"#PRIDE" - Prachee Mashru (UnErase Poetry)

"#PRIDE" – Prachee Mashru (UnErase Poetry)

no they don't fight no they aren't vampires that they'll bite you and your Stern no aunty they aren't Satan worshippers no they won't force your child into being gay no they won't come live in your closet no pink and puffy doesn't look gay on you know just because you prefer shirts or skirts doesn't mean you'll mistake you for a lesbian no he won't have a crush on you bro no she doesn't hit on me yes do you just like us question how does one look Kate you have to be covered and rainbows the other dressed like Lady gaga like what I don't understand I'm assuming Ellen DeGeneres Ruby Rose and Neil Patrick Harris are all really bad dressers because nobody wants to look gay when was the last time you had a guy wearing a black shorts Lee dude does it make me look straight why is it that every time I'm holding my girl's best friend's hand in public I'm being told that it's illegal hang on I'm talking to you oh look section 377 is here again you don't know what that is that is your freedom taken away in a nation known for fighting for freedom that is your freedom taken away in a nation that claims to be celebrating freedom since 1947 what speed rumor is salivating they can't marry you they want sorry we can't marry you we want I say we because why are there community why are shared people not in this community while there is community why can't there be no community how can you classify homosexuals as being different from us when we classify ourselves as heterosexuals and hetero means different how can you clap a homosexual being dispensed from up when we society stress on the fact that everyone should be different how can you class the homosexuals of being different from you and me now that will be the end of this poem I just like to include top ten things one should know one in the words of the nice Froman dear straight people gender and sexuality do different things so being a part of the LGBT community doesn't make you any less of a human three being straight doesn't make you any more of me human Fox don't they believe in hashtag bridal silver a friend gave for wearing pink $5 you will even have stark white and still call defendant a scream so she doesn't like anyone sick so if you believe in hashtag right just because everyone else does seven believe in hashtag part because we want to believe in a shack right because you asked out man believe in asset prices not just a hashtag anymore then say hashtag bad without the hashtag cause it's not a trend side [Applause]

40 thoughts on “"#PRIDE" – Prachee Mashru (UnErase Poetry)

  1. Homosexuals are different because they chose to be different get that shit right, just because you scream that shit doesn't mean society should change their standard

  2. At last supreme Court gathered some courage to decriminalise sec 377
    But all the judges sitting on that constitution bench were amazing though they were old but understood issue and scrapped sec 377 unequivocally

  3. Awesome ……..u r right gays and lesbians should have equal rights and they shouldn’t be considered different from us when technically we are heterosexuals

  4. Oh my goodness! This poem really made my day! Just loved it. It's written so well and it really brought out a new perspective and spoke wonderfully about what was already there. Thank you for this.

  5. Heard it a thousand times and still I hear it whenever I feel low, This makes all of "us" powerful, the whole community of every human. Also If Simar or anyone from Unerase Poetry reading it, we love you!!!💙 Get us more and more of such content! And ask Prachee to come to India and make more stuff for us🙃 We miss her

  6. Gay dudes are awesome. Not only they leave women for straight men, they also take away another male with them.

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