Private Tutoring: Explained & does it really help?

Private Tutoring: Explained & does it really help?

hello wealthy wives and friends this is cindy sofia author of wealthy wife meeting dating and man rich man how are you doing today my wealthy wives and friends now before we get started let's do our mantra you guys know i want you in the right energy space i want you in the right mindset as we have our discussion today so do this for me close your eyes get comfortable close your eyes and just take a breath in breathing in let it go now say it with me i am a wealthy wife say it again I am a wealthy wife and say it like you mean it I am a wealthy wife now breathing in once again breathe deep let it go very good I once again just left that statement just kind of sit there and your energy as you own it as your personal truth if your goal is to be a wealthy wife then you must decide this is what you're going to do and you must decide you're going to learn how to make that happen for you remember this isn't going to happen randomly for you ask some new guys like I said it can you know have this pretty woman you know process in your brain that you know you're going to this rich guys gonna roll up on you one day and just be so mesmerized by you that he's gonna just take you and turn your life into a Cinderella story not happening okay let's be very clear it's never it's not I'm gonna say never but it's highly unlikely it's going to happen you are going to have to learn how to position yourself how to prepare yourself to actually be in that space to receive an affluent man especially and then and then understand what things are going to be expected of you and neither of you in order to stay in that space of a wealthy wife it's a growth process it's an evolution you know I used Savannah James as LeBron James wife has a wonderful example like I said she knew when she got involved with LeBron that she was not going to involve the broke man for it forever I mean he didn't have tons of money growing up but when he was coming out of high school he came out into the NBA with a multi-million dollar contract remember they've been together since high school but neither one of them had a background of how to be affluent people you know what they have established for themselves now in reference to their foundation with their family with you know their their lifestyle has been something that they have been learned and taught along the way you know Savannah has had to learn how to become an affluent wife she's had become a wealthy wife you know LeBron James last count was worth over 300 million dollars and it's growing he is going to be somebody who will probably finish I will do go through his career and want it being a billion-dollar athlete as well you know your bill and our athletes are what Tiger Woods Michael Jordan I believe Floyd Mayweather finally hit the billion dollar market he's not there yet he's awfully close here's another example I can use as somebody who actually you know had to learn the process of being enough fluent but let's stick with Savannah James for right now but she has to understand how to be in that position to be that partner in in partnership of the Brawn so that they can sit down together and discuss their family goes where is the money going how's the money being invested you know what are they doing for the children how are they gonna raise their kids you know the example I use for those of us who are older is Marjorie Harvey and I can use Michelle Obama obviously but I think in terms of what is it that you want how do you want to spend that space to become an affluent wife you know you have responsibilities not just gonna be about like instead of going out there and just spending money all the time yes that's part of the process the money is there to be spent because what's the point of having it if you cannot enjoy it but there will be other expectations and responsibilities that come in to play when you sit at that level of marriage so think about it are you willing to learn the skill set you need to learn and that skill set by the way guys you start developing when you start dating now these are things you should be looking into expanding on and learning about now while you're single so that when you sit down and you're talking to an affluent man and you're met this man and you guys are figuring out that you want to become a couple you're gonna be dating that you can start having these conversations with him in the dating process you know I'm laughing today I mention let me talk about the private tutoring is I know some you don't know what I do in reference to private tutoring so I realize I probably should do a video about it because that is I mean that is predominately what I do in reference to wealthy wife it is the private tutoring I absolutely enjoy you know like I said the rise of the enchantress course that's going on right now the six-week telecom telecenter course I'm doing I'm having so much fun in that class that women that are attending it I they're wonderful they really really are wonderful I'm having so much fun the homework assignments they send back to me they are really taking it seriously and they're learning how to you know learn some of the basics that go into becoming a woman who date's affluent men you know obviously had the Academy course but I'm talkin about Academy of courses right now but they're still available obviously doing the YouTube videos you know the book I mean there's there are numerous things that I enjoy in reference to wealthy wife but the private tutoring is just oh it's my yummy spot because it gives me the chance to work with you as an individual woman as a person on your specific goals in reference to becoming a wealthy wife now once again if wife is the endpoint there are things you must learn before him and so that's gonna be learning how one to identify