Pyrography Fine Art Deer on gun stock time lapse art in wood burning

Pyrography Fine Art Deer on gun stock time lapse art in wood burning

Hi. Welcome to Pyrography Made Easy. I’m Brenda. This episode is going to feature the deer that I burned onto a gunstock. I hope you enjoy the video and thank you for watching Well I hope you enjoyed the episode. The deer was burned onto a gunstock Todd thinks it was probably made out of cherry, but we’re not 100% sure. I use a Colwood Super Pro II. My website: Pyrography Made Easy has free patterns, blogs, and tutorials hope you go check it out. Well thank you again for watching my video and please subscribe

8 thoughts on “Pyrography Fine Art Deer on gun stock time lapse art in wood burning

  1. I love the many practical uses you apply your work to. I'm a great admirer of functional art. Can I admire the art and woodwork and block out the function of a gun? This is a beautiful artwork you are creating for this piece.

  2. Awesome piece! I am no artist but back in the 80s I was doing transfers. I would lay the paper on the wood and rub it with the back of a spoon. Then all I had to do was trace the lines. Fast forward to now and I want to find some wildlife scenes that are transferred the same way. Are those transfer designs still available? Where can I find some? Thanks, Mark

  3. It is lovely to go back and refresh on your earlier video, and at the same time I notice your channel being discovered, and the interaction in the comment.s This is like a mini-YouTube history lesson for me, as an added bonus to seeing your great tutorials. I love this one, especially because the wood is three dimensional and becomes a big part of the project.

  4. It's good to revisit your work. Here I can see how you start by planning your work. Your appreciation of nature shows. I could imagine a high demand for beautifully custom made pieces such as this. Pyrography does lend itself to so many functional applications. Certainly more practical applications that my soft pastels. The pyrography artists are fortunate to have someone of your skill demonstrating the act for them.

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