Quick, Draw!

Quick, Draw!

Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to “Quick, Draw!” So, anyway, “Quick, Draw!” is a game about artificial intellgence. So, we’re going to be given prompts, and the computer is going to interpret our doodles of those prompts to see if it can figure it out. Now, the closer we are, the better it learns. But, I’m not good at drawing. Also, I’ve got a fucking mouse! So, who knows how this is going to go? Draw a dresser in under twenty seconds. Got it. Ha, I symmetrically- oh, God. Computer: I see line. Good job, you see line? [Computer: Or shorts.] Hang on. Computer: Or pen. Computer: Oh, I know. It’s dresser. Yay, it’s a dresser! I got it! Okay, snowflake. Uhh, can I draw myself because I’m a beautiful, unique snowflake? Shoop-a-doop. (x3) Computer: I see zig-zag. No, not a zig-zag. [Computer: Or star.] Computer: I have no clue what you’re drawing. *laughs* Thanks. I know. Computer: I see airplane. Not an airplane. [Computer: Or shark.] Hang on! Computer: I see [Mark: Wait.] fish. Wait for it. Not a fish. Computer: I see campfire. AHHHH! [Mark: Eh!] Computer: Sorry, I couldn’t guess it. Damn it! AHHHH, I’m steoupid and bad! Alright, a foot. Hang on. Shwoop-o-dee-shoop. Shwoop, shwoop, shwoop. Computer: I see fork. Oh. Computer: Or hand. Nope. Computer: Or finger. It’s a foot! Computer: Or candle. It’s a goddamn foot! Computer: Or broccoli. Broccoli?! (Yes, Broccoli) Computer: I see strawberr- It’s a foot. It’s a fucking foot, dude! It’s a foot! It’s a top-down view- [Computer: I’m sorry.] -of a fucking foot! Computer: I couldn’t guess it. How are you not getting this?! It’s EASY! Alright, here we go. This can’t be hard. Shoop-b-dee, shoop, shoop. Computer: I see zig-zag. Hang on, you don’t see- [Computer: Or skateboard.] Stop guessing! [Computer: Or peas.] Goddamn it! Computer: Or gun. Uh, no, not a gun. [Computer: I see era-] NO. Computer: Or motorbike. STOP! Computer: I see basketball. Basketball? Computer: Or soccer ball. It’s a goddamn camera! Computer: Sorry, I couldn’t guess it. You are GOD AWFUL at this. Zig-zag? Is it just giving me an easier prompt because it thinks I’m bad at drawing, which it would be absolutely correct about? Computer: Oh, I know. It’s zig-zag. There you go, you’re sooo smart! Alright, I feel like I’m in kindergarten again. Computer: I see fork. You don’t see a fork. Computer: Or hand. Computer: Oh, I know. It’s tree. There we go! It’s a tree. Good job. I don’t want to share those drawings. Nobody share those drawings. Nobody ever! Good, God. I mean, the dresser’s okay, even though it looks like a bedside table. But that’s a goddamn camera. That’s 100% obviously a camera. And that’s 100% obviously a FOOT. Okay, that’s not a snowflake. I- I will readily admit that is not- 100% not a snowflake. Draw cell phone. Alright, I’m going to do a flip phone. F-Flip- Computer: I see square. Nope. Hang on. Computer: Or hat. Hang on! Computer: Or laptop. No, it’s a phone! Computer: I’m not sure what that is. Nine, one, two three- Computer: I’m not sure- [Mark Four, five-] -is. Six, seven, eight- [Computer: I’m stumped.] -it’s a phone! PHONE! Computer: Sorry, I couldn’t guess it. It’s a flip phone. Waterslide, okay. Computer: I see hockey puck. Spoosh, into a- [Computer: Or hamburger.] -pool of water and a wave. Computer: Or submarine. [Mark: And a happy shark is here.] Computer: Or crocodile. It’s got it- no, hang on. Computer: I see helicopter. No, no, no, no. Computer: Or bulldozer. It’s a waterslide. Here’s the stairs- [Computer: Or laptop.] -up to the waterslide. Here’s the stands- it’s a waterslide! Computer: I see sandwich. It’s a sandwich? Computer: Or dragon. It was a fucking waterslide! Alright, crayon. Hep, hep, hep. Hup, hup. Computer: I see leg. No, hang on, it’s got a rounded tip. [Computer: Or lipstick.] There we go. Computer: Or wine bottle. Cray- [Computer: Oh, I know.] It’s crayon. Yeah! It’s got it. Okay, it’s getting it. It’s not stupid. It knows what it’s doing, it just wants to decide not to. Tent, easy. Bop-dee-bop, bop, bop! Computer: Oh, I know. It’s