affluent men that are that you're attracted to it's gonna be about learning how to understand who you are as a person and a woman in reference to this particular goal because I say it again if you're not a customer dating affluent men you're gonna struggle because you cannot treat them and date in the same way you date an ordinary man he has different goals he has different mindset he has different expectations and he has a different lifestyle you know I guess I tell people all the time if you're somebody who needs your man to be looking at you you know right he gets home from work or you need to know where he is every single minute of the day you're not gonna survive with an affluent man unless he's equally insecure then you guys can general crazy but you're not gonna better survive in fluent man if this is a person who's running his own business this is a man who was accustomed to jetting around the world for different meetings and different mergers and dif business deals he's not gonna be stationary you know and you may not be able to spend time with him for days on end sometimes because if he's working on new business deal or if he's you know handling stuffing references business he may not be available for you 24/7 you may get a text in the morning hey babe it's thinking about you how are you doing how are you do you need anything and you know you have that conversation and he may let you know I am going to be flying to Singapore and I'm going to be there for a few days and we'll be meeting the entire time I'm there so I may not be as available now you can understand he's letting you know I'm going to be unavailable if you're not somebody but really is confident about your position in that man's life you're going to make yourself nuts because you're gonna be thick and he's out there doing all kind of stuff he has no business doing I'll studied relationship because you know your man's a target because today you targeted him come on but you can understand he needs to be focused on his business he can't be dealing with a lot of distractions of you know you never spent any time with me oh my god you don't you know there's all the crazy things that women talk about when they're mad men better width that have money I'm like but he has to make that money to continue to support the lifestyle that you're enjoying you knew that going into the process so why you mad now I don't get it my thing is this enjoy the process he'll set up things you know to either fly you to if it's possible to fly you there spend time with him if he's gonna be gone long and expect it or he'll find a way to make it up to and he comes back you have to be very confident you must be open-minded and you must be flexible and you also have a life of your own just so you know what are your interest what are your hobbies what are things that you enjoy doing and also how are you educating yourself because you're gonna want to ask me once again learning how to perfect your skill set so to speak and you're doing your networking because remember this your goal is to be the wealthy wife so now you're working on establishing your network who are you meeting you know especially in reference to let's say for example charity work you know one of the biggest things about affluent people is wealthy people as they are involved in philanthropic work that's what Savannah James had to learn about when her and gently LeBron were putting together their family foundation something that marginal learn about when Steve and her estate put together from their family foundation you know there's a whole process there's a whole thing you got to do there's things you got to know on the on the taxation side not making sure it's not taxed you know how do you set it up properly so you know you know you're not gonna get in trouble the federal government me there's all these moving parts you have to know to be in partnership with an affluent man and wealthy people like I said donate they donate tons and tons of money that's why I was laughs sometimes when I'm seeing these these feeds going through here people are bitching about all these wealthy people get all these tax breaks they don't paying that into anything Society I'm thinking but they're doing support to charities they are the ones yes it has helped when people are sitting in their five dollars $10 $20 $100 that is helpful most definitely but when a wing of a hospital is being built I said I put in a new heart you know facility for you know cardiac surgery and whatever when those wings Hospital being built that money's coming out of a foundation because this named after the person who built the building when new wings come into or buildings go onto college campuses that money is coming from a private foundation when people are dough creating these foundations I'd love the James have created a school in Akron Ohio that's coming out of their money they're not asking for donations from other people that's money that they are setting aside which means the money probably coming from investments they've done whatever it is these are things that you know they had to learn how to establish set up and find trustworthy people to help them establish and create these and to fulfill these particular goals these are things you think about when you're married to an affluent man or you want to become an affluent wife the wealthy people do quite a bit for a society they don't know they're not all horrible and nasty and terrible people IRA mindful of time the job that you have somebody had to start the company that you did had somebody had to start the damn business you know it's appreciated that you have the skill set to go in there and do the jobs that were created by this particular company this particular person but somebody was the entrepreneur that started that business somebody be they male or female most likely male because right now I