Professional Artists Redraw Their Old Art

Professional Artists Redraw Their Old Art

– [Jacob] Welcome to Drawfee, where we take your dumb ideas… – [Nathan] And make even dumber drawings! – I’m Jacob.
– I’m Nathan. – I’m Julia.
– And I’m Karina. – [Jacob] And guys,
it’s Newsday once again, (shouting) the newest day of them all! – [All Hosts] (cheering) Woo! – [Julia] Wow, wow, wow! – [Nathan] Get those old days outta here! – [Jacob] We’re done with them,
we don’t need them anymore. Today’s Newsday is
brought to us by Karina! – [Karina] Well, technically– – [Jacob] This was Karina’s idea, and we thought it was a really fun idea. – [Karina] I mean other
people had suggested it. I’d seen a bunch of suggestos for it. – [Jacob] No one’s thought of this idea– – [Karina] And then I stole them! – [Jacob] Before Karina, who thought of it all on her own and invented this idea. No one’s ever done this before! – [Nathan] Wow, congrats– – [Karina] Whoa, whoa, whoa! – [Nathan] on coming up with
this original idea, Karina. – [Jacob] We’re redrawing
our old drawings– – Thank you.
– from the past. – [Julia] (amazed) Wow! – [Jacob] We’re dredging
up some bad memories of bad art.
(laughs and groans) – [Nathan] We’re turning
our Oldsdays into Newsdays. – Exactly–
– Wow! – [Jacob] And I think that’s beautiful. (laughter) We’ve already drawn these ones, and we’re going to be showing you the speed draw version
and commenting over it, explaining what we
changed and what we did, and where we were at when
we drew the original thing. – [Nathan] It’s already drawn twice. – [Jacob] It’s already drawn twice. It’s the most it can already be drawn. (laughter) Nathan, you’re up first. Let’s first take a look
at your original drawing, and you can explain the context of this. – [Nathan] Sure.
(whoosh) Any–
– Oh! Any Drawfee fans that have
been with us from the beginning might recognize Pefley, the–
– Pefley! – [Nathan] Pefley, the
least threatening demon from the least threatening
demons episode of Drawfee. I believe it’s one of the ones that we recorded for College Humor’s
Facebook page, but I… – [Jacob] So this is way back. – [Nathan] Yeah, it’s on YouTube. It was uploaded March 2014. It’s the seventh episode
we uploaded to YouTube. – Wow!
– And I re-watched it, and by golly, it’s a miracle that Drawfee ever became anything. (laughter) You can very hearly clear–
(everyone laughing) Very hear, very–
(laughter intensified) It’s a miracle that
Drawfee is still a thing. It’s a miracle–
– I love it! – [Nathan] that anyone listens to this. You can hear someone sneeze so many times (laughter)
in the episode. – Amazing.
(laughter) – [Nathan] We just recorded in our office! – [Jacob] Yeah, open office. – [Nathan] And people are just chatting and loudly sipping drinks, and sneezing. – [Julia] This was even
pre-Caldwell popping up from his–
– Sipping drinks? – [Julia] From his seat,
going, “We’re recording!” – [Nathan] We’re gonna
be recoding some content! (laughter)
– Yeah! – [Jacob] That’s what he would do. – [Nathan] That’s what he would do. So yeah, this is my drawing. It took me about five minutes
to draw in the episode. This redraw took me about a half-hour. – All right!
– Nice! – [Jacob] Okay, so you just
gave it a nice little glow-up. – [Nathan] I gave him a little glow-up. – From five years ago.
– Yeah. – [Jacob] Well, let’s take
a look at what you did. I’m going to go ahead
and count this video in. – Okay.
– Three, two, one, go! – [Nathan] So, yeah, I don’t know. It’s like, I don’t know how much of this is my style has improved versus I just had more time to do this one, but– – [Jacob] I mean, I can tell you already your style’s improved, just looking at the original line quality and stuff. – Yes.
(laughter) My confidence improved. I tried to get rid of the
many tangents that exist. Like if you look at that original, the nose just super
tangents with the glasses in the original.
– Oh, yeah! – [Jacob] It sure does,
bumps right up on there. (laughter)
– Oh, it’s just brushing against it. – [Nathan] The thumb and the collar, just everything about it. I tried to give this one
a little bit more depth. – [Julia] It’s like you
aimed to make tangents in the original.
(laughter) That’s little tangent boy. – [Nathan] I didn’t. That wasn’t my goal,
it’s just what happened. – [Julia] Also, much like the
original Drawfee episodes, you can see all of Photoshop, but this time you’re not
moving the canvas around all willy-nilly. – [Nathan] Well, that’s the thing, is because Facebook
videos were square-shaped, and so we recorded it in square-shape. And yeah, we didn’t do any editing. – That’s true.
– We didn’t even do a little zoomy. – [Julia] You made those boys so squat. – [Nathan] I wanted to
squat ’em up a little bit. – [Karina] Aw, his babies! – [Nathan] I wanted to
make ’em a little rounder, give ’em a little bit more form. – [Jacob] Yeah, he’s
definitely got more weight and feels more three-dimensional. – [Julia] Yeah, those legs
are not supporting nothing in the original one.
(laughter) – [Jacob] He’d be falling
right backwards, yeah. – [Julia] Yeah, there he goes. – [Nathan] They’re super skinny, and also just not sort of on anything. – [Julia] Yeah, his thighs
are taking all the weight to be able to throw his
weight back to do that. But you fixed it in the original. See, you like centered, yeah.
– Ooh, flip tag! – Yeah!
– Yeah, you flipped it, and fixed the weight.
– (drawing out words) Wow! – [Nathan] I wanted it to be better. I wanted it to actually be an improvement. My biggest fear going into this challenge was that I would do it,
(laughter) and I would add extra details, but I would lose the clarity of the image, and it wouldn’t even be better. – [Jacob] You’d end up
with something worse. – [Nathan] Yeah, that was my biggest fear, is that I improved none. – [Jacob] That was my fear, too, and I was really worried
when I started on mine that that was gonna be the case. – [Nathan] I think this
is a nice little glow-up, a nice little redo–
– Definitely. – [Nathan] Of my friend. – [Jacob] It’s got so
much more character to it. – [Nathan] Yeah, it’s like the same idea, he’s like a little nerdy demon. He’s not threatening anybody, he’s just going over the accounts of hell. – [Jacob] He’s no longer
a one single pill-shaped. He’s got a bit more– – [Nathan] I gave him
a little bit more form. I didn’t want to make
him too un-pill-shaped. He’s still sort of pilly. It’s like pillows on top of a pill. – [Jacob] Yeah, I was just honored to see the bean shape in full effect here. Even before my time at Drawfee, you were still reppin’ the bean with this character. Even if you didn’t know
that’s what you were doing. – [Nathan] I mean, Caldwell’s a bean boy, just like you, though. – [Jacob] Yeah, oh, he’s a
big, beefy bean boy, for sure. – [Nathan] I’m still not
great at drawing glasses. – [Jacob] No one is, I don’t think. – [Nathan] And right
around here in the drawing, Tristan walked in with his baby, (laughter) and the entire office lost their minds. – [Jacob] The baby’s
very cute, is the thing. – [Nathan] So this is me,
trying to make glasses look good while a million women scream at a baby. – [Julia] And we all compliment the ability for him to hold his head, which is apparently a thing you compliment for young babies. – [Nathan] Well, he’s three months old, and apparently him
having good head control is a big deal.
