Portrait Artist Of The Year 2019 - Episode 9 [HD]

Portrait Artist Of The Year 2019 – Episode 9 [HD]

hello welcome to the round chapel in Hackney where the acoustics are so good you can actually hear the palpitating hearts of our artists as they get set for the semi-final now our artists are always talking about the tonal quality of their work so perhaps today they'll talk about the tune for quality when they know who the sitter is I'm sure they'll play it by ear welcome to portrait artist of the year over the last eight weeks some of the UK's best amateur and professional artists have competed to paint striking portraits of some especially eye catching sitters make me beautiful please so many questions about this I don't know where to start the artists produce such impressive work that the judges will move to pick two winners at one heat giving us a total of nine semi-finalists I can't believe it I'm gonna be in short for a very long time now having made it to the semi-final artists are all too aware of what's at stake a place at the final and the chance to win a 10,000 pound prize to paint Sir Tom Jones for the National Museum of Wales they'll be drawing on a wealth of expertise a lot of people find hands very difficult because they think hands and then you get sausages but for any clues as to how they're doing artists must look to our judges I think we feel pleased with the artists we've got here today we have the range the quality and actually that they're competitors so under mounting pressure artists must draw on every last drop of determination to deliver their best work yet a feeling I'm not sure you will I think we need to call someone medical of the nine artists who won their heats to claim their place here today six a professional amel Nicola Archie Wardlaw Fatima Pantoja Duncan Shoesmith Katherine McDermott and Jeffrey Harrison the heat felt awesome just to be there but if you've won something you kind of get a taste for it so now it means a lot more the stakes are higher and the other three are amateur artists Sara Novell Annie Lee and Tom Mead I'm feeling terrified to be honest when I start painting sometimes you just get in the zone you can lose yourself so just pray for that really today we brought our semi-finalists to London's round travel in Hackney which opened its doors in 1871 once a place of worship it's now a popular venue for musicians and artists Wow that's amazing it's awesome isn't it the minute you walk in it has such a strong sense of place it's incredibly uplifting it's got to influence our artists and the way they make their work today we've given them quite a challenge in the semi-final we're looking for more narrative more texture so we're gonna have to get tougher with them today it's work out who's going through we understand portraits to be about what people look like and what I want the artist to do today is get beyond the surface and try to capture the spirit of their sitter and tell us all what it's like to be human in the 21st century so which 21st century celebrity will the artists be painting artists congratulations on making it through to the semi-final you may recognize the creative potential of this wonderful space but we know it's all about the face you'll be painting so let me introduce your sitter he's one of Britain's most celebrated jazz artists please welcome Courtney pine with a debut album in the UK top 40 at just 22 Courtney went on to release 16 studio albums and has an OBE and CBE for his services to music a Courtney you're very very welcome I must say I'm really excited about today cause I've never done this before never sat for a portrait never how do you think you're gonna find sitting still for four hours I'm really excited she's my favorite yes I know she brought a friend yeah and to be spending four hours with there it's not a problem so you're gonna be holding her the whole time yes if that's okay with you guys now Courtney you have synesthesia is that right well it's it's I'm a jazz musician and I improvise and I've developed this thing where I actually feel shapes for notes there's certain notes that have certain physical shapes in my mind somewhere over here you know see I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing so for you working for you and it's a wonderful space the acoustics in here are amazing could I try them would ya I would love it could I test the yeah we'd love that thank you I don't know what's gonna happen Wow now artists because you've now reached the semi-final the judges expect a little bit more so because we know Courtney's love of music we've just witnessed it I'm going to ask that you reflect that in some way in what you paid get some interesting results yes definitely so you now have four hours to complete your portrait and your time startsnow most artists would have arrived here today with some sort of plan in mind but the judges brief may have caused them to think again wow that's a great style so purple is a jazzy sort of color sort of late nights I might use the Rooney color the purple and they're like jazzy under painting to reflect it as well okay I mean however I do want to include the saxophonist obviously that's gonna be important well he keeps threatening to get me on the piano behind him so maybe we'll do a jazz you would fit in really nicely cuz he's right Katherine McDermid is a professional artist from Cumbria despite being shortlisted twice