tent. YEAAAAAAAHHHH! Alright, you got it, rake. Hang on. Computer: I see monkey. Monkey. Hang on. Computer: Or toothpaste. Hang on. Computer: Or camouflage. Hang on. Hang on. [Computer: I see flower.] It’s the Rake! [Computer: Or kangaroo.] It’s the Rake! Computer: Or teddy bear. It’s the RAKE! Computer: Sorry, I- [Mark: It’s obviously the Rake!] -didn’t get it. Mustache. Okay, got it. Wait for it. Computer: I see cell phone. Shut the fuck up. Computer: Or skull. It’s- you think that’s- [Computer: Or cookie.] -a cell phone? Computer: Or beard. THIS. Computer: I see fireplace. No, THAT! Computer: Or rabbit. You said beard! Computer: Or dog. It’s the mustache! Computer: Or scorpion. *deep, frustrated sigh* Computer: Sorry, I couldn’t guess it. *another exasperated sigh* Okay, I get that that might have been more of a laptop, but this is 100% obviously a dragon. ? That’s a crayon, that’s a tent, that’s the Rake, that’s a mustache. You’re fuckin’ stupid. HOW am I supposed to draw yoga? Okay, alright. You know what? Alright, I got this. Heh, heh- [Computer: I see frying pan.] Eh, eh- [Computer: Or spoon.] Eh, eh- [Computer: Oh, I know.] Computer: It’s yoga. AHHHHH YAY! *claps* YEAH! Okay! We got this! Hell, yeah! We’re doing good! I think! Oh, my God. Eh, eh, eh, eh- [Computer: I see nose.] Eh, eh. Sto- [Computer: Or octagon.] Stop. Computer: Oh, I know. It’s stop sign. YEEEESSS! Okay. Hang on. Tooth. Brop. Brop, br- [Computer: Or dumbbell.] Computer: Oh, I know. It’s tooth. YEAAAHHH! Okay, that did not look like a tooth. Alright, we got this. Wooptie. Wooptie, woopti- [Computer: I see frying pan.] -e wooptie, wooptie. Computer: Or dumbbell. Woop, woo- [Computer: Or bicycle.] Computer: Oh, I know. It’s helicopter. YEAAH! It’s a helicopter, you’re doing so good! Oh, it’s a skyscraper. Perfect. Woop! Computer: I see line. Woop, woop. Computer: Or matches. Woop. Computer: Oh, I know. It’s skyscraper. YEEESS! Oh, my God. Eh, a door? Easy-peasy, lemon-squ- [Computer: I see square.] -eeze me. Computer: Oh, I know. It’s door. YAAAAY, WE GOT IT! It’s learn- OH MY GOD, it’s learning. OH, NO. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? OHHH, GOD. If it’s learning, that means it’s going to take over the world. How can we solve this conundrum? OHHH, GOD! Potato. Haaaaaa- oh, wait. Computer: Oh, I know. It’s potato. *laughs* That- that’s a potato? Computer: I see headphones. Shwoop. Computer: Oh, I know. It’s eyeglasses. It’s eyeglasses. It sure is. Computer: I see line. Shoop, shoop, shoop. Computer: Or bush. Shoop. You see- [Computer: Or broccoli.] -you see bush? Nope, it’s a hand-fan. It’s a hand- [Computer: I see feather.] -fan! No, it’s a fan! [Computer: Or garden.] No, it- it’s a [Computer: Or diamond.] fan! Computer: I see butterfly. It’s a fan! Computer: Or bat. Computer: Sorry, I- [Mark: It’s very clearly a fan!] Saxophone. Okay. Doo, doo! Doo, doo- [Computer: I see street light.] Bree-da-doo. Doo- [Computer: Or bread.] Doo, doo, doo- [Computer: Or frying pan.] Broo-dooo! [Computer: Oh, I know.] Dooo, doo, doo! Computer: It’s saxophone. YEAAH! Okay, birthday cake. Alright, we got this. Ha-ba-do-boop-bie. Computer: Or compass. This looks like a dick cake. Computer: Oh, I know. It’s birthday cake. Haaaaaa. Alright, we almost got it all. Hang on. Keyboard. Shoop-ba-dee-shoop, shoop, shoop, shoop. Computer: Oh, I know. It’s keyboard. I was not done yet. Computer: I see toilet. A TOILET? It’s a lantern! It’s, it’s- [Computer: I see blackberry.] It’s a LANTERN! It’s a fucking lantern. Computer: Sorry, I didn’t guess it. Ahhhhh. Quack-i-dee-quack. [Computer: I see line.] Quack. [Computer: Or pool.] Quack. Computer: Or snorkel. QUACK. Computer: Or cannon. QUACK. Computer: Or swan. QUAAACK. Computer: Oh, I know. It’s my curly duck [Computer: It’s duck.] penis. ‘Cause God, holy shit. *giggles.