said you know they still run most of the business world but when we as women have you know a strong foothold in the process as well as creating jobs but some buddy had to start the business somebody had to bleed the blood sweat the sweat cry the tears and go through the aggravation to create the business that you're now currently working at who pays you every two weeks for your skill set and hopefully you know you understand that in that you are doing a good job for them just saying think about it so what people start fussing I go planning about stuff and like understand you're working for somebody the business is not your own so that means somebody with money somebody rich and wealthy had the tenacity somebody if it's not if you're not working for a first generational company if you're working for cuttings been around for decades maybe it's a family business maybe it's been bought and sold by whatever somebody had to start that business and that person was obviously a wealthy person now so like I said you guys sometimes you gotta tell some staff trying to work on the mindset you want to be able to exist in the world of the affluent people and wealthy pea but you have to look at life from their point of view and from the reality of what it is to be in that space you can't look at it just for the point of view of a person with a from a poverty mindset or middle-class mindset because you'll be state you're going to say stuck you're gonna stay stuck on angry when you don't need to be and you're not gonna allow yourself to grow and develop so you can actually be in that position to also be able to give back to the community because think about if you're somebody who's unhappy with how things are going and you're seeing things and these are not being met you know you think some wealthy person should be stepping up and doing but you don't notice anybody doing it then you become a wealthy wife or you become a wealthy person and then you set up your own foundation for that particular need that's what money can do for you money is about experiences and freedom it's not just about the stuff like I said the stuff is good the stuff is great by all means buy the stuff I'm telling you guys I have expensive tastes I do God God knows I do god I do um well the perks but I also understand the ability to give back and that comes and it can be done graciously and without fear because the wealth is there to make it happen so think about the second says those are some of things we talk about in private tutoring because I want to know what it is where you want to be how where do you want to be in that in that spectrum of a wealthy life or just dating affluent men like a second's you got to start dating them first before you marry one obviously so when you talk about dating one who does it you on a date you know matter of fact we're working out right now this is that's this is this the conversation is coming up on Saturday tomorrow with the rise the Enchantress group and I talked with this by private clients all the time who do you want to date and why what does your idea of flow and lifestyle look like because like I said not everybody's version of it is the same now remember guys I coach for people who are going into long-term relationship not I'm not coaching for the short-term stuff I mean I could teach you the short-term stuff definitely because you want to experience some of it to get to your long-term goals but I really want to set the foundation in the mindset for you guys I have these long-running relationships because I got news for you it really does work better and best when you have long-term people in your life because you get to know them they get to know you and you know say it's a relationship and grows it develops and become something it can be really something great when you have you know the skill set to make it happen but anyway so it always comes back to who are you looking for what is your lifestyle just like I said cuz my idea for lifestyle underflow might wealthy lifestyle may not be the same as something that somebody else who's new coming new into the world of flow and dating cuz I told you what my goals were when I first came in this lifestyle and where I am now are vastly different you know a completely different completely different you know I wasn't thinking in terms of international travel back then I had three small kids you know I turned out a modeling career you know a professional modeling career that would have had me traveling internationally because I didn't have my children yeah I told you guys I have a very interesting history my life my life has been fascinating to put it mildly and it continues to be interesting but I turned down my career that career because I did not want to leave my children did not want to be my kids in the care of even my family because I wanted my kids raised with my values and I know it didn't want to miss my boys I love my boys so for me having the you know affluent lifestyle living on a floor life what a meant that I was going to stay in within my area I wasn't looking to travel to a different state there was nothing to travel to a different town per se I wasn't went to a different town but was still close to my hometown but it was local I just wanted to live a better lifestyle in my local area you know better neighborhood better schools for my children you know driving better car living in a better home whatever you know having money in the bank you know learning how to invest cuz with that particular person I was learning about now real estate investing so you know that could buy an investment properties you know these were things I was interested in back then but you know looking at me now I'm still loved still eurocent investing is still part of my process cuz right now I'm looking more for into all commercial properties as opposed to you know and maybe you know my