Q Malewezi at POETRY AFRICA 2014

Q Malewezi at POETRY AFRICA 2014

this has never happened before Wow this is one won't be in Essendon Yadira thank you very much my brothers and sister from the warm heart of Africa the real one because on the flight here I was born at the magazine and it's a zombie ax the warm heart of Africa and ish almost joy to it for my friends from Malawi this is how I start my no anger I decided it's best that I write this letter in English because some of you were pretty young when you left and you might not remember your mother tongue I enclose a photo of me my best dress the black red and green and the Rising Sun stitched across the chest the peach is a few years old unfortunately but I pretty much look the same even though I'm in my 50s and I'm still living in the same house that you left me in and it's still under construction you remember the one belt on the t-junction where those three major roads meet Zambia aft and Xenia Road and Mozambique Street your family is bigger but not quite the same because a lot of your cousins have jumped on planes to chase dreams that they've seen on D s TV screens and it makes no sense to me they say they lost faith in your uncle two numbers pocket money and would rather I get cash that's green or get paid by a woman they call Queen we might have met before that I think last time I saw was in 1964 I have to stop now because my hand is getting so when I gather my strength I promise to write you some more and I know I haven't been the best mother at times my first husband was a jealous man as much as I loved him he was hard to understand he thought too much freedom was a crime he would punish your other siblings sending some into exile I even heard rumors of prison cells and crocodiles and after 30 years I was like hey maybe it's better off just to date so I gave my new partners two terms and that's that though the first man I tried it with almost got too attached maybe I made the mistake of showing him too much affection because when his terms were over he tried to get an extension and there's always someone who seems to know what's best for me better than me like some of your Western cousins we keep saying I can't survive without their expertise I'm like oh please I've got kids that are educated better than some of them will ever be doctors lawyers poets and engineers and when I say this some of them chuckle and some of them sneer but I can't wait to see their looks on the faces on the day here we appear dearest child I'm going to post this to your last known address I hope the stress of living in a foreign place hasn't wrinkled your face when I'm alone I think of silly things like do you miss my cooking it's painful to think that you're just a single plane booking away from my loving arms I'm contemplating writing your will because if I ever come to harm I'd like to guarantee your inheritance and now as a consequence of you being overseas a lot of my assets are being managed by the Chinese it makes me think how things would be if my future plans were in your hands I saved a spot for you on the beach with the best golden sands for your homecoming party whenever that may be I miss you but don't let this letter be like a weigh on your spirit this word should be like a satsang that makes you feel warm and confident when you hear it remember my main concern is that you're happy from the bottom of my warm heart yours eternally your mother Malawi PS whatever you do you know I wish you the greatest of success take care of you for me child god bless I'm gonna do a series of very short poems it's a new genre I call them there ah point yeah first one goes to my friend it's called a loo I would like to get to know you a little bit more beyond the usual pleasantries the conversation would be nice but for now I'll settle for some small talk you look lovely thank you another our poem it's very short just four lines nice titled glow I used to think that you lit up the room every time you walk in the truth is I light up the room every time you walk in thank you okay this is a love poem titled heavenly bodies and if I could do it all all over again this is what I would say to my wife okay if you and I lived like the gods in the heavenly realms of immortality I would take my time to win over the rights to your ring finger five centuries to be exact neither the words know the language worthy of being granted an audience with your soul exist I would wait a century for the birth of a new and more advanced civilization that would in turn birth a new alphabet with as many letters are stars in the sky and while we on the subject of stars did you know that the closest star with the exception of the Sun is part of a system of three with two that orbit a common center of gravity in the exact same way my eyes orbit your perfect curves and if you existed two centuries ago the idea of the earth being round would have been undebatable you see I have come to a place where knowing you in this lifetime is light-years away from being enough I would need another century to sneak into the archives of creation in search of your blueprints I will trace the plans on to