* Okay. Bird, bird. I’m going to draw a duck again. I’ma draw a [Computer: I see frying pan.] duck. I’m going to draw this [Computer: Or snorkel.] less of a duck. That [Computer: I see arm.] is not a duck. Computer: Or cannon. I’ve- I’ve done the opposite. Computer: Or toilet. Here’s my curly duck peni- [Computer: Or truck.] -s. There it is! Computer: Or giraffe. Alright. Fly! Computer: I see cow. I’ve- I’ve drawn a dragon. Computer: Or key. I’ve drawn a dragon. [Computer: Or bat.] I didn’t mean to. I’ve drawn a- [Computer: Or fireplace.] -dragon. Don’t know how. I’ve drawn- [Computer: Sorry, I didn’t guess it.] -a dragon with a curly duck penis. AHHH, shit. Alright! So, that is, uh, uh, “Quick, Draw!” I have an idea. This- this is kind of like pictionary, right? So, what if WE were to go play pictionary with you guys? Would YOU be able to be a better neural-network than these assholes here? Maybe, I have no idea. So, but, we’re going to find out! So, see you then. Buh-bye! Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to Quick Draw. Otherwise known as pictionary. I just got done playing the Google version of this, so we’ve got this big whiteboard here. We’ve got some willing and subjected fans here that we’re going to draw for, and if they can guess what it is, they don’t get hit with dodgeballs. Or beaten with that bat. And that Bob. Wade: Draw on my chest with a whiteboard! But the wrong side’s kind of gray. And it’s got wood. Mark: Just stop. Mark: Alright, you ready? Fan: Three, two, one, go. Fan: Uhhh, a horse. Mark: YEAAAAH! Bob: What? *laughter* Bob: That was, like, four seconds. Ethan: That is a horse! You were right. *Marks taps on the board* Mark: What is that? Fan: What? Mark: What is that? Fan: Uh, a dog? Mark: No, no. Eeh, ooh, ah. Fan: A cell. Mark: No. What is that? Mark: It’s clearly an animal. Fan: A cat. Mark: No, what- is a cat that round? Mark: What is that? Fan: Uh. Mark: Close. What’s the other thing? Fan: A rat, mouse? Mark: Thank you. What, rat, mouse? Tyler: Fat mouse. Mark: So, then, if that is that, what is that? Mark: It’s a big gerbil! Tyler: Is that a gerbil- [Mark: It’s a big gerbil.] -tail? Mark: See, the buck teeth, the thing, the not-quite mouse here. Mark: I couldn’t have made it any clearer for you. Wade: You know, the clearly pig nose and pig tail. Mark: Alright, get rid of it. Mark: Okay, alright. Fan: Markiplier. Mark: Almost, almost. But, what do I do? Bob: Ehh. Bob: That was tough. Mark: It was a great Youtuber. *chorus of groans* Mark: You’ve got to look at the whole picture, dude. Wade: I wouldn’t have got that either. Mark: You’ve got to take the context clues of what’s going on here. Wade: You should have drawn Bob, I would have gotten it. {ooooooohhhhhhhh} Bob: Ohhhh, yes, me. Mark: Alright. Mark: Alright. You’re really, really not doing well here. Mark: What am I doing wrong? I’m- [Fan: You can’t draw.] -drawing it perfectly. *triggered* *laughter* Fan: Three, two, one, go. *Mark draws Ohio* Fan: Uh, the flag. Tyler: It’s obvious to some of us. *someone makes a buzzer sound* Mark: It’s fucking Ohio! Amy: Ohio! Mark: It’s fucking Ohio. The three [major] cities in Ohio. *laughter* Tyler: CIncinnati, Columbus, [Mark: It doesn’t matter!] Cleveland. Mark: It’s the heart of America. Tyler and Wade: That- that is a legit good drawing of Ohio. Mark: That is legitimately Ohio. I gave you context clues without putting any writing in there. Three major cities. Bob: Uh, I mean you put writing in there. Tyler: At the very end. Wade: You can see the contested border with Indiana. Mark: I was putting Erie because Lake Erie is above Ohio. Bob: I thought you were trying to draw the whole United States for a minute, and I was like, oh my God. Wade: One state at a- *interrupted by laughter* One state at a time. Mark: Yeah. Mark: Whoosh. Fan: It’s a sprinting runner. Mark: Ooh! Fan: Runner? Jogger? Mark: Nope. Fan: Uh, trackfield? Mark: Nope. No, you had the thing, but keep going with it. Fan: Jogger- Bob: Ehhhhh. Mark: Uh, RUNNING! Fan: Running. Mark: RUNNING! Mark: RUNNING! Tyler: Judges, will we accept running? Mark: Runner, as that. Tyler: Runner? Runner? Do you accept runner? Mark: I don’t accept it. Tyler: Alright. Mark: I don’t accept that. Tyler: I was going to cut you a break, but- Mark: No, no, no. Wade: I would too, but I’m simply the holder. Tyler: