34 thoughts on “Rachel Wiley – "Handsome"

  1. Yes! So good.

    I am a small, super feminine, gay trans guy; my preferred word is handsome too. It’s something that can apply to everyone.

    Sometimes I’m cute, sometimes I’m spiffy, sometimes I’m dapper, sometimes I’m handsome. It’s so nice when someone uses your good words.

  2. I freaking love all her poems.

    Any One Piece anime fans got Big Mom vibes from her outfit this poem. Like she really could play that roll and kill it.

    Of course not saying it in a bad way, just saying Rachel has her figure along with that powerhouse look and voice to where she could do the character justice in a live action film. For none one piece viewers, look up Big Mom vs Luffy on YouTube and you'll see what I mean

    Anyway great poem as always!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nice! ❤️ 💞 ❤️ 💞 if your into poetry I have my own channel recently tried my first live performance was nerve wrecking 😲

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