Power Carving a Lynx – Wood, Carving, Art, Sculpture

Power Carving a Lynx – Wood, Carving, Art, Sculpture

I was forced to take a break from this, because
I toasted my angle grinder. I bought a new one over the week-end. We have two days left to finish this for the
Power Carving Madness challenge. Let us hope I do not toast this one too. You know, it seems things are conspiring against
me for this project. First, I burned out my angle grinder. Then, the brushes in my rotary tool wore out. The deadline for the power carving challenge
is tomorrow. Even if I order new brushes today, they would
not get here in time for me to finish this thing and have it entered in the contest. In the mean time, I will go work on some other
things and come back to this. Well Lynxy buddy, looks like we are not going
to make it by the deadline. Gasp! They extended the deadline! We got another week, pal. Our new brushes should be here Saturday. You excited? Yeah, I can see that. It took a few days, but the new brushes for
my tool arrived. Hey buddy, what do you think? “I’m right here and you made a cat?” This is my entry for Power Carving Madness. I had some scraps of plywood lying around. I laminated them up. I used the angle grinder and rotary tool to
do a lot of the carving. I had some setbacks along the way, obviously. I did not think I was going to make it in
for this challenge. If you made it this far, thanks a lot for
watching. Who knows what animals will come out of Cammie’s

25 thoughts on “Power Carving a Lynx – Wood, Carving, Art, Sculpture

  1. You keep doing such cool stuff, I'm going to need to unsubscribe. lol Great job Cam. BTW are you coming to the ATL next week?

  2. I absolutely love this channel and one thing that I really enjoy is the amount of birds chirping in the background of alot of your videos!

  3. Me gusta mucho este animal nosotros aquí en España los tenemos protegidos y los hemos echo criar en cautividad y a ido muy bien es un animal precioso el Lince ibérico

  4. Good job Cam! Set backs can't stop you broski. I lol when you talked to bobcat😂 I'm glad you can enter I wasn't able to submit due to my own set backs

  5. Cam, probably could have made an extended video out of this. Thanks for showing your problems and solutions. Looks like this took a few hours? How long do you think it might take in walnut? How did you do in the challenge? Good to have art background. LOL!

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