both my palms and make my way back to you and as you welcome me with open arms I would open mine and show you that you are exactly how and where God intended you to be right here in my arms I will hold you for the century you hours away without saying a single word listening into the beautiful conversation between our hearts sounding like a poem by two poets in love with each other's words written on the purest of intentions and a century on stories of our embrace would coin the phrase heart to heart and we would inspire the entire second verse of endless love two hearts that beat as one our lives have just begun I would then whisper a century-long of sweet nothings in the purest of tongues in a language even unknown to the gods with words so powerful as to move stars into a constellation in the shape of your smile when I make you smile I would then get on one knee and show you a ring forged from a planet with not only the best but also the most faithful of outer rings in the galaxy while holding your hand in such a way as to remind you of a time when we were just young souls holding hands and swinging our legs over the edge of heaven watching God conduct his perfect masterpiece birth of a universe and the solo that the earth plate still pulls at my heartstrings in the center of the universe epic kind of way look we might have met in this lifetime as strangers but please know that our souls met way before our birth in a place that defies time and space and as I put this ring on your finger before all these heavenly bodies I would eternally be grateful if we gave destiny another chance so can we continue from where our souls left off please say yes I will now go into some angry poems the next poem is tired of sons of sons and the image I had and for me this is it was very painful writing this poem the image I had was children violating their own mother impregnating her and giving birth to children worse than those children so this is sons of sons the sons of sons once of age gag their mother with fear and rage taking turns no ance of shame to them is just another game the sons of sons have raised a son the sons of sons have raised the Sun the sons of sons of risen son the sons of sons no sons of man the sons of sons who once were brave fought to free a mother enslaved the face of death they faced with pride blood was spilt and that spirit died the sons of sons have raised his son the sons of sons have raised the Sun the sons of sons of risen son the sons of sons no sons of man the sons of sons not men at all thumbs in mouth they loudly snore to sleep like angels in a warm embrace she holds her breath in fear if they wake the sons of sons have raised the Sun the sons of sons have raised the Sun the sons of sons of risen son the sons of sons no sons of man a son of sons by kith and kin of swallowed tears and seed of sin she cries with pain of Labor in shame a son of sons to join their game the sons of sons have raised a son the sons of sons have raised the Sun the sons of sons of risen son the sons of sons no sons of man the sons of sons fail their young the sons of sons feel their young with seeds of sins of sons of sons the sons of sons loss of man we sons of sons once of age dad our mother with fear and rage taking turns no house of shame our motherland's rape is not a game our motherland's rape is not a game our motherland's rape is not a game our motherland's rape is not a game our motherland's rape is not a game the sons of sons have raised a son the sons of sons have raised the Sun the sons of sons of risen son the sons of sons no sons of man next poem is titled tix and it's kind of related to those sons of sons Canadian poet Shane poison has said the word politics is he described it as poly meaning many and tics meaning some blood sucking but lumps it's quite interactive so every time I say a lion you're supposed to say a time bomb ticks for this blood sucking ticks okay so here we go tick tick tick tick tick tick tick a time bomb ticks for this blood sucking ticks tick tick tick tick tick tick tick a time bomb ticks for this blood sucking ticks a tick is a prick that thinks he's slick a time bomb ticks for this blood sucking ticks Oh ticks love having their boots licked a time bomb ticks for this blood sucking ticks to find a tick just look for the H a time bomb ticks for this blood sucking ticks a tick is just an inch away from a flick a time bomb ticks for this blood sucking ticks tick tick tick tick tick tick tick a time bomb ticks for this blood sucking ticks tick tick tick tick tick tick tick a time bomb ticks for this blood-sucking ticks it takes lies lies behind rhetoric a time bomb ticks for this blood-sucking ticks a tick for attack for it ticks lice stink a time bomb ticks for this blood-sucking ticks pol i just add ticks a time bomb ticks for these blood-sucking ticks a time bomb ticks but do bombs ever fix a time bomb ticks for this blood-sucking ticks tick tick tick tick tick tick tick a time bomb ticks for this blood-sucking ticks three tick tick three tick no tick I'm torn between two poems either doing Wikipedia that I did on the opening night or journey to the 17th letter