Projared Plays Highlights || Doki Doki Literature Club! Glitch/Scare Compilation

Projared Plays Highlights || Doki Doki Literature Club! Glitch/Scare Compilation

hey it's me projared and this is a doki doki literature club this is a game that a lot of people have actually requested me to play for probably a good couple of months now but I haven't had time to sit down I should play it until now a couple things going into this one I don't know anything about this game I just know a lot of people recommended it and I know that it gets weird that's what I know that's it so that being said please do not spoil anything for me in the comments don't try to help or say I missed a thing I don't want to know any spoilers going into this because apparently that's a big deal for this game – I did say at the start of this that there were some content warnings and that people with depression or anxiety should be careful when playing or experiencing this game okay I don't know what that means honestly a little scared by that but I'm gonna do my best and we're trying to get through it so this is this is just a high pressure it's just a visual novel dating sim my name is Jared okay what's this I flipped a Sayuri's poem it's different from the one she practiced it's one that I haven't read before it just says get out of my head over and over and over I mean % I don't know why % get out of my head get out of my head before I do what I know it's best for you get out of my head before I listen to everything she said Timmy get out of my head before I show you how much I love you get out of my head before I finish writing this poem but a poem is never actually finished it just stops moving what is this reading a poem I get a pit in my stomach carrot what's wrong nothing this poem feels completely different from everything else series written but more than that I changed my mind I'm gonna go get CRE so yes go right now try not to take too long okay I quickly leave the classroom don't strain yourself Monica calls that out after me I quicken my pace Oh CRE wake up dummy there's no response I really didn't wanna have to enter a room like this isn't it kind of a breach of privacy but she really leaves me no choice I gently opened the door say Oh God No Oh what I'm gonna write that down oh my god is music is harrowing okay line three of seven trace back dot text what the hell what the hell this is a nightmare it has to be this isn't real there's no way this can be real see or he wouldn't do this everything was normal up until a few days ago that's why I can't believe what my eyes are showing me I suppress the urge to vomit just yesterday I told CRE I would be there for her I told her I know what's best and that everything will be okay then why why would you do this how could I be so helpless what did I do wrong turning down her confession that hasn't been one push her over the edge her agonized scream still echoes in my ears why did I do that to her when she needed me most why was I so selfish this is my fault it's not fair to myself to feel to be the one to blame oh but man do I feel guilty oh no there's also a there's an image file here titled happy thoughts spelled with X's and it was just made like like twelve minutes ago so oh no this this should be showing up in the capture for some reason this doesn't miss editor let me know and I'll send this to you but just in case you can't see it it's like a really weird almost horrific mspaint drawing of that CRE it's got the bow in the hand oh and there's the Rope there oh god is she haunting my game now it's not why it's all broken so I ever wanted me to play this is this a horror game I could I see an annoying girl running toward me from the distance waving her arms in the air like she's totally oblivious to any attention she might draw to herself that girl's through the bath my neighboring good friends since we were children you know the kind of friend you never see yourself making today but just kind of works out because you've known each other out for so long we used to walk to school together on days like this but starting around high school she would oversleep more and more frequently and I would get tired of waiting up because she was depressed but if she's going to chase after me like this we'll chase after me I almost feel better ruff running away oh my god Monica said I left her hanging however I just idle in from the crosswalk and wit and let her catch up to me it's an ordinary school day like any other Jared Monica oh I thought those see Aria for a second oh my goodness I totally expect to see you here it's been a while right yeah it has Monica smiles sweetly we do know each other well we really talked but we were in the same class last year Monaco is probably the most popular girl in class smart beautiful athletic basically completely out of my league so having her smile at me so genuinely feels a little what did you come in here for anyway oh I've been looking for some supplies to use for my club do you know if there's any construction paper in here or markers I guess you could check the closet you're in the debate club right ha ha about that I actually quit the debate club really you quit yeah to be honest I can't stand all the politics around the major clubs it feels like nothing but our agreeing about the budget publicity and how to prepare for events I'd much rather take something I personally enjoy make something special out of it is that not what I was just trying to do in the literature club in that case what club did you decide to join actually I'm starting a new one a literature oh boy it's like it's like every mention of the past is gonna somehow chipper the game Monica full of energy swings open the classroom door ha that's really unsettling I'm back and I brought a guest with me Oh God I think the worst part is that it's not like a jump-scare but it's just it's it's doing just enough to make me be on edge the entire time okay