– Yeah. – [Karina] I have no idea about babies. – [Julia] Yeah, me, neither, except all the people
who had children came up, and they were like, “Oh,
he has good head control.” And I was like, “What?” – [Karina] Yeah, yeah! – [Julia] This demon
has good head control. – [Nathan] This demon
has great head control. He has no neck, his head just sort of– – Yeah!
– Yeah! – [Nathan] comes right out of the torse. – [Jacob] Doesn’t really
need good head control– – Yeah.
– if you have no neck. – [Julia] I also like what
you did with the horns. They’re less of like a thing
that was glued onto the head and more like a thing
coming out of it, you know? – [Nathan] Oh, thanks, Julia! – [Julia] Like that line,
you got rid of that line, and I feel like that makes a
big difference, even in there. – [Nathan] Yeah, I mean again, I was… Honestly, like when we recorded
these old Drawfee episodes, I didn’t think anyone
was gonna watch them. (laughter)
– That’s a fair assumption. – And yet here we are.
– Whoops! – [Nathan] It’s really
mind-boggling to me. And a lot of the comments on that video are just people saying, “Bless you” to the person sneezing.
(laughter) And so even back then, the people who did choose to watch the videos were cool. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Nathan] I guess, thank you. Thank you for watching.
(laughter) Thank you for letting us become a thing. – [Jacob] Yeah, I guess to be fair, we still don’t conduct
ourselves in a manner befitting people that are
watched very frequently. We do better. (laughter) – [Nathan] Yeah, again,
that’s the sort of thesis of this particular video,
and Drawfee in general, is that we’re not the
best, but we’re improving. – [Jacob] We’re improving at a steady– – [Nathan] Slight, yeah, five years… – [Julia] Much like our art. (laughter) – [Jacob] Yeah, a steady clip. It’s not like leaps and bounds, you know? But it’s a steady clip. – [Karina] That’s how you do it. – [Nathan] If you put it side by side, you can see the improvement. – [Jacob] Oh, totally. I think it’s so fun to see, just looking at this original bean devil, and just purely on line confidence alone– – [Julia and Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] It’s so much better. – This is so fun!
– Yeah. – [Julia] I love this color scheme, too. – [Nathan] Thanks! I’m not sure if it’s Torchy’s. (laughter)
It might be Torchy’s. – The taco place?
– I need to look this up. – Yeah, um–
– Oh! – [Nathan] I think their
devil’s a little redder, but… – [Julia] Good guess! – [Jacob] This is Torchy’s accountant. – Yeah.
(laughter) – [Julia] John Torchy. – [Nathan] (using nerdy
accent) Oh, these numbers aren’t looking good at all. Whoa, we gotta move more tacos! (laughter) – [Jacob] Oh, they move a lot of tacos. – [Nathan] They do, yeah. – They’re doing just fine.
– They move a lot of tacos into my belly, any time I’m in Austin. – [Jacob] Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. – [Karina] And now I
want to go to Torchy’s. – [Nathan] Let’s all go
to Torchy’s after this. – [Julia] Let’s, yeah. – [Jacob] If we go to RTX next year, we’ll all go to Torchy’s. – [Karina] (whispers aggressively) Yes! – [Julia] You’ll be happy to
know their logo devil is red. – [Nathan] This guy doesn’t
get quite as much sun. (laughter) Yeah, this is basically it. I’m just adding a little shading now. – [Julia] I mean, even just
the shapes in here are better. He has so many, I don’t know, he’s not just a tube with a
painted-on shirt, you know, which is something that
I think we all improve in over time, hopefully. And this just has so much more
character and feel to him. – Well, thanks!
– Yeah, definitely. – [Nathan] I feel like my
character has been improved by your nice comments. – [Jacob] I feel like it’s been improved by your good art. – Yeah!
– Yay! – [Jacob] Way to go, Nathan! – Thank you!
– Good job, Nathan! – [Nathan] This is a glow-up! – You did it!
– This is a glow-up. – [Jacob] And this is only… I always like to point this out, too. This is only a five-year difference. – [Nathan] This is a five-year difference. – [Jacob] And it’s such a big change. – [Nathan] Five years and 25 minutes. – Yeah.
– Difference. (laughter)
– Exactly! – Yeah.
(laughter) – [Jacob] Five years of
very consistent practice. Having to do it–
(laughter) Well, by practice I
mean you’ve just had to draw a lot for your job. – It’s true.
– That’s practice. – That is practice.
– Yeah, that counts. – That counts as practice.
– Sweet. – [Julia] Don’t go, “hmm-hmm” like that. – [Jacob] Yeah, don’t go “hmm-hmm.” – [Nathan] I can do what I want. – [Jacob] That’s work. Mine is up next.
– Yay! – [Jacob] I’ve had my
art on the internet for about a decade now.
– Nice! – [Jacob] And this is from
the beginning of that decade, so this is 10-ish years
old, nine years old. It’s from 2010. – Nice!
– Wow! – [Jacob] It’s one of
the very first comics I posted on the internet. I’m gonna go ahead and
read it to you, right now. – Thank you.
– Yay! – Because it’s not–
– Ooh, look at that font! – It’s not easy to read–
– Oh, that hand lettering. – [Jacob] I’ll tell you that. – [Nathan] Jacob, is
the person driving you? – [Jacob] The person driving is me, and the person in the passenger is my friend, Kyle, from college. – [Nathan] Shout out to Kyle from college! – [Jacob] Shout out to Kyle from college. So, Panel 1 here, I’m saying, “Man, I really want some beer, “but I don’t want to pay for beer. “I wish I could just pirate beer.” And then Kyle says, “So basically “you’re saying you want to steal “a six-pack of beer?” And then I say, “No, that’s
not the same at all.” So it’s just sort of a commentary on pirating, like downloading. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Karina] You wouldn’t download a beer. – [Jacob] That was the
description I put under the comic, – [Karina] Wow! – [Jacob] is “You
wouldn’t download a beer.” (laughter)
– Genius! – [Jacob] And what you might be noticing, what you might be
noticing about this comic is that it’s not funny, per se. (intense laughter) And there’s not really like a joke – Uh-huh.
