Pyrography Fine Art Tree Frog wood burning time lapse Art

Pyrography Fine Art Tree Frog wood burning time lapse Art

Hi. Welcome to Pyrography Made Easy. I’m Brenda This episode ‘s going to feature the Tree Frog artwork that I did. Todd saw this little guy out in the yard and managed to catch a photo of him and he made a great subject for my artwork. So I hope you enjoy watching the video. Well I hope you enjoyed the video. The artwork was burned on basswood and it took me 30 hours to complete it. My website: Pyrography Made Easy has a blog that kind discusses the artwork, but it also has um some tutorials, and patterns and stuff you can download. Well thank you for watching my video, and I will see you next week.

28 thoughts on “Pyrography Fine Art Tree Frog wood burning time lapse Art

  1. Hi Brenda!! Your Tree Frog is fantastic. I am in awe of how you are able to create such beautifully pebbly skin with only your wood burner. Spectacular. Please tell Todd did a great job catching him via photo.

  2. I like the frog Brenda. Those shadows are great. He sure looks bumpy. Just like a froggie should. 🙂 You do such a good job,love it.

  3. Very beautiful frog drawing with this art technique. Sub and 👍. I wait you. Pls stay connected. 🙂

  4. I like this – excellent work as usual. What I thought made the frog stand out much more was the background. The detail that you added to the leaves, twigs and pebbles was excellent also. I remember you saying to me, a while ago when you viewed the Unicorn project that I did, that you didn't like doing detailed backgrounds much and that you either left them blank or burned them black – well you certainly added a lot of detail on the frog 🙂

  5. You make the life of an artist seem so amazing with your videos, I mean, you see a simple photography, and boom you create a wonderful piece of art from it, its like living and feeling the beauty of that photo longer than usually just looking at it for a moment and then forget. Always eagerly waiting for your next wonderful work ^^ have a beautiful week lovely Brenda ^^

  6. Fabulous work. Wow, look at the aerial perspective you have in the background. I got goosebumps watching you develop the texture on the tree frog. Excellent.

  7. Hi Brenda. Well, there is so much to say about this project and, at the same time, very little. The incredible factor is there, as usual. We just have to look at it and be amazed. The texture of the ground, the texture of the frog itself… Would proudly place it on a wall in my home. Very beautiful.

  8. Great work Brenda! I love the pattern on the frog and the contrast you've created with background 🙂

  9. You have a lot of wildlife running and flying around your area Brenda, i love frogs and toads and most other amphibians so i was eager to watch this, your latest video. After watching this video i think its safe to say that this is one of your greatest artworks posted here on YouTube. Its stunning ! Its so super rich in detail, i cant believe how much work you have put into this Pyrography piece.
    The background is amazing , i always like to look at backgrounds in artworks. This is easily one of my fave works from you.
    Excellent art , i am now going to watch your new video just posted, wishing you a great weekend Brenda Q O P 🙂

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