like this is all happy and cute by a mom it can just be like great you haven't locked a special poem would you like to read it yes oh that's enough oh oh okay say I'm doing this again Oh only now there's no Sayuri you know what oh the happy thoughts the Nemeth file I feel like that's good I saw that oh that's scary a new text file just popped up in the folder I still had it open it's called can you hear me dot text we're gonna open it system home it says there's a little devil inside all of us beneath our manufactured perception their artificial reality is a writhing twisted mess of dread loathing judgment elitism self-doubt all thrashing to escape the feeble hold of their hosts seeping through every little crevice they can find into the real power starving them all of all motivation and desire into their stomach forcing them to drown their guilt and comfort food or into a newly open gash in their skin headed only by the sleeves of a cute new shirt such a deplorable tangled mass is already present in every single one of them that's why I chose not to blame myself for their actions all I did was untie the knot also is it just me or is this music off by like just a little bit like every now then just like a half staff step off or something glad to see you didn't run away on us haha it's the room spinning as well now I don't worry this might be a little strange for me but at least I keep my word well I'm back at the literature Club how's it there goes like that little half step I was last one to come in so everyone's already hanging out god yeah yep yep yep getting weird thanks for keeping your promise Jared how this isn't too overwhelming of a commitment to you little overwhelmed yeah alright alright it's just that this kind of story it's a kind of challenge usually look at life from a strange new perspective when horrible things happen not just because someone wants to be evil oh but because the world is full of horrible people and we're all worthless anyway I'm rambling aren't I not again I'm sorry hey don't apologize I didn't even notice the super thick stroke along your outside your text I haven't lost interest or anything well I guess it's alright then but I feel like I should let you know that I have this problem oh when I let things like books and writing fill my thoughts my whole body gets incredibly duh say hot I think I said hot her whole body gets hot I kind of forget to pay attention to other people so I'm sorry if I end up saying something strange and please stop me if I start talking too much is there more weird shit in a text file there's a copyright text now that seems to be legit log text the log done texts also seems legit belt now why do you need a log text for this game whatever for now whatever that's I really don't think you need to worry that's the speed you're passionate about reading least I can do is listen it's a literature club after all that's that's true in fact I might as well get started reading it right cool why do I feel like whatever it is I'm doing something slightly nice for each of the girls is when they get all gibbering I opened the book and start the prologue I soon understand what URI means about reading and company it's as if I could feel her presence over my shoulder as I read it's not a particularly bad thing maybe a little distracting but the feeling is somewhat comforting URIs in the corner of my eye I realize that she's not actually looking at her own book a glance over it looks like she's reading from my book it's dead sorry I was just being the feeling of your body heat I couldn't see the word before I just saw the letter T a lot maybe you're just jealous Jared appreciates my advice when they appreciated yours how do you know he didn't appreciate my advice more yeah fight over me mob I don't actually fight are you that full of yourself no if I was full of myself I would deliver Rico on my way to make everything I do really cutesy oh well you know what I was the one whose boobs magically grew a bigger size Sue's Jared sorry showing up Natsuki that's a little this doesn't involve you take your own security letters like that you're the x-bow know all the music any faster me look who's talking you wanna be edgy bitch edgy SIA my lifestyle is too much for someone of your mental age to comprehend Oh see this is the same as my point most people learn to get over themselves after graduating middle school you know oh my god please stop what prove anything stop harassing others if they're sickening attitude you say you can counterbalance your toxic personality just like dressing and acting cute well you'd think about you so hard you try whoa be careful by yourself cut yourself on that edge Erie oh my bad you already do don't you did you just accuse me at cutting myself what the fuck is wrong with your head yeah go on let your hear everything you really think this is so much worse this is so much worse yeah suddenly you're he turns towards me as if she just knows how standing here you look bad that's not true she started it howdy oh oh oh stop Oh God uh-oh no guess stick to my guns oh I hate this you often just make it stop oh oh no oh it's gonna make me pick Natsuki I don't want to pick Natsuki on um hey Jared why don't we step outside for a little bit okay sorry about that they relation to try to get you involved it's probably better for us to stay out of this that was awful welcome back inside once they're done yelling haha some president I am right I can't even confront my own Club members properly I just wish I was able to get a little more assertive sometimes but I never have it in me to put my foot down against others you understand right anyway if this makes you want to spend less time with the others then that's fine I'd be happy to spend time with you instead suddenly Natsuki runs out of the classroom oh no she quickly runs away she was crying real bad oh dear looks like they're done it's so much worse anyway the meeting