– or any humor to it, and also it just looks like dog ass. (laughter) I think those are the main things in my… (speakers talk over one another) – [Nathan] It’s two people
in a car, driving at night. – [Jacob] You can tell what it is, and that’s about the
most you can say for it. – [Nathan] You can tell what it is. – [Karina] mean, that’s
all that really counts. – Yeah.
– For sure. But I thought I could do a bit better now. – [Nathan] I’m so excited. – [Jacob] And I was determined
to not change the “joke,” so I didn’t alter what the joke is. I changed the dialogue to make it sound a little more natural. – Okay.
– And I’ll just start playing, so you guys can see, and
I’ll comment as I go here. Talk about what I did. I put it there on the side so I’d have to see it–
– Yeah. – [Jacob] the whole time. (laughter) – [Nathan] Oh, we’re
getting an extra panel? – [Jacob] I felt it
needed an extra panel to house the dialogue so that
it’s not quite so bad. And then I–
– Get this! – [ Julia] Thumbnail! – [Jacob] Yeah, I wanted
to thumbnail it out. I thought I’d start with
the same sort of structure, which I did end up actually
changing, you’ll see later. – [Nathan] Oh, and you
updated your hairdos as well. – [Jacob] I did, I updated the hairdos, and then I was like first things first. This doesn’t need to be
the same shot every time. – [Nathan] Is this– – [Jacob] I can do shot, reverse shot. – [Nathan] Oh, yeah! – [Jacob] So that it’s
a actual conversation, you can tell who’s
talking easily without– – [Julia] But if you do one shot, you only have to figure out the one shot. – [Nathan] Yeah, you can copy paste, like I did for a lot of my
old College Humor comics. (laughter) – [Jacob] Exactly! – [Nathan] It’s like,
“Oh, I got this drawing “pretty good, I don’t
want to have to redraw “this character again.”
– You little overachiever. – [Jacob] But if you
look at the first comic, you’ll notice I didn’t copy paste. – No, you…
– Yeah! – [Jacob] I redrew it all every time, and I still– – [Julia] You didn’t learn that trick yet. (laughter) – [Jacob] I still opted
to do the exact same shot, even though I had to draw it anyways. – [Nathan] Is this what your
friend, Kyle, looks like now? – [Jacob] Oh, well, he’s
in the military now, so he has a shaved head, but I’m kind of extrapolating on what his hair was like in college. – [Nathan] Gotcha. But you gave yourself your
cool hairdo that you have now. – [Jacob] Yeah, see now I
thought the original shot could be more interesting, so I changed it to be more of a 3/4 view from Kyle’s side of the car– – Wow!
– Nice. – [Nathan] Look at the
composition, already. – [Jacob] looking over at me. So just something more
interesting to see with your eyes. – [Nathan] It’s almost like
you’ve been doing comics online for a decade. – [Jacob] It’s almost like that. And it really is insane to me
to look at that original one and be like, “That’s a person who’s “been a professional
illustrator for five years.” (laughter) – [Nathan] You gotta start somewhere! I think it’s inspiring.
– Yeah. – [Nathan] I think someone could see that, and be like, “Oh, so that means “that if my art looks like this now, “if I keep at it for 10
years, it can get better.” – [Jacob] It’ll be better! And I’m not an incredible artist, but it’s definitely better. So that’s good, that’s a good thing. So you see, I’m just working out some of the facial expressions, trying to figure out where I want my dude to be looking. – [Nathan] Aw, he’s so whisk… Keep your eyes on the road, Jacob! – No!
– Why are you driving? – [Jacob] Now, here’s where I remembered how fun it is to hand letter. – Oh!
– You’re really good at it. – [Jacob] It’s a pain,
and it takes a long time, but it does look good when you’re done. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] Oh, that’s a thick “have.” – [Jacob] Yeah, well,
I wanted to emphasize. Another thing I wanted
to change was emphasizing certain letters to kind of control how the sentence sounds. – [Nathan] I really want to
(emphasizing) have some beer. – [Jacob] I really want to
(emphasizing) have some beer, but I don’t want to
(emphasizing) pay for beer. So emphasizing those. – [Julia] That zoom-in
made it look like you said, “I want to have some… “beer.”
(laughter) – Dang.
– So you’ll see I have to readjust sort of all of
where the word bubbles go because I’ve always been bad at planning that ahead of time. So I had to kind of
move everything around. – [Julia] It’s something I had to learn much later in doing comics. It’s like, “Oh, yeah, I
should also figure out “where the word bubbles
go before I actually do “all the things.” – Yep.
– I never did that. (laughter) I never did that, and I worked at Dorkly for eight years doing comics. (laughter) I just crammed them in at some point. – [Karina] Bless you, Julia. – [Nathan] I would just raise the ceiling on all my panels. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Julia] Make it longer. – [Jacob] I mean, you’ll
see that in this comic that I did here, I tried to
make room for the panels. I put in where they were gonna go. – [Julia] But that never really– – [Jacob] Yeah, I just
didn’t leave enough space– – [Julia] dictates where
they’ll actually be. – [Jacob] In any circumstance,
I didn’t leave enough space to actually house the text. – [Nathan] I love that
you’re just getting these letters in what? – I’m not.
– You didn’t even need to– – [Jacob] This is multiple attempts for almost every letter. You see it flickering? – [Nathan] Yeah, but it’s like… – [Karina] It’s not that many. – [Nathan] It’s so straight! You don’t have any guidelines or anything. This is really impressive to me. – [Jacob] It’s one thing I accidentally taught myself to do just because
I didn’t ever do it easier. So eventually, I just kind of got good. I had something to do here, I guess. – [Nathan] This is when the baby came in. – [Jacob] No, because
I did this yesterday. (laughter) – Different baby.
– Yeah. – Sh-shut up!
– Shut up! It’s totally different. So there’s still not a joke here, but I thought it could be more like a two-character sort of
character-building conversation. With Kyle being more of the straight man, and maybe it was part of a larger story. It would just be a nice,
little conversation. – [Karina] Oh, yeah, this is page one of your weekly web comic. – [Jacob] Exactly, and
then it would be ongoing. – Jakey and Kyle.
(laughter) – Mm-hmm.
– In the car. – [Jacob] Shout outs to Kyle once again. And this part’s just inking, which is probably the thing
I’ve gotten the most better at, as I always talk about in these. – [Nathan] Those smooth inks. – Yeah.