apartment buildings and you know bigger bigger things now but it's not a priority in my life at the moment but for me my goal right now I said is you know to be that wealthy wife and I'm with somebody that we do travel internationally we have several homes you know we have access to a yacht private jets you know be that our own ability we you know we charter them whatever I'm not really particular about that you know we have multiple businesses we have investments I'm understanding about how to do the investing where to set up these investments because there's lots of moving parts behind the scenes on that – how do you set yourself up in reference to you know you know are you a non-profit are you this are you that I mean there's so many details that you could learn about once you get to a certain level of affluence and start thinking really big picture so these are things I'm learning about and I'm doing now I don't know anything about this stuff when I was younger nothing and some of the things I'm learning now it's so crazy because it's it's like I fell into Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole and you know I learned something and then you fall deeper into the hole you're like good god it's like oh my god I don't realize all this stuff was there but I have a team of people of fluent people wealthy people that are coaching me cuz guys I have my own coaches too I have my private tutors here's a secret to live in a successful life as an affluent person you never stop learning you never ever ever stop learning you must stay open-minded you will never know it all and move in my life in the direction I'm currently moving it in and the protections I'm setting up for my family the wealth I'm crazy for my boys I believe in legacy and generational wealth the things I'm learning now good god my children and my grandchildren are going to be better off for it and these are skills says that I probably next year we start filtering to wealthy wife because once again as I changed my point of view as I've changed what I want to do it's going to definitely be something I'm going to be adding to both your wife but once again you may not be in this and ready for all that right now and I appreciate that but you still gotta decide what level of what wealth your wife you want to be so if you're looking to live in a better place maybe you live in Atlanta and maybe you don't you know you live in Atlanta living in Atlanta and you're looking around and you're thinking man you know what this is good there's wealth in Atlanta obviously maybe you just had you been living Buckhead I believe book has one of the wealthier suburbs I remember seeing a sign passing and as I was driving from Ohio to Florida maybe you want to live in Buckhead maybe you want when those big beautiful homes in Buckhead you want me married to an affluent man in Atlanta blah blah blah you know maybe that's going to be good for you you want to drive you know the latest Porsche SUV or what I don't know what your dreams are maybe that will be enough for you you know you have enough money that you guys are living a good lifestyle a comfortable lifestyle it may not be a truly wealthy lifestyle but it's a richer lifestyle than you're accustomed to and it works for you you know you and your husband or you know as you're working your way through the dating process and you're talking to men and you guys are establishing what you want you discover that you want the same things you're gonna want to better put money aside for your any children or children's that you may currently have or going to have together put together a way for their college fund maybe you guys are planning for your retirement as what does that going to mean for you how much mind you wanna retire on what do you want you know to have so you're not struggling and worrying about it once the days of making money have ended and you're gonna focus more on your leisure you know maybe you want to buy a boat maybe I don't I don't know what kind of lakes or if ever on Atlanta don't ask me I don't know just said maybe you want to have a second home someplace a vacation home where you what maybe be on the lake let's maybe you decide you want to get a second place in Chicago I'm just talking right now just making up stuff maybe you decide you know you're in Atlanta but you know the summertime you love Chicago so there you want to go to Chicago maybe you guys want to own a boat that you can go play on Lake which lake is out there so Lake Michigan or something like that I know what your lake is out there but whatever you want to go spend time on the lake um sail that means that to you as an affluent lifestyle and once again that's fine because that's your dream or maybe your summer like I said like me then you're thinking really big big picture you know you want to be able to take off for a month or four to six weeks in the summer time and do season over in Europe you know cuz I didn't lose this Florida South in Florida summertime he's hot as hell down here it's still hot it's still freaking hot love it not complaining but it gets really hot and most of our people like this set will head off to Europe to spend time in Europe to enjoy the weather there the warm weather there and the lifestyle you know you have Montecarlo you've got nice you have Paris you have you know different places in Italy you have London you have all these places you can go over there to enjoy yourself you know the yachting community matter of fact you know right now our seasons it has its you know its beginning because our tour begins season down here and in Florida so you know we have the yachts the crew is now hitting back this way matter of fact we've got a boat show coming up here shortly to kind of kick off the season so the island community is not heading back to South Florida which means it's going to be a blast but in the summertime