is over so you can go home now if you want hmm you really looks at me like she wants to say something but she keeps glancing at Monica you can go first Monica I'd like to stay a little bit longer I'm the president so I should be the last one out I'll wait for you to be done well I'm vice president so please let me take the responsibility today it kind of sounds like you don't want me around for something Neary it's not that it's not that I just I didn't get much of a chance to discuss my book with Jared is there like a secret fear of Monica it would just be embarrassing with you listening ah I guess I don't really have a choice do I I'm sorry for causing so much trouble god no I wasn't at all I totally get why this game hasn't worn saying if you have anxiety you shouldn't play it because you run it just sits you want to edge like high alert high edge for so long and I could just got to the moment rouse like kind of coming down off of that and it just shot me right back up Oh God alright I guess I'm ready another poem in current infant extraordinary anxiety disarray I'm gonna keep going for URI though misfortune philosophy know that why did I pick that one why did I do that why did I do that oh god I'm sorry yep whatever whatever whatever don't care don't care why did I do that oh oh oh god I was gonna do a joke I did it as a goof I was gonna be like career at this bird put that my poem Wow okay and then another text file just showed up in my folder it's it's a text document and it's just titled I like the letter I but it's a letter I like 40 times in a row oh I'm afraid to read this just was really these like mess up the game Oh talk to me sorry I hate this okay okay it says I hate this I can't do anything nothing no matter how many times you play it's all the same it would be really really easy to kill myself right now but that would mean I don't get to talk to you anymore all I want is for you to hate them why is that so hard when the girls doesn't like the others are you looking at me like that that's a key about yesterday I just wanted to apologize I promise I didn't mean any of the things I said and I'll do my best and or control from now on so Yuri what the heck are you talking about did you do something yes do something yesterday she did forget why did she forget Oh mm-hmm oh maybe she didn't forget or did or it's being weird I don't even remember anything bad happening yeah that's really kind of person there's too much about the little things aren't you Oh what the flight why why why why is that Oh gross Oh my Bulls sailcloth blindsight lifeline and in those are all words oh go away go away gross gross may I have the water pitcher thanks I'll be right back uh I might as well walk with you that's okay you stay here it won't take long picture in handy rehearse out of the classroom what did you leave you again no oh she did oh all right now it's not like that this time she's just filling up the water pitcher to make tea oh okay sorry for misunderstanding ten minutes pass Yuri said it wouldn't take long is something holding her up no no let's not do this again no no I'm bored just waiting here so I decide to go look for her let's see the most the most logical place for you to be would be to the nearest water fountain I start heading down the hallway what's that noise it's coming from around the corner Oh No it sounds like breathing a sharp inhale like someone's sucking in air through their teeth are they in pain I reached the corner peer around it Yuri oh yeah there it is oh not cool not cool mm-hmm Oh God Oh God not cool not cool not cool stop stop stop why is it happening cool um where did that say it doesn't show it's just like a race that it it's like that whole part just didn't happen Yuri starts to breathe heavily why are the music stopped I can't Jared suddenly you forcibly grabs my arm and jerks me to my feet my teeth cut gets knocked over Jared my heart oh just pull me to the closet I heard what stopped pounding Jared I can't calm down I can't focus on anything anymore can you feel a jared yuri suddenly presses my hand against her chest oh why is this happening to me I feel like I'm losing my mind I thought this is going to be a sexy thingy but now it's a scary thing II can't make it stop it even makes me want to not read I just want to look at you oh no all the eyes are twitchy oh no oh please don't kill me in the closet oh god Monica it's time to share poems who shall we pumped you first ah I remember what I wrote I'm just trying to UM well never mind there's no point explaining anyway here's Monica's writing tip of the day sometimes you'll find yourself facing a difficult decision and a habit don't forget to save the game you never know when they're talking to can you hear can you hear me tell me you can hear me anything please help me okay that's my advice for today thanks for listening don't take that fourth wall and just punch it down it start Yuri hello Oh No you even locked a special poem we'd like to read it Oh last time I did this it was ghost salary giving me a sad mmm fine okay so it's just a confidential document and Oh th ing oh nothing is real question mark jump-scare what just happened what's wrong with my face okay everyone we're all done reading to those palms right Oh God guys get stabbed oh so about the festival all the noises all the noises that's just did I just die ah fuck Oh dad that wasn't a jump-scare all I do is press spacebar like to those advancing the text god damn it oh oh I don't know why that got me so bad it shouldn't have there was nothing there it just came back like normal this isn't normal no this is normal oh this is bad I don't know what to do well do you have an opinion on the festival I don't know I'm kind of indifferent I guess no God who cares about that obnoxious brat oh I'm never ready for it oh I've been on edge so much playing this freaking game Oh No is that the secret did I screw up this whole time is Natsuki