Purl | Pixar SparkShorts

Purl | Pixar SparkShorts

[BUZZING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah. I saw you. Sweet. What’s up? Gym tonight? [LAUGHTER] No!
No! No! MAN: Welcome to BRO Capital. Uh, yeah, so you’ll be
up on the fourth floor with investments, and, uh– what? The Tigers are up by 20? Yes! Anyway, it’s entry
level, but your resume was by far the strongest. I’m sure you’ll fit right– in. Thanks. I still think it’s unbelievable
that I’m really here. Unbeweavable. [CLEARING THROAT] I–
I mean, unbelievable! [GRUNTING] I’m so excited. I have a really good
feeling about this! [TAPPING] [LAUGHTER] Heh. [PHONES CHIMING] [WHISTLING] [PHONE RINGING] [SIGH] When it’s 9:00, but it
feels like it’s 10:30. Good morning. Hi there. Did you see they
hired a ball of y— oh.”. [SIGH] Morning, gentlemen. MAN: Hey, what’s the difference
between a porcupine and a BMW? With the porcupine, the
pricks are on the outside! [LAUGHTER] PURL: [LAUGHTER] Yeah! [LAUGHTER] Good one. So, why do spiders weave webs? Because they don’t
know how to crochet. [LAUGHTER] Is that, like, a
sport, or something? Like– with the needles, and– you know? [NERVOUS LAUGHTER] Aw. MAN: Hey, guys. Staff meeting. As you can see, we’ve got a
big, fat failure on our hands. So, finance wants answers. Ideas? Uh, excuse me. OK. What’s our strategy here? What’s the priority? Why are they even ours? Simple and straightforward. Oh, guys! Let’s bring finance in and
knit our strategies together. What? Naw, you’re being too soft. We gotta be aggressive.
– Yeah! We gotta be aggressive!
– Double down! Aggressive! Who cares about finance? [MEN SHOUTING] All right, all right, OK. Let’s put a pin in it. Who’s down for two for
one wings at Swifty’s? Oh, yeah. Hey, we got everybody? Yeah, that’s everybody. All right. First round’s on Gronkowski. [LAUGHTER] [SIGH] [DING] Of course, now
who knows what– What the– Gronkowski. Purl. [TYPING] Did she always sit there? I don’t even recognize her. So then he says, I know
this suit is expensive, baby. But at my apartment,
it’s 100% off! [LAUGHTER] She tells better
jokes than you do. MAN: Hey, guys? Staff meeting. [LAUGHTER] MAN: Well, these results
speak for themselves. But finance is
still asking for– I say we go for it! And if finance doesn’t like
it, they can kiss our ass! All right! Yeah! All right! [CHEERING] It’s 5:00 somewhere. Let’s go. Happy hour at Swifty’s. Let’s get outta here. Shotgun!
Shotgun! All right. Is that everybody? Hold up. Not everybody. Let’s go. – Shotgun!
– Come on. You’re gonna love
this place, Purl. Purl, you’re going
to eat so many wings. Purl! Purl, you wanna– – Purl, come over here.
– Hey, Purl? Purl? [CHEERING] [VOMITING] [CHEERING] [DING] Oh, thank goodness
you’re still here. I had such a time trying
to find this place. Oh, I missed my stop,
and then I didn’t know what floor we were on. Excuse me, sir. I guess Kyle from
HR went home early, so I went door to
door, up each flight. [SCOFFING] Leave the
knitting at your nana’s house. [LAUGHTER] What I mean to
say is that I can’t wait to be part of the team. Guys? [SIGH] Hey, where are you going? Hi. I’m Purl. I’m Lacy. What are they doing? LACY: It was such a fright. Hey, guys, this is Lacy. Mm– eh. PURL: Welcome to BRO Capital. You’ll be up on the fourth
floor with investments. Thanks. It’s still kind of
unbelievable that I’m here. I would say it’s
“un-be-weave-able.” [LAUGHTER] [LAUGHTER] Wow. I have a really good
feeling about this. Well, come on. Let me show you around. Tell us all about yourself. We do love a good yarn. Hey, Purl, you guys coming
to Schwifty’s tonight? Is a wool sweater scratchy? [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts on “Purl | Pixar SparkShorts

  1. Did anybody realize that the 'yarnballs' represent the women.
    There are only male human characters and 'Purl' is just differently spelled but is exactly like the name Pearl. All the 'yarnballs' are female figures.

    This animation is about women first settling into the business world, and how difficult it was for men to be a little more accepting at first, but eventually got around to it.

  2. “It’s not about sexism, it’s about being different.” Why not both? How can a short featuring a male dominated company called BRO and a feminine ball of yarn trying to be accepted not resemble sexism in the workplace even a little?

  3. They have created a wonderful short film piece. And this is when you realize that you don't have to change your whole self just so people will like you. Just be yourself is enough and remembering who were you in the beginning of your journey. We help and care for each other to make the world a better place to live in.

  4. our classroom filled with 10 year olds and the teacher put this we didn’t know and when ours said the word the kids were like “ WHAT WHY DID, WHAT DID THYE JUST SAY, THAT “ they said that


  6. It's about time Pixar got a bit more adult.
    And it's also about time that they actually genuinely made a film (albeit a short one) that dealt with themes that are a bit more modern.
    It's a shame women are treated like this in the workplace.
    Gender equality and racial equality needs to start happening in this new decade.

  7. This has a bit of a sad undertone. You shouldn't try change yourself to fit in with everyone else, you should try to be yourself, express your ideas, and be yourself. Simply, be who you wanna be, not who others want you to be.

  8. I obviously get what this is trying to do, but why not depict the woman as, you know, human?? It unintentionally comes off as saying women are lesser than men. Even if the message is that the men didn't see her as good enough, why not represent her and the rest of the balls of yarn as human women at the end? At least that way it would show that the men now accept the women as being on the same level as them. Instead the men remain human and the women stay bubbly balls of colorful yarn….

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