#PYQ : CAT 2018 SLOT 2 :  AVERAGE with a Home Work

#PYQ : CAT 2018 SLOT 2 : AVERAGE with a Home Work

girlfriends will come again into the world of mass by yummy so this one is again the most important pyq previous your question series this question is from the cat 2018 slot one a question of average but a question of different concept okay so I would say please pause the video to try to solve this question and this series has nothing but three things one the previous apportion won the practice question from my side one is the homework so that you can give you the best anyway so the question is in front of you I would says please pause the video and try to solve the question I hope you have called and questions all key are over so pushing buttock there in an apartment complex number of people aged 51 and above so we have one category 51 and ours is 30 okay one category 30 there are at most 39 people which is a below 51 so we have two type of people either 51 or above or 51 below no category here and we have the average whenever in the automatic we have two category we create star and solve the quotient so this one's a question of material equation so I'm going to solve this portion with the star updation I am oh the people is 51 and above if your is is 51 or above the average should be either 51 or of the average should be 51 or below you have to type of category I'm a star Malik take care we have average average and the numbers and the numbers and the Apple we write nothing but total so 51 and above it is nothing but 30 it is given at most 39 is here so this one is nothing but maximum at most 39 is maximum the average of entire is nothing but 38 complex my yogi at 38 yourself now we need to find what is the largest possible is in the years mclubbe this is come maximum value chaos at that one case is why not solved with the given data then under Bush Oscar there tomorrow planet atomic is our concept there so I want to let you know what is the concept of this quotient first of all salt with the given data updated ery okay so this one is a numbers place in the bus come on Tommy yeah he numbers have max on 39 39 lay there the ratio is nothing but – 1310 it should hurt in Garagiola said this one is a X Y a B X let me know your ratio and I'm lockup at ahead difference of these two you have AR the heck difference of these two me how about that yeah agar aapke from T 1/2 talk easy they could collect out 38 plus 13x toga yeah always other yoga star may acknowledge other theater she value come with you you jump over you're 38 minus 10x over my tip Utica down when you make a star or the cross the we take that difference we take the difference to one value is more than the middle value one value is less than the middle value we have 51 above a 2e Muruga here less over we need to work on this condition – yah-ha being he's become got there which a x-carve al you check it Cattleya I want this value that one is nothing but 38 minus 10x is maximum yucca maximum daily maximum upper coming later your maximum the V milega job X minimum job X minimum or up X minimum come over up X minimum log ahajni Galaga 38 plus 13x you have a gap Rita you have a gap 13 a so late oh honey Jackie gave 51 plus our formylation found 38 plus 13x so x minima one muga Oneko X could be 2 3051 says other septa X could be 2 point 5 Jarrah septa but X minima is one other manga hop a x4 one Lou on a hop ma one doll to 238 minus 10 is nothing but 28 is my answers also this potion is 28 but a bowl of a self-hosted that was all value paycheck cut their hit value all it on my diagram now throw me a professor Gotham this value is more than 51 plus year 51 says odd ahead this one is 51 say come here middle value 38 head even at 30 fix it my aha because all values near thumb up with the honey key a kike yet 28 say Kamata Agatha just for acrostic miss my book and I get hurt p83 say divider others pokΓ©mon 236 which have Bobby Munson that is it for the sake of calculation month a matter so simplify karoonga AHA DK got 10 AHA the Haga and nothing but cool – up you go hey give me a 10 X dagger game it at 12 X dagger yeah house ever my house 51 said Giada hoon hae a Girma 38 plus 12x Camuto now your question is back 12x plus Q Johar paid 38 minus 10x Jones this one is the basic concept this one is nothing but the basic concept of the mixture allegation of mutual relations of given our table to it by remote I cut out the ate me up of the ad cattle do semi subtract her to agar my skull 51 plus above says all will do hostage of X curve value I got one say Java because 38 plus 12x commercial another 38 just read in Excel we get X is Jahjaga algorri X a Jaguar do you have a gig once a dog over you or come to a tiger so this value is maximum but the best part of this concept is we need to work on the critical value do values D aware of who she pays all girls out due to