Wade, shut up, you’re a freaking easel right now. {THE BEST DARN EASEL} Fan: Circle. Fan: Snowman. Fan: A… cat. Fat cat. Garfield Fan: A penguin? Fan: A furby. Mark: Yes. *cheers* Mark: Yes. Mark: You were doubting me, you were doubting me. Tyler: No! The beak is what you really nailed that sold it. Mark: Yeah. The beak is what- the eyes and the beak. Yeah. Tyler: Well done. Mark: Alright, okay. Ethan: It’s a penis. Fan: It’s- it’s not a banana. Fan: It’s a peeled banana. Tyler: Ho! Mark: Ooh, YES! Tyler: Last second. Mark: YESS! Mark: OHHH! Mark: Ehh, I don’t wanna. Mark: Ohh. Mark: Mhm. Mark: Uh. Mark: There we go! That’s good. *laughter* Mark: Alright, believe in yourself. Fan: I believe in you. You’re the one who’s drawing. Mark: Well, uh, I draw perfectly fine. YOU are the one who needs to pick it up because you- you need to be at three. Fan: Okay, yeah. Mark: That’s all you got to do. Fan: Yeah, sure, okay. Mark: Really simple. Oh, hi! Wade, you’ve changed. You got handsomer! Fan: You got more stone-faced. Bob: Ohh, she called you stone-faced. Wade: I actually got hit in the face, I thought I was a lot uglier now, but thank you for noticing the change. *laughter* Fan: Elephant trunk? Chutes and ladders? Braces? Mark: You got to guess from- so who is [Fan: I’m sorry!] guessing in the back? *laughter* Fan: I’m sorry. I was throwing my voice. [Lady Who Guessed: I’m sorry.] I was throwing my voice. Mark: Did you pick up that hint? Fan: Yeah. Lady Who Guessed: I’m sorry. Fan: It’s fine, thank you for the hint. Mark: UHHH! *laughter* Ethan: We’re all a team. Mark: Disqualified, disqualified. Mark: Disqualified, disqualified. Tyler: Wade. Fan: Half-eaten burrito? We own the world? Fan: Um, uh. Voice: Ehhh. Fan: A cow- a what? Voice: It’s in every movie. Voice: C’mon, it is in every single movie. Voice: A shot heard ’round the world? Fan: Oh, that’s the Disney- what, it’s Tinker Bell! Mark: Yeah, it’s Disney. Fan: Really? That what you- you couldn’t have gone with Mickey Mouse? *laughter* Mark: Then, you would have guessed Mickey Mouse! Fan: No, then I would have gone on to Disney. Mark: Well, that’s- Fan: That is not. That- what is that? Tyler: I appreciate it. Mark: That is obviously- Tyler: I appreciate it. Fan: That’s because you’re seeing it upside-down. Mark: Well, who- who thinks- when you look at that thing, who thinks Disney? *the majority raise their hands* Fan: Y’all are liars. Liars. LIARS. Fan: It looks like a snow globe. Someone: I thought Princess Elephant. Fan: Pikachu? Fan: Electric type? Fan: Mimikyu? Mark: EHH- Fan: Uh, (x4) Raichu? [Bob: *buzzer sound*] Mark: You just told me, for Disney, draw Mickey Mouse. Fan: So Pokemon? Mark: Yes. *eruption of laughter* Mark: See why that doesn’t work? Mark: See why that doesn’t WORK? Fan: When you start going like that, I think more of the Pokemon. Fan: Hair? Emo? Rover? Ethan? Mark: YEEESSS! *laughter and chorus of ooh’s* Fan: I’m sorry! Ethan: AHH. That’s me! You’re a horrible person. Fan: I know I am, thank you. Mark: You said- you told me. It’s a good idea. Ethan: I know. I was like, “Draw me and be mean!” Fan: Don’t distract me. Uh, self-portrait? Uh, Draw My Life? Voice: Ehhh. Mark: It’s a dry-erase board. *burst of laughter* Tyler: That’s so meta. Fan: You just had to bite me in the ass, didn’t you? Fan: How is that a marker? It looks- it looks like a taco shell. Mark: Who knew that was a dry-erase board? Tyler: I thought it was fine. Fan: Y’all Liars! The same people last time. No. Mark: So, anyway, everyone here is a failure. So, now, I’m going to prove that I’m better than everybody and we’re going to get volunteers to draw- A Fan: I volunteer as tribute. Mark: -for me one at a time. Mark: No, you don’t get to go. Fan: What? Bob: Ready? Fan: Okay. Bob: Three, two, one, go. Mark: Smoke stack. Umbrella. Uh, palm tree. It’s a rib cage. Fan: Yes. A chest. Mark: Uh, heart attack. Fan: What specifically are we doing? Mark: Ribs. Uh, sternum. Uh, diaphragm. Bones. Skeleton! Bob: Ehhhhh. Fan: But, what specifically? Mark: Bones. Skeleton. Rib cage. Torso. Mark: Oh, x-ray! -of