Practice Corner: Sculpting Clay Faces

Practice Corner: Sculpting Clay Faces

7 thoughts on “Practice Corner: Sculpting Clay Faces

  1. Hey Fredo, Just seen this and this is the first of your Practice Corner video's Ive seen. Its so good! Really clean, film wise, great detail shots and concise and very professional. Applause for he way you are really helping people to tackle the daunting task of starting their first sculpts. I found the grey fimo so hard to use as a first timer and you really show how to make it work for people attempting this. Well done! I'll certainly be recommending people to check out your great tutorials.

  2. That came out looking great. Lucky you can use reference pictures etc. I find it harder for me when I do that. I have also tried recreating people from photos, including my mother, but I just can't do it. 🙂

    – Heidi

  3. Outstanding video. I keep finding new solutions to problems like the mineral oil rub to smooth small scrapes and depressions. Please keep up the series.

  4. Hi Fredo, take a look at this video. Jodi Creager shows how to make the lips in a much easier way.

  5. Wow! Another fantastic video! You have the ability to make it look easy, but give advice at the same time. I'm loving it!! Thank you, thank you, thank you 😊

  6. HI Fernandez ,you were suggested to me by from Kiwi originals.Im very new to clay and would love to make fairys but have been trying for months and cant get it right so—ive come over to watch your work

  7. hi, can you pls share the link where i can get the picture used both for man and woman? thanks

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