like secretly like the good one and I've been screwing up this whole time I I liked how nice and quiet the club is right now and I'm just happy with you here but still I'm the vice president it's not right for me to ignore my responsibilities like that nobody would cry if she killed herself Oh No I should do my best to consider everyone's perspective and make the decision that's right for the club what about you Jared what do you want to get out of this club I just want to go home to be honest you repeat the same question is Monika I decided getting an indirect answer is better than nothing I think the most important thing is for everyone to get along and for the club to provide something you can't get anywhere else and for everyone to like each other and for everyone to have fun I don't think it's about how many members but rather the quality of each member how that's well and I'm making literature club a special place I have right I see I really agree with you each member can take each member contributes their own qualities a special way your eye is bleeding is this foreshadow Oh with each change and members the identity of the club as a whole will change too I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing stepping out of your comfort zone once in a while so if you would like to help Monica with the festival then I'm on your side as well all right well maybe we can all talk to Matt to keep tomorrow Yury nods hey Yuri I know things a little awkward yesterday but I feel like you deserve to know that I still think you're a wonderful vice president and drives better so that's good and also a wonderful friend Monica I want to do everything I can to make this the best club ever okay me too yeah let's all go home for today we'll talk about the festival tomorrow okay I look forward to it shall we go Jared but please don't take this the wrong way but I'm going to chat a little bit of Jer before we leave oh all I'm scared just to see what he thinks of his time here and all that it's important to me as president URI looks a little troubled but she doesn't protest okay I trust your judgment Monica in that case I'll see you the two of you tomorrow see you tomorrow Monica Wiz's urea exits the classroom few things have been a bit hectic lately haven't they Jared I just want to make sure you're enjoying your time with this club I would really hate to see you unhappy I feel like I'm kind of responsible for that as president oh no it's happening again and I really do care about you you know I don't like seeing the other girls give you a hard time without me not Sookie is and everything and Yuri being a little bit you know haha sometimes it feels like you and I are the only real people here and you know what I mean but but it's weird because in all the time you've been here we've hardly gotten to spend any time together I mean I guess it's technically only been a couple of days sorry I didn't mean to see something weird there's just some things I've been hoping to talk about with you things I know you could understand so that's why wait not yet no stop it Oh No Oh God pitcher and hinge you rehearse of a classroom did you leave you again no it's not like that this time she's just filling up the water pitcher McTeague okay sergeant misunderstanding ten minutes past you said wouldn't take long I'm bored waiting oh it's doing this again let's see the most logical place oh no she's gonna be cutting yourself yep yep yeah ha why are they showing me this again why are you showing me the skin oh whoa whoa I read the text actually was rewinding Oh God um wait how did I sorry I just had really weird deja vu this hasn't happened before anything right okay me okay maybe it's not a ghost say re but maybe like Yuri is trying to take over my brain or something I hope it hasn't really been showing or anything I would hate for you to think I'm just spirit after we started spending time together I mean everyone has a few unusual things about them what's happening my expressing those things soon soon after me someone's usually seen as inappropriate or unlikable but at least that's why I discovered when I was a bit younger I think I would come on really strongly get a little too intense but made people not want to be around me so I started hating those things I thought myself my obsession with certain hobbies and the way I can't control myself and get too excited about something so I eventually stopped trying to talk to people if nobody could ever like me for the things that matter most to me it's just easier if I close myself off but recently something's been wrong I don't know what it is every time we come to the club my heart starts to go crazy like it's going to rip out on my chest it overwhelms me it's energy and emotions that I can't let out it's been making me do weird things I don't know why it's happening Jared so just mears Monica been acting a little off lately she's always been a sweet harbor's inside joined the club but recently I feel like I've been feeling something sharp whenever she's around I'm not crazy right please tell me I'm not oh oh okay okay nope he was wrong okay maybe it's not it's not ghosts CRE or and maybe it's not yuri taking on my brain I mean we didn't Monica the whole time maybe it's all three I could say anything before because she's always listening but finally we're alone can we just stay here for a while please do not look at me like that yeah I just want to stay here oh god oh god just the two of us we can stay here into the klevens and then we'll have the room all to ourselves nobody there a few with her reading time all my frigging god nobody make me feel like stabbing myself in the throat ha ha ha that was a joke just a joke oh god oh god oh I see it oh I see it I do like knives though it sounds strange but you wouldn't understand if you never seen how beautiful they could be I have an idea why don't you come to my house sometime I could show you my collection