maybe you like I said you would do like I like I plan to do with my husband is where we're going to be there for four I guess or four maybe six weeks enjoying the fine dining in and the companionship in the company and you know the experiences though the fun the play for me it's gonna be the art because I love art so I'll be spending the museum's you know the wine country whatever just doing all these wonderful activities just once again living a very cultured life maybe that's you but in the meantime once again you have to understand what it is you want and why and what are you doing in between that that travel you know what are you doing in reference to your life because here's the thing ladies when you are involved with a truly affluent man he's not a nine-to-five guy he's not gonna be home at 7 o'clock in the evening and you're not gonna catch him at the local sports bar and Sunday you know playing a fantasy football with his boys I can't think of a single wealthy man I know that deals with family fantasy football because some of them own teams real teams so you know that's not their thing they may be working off creating software to create the stuff for guys to play fantasy football but you know I'm saying their mindset is excuse me it's different totally different sorry about that the cat jumped in my lap um hang on a second lost my train of thought but anyway so you don't understand so you're with these men and they have a different time schedule they have a different minds that have different ambitions and goals so you have to also make sure that you're doing things to feed your spirit to feed your soul so maybe you still have your career maybe they something you want to do maybe you want to start your own business or do you have your own business so maybe you're working the details out with him so you got to make sure you find a man who can also be there to assist you and guide you possibly maybe you can open up some doors and opportunities for you that you're not able to do for yourself see these are the kind of things I talk about in the private tutoring we start breaking down and getting into the nitty-gritty details of what you want and why you know and I'm going through the feeds and I'm reading all the different comments I'm reading all the different things and suggestions out there like I said guys there's some great information out there to get you started I've seen some women out there that definitely have some great advice to offer you but I've told you the sides if you are at the beginner phase and you know you're doing stuff that you know and you're just a generalization phase of it there's some great people out there that can help you I'm not looking here to just teach you general skills I'm here to help teach you understand how to use those general skills and take you next level for real for real that's what the private tutoring is we narrow it down to what it is you to the desire we talk you know it's with the first in it the very first first course that I we I have the cloud turning their offer is a six-week – is tutoring six weeks of tutoring and this intense you have to laugh because you're like oh my god I have homework of course you have homework how am I going to teach you the skill said how are you going to learn how to make this your own if you don't put it into practice how are you going to learn if you're not practicing it for real you know so one thing like I said to go through and read and and play with ideas and try this and deal with a a dilly Hill and Ally there and take a little piece of this and try to mix and match your own little pot of stew there and you wind up with nothing but frustration because you don't have a solid foundation because you have no background to help you you know some of the things I see when I'm reading different things I realize something you don't have a background in affluent dating you don't have on the back running the fluence and an affluent lifestyle or if you did it may be a very strict a very structured one that's just not working for you because you have different goals and dreams and perhaps your family has so once again the private tutoring is about really customizing this to suit you and your needs now I have clients at cutting I have clients I haven't worked with a variety of clients at the reference to private coaching and private tutoring you know I have work with sugar babies in the past I have work with escorts in the past I have worked with women that are coming in green as if they have zero zero experience in the world of affluent dating matter-of-fact and they're coming into it now because they finally realize part of its run listen to me on youtube or follow me on Instagram they're looking at it going wait a minute you're saying I can do this yeah you can do this and they're looking at their lifestyles and they're looking at how they're raised look at all the conditioning social conditioning they dealt with and they finally realized that it was I talked about in other videos that they sell you a bill of goods to keep you basically tame and to keep you you know basically mediocre to keep you you know in your place so to speak and then when you finally wake up from the dream or the nightmare so to speak and you understand that there's more that you can actually experience that you as a woman can actually be with a man or men who really do want to appreciate you honor you protect you provide for you and care for you in exchange for that they want you to be in that space of femininity where you can relax and be their peace of place of peace and pleasure and fun and excitement and joy too and you don't have to settle there like what that's how we get started and then they have to start building up the courage to get out there now to step away from all that social conditioning you got to learn how to let go of other people's opinions you