(lips smacking) – [Jacob] I like doing them smooth inks, and you see I taper all
my lines individually. Like a weirdo. – [Nathan] I think it’s nice. – [Jacob] I like how it looks, but it is an effort. And then, also, a thing I’ve learned from doing comics at
College Humor for so long, is just don’t put in
any information in there that’s not completely necessary. So the backgrounds are just a couple lines to indicate this is a car, but I’m not doing any more than that. I clearly had something
big to do right there. I stopped for a long time. – [Nathan] You had to refill your Joseph. – [Jacob] Yeah, I had
to refill my hot Joseph. (laughter) But another thing that I feel is important to mention as well is that doing it this time around,
this redraw of the comic, took about an hour and a half, and that’s with those big, long pauses where I was doing something else. The original comic
would’ve taken me probably over four hours to do. – [Nathan] Wow. – [Jacob] Just because I was very slow, and I just really took my
time on every single comic. Every comic took me forever to do. So, I was really pleased that
I could produce something of much higher quality at
a fraction of the time, and that’s all College Humor influence. The speed all came from College Humor. – [Nathan] When you literally have to. – [Jacob and Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] Kyle is kind
of a hunk in that panel. – [Jacob] Yeah, Kyle’s a bit of a hunk. I don’t know what else to say about that. – [Julia] Shout out again to Kyle. – [Nathan] Shout out to Kyle. – [Jacob] But he’s not on board with my idea to download beer, and so that’s kind of a mark against him in my book, personally. – [Karina] Hunk with morals. – [Nathan] Hunk with morals. – [Jacob] You see I am
blushing a little bit because I’ve embarrassed
myself in front of Kyle. (laughter) – [Julia] He’s just such a hunk. – [Jacob] He’s such a hunk. – [Julia] Dammit, I’ve embarrassed myself in front of a hunk. – [Jacob] This was my chance. – [Nathan] It’s one thing
to embarrass yourself in front of your friends, but in front of your hunky friends? – Yeah, you can’t.
– Mm-mm. – You can’t be doing that.
– You can’t be doing that. – [Jacob] Then just a couple
little more indicators of this is a car, and that’s it. – [Karina] I love how
you indicated it’s a car. – [Jacob] Yeah, I really– – [Karina] That’s not sarcasm. – [Jacob] Oh, it sounded like sarcasm. – [Karina] I’m sorry,
it’s just how I talk! (laughter) No, I think it’s nice. – [Jacob] Oh, thank you. – [Nathan] Yeah, this is really good! – [Karina] The simplicity of it. – [Nathan] The light, the line work, the characterization you have. Just looking at it, even if
I didn’t look at the words, I’m like, “Oh, this is interesting. “This is visually compelling.” – [Karina] Yeah. – [Jacob] Yeah, totally, that’s exactly what I was going for because
that’s one of the major things I learned from 2010 to now was what actually makes a
comic nice to look at and not just functional. And so I was trying to really
get a lot of that in there, and it’s a really thing
to look at side by side. It’s shows a lot of progress, even though nine years is a lot of time, it’s a lot of progress, too, so that’s good. If you’re out there making comics, the one thing I want to tell you is make your text legible,
(laughter) don’t do the thing on the left. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] You clearly
drew those word bubbles and then tried to fit the text inside is what I’m guessing is what (laughs)… – [Jacob] Yeah, I was
unwilling to compromise. – [Julia] Yeah, you looked
at that word bubble, and you were like, “There’s no other shape “for this word bubble nor
any other place it could go.” – [Karina] I’m not changing it! – [Nathan] The amount
of space on the right, it’s bumping up against
the left side (laughs). – [Julia] More than anything,
it’s a wonderful case study of the effectiveness of good word bubbles. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Julia] And good space.
(laughter) – [Jacob] Yeah, that
makes a giant difference in a comic’s legibility and
how pleasing it is to look at. So if you’re out there making comics, and you’re starting out, if
I could give you the one tip, it’s make it incredibly legible because that is a good way
to get people to read it, and if people have even the slightest bit of hard time reading it,
they will just move on. – [Karina] Yeah, I’m very glad
you read the original to us (laughter)
because I wasn’t gonna try. – [Jacob] No, why would you? No one would try. (laughter) – [Nathan] You improved, good job! – [Jacob] I improved! – Yay!
– Glow-up. That’s it for me. Are we on to Karina next? – [Karina] It’s my turn, I suppose. – [Nathan] Yay! – [Karina] Oh, boy, oh, boy! I reached way back for this one. – [Jacob] Oh, yes, this rules! – [Julia] Oh, my God! – [Karina] ‘Cause I still
have a Deviant Art up. – [Nathan] When is this from? – [Karina] 2006. – [Julia] Is that a Gaussian
blur moon back there? – [Karina] I was 13 ’cause
this was pre-high school. I know that much, so must’ve been like 13. This is my weird, Yu-Gi-Oh GX
romance novel cover fan art. (laughter) The title on Deviant Art was
“From the Lips of an Angel,” like the Hinder song. – [Nathan] Like the Hinder song! – [Karina] Very mid-2000s hetero-nonsense. And I was like, “It’s nothing like “anything I really do currently. “Let’s redraw it.” – [Julia] This screams middle school. – Yeah.
– Yeah – The airbrush–
– It’s so middle school! – [Julia] The airbrush shadows, the really thin, no muscles
or definition legs and arms. Yeah, they’re tubes. – [Nathan] I love these legs! – [Karina] Everything’s really lumpy because I didn’t know any better, and I used a mouse. – [Jacob] Yeah, that was
everyone in middle school. – [Nathan] That’s pretty good
line control for a mouse. – Yeah, it’s great!
– Thank you! – [Nathan] The hair, especially. – [Karina] I guess. – [Julia] The other middle school tell, is that this is happening
on a really thick ledge, which is what all middle school is, like, yeah, “I want to draw
two people about to kiss. “Oh, God, I have to do a background. “Uh, put a moon and a ledge. “Just put them on a thing.” I definitely did that as well. – [Nathan] And then it’s like, shading? That’s just lumping in airbrush
wherever you feel like it. – [Karins] Yeah, you just
put something, I don’t know, light sources? (imitates
electricity buzzing) (laughter)
Ignore that. – [Nathan] This is a whole mood. – [Karina] I really like
going through my old art and redrawing it so this is one that I had been wanting
to do for some time. – Nice!
– Oh, I’m excited then. – [Karina] I thought it’d be fun. – [Jacob] All right,
I’m gonna count this in. Three, two, one, go! – [Karina] So this is
a 13-year old drawing from when I was 13, so
this is half a lifetime of improvement on my end. – [Nathan] Wow, you’ve doubled, already, just like instantly. It’s like look at the form,
look at the shape, so good. – [Julia] Did any of us do sketches like anatomy sketches
before we did drawings? Because I certainly did not. – [Jacob] As when I was younger? – [Karina] Like in general? – Like as a–
– As a wee child? – [Julia] As a wee child. – No!