before on portrait artist of the year she never made it beyond a heat but after impressing the judges with her painting of Georgina Campbell she was awarded a semi-final place at last so you're not a stranger to the portrait artists competition do you feel you've got the semi-final and that's the achievement or are you now desperate to get into that last three because everyone's absolutely lovely yeah you can be a great brunch ability yeah you know you want to smash them into the ground as well thank you miss tremendous break face great character fantastic musicians I don't really want to have sort of musical notes flying around his head I mean the most obvious way is just to bring some of the sax in so hopefully I get some basic features in Duncan's Shoesmith lives in Wiltshire with his family and shed jewels painting around looking after the kids for his heat he painted Jody coma and for the judges his portrait had a confidence and strength that made it stand out from the rest Duncan so a great start that is one big portrait well he's a big sized chap in character it's like a biblical prophet isn't he sitting there with that huge presence you know that's the eyes of this day it's got a calm Authority I haven't painted many people with dark skin I mean I'm used to looking for yellows and blues greens in Caucasian flesh so I don't know if it's gonna be a hindrance but there's some great colors in his face I do beyond getting likeness and color tones correct artists also need to convey a sense that their subject is a real person engaged in his own thoughts I'm thinking about music I think about music 24/7 you know I'm here with my girlfriend on my lap what else can you think about but just Pleasant thoughts so I'm sitting here I can't move and these guys are having to be inspired by that you got nine amazing geezers out there having a go something that I couldn't do I'm buzzing I saw that idea of texture or context that we were asking for where are you going to bring that in do you think Sarah LaBelle grew up in the Cotswolds but plans to move to London after finishing a degree in illustration in both her submission and her portrait of James Purefoy the judge has loved her use of pale colors to show the figure against a broad sparse backdrop this doesn't seem to be quite the same way you painted James Purefoy have you taken a new approach I got quite excited by this painting oh I think it's so different to anything I've ever done before and you've gone quite small and his head's quite low down I usually have like a lot of spaceman I think so trying something completely new in the semi-final he's got very particular look those eyes I think that's gonna be quite key to getting the likeness we're trying to sort of have kind of more rhythm in the brushstrokes to try and get a sense of that musicality but see how Chris Archie Wardlaw studied classics philosophy and Mandarin at university but discovered his true vocation training at the London Fine Arts to do the judges thought he captured Beverley Knights liveliness at the heat but they also loved the way he handled the reflective set behind her Archie you have one of the most distinctive styles of painting of anyone we've had your sort of Graham's elongated gestures yeah I'm trying to use the the reach to get away a bit and yeah so you end up kind of fencing console lovely bypassed ten minutes ago and Courtney it looked like from a distance like a young Queen Victoria I think there is quite a lot of Queen Victoria in him there and you want to bring it out that's what I want to capture first she was a massive sax fan famously yeah you have to say that right thrown in the tower the artists are almost one hour into their semi-final challenge I have never painted a saxophone before and it isn't really well taken the whole thing but I really love jazz big fan so very cool I had no idea I would find these sort of colors in Courtney's skin but I'll say there's fantastic folds and layers within his face yeah there's much to be happy it's getting that feel better than when we start this nice to get something to work with the list yeah it's still a lot to do here at the round chapel in Hackney our semi-finalists are one hour into painting jazz musician Courtney Pine but true to semi final form for this particular challenge the judges have raised the bar it's a tie semi-final day you know they're not just painting a portrait you've asked for something extra well to have a sitter like Courtney pine who's got this incredible presence he's imbued with music and he kind of embodies what a jazz musician should look like we want the artists to capture something of that Courtney played them his music and that's a great insight to him as a person now I've given him a piano tie which is what I do does that says musician straight away um it's probably why I'm not in this competition and they are when you can't you walked out that's when the ideas start and by the time we can actually start painting I had something ready I might not use all the photos that I've taken but I just like some of the angles I've gotten some of the ideas and I'll pick and choose what I want use it from that really fine art degree student Tom Meade lives with his mum and dad in Essex with a passion for film and stop-motion animation he tries to capture movement in his paintings but beyond technique the judges felt he also captures something of Daniel