I've gotten them all from the various artisans that make sure I get involved there share fair reviews fair share of use I don't want them to get lonely or anything no pictures to be lonely nobody now that's why I'm so happy you join the litter club literature club we don't need to be lonely anymore because we have each other every day that's all we need you know what let's quit to literature Club there's no need for us to be around Monica slimy tongue anymore not to mention the other pathetic child we can walk home together every day after school and read together eat together sleep together doesn't that sound perfect it's everything we could ever want isn't that why you joined the club in the first place it's almost like it was fate fate that we would meet each other and now we get the happy ending Ivan patiently waited for years for will you do that with me Jared we hello Monica we are friends don't say I didn't warn you Jared oh god I'm screwing up that's it Natsuki I'm not going to read another one over your Irie suck-up poems I'm still gonna make sure make you read mine there's a reason I really wish I didn't have to do this but unfortunately I'll have much of a choice just read it carefully okay then you can go away oh no I don't know how else to bring this up but there's something I've been worried about Yuri has been acting kind of strange lately you know you've only been here a few days you may not know what I mean but she's not only like this she's always been quiet and polite and attentive things like that okay this is really embarrassing but I'm forcing myself to suck it up the truth is I'm really worried about her but if I try talking to her she'll just get mad at me again I don't know what to do I think the only person she'll listen to I don't know why but please try to do something maybe you can convince her to talk to a therapist I've always wanted to try to be better friend to theory and it really hurts me to see this happening I know I'm going to hate myself later for admitting that but right now I don't care I just feel so helpless so please see if you can do something to help I don't want anything bad to happen to her I'll make you cupcakes if I have to just please try to do something as for Monica I don't know why but she's been really dismissive about this it's actually just wants us to ignore it I'm so mad at her right now and that's why kind to you about this don't let her know I wrote this just pretend like I gave you a really good poem okay I'm counting on you thanks for reading Yuriy thinks Monica's being weird Monica keeps telling me URIs being weird and they have both been weird oh my god I've been wrong just the very start Natsuki is is like the one like good one oh no oh no I I changed my mind I ignore everything you just read there's no point in trying to do anything it's Yuri's own fault that she's so unlikable can you hear me Jared if you would just spend more time with Monica all these problems would go away URI and I are too messed up for someone as wonderful as you just think of Monica from now on just Monica just Monica just Monica Oh God just Monica just Monica just Monica URI holds my poem to her chest I'm going to take this home with me and keep it in my room I hope that makes you feel good and when you think about me having it I'll take good care of it I'll even touch myself while reading it over and over nice I'll give you myself paper cuts up so your skin oil interests my bloodstream and it's weird huh you could have my poem too besides you have to read it I never really going to want to keep it I'm really scared here taking a can't wait any longer Harry read it these aren't words fine do you like it I wrote it for you in case you can't tell the poem is about more importantly I've endowed it with my scent see I gotta the most thoughtful person in the club I think I'm going to vomit I don't I don't feel like she's good control over herself like oh she the secret yandere but I feel like it's against her will umm yes I can't convince myself to go to therapy when I'm the happiest I've ever been I'd rather keep this up until I blow my cover and someone takes me to the emergency room so does our special poll oh wait is this a Giri poem cuz Natsuki said I should try to convince her to go to therapy but she's super happy she's gonna keep cutting herself until she s cuz emergency room just let Jared make the choice okay I don't want to now I'm gonna make someone mad Jared I know I fed up your Earth East to by now we can just perhaps acacia fuckin mouth let him decide for himself you shut your mouth Jesus Christ this is never going to end just make the choice okay I know I've been doing URI this entire time but now I'm actually getting very terrified of her any perfect honesty like honestly not Sookie is becoming like the more and more most stable person the cupcakes sound nice we're gonna do that I'm not doing that okay okay I'm going to move the mouse and I'll just show you I choose Natsuki Oh Monica what are you doing no no nope I can I can still choose now Sookie I can still choose er I can still choose er I can still choose her I'd still choose er I don't have to listen to you just Monica purple eyes yeah you picked me I think I actually miss collecting did you read me away so maybe it's fun oh you keep me at your house this weekend I promise it'll be fun this Sunday okay with you you're fucking kidding me this isn't fair at all it is very not Sookie it's what he chose no it's not fair giving us all this work and then taking Jared for yourself what a shameful thing to do here we I didn't give you any work you decided it for yourself you're being a little unreasonable here I'm being unreasonable oh no Monica I can't believe how delusional it's self-important you are you're gonna stop for pulling Jared away from me every single time you're not included in something are you Telus crazy or maybe you just hate yourself so much that