– No! You start with the face,
and you go from there! – [Karina] Yeah, I just wanted to make it look like my mangas. (laughter) – [Julia] Yeah, straight to it. – [Karina] I don’t care what
happened underneath all that. – [Julia] Oh, a flip! – [Nathan] That’s a flip. – [Karina] Yeah, get ready
for a lot of flipping because I’m very weak at
drawing faces looking right, so we gotta make it look… No, other way around. I can’t do it facing left. – Okay.
– Interesting. – [Karina] That’s my weakness. – [Jacob] So you flip it, and then do it. – [Karina] I can’t hide that. – I see.
– Revealed! – [Karina] I can do it, but
it’s always gonna be wrong until I flip it. So this is just a lot of actual drawing. I tricked you into letting
me do an actual drawing. – [Jacob] Oh, but it’s so fun to watch. – [Nathan] Yeah, this is
really, this is so steamy! (laughter) – [Jacob] Also, your
original picture is 100% gonna be the thumbnail for this episode. (laughter)
– Fantastic! – [Jacob] No chance it’s not gonna be. – [Karina] It’s a fun one! I drew a lot of weird
shit when I was this age, so this is one of the
more normal ones, I think. A lot of weird crossover type nonsense. So this one was one that I was like, “Yeah, gotta hide some
of the weirder stuff “to be found on it’s own.” – [Nathan] (whispering) Look at these good clothing folds. – (whispering) Yeah.
– (whispering) Yeah. – [Jacob] Yeah, this is just skill. This is straight up skill. Karina flexin’. – [Karina] It’s just, I
learned since I was 13. I did it!
– You did it, congrats! (laughter) – [Karina] I really, like
I said, I did suggest this because I saw a lot of people saying we should do this type of episode in comments before, and it’s just something
I already like to do ’cause I get a lot of joy out of it, out of revisiting my old nonsense and doing it again. I like to think of it
as doing little fan arts for my younger self. – [Jacob] Oh, that’s so nice. – [Nathan] I like that your characters also seem to have grown up. Like they were 13 when
you originally drew them, and now they’re adults. – [Jacob] Yeah. Oh, man, so when you look
back at your old art, do you have the cringe still,
or is it just kind of like– – [Karina] I guess a little cringe, but it’s also like… Because the way I think of it, it’s like, oh, when I drew the original, I had this image in my mind of how cool it looked and what
it was supposed to look like, but in reality I just made
that weird drawing up there. So if I redo it now, I can make it look closer to the way I thought it was gonna look when I was little. – Yeah, that’s kind of sweet.
– Yeah. – [Julia] That is pretty sweet. – [Karina] I really like it. – [Nathan] It’s a little
gift to your past self. – [Karina] Yeah! – [Jacob] I hope past Karina
is watching this right now. – [Karina] Shout out to
past Karina and Kyle! – [Julia] Those hands are so good. – [Nathan] Yeah, these are real nice. – [Jacob] Yeah, really good hands. – [Julia] That hand was just so nice. – [Jacob] And I’m lookin’ at that claw, that glob claw in the original. (laughter) – [Karina] Yeah, whatever was
going on there, who knows? – [Nathan] Oh, is he still
gonna have his sharp claws? – [Karina] Something like that. – [Nathan] Oh, boy, oh man! Yes!
– Yes! – Yes!
– You gotta! – [Karina] Whatever is
going on in this picture? – [Nathan] This rules! (laughter) Oh, my gosh! – [Jacob] I get powerful Inuyasha vibes– – [Julia] Yeah, definitely. – [Jacob] from this pairing. – [Karina] There was
definitely some Inuyasha energy at this time in my life. (laughs) – [Nathan] Demon claw boy… – [Julia] You fixed the angle of the bottom part of the leg. It was a little too
far in on the original, and now you’ve corrected it. Again, it’s like a weight thing. This person actually looks like they’re on their knees. It’s so good. – [Nathan] You kept the
studded belt, I’m glad. – [Karina] Yeah, you gotta
keep the studded belt. I will say that I actually did, well, this is the second one I did because I started another
one for this episode, and I was having way too
much trouble with the pose because it made no fuckin’
sense in the original, and I just gave up. So this one, I actually did much faster than I thought I would because I think the total for this draw was maybe three hours? – Yeah, not bad.
– Worth every minute of it. – [Jacob] If it had taken six hours, I still would’ve been happy with it. – [Karin] There’s still
some anatomy issues and some spacing issues. I did this yesterday,
and I’m already over it. But I’ll just redraw
it in another 13 years. – Yeah!
– Yeah! If we’re still doing
Drawfee in another 13 years, we can come back– – [Jacob] revisit these
versions and do them again. – [Karina] I think at that point, I drew the leg on the wrong layer. – [Nathan] (using creepy
voice) Got some dragony wings! – [Karina] (using creepy
voice) Yeah, some dragon wings. – [Nathan] (using creepy
voice) Some dragon wings. – [Nathan and Karina] Yug. (laughter) – [Karina] And I would like to reinforce that this is, in fact,
Yu-Gi-Oh GX fan art. (laughter)
Nothing has changed, really. – [Jacob] Who are these characters? – [Karina] This is Asuka and
Ryo, aka Alexis and Zane. (laughter) – [Jacob] What do you mean, aka? – [Karina] They have two names. – Why?
– Why? – [Karina] ‘Cause they
changed them in the English. – Oh, okay.
– That makes sense. – [Karina] Like Joey, Wheeler. – [Jacob] That’s not his Japanese name? (laughter)
– No, I wish! – [Nathan] Oh, yeah, someone used Joey’s Japanese name in commenting on the animation you made, and I was like, “Oh, Karina
drew this character so cute.” And I was like, “Who?” – Whomst?
– Whomst? – [Jacob] What’s Joey’s Japanese name? – [Karina] Jonouichi. – [Jacob] That’s right. I feel like Johnny
would’ve made more sense as a translation of that. – Johnny Wheeler!
– That’s not cool! But yeah, so then just coloring it. This is just my actual
process, wowee, zowee. – [Nathan] I love your splotchies. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Nathan] They’re so confident. – [Jacob] It’s so different
(laughter) from what I do,
– Yeah. – it makes me want to try it.
– It does. – Oh, yeah, the blood!