yzma's grace so I see him we've got this fantastic frank Minh of Courtney's eye which we've seen before we saw it brilliantly in your submission and we saw it again in the heat it's slightly different here it strikes me that this is something specific to the sitter yeah definitely I'm almost quite conscious of it becoming gimmicky and that's the last thing I want I've been quite lucky with the sitter's I think I've had really nice shapes to the faces and I like to try and get that in is it quite a nice thing to paint in you're in that way that you do with all these lovely bits you can get into yeah it's nice to take sections and I think if I was at home I would be enjoying this a lot more it's just there at the moment it's just the stress oh yeah can I get all these tiny little things in there any time limit I'm not feeling too bad about the the time limit today I think there might be some sacrifices with detail key bits I think I'm good for he's got kind of in my painting a bit of a faraway look as he's cradling the saxophone which I like it's like the look of parent hands where that child is gonna sleep you know feeling content Jeff Harrison works part-time as a building manager for the London Samaritans the judges liked the detailed style of his submission but felt that by adopting a looser approach to painting matthew goode at his heat he created something with real character well already this quite a story in pain there isn't that there is I wanted to do something that approximated his synesthesia and I sort of found this mark and I thought well that's really nice it's melodious and it goes up and down and in directions you don't expect like jazz yeah I thought doing something that was about jazz as an afterthought would be a bit contrived right just writing jazz across the top yeah yeah yeah like an album cover us yeah I found it interesting when he talked about his synesthesia he said he he sees shapes up here away from his head up and yes in the background yes and they saw draws them down I think I like that I like that sort of talk well it's important to address today's brief one artist has given it so much attention that well into the second hour she's only just started on Kourtney's face Annie you're using a motif in the background yeah I thought it's quite important to make the background equally as important we certainly gave you that instruction to find a way to make it more than just the likeness so is that yeah what you think you're gonna focus on well obviously I do have to do the face as well I just think if I did just the face hmm I made a pretty it just wouldn't be enough either for you and for me straight after her heat a Neely completed her a-levels where she had four days instead of four hours to finish her work in her painting of Gina McKee she used the sitter's brooch as a motif for the background and often blends references from her sitter with hints of their surroundings you've got this sort of arch or the curve that you've put in across the top using a color that I don't see in the room with the gold I got the gold from the saxophone okay then I did the arch because of the surrounding harvest its Brown Chapel and also he was talking about how he sees shapes I always find it easier to paint people that I have something to grasp on – have you got enough yes okay I hope it's really inspiring as a jazz musician I'm always trying to inspire everybody else in the band but I've been just sitting here watching the creativity through the actions and the expressions that they're giving when they're playing their music playing their canvas when I see him smile I smile as well because I can you relate to the portrait and hopefully that will you know go through the process of painting so that's why I'm following his expression if you smile I smile if he goes like that Mangala a professional artist teacher and bus driver Emiel Nicola left Albania to study Fine Arts in Athens before settling in London he painted Adrian Lester at his Heat impressing the judges with his intense scrutiny of his subject Emile I'm exhausted looking at you you're dancing in and out and his facial expressions going on you Browning is smiling what's going on talking to my model talking to your mother I have to say I did see you pull a very upset looking face a few minutes ago yes what was that about this beard I've used a lot of whites and that could be the danger of getting chalky and would say the eyes I'm going to well I could fix it through time fix it fix it yeah yes that's that's the Nicholas for this competition the artists are allowed to use any medium they like and while many have a favorite they sometimes feel that decision is made for them can we just interrupt you for minute they what a big range of past or sometimes you don't know what they need you are going to use but the sita's tells you so today when I saw Camila bastards bastards so right away right away I don't know some techniques works better than others some things and you got the message right away you say they are originally from Spain fatima Pantoja is a professional artist and tutor now living in Hampshire the judges love the energy and riot of color in her heat portrait of David Gandy but also the clever perspective she created by choosing to include more of the figure I've noticed already that you've got the hand sketched in because he talks with them not just the instrument you need the their