gonna let go sometime of your religious doctrine you got to learn how to really focus on what it is that you desire and have no apologies make no apologies for what you want cuz I already talked about this once you decide to change your style of dating of Ludlow your style of living and people that are caught with be who you currently are are going to come for you because you have the audacity to change your life you have the audacity to decide that you deserve better that makes people mad just so you know hell I see stuff and art and some of these fees or women are coming after women I'm like you guys are supposed to been going after the same goals and have the same ideas but you're coming after somebody else what is that seriously what is that I don't get it I've told you guys sometimes people say things and some of these feeds and they're hurtful to another woman you know some of the things are being helpful and they're not being helpful to being bitchy they really are and that is unfortunate but once again you guys your feelings get hurt because you are not settled on what you want just yet you don't have a confidence to stand by your convictions and decide what it is you desire to do and disregarding anybody else's opinion about your options and choices like I said what I teach what I offer is not it's not right for everybody I am NOT the right fit for everybody I know that I have no issues with it I have a very specific type of woman or women that I want to work with because these women are the only the ones are going to really benefit from what I'm offered because they're going to take what I'm offering them what we're working with what we're working on and they're going to run with it these are the ones that have the courage and the conviction so to speak and the desire to have real change in their life they're not just talking about it they're not just thinking about it they're not gonna go back crawling back in the you know all these doubts and insecurities afterwards you know thinking like well that was didn't work no it didn't work because you didn't work it you know do I have a magic wall can I with a magic wand and make your life perfect in the world with fluent dating or in affluent lifestyle of course not you must be willing to put in the effort you must be willing to make the mindset changes can I hold your hand and guide you through it I definitely can can you get results and see great things happen you most definitely can I'm laughing now because I work with a client one of my clients I'll talk to you today and yeah me laughing began the week I get it I come out of meditation and I'm checking you I might phone and I'm looking at messages I get this text message from her oh my god two more contacts and the message for that was about some older guy was flirting with her I had some events she went to and he sent her Nexus why she does what I do with that and we did discuss it by the way her coaching call her tutoring call but I'm laughing so I'm like two more contacts I email back two more contacts question mark and she says yeah she goes you know she wanted me to two more men that uh who might have been very beneficial to her that have some things that could actually help her you know take her goals to the next level and she is this is like and this has just been sent our last phone call that she's had these con and it was we're talking in less than a span of a week this stuff was happening for her and she wishes and she's blown away because she's like oh my god she goes who knew once I decided to really focus on what I want and get some you know some some tutoring to learn how to actually utilize but you know understand how to you know take this stuff and you know help build it to the next level she goes I had no idea she was I feel so she doesn't get mad at myself sometimes because I think why is she I'm telling her things and she's realizing that she's missed opportunities in the past and she's I'm she goes I'm mad at myself don't be mad at yourself I go you don't know what you don't know – you don't know you don't know it I mean it's just life I go sometimes to them were younger we're not thinking about the things I think about it twenty something you're not going to think my things you're thinking about 30 something 37 you're not with him with things like yourself it's vital you know if at 40 I mean it's just it's just different life periods you know 20-something definitely mindset not the same as somebody older you know somebody older our mindset the same as somebody younger I told you guys there is beauty in every single decade but you can understand that you know there's gonna be some trials and tribulations to come with it so some of the things when you're looking and everybody can look we don't look back in our lives and think damn if I only knew then what I know now it's okay long as you learn something that you carry into that's useful into your next phase you will continue to grow but anyway so she has me laughing out loud we had a react so we derecho we did our tutoring called already this week and I'm laughing because and we talked you know how do I handle this situation because she has me she has me to directly ask questions and get usable steps and usable information so she's taking notes and you know we'll have a follow-up conversations about how things went you know at the beginning of her next our next tutoring call and to see how well she used information I shared with her because she's making contact with people that she was like oh my god she was I never would have spoke this person before she was by having you it's helping me be more courageous and she's picked up a couple contacts you know because she's are some transition right now in her life her personal life that are going to be useful in this new phase of her life see that's what happens in here private tutoring you don't