Tyler! Tyler: YEEEEESSSS. Mark: OHHHH. *laughter* Mark: That’s- that’s a clever idea. Tyler: Yeah! Mark: Clever idea. Mark: Uh, Ohio. Uh, mug. Cloudy day. Spongebob. Fan: Yeah. Mark: Okay. *applause* Fan: Way too easy! Mark: Person. Bob. Uh, award-winner. Spiderman. Okay! Mark: Uh, cannon. Penis. Uh, wire. Microphone. Uh, joint. Knee joint. Uh, lamp. Cannon. Uh, balloon. Confetti. Uh, candlestick. Uh, science lab! Bob: *buzzer noise* Tyler: It was close. Bob: Science lab, right? Tyler: No. Bob: Was it Bunsen Burner? Fan: It was chemistry set. Mark: Ahhhh. Bob: It was close. Mark: Ahhh. Bob: Science lab was a little vague. Mark: Alright, rainbow. Uh, moose. Rock. Ties. Uh, it’s two people in bed. Three people in bed. The three, uh, Stooges. The Three Musketeers. Ah, rock face. South face. Bob: Ehhhh. Fan: Mount Rushmore. *laughter* Mark: Ohhhhhhh. Mark: Dabbing. Penis. Pipe. Smoke pipe. Car. Duck. Uhhhhhh, swan. Dog lying in bed. Chica lying in bed. Chica in bed. Chica sleeping. BOAT DOG! *applause* Fan: This is horrible. Mark: Uh, cowboy. Policeman. Uh, the YMCA guy. Cheerleader. Male cheerleader. Uh, Jack. Jack…septiceye. Fan: You got it. Mark: What is that? *laughter* Fan: It’s his high-five! Mark: I thought that was his hand, like, UHHHHHHH! *laughter* Too many high-fives! Mark: Uhhhhh. Wade: That’s actually exactly what his hand looks like. *more laughter* Mark: Uh, river. Mississippi river. Uh, trail. Uh, railroad track. Map. Navigation. Fan: No. Uh, party balloon. Mushroom spores. Fan: Ah, I suck at drawing, I’m sorry. Ah, bend. Uh, javelin thrower. Uh, boat on a river. Bob: Ehhh. Tyler: I didn’t filter this one. *laughter* Fan: I’m so sorry! Tyler: I didn’t know what it is. I still don’t know what it is. Fan: It’s rock-climbing. *HOW DID YOU GUYS NOT KNOW THAT? * Mark: I see it now. But what is this? Is this like a rock slope? Tyler: Yeah. Mark: OHHHHHHH. Tyler: I think it’s good once you know what it is. Mark: Now that I see it, yeah, that makes sense. That makes sense. Okay, alright. Tyler: You rock. Mark: Uh, Freddy Fazbear. Uh, a man in a bear suit. Uh, it’s a man- Big feet! Uh, guy with a pipe. Guy with a shotgun. Guy with an axe. Guy holding a pipe. Is that Buzz Lightyear? Fan: Yeah. *Mark groans* *laughter* Mark: How would I have known until he finished it? Mark: How- I guessed it after he finished it. Wade: Yup. Mark: You gotta draw faster! Mark: Ughhhh. Mark: Uh, box. Tiny Box Tim. Uh, it’s a chest of drawers. Uh, heart in box. Undertale. Mark: Oooohhh! Fan: Yup. Mark: With that! I got Undertale! Boom! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. *more celebration* *bends legs grotesquely* Voice: I never thought I would see that in person! Mark: Anyways, that was the end of Quick Draw. Hope you enjoyed that. Uh, we had a ton of fun with it. And we discovered that I am way smarter than Google. *laughter* But also, I AM GOOGLE. *laughter* Alright. So, thank you everybody so much for watching, but we got one more treat. Tyler is currently whipping up art. He’s making his masterpiece, his magnum opus [Voice: That’s debatable!] and- I’ll get one guess. I get one guess… to determine what it is. Maybe, I don’t know. I’ll probably get more. Tyler: You have one second. *Wade laughs* Mark: WHAT?! Tyler: One second to get this. It’s so easy. Mark: Am I going to get it? Tyler: You are going to get it. Mark: Alright, I’ll get it. Tyler: If you don’t, I get to slap you. [Ethan: If you don’t, you’re an idiot.] Mark: No! *SLAP MARKIMOO IF HE DOESN’T GET IT!* Mark: NO! No! I don’t agree with this. Mark: Our set- our office! *cheers* Mark: Alright. So anyway, that was Quick Draw. Hope you enjoyed it. Thank you everybody so much for watching. Thank you everybody who attended. Hope you had fun! *loud agreement and cheering* Thank you everybody so much for watching, and as always, we will see YOU- *Tyler ferociously cleans the board* *giggles* Wade: Ethan, is that fireworks? A lizard? Exploding Godzilla? In the next video. *more laughter* Buh-Bye! Wade: Boo-bye! Mark: Boo-bye! Wade: Boo-bye! Mark: Boo-bye! Mark: Boo-bye! *outro*