– Need to get in that good blood, not just airbrush it on, with a zero hardness brush. Little baby Karina, what was that? – [Jacob] What is it about
being in middle school and the airbrush tool
that’s so captivating? Because everyone in
middle school uses that, and it always looks horrible. – [Nathan] It’s something
that you can’t do with traditional media,
and so it’s fun to– – [Karina] You would need
one of those blow pens that you order off the TV commercial. – [Julia] An actual airbrush? – [Nathan] An actual airbrush– – [Jacob] Yeah, no, a
blow pen, specifically. – [Nathan] that uses air. – [Karina] No, that was
a thing on infomercials. – [Jacob] Yeah, I remember. – Yeah.
– Amazing. – [Jacob] You blow into one side of it… – Yeah! – Don’t breathe in! – Yeah, you could huff it.
– Don’t do that! (laughter) – [Nathan] Don’t breathe in, it’s drugs. (laughter) – [Karina] Oops! – [Nathan] This is so pleasant to watch. – [Julia] It’s so hard to
keep thinking of things to say because I just want to watch it. – [Jacob] (using creepy voice) I want to experience the magic! – [Karina] (using creepy voice) The magic. – [Nathan] (using creepy
voice) The dragon magic. – [Karina] (using creepy
voice) The dragon. – [Jacob] I hope this is so
inspirational for someone in middle school that
watches this and sees. And I feel like it also should be said, you know, we poke fun at
the middle school art– – [Karina] Yeah, we are mean
to our middle school selves. – [Jacob] Yeah, if you’re
a middle schooler– – [Nathan] You’ve earned that right, to be mean to yourself. – [Jacob] I just want to encourage you, if you’re making art that looks akin to the middle school art we’re joking about, that’s part of the process. It’s like you gotta go through that phase to get to this phase. – [Julia] Yeah, everyone gets to that step at some point, so…
– Yeah. – [Julia] It’ll happen to you. It happens to everyone, and it’s correct. – [Nathan] It’s correct,
you’ve gotta do that. You gotta do it. – [Julia] It’s like a rite of passage. – [Jacob] Yeah, you gotta
keep doing it for years. For 13 years. – [Julia] It’s one step
on the big stairs to– – Layer styles, baby!
– Wow! – [Nathan] (whining) Karina! – [Karina] Light source! (laughter) – [Nathan] A hidden
technique – light source! – [Karina] A hidden
technique – multiply layer! – [Jacob] Multiply layers
are such a Godsend. – [Karina] (chuckles) One multiply layer. – [Nathan] I remember in high school, when I was on the high school
newspaper illustration staff, and I learned about multiply
layers in Photoshop, and it blew my mind.
(laughter) – [Jacob] Wow, you learned that so early. – [Karina] Yeah, I forgot– – [Jacob] I didn’t really
learn how to do that. – [Karina] It took me
awhile to figure that out, and I kind of don’t remember how. – [Jacob] I don’t think I
really knew much about it until I was working at College Humor. I didn’t really know
much about layer styles until I was working here, and someone, probably Julia… (laughter) – [Nathan] Who are we kidding,
it was probably Julia. – [Jacob] Saw what I was doing and was like, “Why are
you doing that that way?” (laughter) – [Julia] Bold choice, Jacob. – [Jacob] Yeah, and then
showed me the multiply layer, and I was like, “Oh, my God!” – [Julia] I think I
learned multiply layers because at one point I, as you do in high school, had a pirated version of openCanvas, and they only have multiply layers. – Oh, interesting.
– Oh! – [Nathan] And for
anyone who’s unfamiliar, does someone want to
explain multiply layers? – [Jacob] Yeah! – [Nathan] Just so they know
what we’re talking about? – [Jacob] It’s a layer
that you put a color on it, and you put it over another layer, and it make it darker
in the color you did. – [Karina] I don’t know how
to explain layer styles ever. I’m just like, eh, just do it,
you’ll figure, you’ll know. – [Nathan] You’ll figure it out. – [Julia] My method for layer styles is I click on the layer styles,
and then I click normal, and then I go down on my keyboard until one looks right. – [Nathan] Until one looks right. – [Jacob] I do that a lot, too. Every time I’m doing light, I go through all of the light layers to see which one I like the most. Just play with it. – [Karina] Also, by the way,
I didn’t do a background because that hasn’t changed. (laughter) – That’s okay, this is
– Also, I was like, eh, I don’t really have time. – [Nathan] It’s like one of those scenes– – [Karina] Just pretend
they’re backlit by the moon. – [Nathan] Or it’s the scene where everything else fades away, and it’s just the moment.
– Yeah, yeah! – [Nathan] That’s like a
thing that happens in anime. – [Jacob] That’s a very anime thing. Karina, this rules. – [Karina] Thirteen years
of anime improvement. – Fantastic!
– Really, really good. – [Karina] Thank you. – [Jacob] Don’t let anyone
tell you you can’t draw anime. – Yeah!
– Yeah, Dad! – [Jacob] Keep drawing anime for 13 years, you’ll be good as hell at it. – [Nathan] Yup.
(laughter) – [Jacob] All right, Julia. – Yep.
– We’re on to yours. – [Julia] Yep. – [Nathan] Julia sounds so excited! – [Jacob] You don’t sound thrilled. – [Julia] We talked
about doing this episode, and I was like, “Oh, that
sounds like a fun idea,” and then I went back
to look at my old art, and I was like, “Oh,
right, I hate nothing more “than looking at my old art.” – [Nathan] See, here’s the thing, though. This is really cool.
– Yeah. – [Nathan] This is already really cool. – [Julia] Thank you,
I actually, I do still kind of like this piece, which I think is why I redid it, because the other ones that I looked at, I basically went home after work yesterday and had a crisis.
(others gasp) I hate looking at my old art so much. – [Karina] We are complete
opposites. (laughs) – [Julia] Yeah, nothing
throws me into a pit faster than that, but
I do like this piece. So I wanted to see if I could make some improvements on it. – [Nathan] I can’t wait to see. – [Julia] The thing with me and art, too, is I kind of just go,
“Oh, I like this style. “I’m just gonna do it.” So my art is so different year to year. Anatomically, it’s all
the steady improvement, but then one year I was only
working in Vector shapes. This year, I was trying
to do Vector shapes with Photoshop brushes. – [Nathan] Interesting. This year being the year
you drew this original? – [Julia] The year I drew that, yeah. – [Nathan] Okay, cool, cool cool. – [Julia] So this is
four or five years old. But yeah, I don’t know, I tried to do my current thing with it. Which I don’t know what
my current thing is, but we’ll see! – [Jacob] All right, well,
I’m gonna count it in, then. Three, two, one, go! – [Nathan] I’m gonna
say your current thing is being good at drawing– – Boom!