which is kind of similar but it's the alphabet according to me huh hey if it's time okay okay okay I'll start with journey to the 17th letter a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q cuz I am Africa arise alphabetically a lion asked accommodate and aid another assemble our lives 'martha black backward boots behind buggers beyond blessed blame for boastful but beautiful big black behind big breasts beggin bible and elope it one a black base by his body big bucks big bills body beggars business blossoms but bamboo burner ba ba ba ng by JD country's cream confined can't can't communicate can't commit cultures committed crimes crippling children chiefs comply can't cortices can't culture change cursed carpenters carving children's coffins depressing depressing don't despair double diamond shall build up delivery don't do drugs dream dealer them to reality pres dripper claims destroyed destroyer dropped demos demos demos demos fo-fo empty egos exist everywhere engage exchange empower enhance education good where focus focus frees freedom feed from forefathers father's feed families free follicles from fleas flush fear fight fight for facts fun facts fact fragile form friendships for formations for for informations from formidable force free faces from frowns free future from for and funds free feature from for you and funds future from foreign funds future from foreign funds freeze greed governance greed governs global greed globalizes good god greed governs godly governance gives hope heads hi hi head home has hope hands hope his hands hope is hopeless homeless homies his hands have holes he heals hallelujah he heals HIV has ignited industries incited imitations illiterate income that's incredibly impacted intellectual idleness increases infections instill identity instill invaluable ideals in justice justice judges juries journalists jade justice judge judy g's justice chokes justice jeered justice jaded just juxtapose knowledge knowledge liberate slaves leadership blocks liability love liberates mice mice move mountains mouthing murmuring Malawians multiply malicious malignant myths must maintain maturity mend mentality now Negroes oppose oppression out of oneness one organized orderly offensive hosted our oppressors our officials are still Orientals outsiders all our opportunities outside MSN josol eases the outside processed packaged premium petroleum prices peak poor people produce prosperous people prosperous people process for people's produce proudly preaching promoting prosperity principles poor people perish poor people perish poor people persevere politicians plain premises poor people perish poor people perish poor people praise presidential portraits poverty physical psychological prison please people power poisons people promote peace promote patriotism promote pride provide qualified quantified quality a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q cuz i am okay two to go Malawi is a country in which over 60% of his people live in poverty poverty is a registered trademark of most African countries it is also a state of mind mind the gap a caution mind is also a concept constituted by conscious experience and intelligent thought thought leads to action hence is suppressed by oppressive regimes regime is a word that originated from the French and French of the people of France who overthrew an absolute monarchy in three years it is also their language language is a complex system of communication and communication is what women value and the men fear fear is a weapon used to suppress the mind it is also a way of recognizing danger danger is when minds are pressed by fear burst some say the verge of where we were which is the past tense of are a collective state of being and also the first letter of the word revolution revolution is a word that contains another word love only spelled backwards it also brings fear to regimes that abuse power power is one of the most addictive drugs under so something s perm doesn't have have however if you add an S becomes haves describing a small group of people who have more than they need need is a word that rhymes with greed something some haves have indeed indeed is a word used to amplify the previous statement amplify the previous statement statement is what art should make whether you dance recite at or paint it is also why discover hidden charge the mouse the bats never tell you about about turn means to change direction something we need to learn learn is to acquire a new skill behavior or skills yet remains a mystery for we never seem to learn from history histories information about the past and like our information is subject to generalization distortion and omission omission in Catholicism is failure to do what we ought to do if done knowingly it is considered as sin sin is when man woman or angel assumes too much power and sits on God's throne throne is where a monad sits and has no place in a republic Republic means a public affair which the people we change supreme control over government government is a small group of people of mostly haves with power to make decisions on behalf of the people apparently all