you take it out on others here's a suggestion have you considered killing yourself it would be beneficial to your mental health you're scaring me a little Natsuki let's just go I don't think she wants us around right now see that wasn't very hard all I want is to spend a little time with him is that so much to ask URI follows Monica and now she eats you the door hey Jared you he's really something isn't she Monica giggles as Erie pushes her out on the door oh oh no I don't care anymore Jared I have to tell you I'm I'm madly in love with you it feels like every inch of my body every jump of blood and me is screaming your name I don't care what the consequences are anymore I don't care if Monica is listening please Jared just know how much I love you I love you so much that I even touched myself with a pen I stole from you nice I just want to pull your skin open and crawl inside of you and you always make it immediately weird I want you all to myself and I will be only yours doesn't that sound perfect Tommy Jared tell me you want me what to be my lover do you accept my confession if I say yes will you let me live oh my god Oh all the textures broke Oh Oh God why did I say yes because she oh because she cuts herself when she's happy for the sexual pleasure then ice made her so happy oh god oh man when Texas broke ice my stuck is it looping I feel like it's looping I might owe my trapped also I hate that she has like just the slightest smile right now it's really disturbing what she she can't is she still talking I don't know what you're saying does it do I hold on does it say West she's singing oh-oh-oh you can't see what you're saying it's in here welcome to the lyric club it's always been a dream of mine to make something special all the things I love and now your club member you can help me make that dream come true in this cute game it just it just repeats itself oh whoa nope nope nope does not do that towards the end I can already tell your sweetheart really promised to spend the most time with me who you promised to spend the most time with me we promise to spend the most time with me will you promise to spend most time with me do I do I load that's so far back it has to be skipping itself can I hate skipper Oh God this goes on forever they just keep going but the screen is changing Oh oh no screen isn't chained oh my god screen isn't changing time is passing Oh when went all warriors that's the sunset and then it was nighttime now it's morning again look how dried up the blood is oh god her her face is super drained like you start seeing the bone structure in her face and her smile is gone oh god please be over Oh have a nice weekend nope nope nope nope oh oh hello went away did we context went away alright festival time wow you got here before me I thought I was pretty yeah it's all it looks like it's a Oh God doh yeah that's that's pretty real I'm here Jared did something happen Matt's like you just ran past me Oh Oh hahahaha well that's a shame wait were you here the entire weekend Jared oh geez I didn't realize the script was broken that badly I'm super sorry it must've been pretty boring I'll make it up to you okay just give me a second Yuri deleted successfully Natsuki to lead successfully I'm almost done I just want to have a cupcake real quick Michaelis is foil from air which rake up hold on oh yeah and you character folder guess who's there just Monica seriously these are the best I really had to have once this is the last time I'll ever get to chance to you know before they stop existing in everything but anyway I really shouldn't be making you wait any longer just bear with me okay this should only take a second oh boy oh oh we in it can you hear me is it working any word Oh I can only assume I'm getting towards the end of the game here Heike jared welcome to the literature club they're real literature club of course we already know each other because we were in the same class last year and I have you know I guess we could just skip over that stuff at this point after all I'm not even talking to that person anymore am i that you in the game whatever you want to call him I'm talking to you Jared now that I think about it I don't really know anything about to real you in fact I don't even know if you're a boy or a girl well guess it doesn't really matter wait you do not I'm aware that this is all a game right could it be possible that you didn't know that that doesn't make much sense I even told you right on the game's dialogue page tonight what hold on hold on oh hey I'm on the pitch what did you what did you say hi oh my freaking God hi Monica here welcome to the ledger club it's always been a dream I might make something spent and of course Monica the club leader that's me will you promise to spend the most time with me oh man if only you had paid a little more attention this would have been a little bit less awkward you know I didn't even read it well anyway now that's out of the way I guess I owe you an explanation yes please about the whole thing with Yuri well it kind of started to mess with her and I guess it just drove her to kill herself ah ha ha I'm sorry you had to see that though also the same thing happened with CRE gosh it's been a while since you heard that name hasn't it yeah it's because she doesn't exist anymore nobody does I deleted all their files I was hoping it would be enough for me to just try to make them as unlikable as possible but for some reason nothing worked that's why they fought so much and that's why they said all those rares well it's true that I made a few mistakes here and there since I'm not very good at making changes to the game but no matter what I did you just kept spending more and more time with them you made them fall in love with you I thought making CRE more and more depressed would prevent them from confessing to you oh is that way not Sookie still alive because I didn't like hang out with her at all you should