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  1. WHY I DIDN'T WATCH THIS SOONER It's awesomeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚I love how Mark makes It like the fans are his best friends❀

  2. at 12:58 fooking more handsome wade (Tylers) face just staring at mark made me almost spit out my sprite (no sadly not cranberry that meme getting old anyways) and I ended up sending sprite up my nose. fUnnY

  3. Its incredible when mark draws the normal thing the ai can get it right. That was also not a foot or a phone

  4. I just love when mark plays little kids games and acts like and two year old!πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  5. So, funny story.

    I was playing quick draw, and some of my friends were watching. The prompt it game me was to draw an angel. One of my friends had the idea to write β€œatheist.” So, as he/she finished, the AI guesses angel. Lol

  6. 13:50 it sounded like he was talking to a child no you don’t get to go…No πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Me : mark you should have known , it was your favorite thing to do wow

  8. I remember playing this back in Year 4 (I was 8 at the time) and it was honestly the funniest thing πŸ˜‚

  9. Can Mark come to the other side of the country (Hint Hint I'm from the CATSCALES) and do this again? I'd totally take a trip with my friend and do this.

  10. I bet you Mark is going to throw a tantrum because of the guy that keeps on guessing while he’s trying to think XD

  11. I wish I was there :c man, I really want to be in there, cause I have artistic abilities? (I swear I'm not bragging ;-;)
    Also, that's a great video πŸ˜‚

  12. you know, duck penises are curled in the opposite direction that duck vaginas are hollowed, so the dick and the vagina have to readjust, all while hard. also ducks are brutal maters, and attack females, even with ducklings.

  13. When I played this it couldn't guess Hexagon. After the game finished I looked at the database of other's drawings. 95% of them were octagons.

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