Portrait Artist Of The Year 2019 - Episode 8 [HD]

Portrait Artist Of The Year 2019 – Episode 8 [HD]

welcome to the Wallace Collection where today's artists seem to have a thing about poultry one of them's ground chicken bones into his paint while another ones cracking eggs on her pallets now egg tempera has been used by many artists in very great murals including the Sistine Chapel so they're in good company exactly I read about that in a hen cyclopรฆdia that's enough its portrait artists of the Year 2019 of today's nine hopeful artists for our professional Martin Ireland Olga Elise a Duncan Shoesmith and Colleen Peck it's exciting I'm feeling okay you know painting portraits I like walking a tightrope anyway sometimes you crash and burn sometimes you get a result and five are amateur Emily wolf Tom meet Tasha Davey Toby Michael and Becca train I am most worried about is they tend to look a bit like prawns when I do them and hoping that it comes together and it's not just a muddy mess these artists will be faced with three surprise celebrity sitters I was hoping for somebody interesting but this really takes the risk with only four hours to complete a portrait I'm on the ropes you just gotta have a bit of blind faith and crackle there talent will be scrutinized by our expert judges independent curator Kathleen Soriano award-winning artist Tai Shan Shirin burg and art historian Kate Bryan if he messes it up I think it would be one that I might not recover from at stake is a 10,000 pound commissioned to paint global singing legend Sir Tom Jones for the National Museum of Wales so who can paint under pressure because that everything could go wrong at this point and claim a place in the semi-final do you look very relaxed and calm do you feel well it's alright don't need to become Wow before the contest begins the judges review the self-portraits the artist submitted well judges another wall as glorious as ever the first picture here a very inventive use of a very domestic time we all understand brushing our teeth listen to ourselves literally in the mirror what I think works really well is that the fragmentation somehow focuses the eye on the two self-portraits and if you look at the smaller one it's absolutely precious I think this is something very frank about this one completely looking at us take me as you find me it's partly to do with its stylization I think you know the eyes are made slightly larger there's a very sort of graphic quality to the face but a wonderful rich red background now this is painted from an old photograph which is used to do the modern painting that seems to me something quite majestic you know that feeling when maybe you turn your face towards the Sun yet the hero artist deep in thought the classes are such a brilliant thing they're oversized the clothing seems oversized but nothing really de tracks from the intentness of that gaze it's almost illustrative in its level of detail but it's also very painterly if you look at the neck you can see the complexities of colors that she's used I think it speaks of a completely different artistic tradition it feels like it's Eastern European and tastes can be different things in different parts of the world I like the way she's arranged her body as an abstract shape it looks very beautiful you can feel the weight of the face and the way he's built it it really is a architectural structure it's just a sort of lovely grubby honest bit of painting very inventive and I like the idea that he's uses a fragment of a mirror you can see it's broken off well you want something that surprises us and that's exactly what this did the treatment of the face is really interesting cuz this side you've got natural light in this side the electric light if he doesn't get the lighting right today I'll be quite disappointed the skin tones are beautifully painted those lips are fantastic and there's a gentleness to the way in which she's portrayed himself it's very rare to find a convincing laughing portrait but this one works she is actually laughing the eyes are correct the way the nose bunches up the cheeks everything about it is full of joy it's time to reveal today's three mystery sitters artists your sitter today is best known for her emotive and compelling TV roles whether as an abducted teenager in 13 or the home-wrecking other woman in dr. foster it's Jody coma more recently Jody's received global critical acclaim for her role as a psychopathic assassin in the smash hit TV series killing Eve are you feeling about today okay yeah I'm excited I'm really looking forward to seeing what you guys do I'm a bit of a fetcher but I'll be on my best behavior yeah a bit of fidgeting is allowed isn't it occasionally artists your sitter today is a film actor who fled to the darker side as one of Voldemort's evil Snatchers in the Harry Potter films so please have your wands and your paintbrushes ready and welcome Nick morale Nick's prominent career spans three decades in theater film and television having first shot to fame as Eddie the card shop in cult British gangster film Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels well Nick you paint a little yourself yeah yeah I'm just above terrible terrible glass exactly terrible plus a bad – now you brought your tote with you yeah my I'm a big fan of Columbo no it was I just thought I'd break the color up a little bit because I saw that it was blue and I'm wearing blue instead of leaving it in the cloakroom downstairs I thought I throw it over my lap and give you something to do artists your sitter today has been described by fashion bible Vogue magazine as England's most eccentric dresser I think it's fair to say his mantra is more is more please welcome Daniel Lismore artist celebrity stylist and fashion icon Daniel has designed outfits for stars including Nicki Minaj Rita Ora and Mariah Carey I'm gobsmacked Daniel I didn't know whether to shake your hands