– Thank you – [Nathan] and I think
the commenters will agree. – [Jacob] Boom, roasted! (laughter) Got you!
– Got you! I really like the patterning in the… Like the textures you have, on the wood on the sword
and the fur on the wolf– – [Julia] Thanks, yeah, that was something I was definitely
exploring during the time, which was adding little textures. But now I”m trying to give it more of a… I’ve learned shape and anatomy
since this a little bit, so I tried to do a more dynamic angle and shape and focus a little bit more on the composition, maybe. – [Jacob] You did “Man with Box on Head.” (laughter) – [Julia] I did do “Man with Box on Head.” He’s man.
(laughter) – [Jacob] He did the thing
where he took the beer box and put it on his head and he’s like, “I’m the beer wolf man.”
(laughter) – [Karina] Shout out to that guy. (laughter) – [Jacob] Everybody knows one. – [Nathan] One thing I really
love about this challenge is getting to see each of
our sketching techniques and how completely different they all are. – [Julia and Jacob] Yeah. – [Karina] I always love
watching Julia sketch because it’s so bonkers to look at. – [Jacob] It’s entirely…
look at these colors! What is happening?
(laughter) It’s like painful. – [Karina] And I mean that respectfully. – [Julia] Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, it’s like I try to figure out… I have a weird system. It’s like I try to figure
out the basic anatomy. So that’s that green one. And then whatever goes
on top that’s extraneous, like hair, or whatever they’re wearing, – [Jacob] Box. – [Julia] is usually in blue or purple, and then that always
gets a little crowded, so I’ll sometimes, if
it is a little crowded, I’l try to redraw it in a different color, just so I have a more
clear base to go off of, if I’m doing a sketch at all, which is not usually the case. But this time I decided to do a sketch. – Oh…
– Oh… – [Julia] I think this is
when Tristan baby showed up. Tristan baby definitely showed up at some point during this. – [Karina] Yeah, you were
gone for awhile at some point. – [Julia] Yeah, I was just
sitting with that baby for like half an hour talking to Tristan. – [Karina] So we’re gonna
get half an hour in here, of nothing.
(laughter) – [Nathan] Great, so we
get a direct comparison between what you were able to accomplish between Tristan baby showing up… (laughter) – [Jacob] Well, every time we
do this, it’s the same thing. Julia takes the same amount
of time to do something far more intricate. – [Nathan] And that’s okay. – [Jacob] That’s okay, – [Nathan] ‘Cause this isn’t about comparing myself to you guys, it’s about comparing myself to myself. – Yeah!
– Yeah! – [Jacob] That’s the best way to do it. – [Nathan] Yeah, I think so as well. – [Julia] This was me not
realizing how dog noses work, or wolf noses work, so I just
dew a weird, boxy triangle. I think I fix that later. – [Nathan] That’s kind of right. – [Jacob] Yeah, that’s
pretty much a dog nose. – [Julia] That’s kind of right, it’s just real big. – [Nathan] I love that this guy didn’t take the sword
out of the wolf head, he just put it on. – [Julia] No, he was like, “I did this.” Showing off. – [Nathan] Didn’t take
the teeth out, either, and he just has the teeth
sort of going into him, and he’s like, “This is fine.” – [Karina] It’s what keeps it in place. – [Julia] What’s happening here? – [Jacob] Maybe this was Tristan baby. – Maybe this was Tristan baby. – [Karina] This must’ve been baby. – [Julia] This must’ve been baby. – [Karina] Welcome to baby interlude. (laughter) – [Jacob] You didn’t cut
the baby segment from — – I definitely did!
– the video? – [Julia] I don’t know, okay, there we go. – [Jacob] Okay, we’re back. – And we’re back!
– Yeah, I woke up! (laughter) – [Nathan] Tristan’s baby is the true star of this episode. – [Jacob] Yeah, shout
outs to Tristan’s baby. – [Nathan] Tristan’s very good baby. – [Karina] And Kyle. – [Jacob] And my boy, Kyle. – And Kyle, yeah.
– Handsome Kyle. Hunky Kyle. – “Kyle and the Baby” coming to CW. – [Julia] So now you know
I’m on my final ink layer because it’s in red. – [Nathan] ‘Cause it’s in red. – [Julia] And I’m trying
to be a little looser with my lines on this one. – [Jacob] Yeah, I love the
line weight variation, already. – [Julia] Thanks. – [Jacob] It’s a really cool brush. – [Nathan] Chisel, is it a chisel? – [Julia] Yes, it’s my typical chisel. I love that chisel. It’s a lot of fun. – [Jacob] Helps you get
a little wet and wild. – [Julia] Yeah, a little bit. It forces me to not be
so picky with my lines and just kind of go at it. Or else I will just sit there, trying to make my lines look the same throughout the whole thing, which can look boring if done improperly. – [Jacob] Yeah, ’cause I love this cool, it’s almost like a shaky quality, that it gives to this wolf, that makes it look more wild. – [Julia] Yeah, I definitely
wanted to get some wild energy in there, some little fight-y, scrappy energy, I think. – [Nathan] And this is also reminding me of that comic you made recently. – [Julia] Yes, that is true. – [Nathan] Culling of Wolves? Or what was it? – [Julia] I think that’s
what it was called. I don’t remember anymore. – [Jacob] You made it. – Yeah.
– Um… I never look at my old art! – [Karina] Once it’s done– [Julia] Once it’s done– – [Karina] it’s gone
forever from Julia’s eyes. – [Julia] Leaves forever. – [Nathan] Still available for download, though, right, if people want to? – [Julia] It is, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, on my Gumroad.
– On your Gumroad. – I have two comics up on my Gumroad. – [Karina] Even if Julia
doesn’t look it, you should. – You still can!
– Yeah! So we’ll throw a link in
the description, how about? – Thanks!
– Will we? I feel like we never actually do that. We just talk a big game. – [Nathan] Well, what happens
is I look at the comments after the video gets posted, and then if people say something like, “Hey, where’s the link?”
then I’ll add it in to the description. So it gets there eventually. – That’s what’s important,
– Yeah. So it’ll get there eventually. If everybody comments that it’s not there, then I’ll see it.
– Unless it is there. – Well, they can still
comment that it’s not there as a fun prank on me, and I’ll be like, “What happened?” – [Jacob] Oh, you got me! (laughter) You made me scared for a second. – [Nathan] One of the cool things about getting our
suggestions from comments is I do read the comments. So thank you guys for
being mostly nice in there. Makes me feel good.
– Yeah! I read all of the Drawtectives ones, just in case I do a stupid. – [Jacob] We count on you
guys for when we do a stupid. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Jacob] Which, you
know it’s gonna happen. – [Nathan] You keep us honest. – [Julia] It happens. – [Nathan] I mean, that’s why we apologize at the end of every episode, is because we know we’ve
probably done a stupid. – It happens.