hand to talk as well so in this particular case it's a must for me to put them in there so there's a lot to work with I think so you just put the corners where you see them the lines would you see them the planes would you see them and they work on the hands appear a lot of people find hands very difficult because they think hands and then you get sausages the artists have just two hours left my problem is gonna be in for saxophone I need to make sure I spend some time on trying to make it look like a saxophone I'm not just a yellow splash obviously I still need to finish the face and do the hair and then the clothing and then the saxophone so not too much I think by the next hour I'd like to have finish the face but I don't know if that's actually going to happen you move around the face the whole time they suddenly said oh my god can't believe I left that there or that tones were wrong in fact I just see in the idealism there's always plenty to do here at the round chapel in London our artists have been painting Courtney pine for two hours and while many are consumed with their own progress it's hard not to notice what's happening on the other canvases well it's much life coming off yours the sax is going awesome – a bit sad I'm gonna make Courtney a bit happier okay it's halftime and you're allowed to have favorites or ones that you think are doing particularly well let's start with Tom he's using that theme that is the double face and the idea that it's all slightly sliding away he's kept that up I like that they're new he's looking at cubism and the Cubist's been ages painting musical instruments in this way so it's a really lovely reference point for us what's more figuring had a lot of space no oh he's way that he has to put something in the background to kind of tie the figure down but he seems to find a way around it so yeah bit worried about that what about Annie how is she doing I'm a bit worried about I mean I think that it's a slow start and I think there's a problem with the lightness not the fact that she's reintroduced the motif in the background it's a very distinctive style and I think that repetitive even well you know sometimes style can be repetitive into sort of identify an artist I suppose Duncan knows what he's doing I was hoping when we set out our store today that our artists would step out of their comfort zone I don't think Duncan has done that but he's a great painter but I think he's time the volume of what he normally does because that head is even hotter in a way I do you think is giving us more potentially more of what we've seen but I don't necessarily expect him to shoehorn in something which wouldn't be his approach Parcher was always full of promise when he won his heat how is he doing today there was a smoky quality as I think is very beautiful and I would like to say to him okay can you refine that without making getting too far but we know he likes to add paint on and get more detail in and I think that atmosphere this will evaporate I love watching him work I think putting him next to Catherine was ideal because they have a very sort of direct way of painting which i think is very sort of symbiotic of him two of them I mean I think Catherine's doing fantastic job I mean there's D Lots there great composition I think I'm worried about her overworking it and I think they've always wanted really well to the sitter they you know even if they've struggled at the beginning they're all just so impressed and they've really forged that connection with the sitter Tara has done that particularly because she's channeling Courtney pine on her through her headphones what do we think about the work my problem with sari is she wished strands but with lightness but having said that I feel a really strong sense of him very sense of him and his character I think there is some sort of maybe spirit capturing I think we feel pleased with the artists we've got here today we had arranged the quality and actually that their competitors so how you doing Steve I'm all right I've struck a pose and I think it's working I think it's working for me my saxophone really appreciates it she really appreciates how is the pose that you struck working out for you it's really bizarre I've never sat with my saxophone for four hours without playing her are you desperate to get your mouth absolutely it's got some amazing colours in it which some people are picking up on what are you guys judging is it marks a straight lines is it what master squiggly lines is it the color composition it's a mix it's at this an enigmatic mix and also it's a time constraint it's like it's a knockout you've got yeah Eva X a lot of time maybe like that maybe other comparison we were looking at exactly that's old-school people who remember it's an okay with portrait it might be easy to spot when something's not right far harder to work out how to fix it I need to resolve a lot in the portrait I think sure isn't kind of clear in love what do you think I'm not standing out enough well more across like there I don't know I'm not sure about it I'm not an artist yeah maybe this be darker but it's only him isn't it hopefully I was a bit worried about you idea thank you cuz I felt like there was something not quite right with the Lucas but you've done something in the last few minutes that has brought him in what has she done I don't know there's a bit around his mouth that I wasn't