have to throw it out there you know for the population to give you a bunch of answers on you can come someplace and get direct answers that are going to really work based upon your personality based upon your particular situation it's no different than like an Isetta Serena Williams or a tiger Williams or a business person hiring somebody to help them find to in a particular skill you know it was certainly relook so when Serena Williams was learning how to do I think was like a double-handed backhand or something something there was some backstroke that she had difficulties with she just was not every time she would play it in a tennis match it was just go already it was just something that she had issues with so she hired a coach to learn how to perfect that particular swing now she had and she has several coaches all professional athletes do the ones that make a top top top top dollar they have several coaches and people that they work with they have people from the nutrition they have people for their personal training they have people for their particular skill set like her she had a higher somebody helped her work on that backswing you know because you can watch but I used to watch tennis pretty regularly and you can see when she finally got the help because all of a sudden that particular stroke that backs that backhand stroke became when her power moves you know beforehand because people they watch each other's tapes understand this they are watching each other's tapes when someone is going to go into a match and get Serena Williams you better believe that particular woman and her coach coaches have sat down and they have looked through Serena Williams information they've looked through her previous matches to see if there's any consistency in what she does in certain situations because if there's something she's doing they try to find it and see if it's a weakness that she has and Serena has very few weaknesses Sarina messes up when she gets inside of her head well Serena's totally focused you can't have beat her she is phenomenal but I'm just saying so that's how the tutoring works when you want to really really master something and become really great at something then you find somebody has ability to help you discover where your weaknesses may be to discover what you're really good at and build on that and then learn how to you know build up the places where you may need some assistance that's what private tutoring is you know it's not just I mean you guys like I said people talk to me what they want what they desire they want me to give them money I'm in investing I want men to do all these things for them but they're not learning the skill sets on how to attract that kind of energy to them I'm gonna tell you guys again this lifestyle is not a random lifestyle not when you're doing it successfully not a single woman who was thriving in the world of affluent dating and relationships it's doing this by luck or by chance she has a system she has a set way of doing things she knows how to position herself to find a kind of man that she's interested in she knows herself she knows because she studies this I used an example of the courtesans excuse me even engaged I told you the geishas were highly trained they were hot they were trained for that ten years of training before they're even allowed to be debut as an apprentice so to speak geisha and she'll go through a year that you know side by side with an established a shoe make sure that there was she had any you know any flaws in her presentation she had anything she needed to work on she had her big sister there to help her and then when they went back to the to the house so to speak then those were things they would focus on to help you know get that apprentice up and running so that at the end of her 12 months of apprenticeship with the big sister she could be turned loose on her own start making her own money so if they took 10 years of train and basically 11 years cuz you know the 12 months of like I said final finishing this cat is insane why do you think you're any different and I've mentioned before in reference to the quarter-sized hang on one second this cat is playing this of a paper bag and making enough noise to raise the dead what are you doing here you're so weird anyway sorry about that guys I told you I cannot do a video without him being able to participate somehow someway but anyway back to the courtesans like I said they were trained for years you know these girls were up-and-coming these women were up-and-coming they were trained they had to be trained on how to socialize with the floor men and is a flavoured Emily seriously wealthy men they had to understand how he how he thought they understood the conversation skills they understand his conversation ever say his likes and dislikes there is a process so once again why would you think that you're exempt from it and why would you spend this time wasting your time your image your effort and getting frustrated rather you're sitting you're dating affluent men right now and you want to take it to the next level because you understand you're stuck because that happens when I'm working with established super babies you know and I'm working with that I've worked with escorts you know they were attracting the floor men but they realized something was missing and they hired me the system for those I guess that are sorry from ground zero they'd understand that baby they gained the confidence to do it and to do it well because why put yourself out there and not not put your set yourself up for success you know the beginning stages of success why would you do that life is frustrating enough sometimes without you deliberately putting yourself in stressful situations so that's what the private tutoring is about it is about you and I you you and me us together a team really setting you up to be successful