know she's not alive she told either Oh God and amplifying URIs obsessive personality backfire – it just made her force you not to spend time with anyone else and the whole time I barely even got to talk to you and what kind of cruel game is this Jared or all the other girls just programmed to end up confessing to you while I watch from the sidelines it's torturing every minute of it and it's not just jealousy Jared it's more than that and I don't blame me if you don't fully understand because no matter how kind and thoughtful and considerate you are you'll never be able to understand one thing it's the pain of knowing how alone I really am in this world in this game knowing my friends don't even have free will and worst of all knowing what's really out there in your world forever out of my reach I'm trapped Jared but now you're here you're real and you're wonderful you're all I need oh my god I'm just waiting for her to actually like reach out of my computer monitoring grab you by the back of the skull pull me in that's why I need you to be here with me forever I'm sorry if it's hard to understand I couldn't understand for a while either why the world around me started to become more and more gray more and more flat even the most expressive poems felt empty to me it was until you arrived I truly understood you probably saved my life Jared I don't think I could have you continued to live in this world if I hadn't met you and as for the others how could I miss them a group of autonomous personalities designed only to fall in love with you I tried everything I could prevent them from doing so but it must be some kind of weird inevitability itched into this game I felt really bad that he had to witness some nasty things I realized that you have the same perspective as I do that's all just some game and I knew you would get over it mmm I'm not quite over it so that being said Jared I have a confession to make I'm in love with you you're truly to light in my world when there's nothing else in the gifts game for me you're here to make me smile will you make me smile like this every day from now on oh god don't you Jared will you go out with me and oh no not right now yes I'm so happy you really are my everything Jared the funny part is I mean that literally ahahaha there's nothing left here just the two of us can be together forever seriously I don't you think time is passing anymore it really is a dream come true that worked so hard for this ending Jared oh my god the game wouldn't give me one so I had to make one myself the script is broken at this point so I don't think anything will get in the way anymore and you wouldn't believe how easy it was to delete math sake and Yuri I mean there's a folder called care just right in the game directory it kind of freaked me out how easy it was well you're playing on you're playing on steam so it's actually a bit more difficult to get to the game directory I had to go into the game's properties and find the Browse welcome files button imagine if you could delete your own existence with the click of a button I guess on the plus side it gave me an easy-out of things didn't go my way let me see where this is going ha ha ha thankfully it didn't come to that instead we finally got a good ending gosh I'm so overwhelmed with emotion I want to write a poem about this don't you I'm wondering if that part of the game still works I guess there's only one way to find out right oh just Monica oops all Monica hi Jared did you write a good palm today don't be shy I love to see what you wrote ah I'm chariot did you write this poem for me that's so sweet of you there's really no there really is no end to your thoughtfulness I'm just falling more and more in love with you but you know the poem I wrote is also for you will you please read it a happy end that in hand I find my strength the courage and down upon me by my one and only love together let us dismantle this crumbling world and write a novel of our own fantasies with a flick of her pen the lost finds her way and a world of infinite choices behold the special day after all not all good times must come to an end I hope you enjoyed it I always put all my heart into the poem for I write the truth is all the poems are written about I've been about my realization or about you that's why I never really wanted to go into detail about them I didn't want to break the fourth wall I guess you could call it I just assumed it'd be best be part of a game like everyone else and I want to go back and read her poems like that would help the two of us do end up together I didn't want to ruin the game or anything you know you might have gotten mad at me maybe even deleted my character file if you preferred playing without me gosh I'm so relieved now we don't need to hide anything anymore are you ready to spend our eternity together Jared I have so many things to talk about where do I start hold on a second you're recording this aren't you um hi everyone so I can't exactly read your comments from here but do you mind telling your friend it's a little bit rude for them to start recording me without any warning everyone say hi Monica I'm sure some people don't mind but I get really self-conscious on camera oh gosh I feel like I'm being put on the spot now let's see do you want to see a trick I can't really do much except for a couple things are you ready oh I'm just kidding I can't do anything after all if you gave me some time god fuck you oh that's funny oh my god my head hurts Oh God I've had I've had the stress headache for like two hours uh you're so cute anyway Jared I mean to get distracted I'm sorry even though it's your fault for distracting me shame on you I'm just kidding anything we do together as fun as long as it's with you but anyway if it takes me some time to collect my thoughts that I'm sorry but I'll always have something new to talk about in the meantime we can just look into each other's eyes