paying any attention to and sometimes you just sort of deal with a bit that you've neglected well just a tiny little black mark or something either the lineage sort of ties it in but you can't tell me what it is no I don't think so it's just an instinctive sort of eye color paint yeah Tommy I'm interested in your composition his chair seems to be disintegrating this face has gone I earn a bit of beard and it's actually a see there's a little pink square there which is very beautifully placed is that part of expressing Courtney's personality I mean you could almost maybe I'm reading into my homework here but you could read it like music I like that kind of looking the idea there just sometimes aesthetically something just seems to work and you just kind of go with that that's really nice way of putting it that there is kind of rhythm through it isn't yeah yeah watching you moving around there you were suffering from side to side she's really taken the music thing on boards well I put a little bit the saxophone in and also I'm relying on some sort of abstract music mood yeah getting quite tired now come on Sarah and you just got to paint that bloke over there throw a bit of music in and you're in the final the artists have just half an hour to go Annie we're gonna have to talk about the saxophone it's drawn in but it remains completely unpainted I'm not going to paint it full artistic reason tell me tell me if I painted it yeah I've become too similar to these elements to buy unfinished herbs yeah it becomes more important yeah okay can't complete it all because I haven't got enough time so I'm not sure what bits to leave out on what bits to include I'm a terrible perfectionist so and that doesn't help I'm not panicking too much yet time is running odds they don't think that I will change it in major ways I'm bitter Cupid a really economical with my brush strokes brought some musical elements in please the bosses and shot or completely shot pair of conversations go on just about hanging in there Courtney pine has been resisting the temptation to play his saxophone for nearly four hours and the pressure to capture that on canvas is taking its toll Duncan how you feeling fairly Spang you're a shell of a man on you we gave some sugar no I I'm not sure you well I think we need to call someone medical a bit more soot in the saxophone I like to affect the hands a bit how long we've got left 20 minutes or something yeah maybe I'll have enough time and behold artists it is decreed you only have ten minutes left I have to correct a little bit a saxophone so I think if I don't get distracted and I stick to that bit I should be fine a voice just relieved that I've got a face down and there's two hours and those in the mouth or three are smokers artists you have five minutes I'm quite resilient so I think that is helping me struggle on through I don't really even quite tell it's a saxophone artists your semi-final challenge is over it's time to down tools and step away from your portraits after four hours observing the artists hard at work it's time for Courtney to see what they've produced [Applause] you did it I didn't do anything well you did actually you sat there very well you would be really concentrated do you have an image in your mind of what each of those paintings looks like not really I don't really look at myself that much when I look at pictures I look at the saxophone okay you know blur me out well I've got a shot for you because you've got nine pictures of you about to be turned around so cook it a little bit freaky in here explode are you ready for this no artist can I ask you to please turn your easels he done it yeah oh wow amazing well done right let's have a closer look this is brilliant what I like is the saxophone and the detail about you oh yeah I'm in there somewhere it's very thoughtful it's like looking for something searching different feeling totally the saxophone and Mia or one it's almost as if it's another limb ah this is royal you got the glistening straight to the sacks every time first [Laughter] is I don't know about the geezer in there this is brilliant there is so much radiance and energy coming from this picture it's alive isn't it yeah and I love the expression thank you I love the way the act of making music is incorporated the geezers they're like he's a Beasley he is happy it is so good they're shapes the saxophone is in another dimension and the expression searching for something else it's like the sound is traveling you can see the sound traveling out of the horn the Bell sort of electricity or something it is it's moving it's moving it seems like you've captured a moment the importance is on the person which is me but there is a saxophone there into saxophone it's so fragmented a picture of many dimensions that's really not open they've all been very unique but this one is over there [Laughter] right Courtney yep you've got nine portraits here I want all nine you can't have nine oh you're gonna table one who serious after is one one that one there's modesta caught me shows me the words they used like I think that's the nicest things anyone's ever said about my artwork before is quite special [Applause] while the artists take a break outside the judges share their initial thoughts on today's portraits burn off so with a collective noun for a group of courtney pines is a tremolo or a scale of Kourtney's but we have nine