a milk dispenser. Oh, yeah Yeah, oh Oh, I like that I liked what I saw me too. I especially like the marbling and how the colors mingled together Yeah, it was also good mingling above the marbles. I think like the rainbow um is my favorite Yeah Me too more effort to do but totally worth it and that was my favorite shot in the house of where to because it was It was right. I thought I’d taken the picture too early, but it was right of the perfect moment Yeah, I like that we can do these things again, but with completely new equipment I we’ve got better frame rates with a Hasselblad bigger speakers more paint Yeah I honestly revisiting our favorite videos are the best way to test new equipment because you get you have that direct comparison lovely Hopefully you liked it too. Feel free to follow us on Instagram, and we have a second channel and Twitter I guess Oh goodness say you know my – stinks of old milk now. Thanks for that

100 thoughts on “Rainbow Paint on a Speaker – 12,500fps – The Slow Mo Guys

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  2. The funny part about slow mo is that it's hard to run out of ideas because anything becomes interesting in slow mo.

  3. Did anybody notice that while Dan was preparing the speaker, the speaker went from totally clean at 2:00 to covered in paint splatter at 2:05 before they started filming anything?

  4. For the Deaf community that can’t appreciate music in the same way us hearing people can: This video is as close to what sight is to you as what music is to us. Absolutely beautiful.

  5. make cornstark water and add dye to them and then place them on the speaker. The liquid cornstarch slurry becomes a solid.

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    Continued watching
    "It's all in my beard, horrible. Ah, it's in my eye."
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