Pre-spanish era - 21st century literature from the philippines and the world

Pre-spanish era – 21st century literature from the philippines and the world

please Spanish era the pre Spanish Philippines worship neutral the Sun the Moon the animals the birds and even old trees they are exercising chants and dedicating animals for their cut they also believe in ancestral spirits called amoebas by the tagalogs and the waters by their religion wasn't clear until Spaniards came in the Philippines and introduced the Christianity five traditional clothes used by our ancestors is the behalf Mahad is also known as g-string or loincloth it is also a piece or a garment keep in place by about which covers the genitals our clothes started to change from the honey to barong Tagalog for boys to bharat saya for girls our ancestors our own way of communicating in writing way back then they used to write in each and every line and strokes has all meaning we already have by buying before Spaniard skin by buying is an Asian scrip next is witchcraft or Bunco William in Tagalog which means the exercise or invocation of eloquently supernatural powers to control people or events practices typical involving sorcery or magic next is Babylon but by land refers to the pre-colonial Philippines addition of female mystical healers whose spiritual connectedness was a source of political and social power but by land women serve as intermediaries between spiritual worlds in their communities their leadership roles are multifold warrior healer priest courtship and marriage the man is required to give a dowry or Begay kiya it was a type of dowry consisted a piece of land or called the groom's parents give a gift called Tony Himalaya Himalaya was another payment for raising the future bride during her first infancy period including the bride's nurse receive assured of dowry and it was called becasuse and as the time goes by Pam Hana was invented slaves are classified into two a leap in Siddiqui lead or homeless they are forbidden to have own funny the next is a leaping mamama hi they have their own house and family next is Freeman these are the working class nobles or Maharlika these are the rulers they were usually addressed as raha or dot o breeze Spanish literature the early form of literature during a Spanish period was classified into written or oral here are some examples – ah became da da da dum dum sambasiva at low elevation Sagwa dammit make it happen but I never ah yeah well I know finish no no they well I know penis not thank you for listening

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