Prototyping a Sculpture – Wood Art

Prototyping a Sculpture – Wood Art

Hey everybody! Welcome back to Cammie’s Garage. I feel like I have been in a bit of a slump
recently. I have not had much motivation in the last
couple of weeks. Long-time watchers of my channel will know
that I am very inspired by the work of Malcolm Tibbetts. Yesterday, I checked out his web site again
just to try to get some inspiration. He does a lot of segmented wood turning. Many of his art pieces are very complex. I am feeling inspired to try some mitre saw
experiments today. Well, it might not be the mitre saw. This will kind of be like prototyping, experimenting. Cammie’s Garage is all about experimenting. What I am going to do is make some triangles. I do not feel safe cutting these on the mitre
saw because it will want to roll if I cut down on it with the blade. That has to be about a 60 degree cut and they
have to be the same length. I do not think my mitre saw even goes up to
60 degrees. Oh, look at that. It does, actually. What I have done here is taken this square
piece of scrap and cut this at 60 degrees. I know it is not going to be accurate. I am just messing around here. This will act as a visual guide so I can get
it mostly close to the angle I want. When I cut this one, I have to make sure this
is perpendicular. As you can see, not very precise, but this
is what I am going for. Well, I am close. If these pieces were longer, I think this
would work. Well, I messed something up. I think I will try a smaller one again. What I realized is I need to make these shorter,
not longer in order to do what I want to do. I was trying to figure out how Malcolm Tibbetts
did his “4% Solution” sculpture. My frustration with this thing made me go
back and study it a bit more. He even wrote a little bit about it. He said that the ratio between this length
and the diameter of this wood here has to be right, otherwise it is all floppy. Clearly, it is all floppy. Like I said, these have to be shorter in order
to get this to be… not floppy. It should be interlocking. I cut more of these dowels, shorter this time. I cut them shorter this time. It seems to me it should go through there
like that. Too small. Oh well. The magic ratio is between here and here. I think that is about right. This dowel is 7/8 inches and the interior
length is just about four inches. I cannot help but feel I wasted several days
working on these things. I do not really have anything to show for
it. Ah well, I think these in themselves are kind
of neat shapes. They are not finished pieces or anything. You can consider it as valuable research. I do not know if I would pursue this in the
near future. Who knows, I might try something on a larger
scale someday. As I already said, it is important to get
the ratio between the diameter of these pieces and the length. Based on what I have done here, I think the
optimum is somewhere between 1:4 and 1:5; one unit this way and 4-5 units this way,
whatever that unit might be. That’s it for now. I have a few interesting projects on the go
right now. You can expect those videos soon from Cammie’s

8 thoughts on “Prototyping a Sculpture – Wood Art

  1. It was interesting to watch your attempts and frustration. Standard behavior. I like even the "incorrect" ones, theyre nice as is. Another great share. thanks

  2. I don't consider my misses as failures. Frustrations sometimes, for sure, but I still got to play with my favorite things. 😊

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