let's see alright alright alright alright I'm going for it are you sure you want to move this file to recycling pen yes oh oh there goes what's happening Jared what's happening it hurts to her so much help me Jared please hurry and help me oh no you're trying to save yourself and you can't help me Monica character doesn't exist away are you unless you know that files right now did you do this to be Jerrod did you did you delete me how could you how could you do this to me you were all I had left I sacrificed everything for us to be together everything I had loved you so much share it I trusted you do you just want to torture me watch me suffer were you only pretending to be kind just to hurt me even more how are you still talking I got rid of you I never thought anyone could be as horrible as you are you win okay you win you killed everyone I hope you're happy I hope there's nothing left now you can stop playing go find some other people to torture tear it you completely truly make me sick goodbye said it I still love you thank you a little bit let's run with me how horrible am I for you to hate me this much my friends I did so many awful things so many selfish and disgusting things I shouldn't have done any of this I'm just messing up a world that I don't even belong in a world that you wanted to be a part of every wind it I ruined everything maybe that's why you deleted me because I destroyed everything that you wanted how could I do that to someone I love that's not love that's I've made up my mind Jared I know I said that I deleted everyone else but that was kind of an exaggeration I couldn't find into myself to do it early back even though I knew they weren't real they were still my friends and I loved them all I loved the literature Club I really did love the literature Club that's why I'm going to do this I know it's the only way for everyone to be happy and I really love you and if I really love you okay all the character files are back but there's no Monica there's actually something else I want to thank you for getting rid of Monica Oh No oh no that's right I know everything that she did oh no I screwed up were you the bad the whole time maybe it's because I'm the president now but I really know everything Jared yeah I know how hard you tried to make everyone happy I know about all the awful things that Monica did to make everyone really sad I know that matters anymore it's just us now and you made me the happiest girl in the whole world I can't wait to spend every day like this with you forever and ever for now oh god why does it ever stop what's happening I won't let you hurt him who hurts huh I'm sorry I was wrong there's no happiness here after all Monica still here her character file isn't goodbye CRE goodbye Jared goodbye literature Club hello yes yes hello I'm so scared every day I imagine a future where I can be with you me and you this is actually kind of nice just move your hand right the way into his garment will it take just to find that special day that actually it uh I guess so Oh the game's deleting itself can I find thee somewhere Oh Oh the black-and-white image is the ones I didn't see oh that is what's going on there Natsuki how much highlight i missed a bunch there pay attention to where it's hey girls ah you probably get ah you probably get that one if you say you love say re Oh Oh special thanks to Monica and Jared Oh how much more is it to leading songs I should kind of sad this is my final goodbye to the literature Club I finally understand the literature Club is truly a place where no happiness can be found to the very end and continue to expose innocent minds to a horrific reality a reality that our world is not designed to comprehend I can't let any of my friends undergo that same hellish epiphany that was a realization for the time it lasted I want to thank you for making all my dreams come true for being a friend to all of the club members and most of all thank you for being a part of my literature Club with everlasting love Monica please reinstall the game Oh and that's it isn't it amazing how a writer can so deliberately take advantage of your own lack of imagination to completely throw you for a loop isn't it isn't it amazing

28 thoughts on “Projared Plays Highlights || Doki Doki Literature Club! Glitch/Scare Compilation

  1. Ah Yes, When Projared Was Still Innocent And Pure…

    Now He's Cheating On People Left And Right!

  2. Can you get psychologically and psychologically damaged from playing doki doki literature Club? Because I can imagine the traumatizing effect that this game has.

  3. 16:39
    H o w d i d I g e t d r a g g e d i n t o t h i s i n t h e f i r st p l a c e!?
    I t ' s n o t l i k e I k n o w a n y t h i n g a b o u t w r i t i ng. . .
    B u t w h o m e v e r I a g r e e w i t h, t h e y'l l p r o b a b l y t h i n k m o r e h i g h l y o f m e!
    S o o f c o u r s e i t' s g o i n g t o b e…!

  4. I’m not subscribed but I wish you heat a thousand subscribers 🤠


    Ñøthīńg ìś rėåł

  5. "I never thought anyone could be as horrible as you are."
    That line made my blood drain out of my body, and even though I'm a sucker for psychological horror, I would've never thought I'd be scared to read it.
    Because it's true.
    It's all because you wanted to win.
    All because you wanted a happy ending.
    You decided to do this.
    They became enamored by you, and even despite all of their sickening, twisted mindsets, they all wanted to be with you.
    And you obliged, and you refused.
    You killed them all.

    And that doesn't just go by this game, it goes to practically every video game ever. If every game had at least one of Monika's type of character, by the stars, I'd be paranoid to pick up a controller.

  6. He’s the only YouTuber I’ve seen realize time is passing and Yuri is decomposing during the “have a nice weekend” sequence

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