extraordinary portraits I think we've had a really strong semi-final well it wasn't just corny fine it was corny pine with saxophone yeah I think they all responded to the brief including the musicality in some form Sophie Starr with Katherine you know the compositions fantastic I've always liked the week has been puts paint down it's very clean the colors are beautiful and shieff has good understanding with surfaces and there's fantastic eyes that was so expressive throughout the whole day it's got an incredible sensitivity to it I think okay Archie there's a sort of tenderness to this painting he sort of caught him almost in a melancholic way with that sort of smoky quality that he uses of all the instruments his isn't my favorite and then we have Jeff he's caught Courtney's expression which was slightly tired but on I think their heads rather small though isn't it does feel like his sly might be out of proportion I think he is a little bit on the small side he might be one of those artists who likes to play a little bit with perspective and scale Fatima's exuberant colorful Courtney she's added a jazz eNOS to it with geometric shapes coming at the sexes going when he pushes it over the edge of it for me you've got the feeling that he was desperate to play the thing that it had music in it and he wanted to get at him so I think she got a bit of that here we have Duncan's strong symmetrical portrait feels you know tender those don't feel like sort of menacing are is a tool there's a nice way that he holds your gaze what I feel when I look at the portrait is it's almost as if I've gone beyond the music and I'm closer to the man who is Courtney then we have Annie every bit of mechanism on the sex when is drawn in actually works very well being left white do only 18 she's only just on her a level hope she gets major A's and I really think that Annie is someone to keep an eye on right and then we have Emile mo went quite fast had something really interesting and I think he probably could have held back a little bit more that wonderful dynamism we were worried that he would lose it by this stage but actually I think he's sort of managed to keep it what about Sarah I was asking about likeness and she actually said you know I approached likeness from what I feel about the person and if she caught him in a sensitive enough way that music county's new counselor and I think it he's a very sensitive portrait I think you know introducing this new kind of richer complex color palette she was sort of letting us in to this Gigi oh I'm watching her experiment even there was a very sad public thing that she's doing and then at the end Tom I feel with Tom I'm looking at a film like the matrix or something very clever he responds to what's in front of him and I get that feeling when I look at his work that I get drawn into a different world its own rules I mean you have nine fantastic portraits there and well he what a big range to juice yeah go for it thank you in order to identify three finalists the judges consider not just what's on canvas today but also potential I find this stronger than that one what this artist I think he's more mariska than that one we've also got two very solid artists here so if we're gonna take a risk just take this right and they put those lot last three seeds we have a good spread I mean we've got three very specific styles so we're gonna get three very different looking commissions I could live with all three of these yeah artists it's been a pleasure to accompany you this far through the competition and we're hugely appreciate all your efforts but as you know only three of you can progress to the final and the judges have made their decision the first artist to make it to the final is Tom Meade the second finalist is Duncan Shoesmith the third finalists is saara Laval that was probably the most intense thing that I've ever done in my entire life the talent was incredible this round so I thought yeah I fully just did not expect my name to be cleared out I'm completely overwhelmed to realize that I'm so happy simply add to class myself as a finalist is just incredible no matter how well you think you might paint I think on the days you just can't call it it's been really really tough but just so exciting a thrilled I should have a glass of something go home to Wilshire see the kid give me big hug and they'll be beside themselves I think and I specs that's when the emotion will come out reach the final [Applause] this was our first semi-final ever everybody painted a wonderful painting it's a really hard decision and we chose saara Tom and Duncan because we feel like we've got three really interesting artists sriracha's intriguing she's young she does it in a strange way we've got Tommy's that there's a very distinct visual language and you've got Duncan who always produces these very solid paintings so I'm really excited about this final and to see what they do next to find out about next year's competition visit our website Sky Arts artist of the year TV

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  1. I cannot keep every bodies name straight to even make a comment on which paintings I prefer. Good for all of you who can.

  2. Duncan's and Tom's were pretty good choices but I'd have gone with Catherine's instead of Sarah's… Sarah's was poorly composed and a bit chalky for my taste…

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