like how I have who she become courage or the value of cat definite head who's become a job and sahaja yoga I'm gonna Kabul accompany logical who's come to make their practice cushion no this one is a practice question an apartment the number of people is 63 and above is 25 okay may was 25 but it idea where yogi 63 plus above average in Karthik Natalia there are at most 35 maximum jente hey Mary pass whose is a blow 63 year 63 say come into allah head and the entire age is nothing but 49 maxie data pecan corner maximum in one nick lega make a short it up a become breaker for the honker maximum in one name delta so is a polymath simplify cut down here the keg of five beauty here seven and since this one is a ratio number ratio Miata which four five six sticks match for seven exit man yeah is a dagger plus sugarr you either Jagger – over you're happy – equation by negative 49 plus 7x ko mu G H I J is 63 are 63 Sanjaya or mutual then ya happy – I got 49 minus 5x for as minimum as per our largest as possible and I am according to question you large the be who got sub X minimum over Agra Piazza dijo que – 7 X is greater than equal to 14 X is greater than equal to 2 2 X 4 which to say Java at 2k Barbara but how many jagiya X comma Y so because – value a or is a maximum tell you to make X code pool in 149 minus 10 is nothing 39 is the answer of misfortune so his question cancer was I got 39 I hope is a Cleary opera omnia Kushnick ruby data the Ottoman is calling her that is one is not given to 63 above this 163 below this is 49 fix your foot and fix it give 25 fix it barkeep in Maycomb can I add just agree the man is home under 5 X is 4 minus 7x man yeah hissarlik I guess for an salt cure for a sake of calculation the attempt is it was all working up at Keuka value antha muche pattaya 63 Sajjad Rajshahi mujhko pata has 6 excessive comes a a yeah 49 a year 25 fair he said 35 K but let 30 man game looks all cuz there they think Yoga can lingua but yeah Hamza wanna do up got chart data yeah well you see back generally maximum minimum milta so other may say simplify cannot to eat the cake of 5 in the Giga 6 so my boat down 5 actionable down six six other my happy calm canoe to 49 plus 6 X should be more than equal to 63 so 6 X is our official Akio get or greater than equal to 14 de Haga X is nothing but greater than equal to 14 by 6 which one is nothing but 7 by 3 yes 7 by 3 yoga Agora pisco yeah Holly Hokkaido DK of 49 minus 5x I'll grab 7 by 3 Joe minima has going output got a 49 minus 35 by 3 2 this one is nothing but will 11 point something 49 sep 11 point something as a subtractor okay 239 set of coming over so answer this question is none this can send a net from a facility to earth a moment for us a fast-food of please divide kalenna up update data become colo no data d away sushi bay that these are the critical values 25 and 35 numbers are the critical values because gene numbers both important there is a variety much for six weeks we took an ax hat of his 25 was simplify called Oh Rocko shock typo and take 35 adjectives 25 as it is number so change math kernal I'll be aware 49 and sugar simplify hepatic our own names after the maker Maria certified dick rata the 49 plus 7x is more than equal to 63 get the extra value Arthur which were you have put canto subtract cut the answer of the saga if simplify and simplify Kuro now become guru who say Peggy come to me Oh frack single-valued ethics which faction going on Tonto answer Agra ah who yet clear hair up so we have done cat 2019 slot one question on the basis of mutual relation second question because for you the most important concept in Toledo cheese water maturities and huge concept a hen there's no need to think of the X&Y a gap x and y semi solve car to the valenwood it's all about emotions while casa culture now it's your time to prove yourself yeah per year dunno cheese summons me ini again AI to rewind it again where are you here to piece all the homework and whose console command me post car now you have a question in front of you in an apartment number of people is 61 years and above is 40 there are at most 60 for people whose is are below 61 years the averages of all people in the apartment complex is 49 years what is the largest possible mclubbe same data question here and a data change here and after was obstinate matter thumb up ask understanding says question was all PG and we do all the p iu on the same thing previous your question which played practice formula padam el scoobo Tonga who spent practice formula for the better understanding and will calculate komelkova they cook it clear there if you want he as a continued with Toby comment Kuro up absolution come in Cairo and please comment the answers to by hope this one is cooking to you all the best best wishes from my side god bless you capelin

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