– It happens. People do stupids, we’re humans. – [Jacob] So now we’ve got
Julia’s coloring method. – [Nathan] Yeah, where
the lines are still red. – [Jacob] Yep, lines are still red. – [Nathan] And the colors come in, and then this cool thing happens where all the colors get
in and then the…yeah! – [Jacob] Oh, there it is! – [Julia] I actually decided to make them dark sooner. – (whispering) Yeah!
– Wow! – [Julia] For once. I usually wait until I get all
of my base colors in, but… – [Jacob] Man, your
original drawing was cool, but this so much cooler. Just like the angle, and the feel of it, and I love the line work
and the heavy blacks. – Yeah.
– Thanks. – [Jacob] It gives it a real
dark comic sort of feel. – [Julia] Yeah, I wanted to go a little dark fantasy with it. And you can see how I make some changes to some of the colors to kind of– Yep, that’s me, trying to… – [Everyone] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! – [Nathan] That’s exactly what you said you did with layer styles. – [Julia] Yep, that’s what I do! – [Jacob] You just drop it down and see. – [Karina] Now it’s
back to the way it was. – Yep!
(laughter) Well, ’cause I realized that I didn’t like the tone of the shadows,
so I was trying to test it out with the blue, and then I just go in later
and change those colors. You’ll see they go bluish. They go purple-y. – [Jacob] Get a little
different tone to them? – [Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] This is rad, I
love watching you guys draw. – [Julia] That was me, coloring it a color that was the exact same
color as the background. (laughter) – [Jacob] So no real way to tell on that. – [Julia] Nope, I kind of just hoped that I was filling it all in because I didn’t feel
like changing colors. – [Jacob] You also make
very good use of gradients in a way that doesn’t make it obvious that it’s a gradient in there. – [Julia] Thank you! – [Jacob] Like in that wolf shadow. – [Julia] Yep, there we go. – [Nathan and Karina] Oh! – [Julia] That’s me trying to… Now I’m… – [Everyone] Uh, uh! – [Julia] Yeah, there we go! – Oh!
– (softly) Yeah, look at that. – [Julia] That’s what
I landed on is this– – [Jacob] Oh, that’s cool! – [Julia] Fantasy purple. – [Nathan] Aw, that’s such a mood! – [Julia] Yeah, now he
looks a little bit more like, I don’t know, some
weird ranger-necromancer or something. – Yes!
– Yeah, totally! – [Julia] This woodsy necromancer. – [Nathan] There’s definitely more magic in this drawing now. – [Julia] With that purple-y tone. – [Nathan] Purple’s a cool way to make things seem more magical. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] Love this! – [Jacob] Yeah, I just keep looking from this to the original, and now it looks very flat, comparatively. – [Julia] I think that’s what
I was going for originally. – [Nathan] Yeah, it’s like a poster. – [Julia] And I did it, but… Just some basic things
were wrong in the original, so I wanted to see if I
could improve on those. – [Jacob] You definitely
improved the dopeness factor. – Yeah.
– Well, thank you. – [Jacob] By a large margin. – [Karina] Yeah! – [Jacob] Oh, and the
eyes are just yellow? – Yeah.
– Golden eyes? – [Julia] They’re gonna
be a little golden. This is a guy who’s
been through some stuff out in the magical wilds, for sure. – [Julia] This is me
trying to figure out– – [Jacob] Oh, cool! – [Julia] what I wanted to
do with the backgrounds but– – [Jacob] Oh, I kind of like that. – [Julia] Without doing
the awful backgrounds. (laughter) – [Jacob] It made up like
he had detected something. – [Julia] Ding! – [Nathan] Oh, is there
gonna be a little moon or a little circle? – [ Jacob] I do like the circle halo. – [Julia] Just a little design-y circle. I was going for a comic
book cover sort of deal. – Sure!
– (whispers) Nice! Like there would be space at the top for the title of the comic. – [Nathan] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Julia] Yeah, and then
I’m just adding some shadow to make the eyes
pop a little bit more. And I think that’s it. – [Jacob and Nathan] Awesome. – [Julia] I don’t know
why I decided to end it with it being zoomed so far away. – [Nathan] Well, Jacob fades in on you. – [Jacob] Right now, we’re
looking at the full one, close up, and everyone’s being like, – [Jacob and Karina] “Wow!” – [Karina] What a difference. – [Jacob] Checking out
all those hot deets. – [Karina] So big! (laughter) – [Jacob] Yeah, this is awesome! – This is really good.
– Way to go, Julia. – Thank you.
– It really does feel like a world of difference just
from four or five years ago. – [Julia] Four years ago, yeah. – [Jacob] ‘Cause that’s
not that long a time. – Nah.
– No. – [Jacob] But I feel like you’ve got down so much more stuff. Got a lot more tools in your belt. – [Nathan] That said, I do still really like the
original a lot, as well. – [Julia] Well, thank you. – [Jacob] I hate it now! (laughter) I only like the new one. – [Nathan] Only new ones ever. – [Julia] I do notice that
I just named my PSD “art2.” (laughter)
“art2.” – [Nathan] Well, but it’s
because you already had “art.” – [Julia] I already had the “art.” – [Nathan] You already had “art.PSD” open. – [Jacob] That was the first art you made. This was the second art you made. – [Julia] Yeah, great. – [Jacob] And some day
you’ll make a third art, I know you will! – [Julia] Yep, one of these days. – [Karina] It’s comin’. – [Nathan] I believe in you. – [Jacob] That’s it for this episode. Thanks, everyone, for watching. Thanks to all of you guys
for redrawing your old characters and drawings. – [Nathan] Thanks to our past
selves for drawing those. – [Everyone] Yeah! – [Jacob] I wouldn’t be here today if, nine years ago, I hadn’t
drawn that awful comic that’s (laughter) not funny and looks bad. – [Nathan] Yeah! – [Jacob] So you know it’s all part of it. – Yes!
– Yeah! – [Karina] Shout out to our past selves! – [Nathan] We did it! – [Julia] For stickin’ with it. – [Karina] And Kyle. – And especially Kyle.
– And Kyle and Tristan’s baby. – [Jacob] And Tristan’s baby. Uh, we’re sorry. – Sorry.
– Sorry. – Sorry!

100 thoughts on “Professional Artists Redraw Their Old Art

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  9. I'd love to do this, but most of my old art is… trash. Like actual trash. There's no posing, no expression, nothing.

    So… you'd have to specify the difference between a redraw and a COMPLETE overhaul.

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    29:15 AH FUCK, I WAS RIGHT.

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