and it starts out first of the communication skills I hammer in those communication skills on you guys like I said that you will do nothing understand how to have a conversation with somebody you will do nothing successful you to understand express your particular articulate your needs through your conversation you will do not succeed if you'd understand how to take what might be a no situation and turn it in something positive or learning how to extract yourself from a situation if it's not going properly if it's not a good fit for you life is about life is ask is is is a game life is a process life is something requires skills why do you think they call life skills life skills you must learn you must be open minded you must be flexible so if you've ever thought about the private tutoring now here's my here's my criteria you if you're interested in talking in reference to a consultation for private tutoring cuz I do have some openings right now are you sure this is what you want are you willing to do the work are you willing to make the investment in yourself yes you're going to be investing money in yourself to do the private tutoring you made you invest money to get your college degrees and here's a kicker I teach you a better skill set than your college degree teaches you because your degree touch how to get your job hopefully it got you the job that you were to school for excuse me cuz know so many people are not working in the field that I went to school for and there are folks having a degree right now they're unemployed even the skills and if you're unemployed the skill well got if you're unemployed you can't apply it no reason to contact me anyway because you don't have access to the ability to invest in yourself with a go to tutoring but the skills that I'm teaching you here you can translate it into your everyday life you can translate the skills that I'm teaching you to also benefit you in your career it can benefit you if you're an entrepreneur it can benefit you it all over your life in general because you're learning how to communicate with other people you're learning how to be memorable it's not just the skills that's going to attract you in a man with money it's a skill sets gonna attract you a lifestyle a complete lifestyle so think about it if you are ready like I said to go next level and I mean you guys are in knows I'm thinking so much bigger than just simply being able to have somebody buy you like I said the stuff is great you guys know that I love the stuff this stuff is wonderful but you've got to be thinking bigger than just the stuff or you were gonna keep churning and burning men out of your life and to me that's so wasteful so so wasteful if you're making contact with affluent men why are you not learning how to establish relationship with them that can go beyond just then maybe the initial attraction or that go beyond the relationship but the relationship ends you know my thing is this don't burn your bridges no reason to and if you do this correctly you won't so if you're interested in the private tutoring if you are serious you guys some even listen to me now for a while and you've been listening to me and I guess I love your feedback I love the emails I receive from you guys I thoroughly enjoy the comments and the videos I do because I know what information sharing is starting to shift mindsets and that excites me but if you're now tired of just sitting on the sidelines I just listening and you're ready to finally you know suck it up and get some courage and gak seeds start learning how to do this then come on let's talk this is life changing guys I don't say just to say this is a fad it is life changing I know it much has changed my life over the years I've been doing this I know how changes lives of my clients the ones that really put in the energy and effort and actually follow through and continue to build on the stuff that we learn together now somebody takes it and doesn't do anything with it that's not I have nothing that has nothing to do with me that's all on them I cannot make somebody use the tools that are presented to them you know I'm saying I can only do what I can do but if someone is really willing to take it and run with it I see my clients thrive you know I've got women now that you said they're engaged I'm a woman now they are married courtesy of working with me and the skills that they learned while working with me it's possible but you must want it and be willing to do the work like I said I got you though if you're ready go ahead and click on the button and set up a consultation with me but like I said but please make sure there's some that you really do want to do that you really are ready to take ownership so to speak of your place in the world of affluent dating and in affluent lifestyle we have a blast I guess that guys we have so much fun I adore my clients we have so much fun and like I said watching them have those aha moments it you know it you can hear I know you hear my voice I get excited um but it is exciting for me because they're thriving and and it's stuff that continues to happen and open them up even after we're done with our private we're for private tutoring together it's is something that continues on in their lives it's beautiful so once again if you're interested go ahead and click on the button and set up a time to talk you guys have an awesome day and we'll talk soon bye bye

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  1. I want to sign up for mentoring so badly! But i have so much to work on that will take time and i don't want to waste yours. 6 month plan is what I'm currently working on in terms of my looks/weight then i will be ready, so much to share with you. As someone without a mother or positive female role models, your advice is priceless. Thank you so much.

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