QUEEN OF THIEVES: Elf Rogue Guild Artisan | D&D Character Design | Krita Drawing

QUEEN OF THIEVES: Elf Rogue Guild Artisan | D&D Character Design | Krita Drawing

Hale Joe here with all funnies and games and today I'm working on a project that I'm really excited for a few Fridays ago in the vlog the channel news included an invitation to other YouTube art channels who are kind of around my size to email me at all funnies and games at gmail.com for access to a discord server where we can coordinate things like collaborations all that in place if all goes to plan then sometime in the near future I'll be doing a video coloring in line art by Restless artist and she'll be coloring line art that I sent to her so those videos should hopefully be coming in the near future and coming out around the same time but to be ready for that video I need the line art to send her so back into my handy-dandy character generator all that to get back female elf rogue guild artisan so I'm thinking something like a Thieves Guild and a guild leader who styles herself as a pirate Queen I'll be in my normal format to get the initial sketch layer done where I draw on a canvas that's basically screen resolution and then I'm gonna hop those sketches over to a vertical canvas making sure the image fills the canvas should mean that the image is getting all the resolution that I can get it I'm actually putting a little bit of extra effort into this one Restless artist did something like this a little while back with you nico nico and they're both intimidatingly good at this kind of thing so I'm a little bit nervous one thing I want to make sure of is that I've included those fiddly little details that are kind of fun to work with in the coloring layer it's a little bit odd not to be coloring something in in a video at this point I honestly cannot remember the last time I did a drawing video where I didn't go as far as the colors before I finish up here a quick thank you to everyone who's commented on my recent videos brothers fun adventures bucks baby Katie's corner coloring pages by Wally and Weezie Lorraine Sasha and page and the twins day before I finish up here I'm going to convert this to a PNG document without the background I suspect that restless' artist we printing this out to color it in in traditional media that tends to be the stylesheet prefers but just in case a PNG without background is a fairly easy document to work with digitally so wish us both luck in this collab and check out Restless artists when you get the chance her stuffs are really good later y'all

13 thoughts on “QUEEN OF THIEVES: Elf Rogue Guild Artisan | D&D Character Design | Krita Drawing

  1. Your excited about this drawing an your friends r excited to see this amazing art work hehe
    Great job friend!!

  2. Wow! You are so talented friend! Keep up the great work! Thanks so much for your support as well. It means a lot!!💚👍🏻💚

  3. Great video my friend ..you are an amazing artist thumbs up everyone 👍 have a great day ..

  4. Great sharing 💚💚💚💚💚see you soon !!!!! 👍👍👍 3

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