countries like Malawi need one one is a Metallica song from the album and justice for all and it also symbolizes unity unity is what we need to strive for despite our differences differences are where our strength resides but if not embraced divide divide and conquer is a strategy used to gain and maintain power power has already been defined but here is another it is the first word of the Revolution cry power to the people people when preceded by there becomes the people referring to the masses whose power is in numbers numbers count people don't except for those who count votes so I vote to learn how to count so I vote to learn how to count so I can solve complicated mathematical problems like one is the difference between the integers 13 and 14 whose squares add up to buddy 365 365 or the total number of days we take to complete a revolution around the Sun Sun worshiping Pharaoh Akhenaten moved his people into the desert to build a new Capitol just to worship the Sun many young died from injuries related from heavy lifting the Sun is also the central symbol of the Malawi flag that has been changed from the Rising Sun to the Risen Sun and back to the Rising Sun and they say this was done to show what we have moved to as a people our Sun has risen Malawi Sun has risen yet its sons and daughters remain in a deep sleep sleep sleep sleep is what we do when poverty greed sin and fear blind our eyes from seeing our real risen son thank you my last poem is something I've written for my daughter if if I should go today these are the ten lessons that I I would like her to understand so here goes her name is Tia TN Jana and I named her after my wife's late sister because I wanted to keep the memory of my sister-in-law that I had never met one dream dream until the line between reality and fantasy is blurred dream until your eyes chisel the clouds into the most beautiful forms of your imagination just with a single blink know that your mind is a paintbrush so use the most beautiful thoughts on your palette to paint your word of oysters to laugh out loud laughs deeply laughs heartily for as long as you wish you can even roll on the floor as you're at it and never let anyone tell you it is unladylike for laughter is a language that knows no translation the ultimate expression of a sauce freedom three dance joyfully like your mother it is a celebration of who we are you see God plays a rhythm on his drum just for you a dear child and your heart is a metronome so listen to his beat between your heartbeat and when you catch a bad case of two left feet just follow these steps one stop to be still three trusts and they will come back to you for being a black woman as everything to do with strength and resilience so never use it as an excuse for anything you are wonderfully made know that the blood of both your grandmothers flows fearlessly 5 in my eyes you will always be daddy's little girl and no man who ever be good enough for you so when you find that person take heed to the words a mother once told her little boy at a similar time she said look beyond the charm and fluffy butterflies I make sure that the only thing remaining is a good person baby if you must know that little boy's good person is now your mother 6 trust your instincts they are usually right when you're wrong be strong enough to apologize and when you get hurt note that my shoulder is a sponge for all your tears and your mother seafood pasta will clear the fear from your path back to your seventh heaven where lullaby quoted baby blankets would gently lay to rest any stray thought that dares robbed of your Speas eight sit up straight walk with your head held high and always stand for what is right nine never be ashamed of who you are or what you have your inheritance is in the power of your name guard it with integrity after all you are my father's grandchild ten know for certain that life will happen and when it does don't let it rob god from your eyes and if God calls me to the heavens know that I will inscribe these words on the entrance of your gallery of clouds so all you have to do is just blink and I will call upon your aunt Tia whose name you hold your grandfather Phillip and the rest of your family on the other side and we will form a drum circle with God and together we will play the most intricate of rhythms to the steady pace of your heartbeat but for now as I am here I pray that your guardian angels cover you in heavenly melodies in the key of your favorite color I imagine them sounding like a symphony of smiles and warm rain baby I've said all I've ever had to say so maybe it's time we played your favorite game I'll go hide and you come find me after you count from 1 to 10 thank you very much what you Africa

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  1. shoooo! This guy is an Activist. Mayibuye I Afrika! Poetry Africa, please upload more of these videos of our indigenous poets. We are tired of American poets (Don't mean to sound arrogant) We need poets that speak to our hearts. Like this dude and the rest of the videos you've uploaded of 2014, and we want more.

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