or kneel before you and pledge my you look absolutely stunning good morning we're morning where can you talk us through the look or is it um I don't know I live my life as art and this is just this is what happened this morning right so what are you looking for today just a tight close-up of your face is that what you wanted to paint I thought I'd give you options you know like I thought I'd give you something to look at well you've certainly done that it's just an amazing array of detail and extraordinary stuff for you to get your teeth into as soon as someone sells just like sit down on a chair you automatically think oh my god how do I sit down on a chair what sort of eye line would work for you all I like quite confrontation what are we going to do about the coat I think it looks fantastic how is yeah I'm not sure that sort of hang on is there any way you'd like Daniel to sit if it's okay with the other two artists face somewhere around there okay that's fine good luck yeah they do artists I hope you're feeling inspired because your challenge is about to begin you have four hours to complete your portraits and your time starts now most of today's artists are starting by focusing immediately on their canvas but one is more concerned with the character of her sitter can take a picture of you do you gonna do a laugh or did you undress mile or whichever you whatever you do would you rather something up yeah do you feel like that captures your personality better than a straight face that's going to think I'm a fun person yeah that should be perfect thank you I'm really happy with my sister she's such a beautiful lady who just glows and I decided to take a photo of her smiling because I think that's what came out more than like a serious face at 17 years old a level student Tasha Devi is the youngest artist in this year's competition her self-portrait took 24 hours to complete and impress the judges with its expressive quality Tasha we thought your submission really stood out because it was such a convincing laughter it wasn't even just a smile I'm quite excited to see here that you've caught an expression as well we see teeth mix we so rarely see on the year yeah I really just like to capture the personality the most because I like to tell like a story of my pieces and I could tell we're seniors I met her she was such a lovely puppy person and I thought I just have to capture it yeah you're quite brave with this game yeah what leads you to that sighs it just allows me to get in so much more detail but tonally you've got loads more work to do haven't you because you've given yourself a lot more of a surface area so you've made it harder for yourself yeah Duncan you've gone off like a rocket a beautiful light is already Oh bless you now I understand that like me you have a small kids yeah so like me have you come here today for a bit of a rest yes it's lovely nibblies duncan Shoesmith is a professional artist from Wiltshire he juggles painting at home in his garage with raising his three young children who were pivotal in his preparation for today to train I kept the door open so that the kids coming in and knowing asked me questions spilling stuff knocking stuff over to get used to the interference of today and the annoyance it's very bad radio reception there so I've had the radio on so just intermittently cutting in and out so if I come running up to you and shout traffic reports in your ear – all right well Martin I saw the look in your eye when when Daniel came in yes what do you make of it we have a fabric situation here metallic fabric if I'd known I brought my metal paints it's quite a challenge it is it's not a portrait it's the fashion Steve Martin Ireland is a professional artist from London having taught life drawing classes for over 20 years he's developed a unique approach for betraying any sitter you've made an incredible start you're intimidated by this now you just have to open minded sister say what am I looking at I think you're allowed to read into it thank you what you like fairy tales nightmares as a king a queen you could not have expected a more unusual challenge now and you're smiling at the well nobody has come dressed for the occasion quite like Daniel one artist has carefully considered his wardrobe for today I'm wearing the same shirt I wore in my self-portrait through my favorite shirt it's not like a trademark or anything but you know it's brought me luck so farming can't be that bad Toby Michael is in his final year at Winchester School of Art having successfully featured item of clothing in his submission painting he's planning something similar today Toby how's it going look he's doing a wire that's definitely Nick Moran yeah I've scaled them down a little bit because I wanted to get a bit of that coat in there are you gonna include that you think I'm just waiting to see it breaks off a little bit they actually works well with his skin tone okay good luck those the artists are one hour into their challenge you've just gotta have a bit of blind faith right there disaster like not we all pull through he does crackle slow start getting all the gridding done still at that kind of problem-solving stage it's getting there it's gonna be a favorite challenge all that metal and which head to our paint first I was hoping for somebody interesting but this really takes the risk competing for a place in the semi-final our nine artists are into their second our painting actors Nick Moran Jody coma and fashion designer Daniel Lismore whose appearance has led to some bold compositional decisions the face is the most important thing and thankfully there's enough outfit from shoulders up so I think that captures enough of him but it's a lot more to take on here so I would say a fine art degree student Tom Meade is studying at the University of Arts Wimbledon influenced by a love of cinema he aims to create motion in his paintings some are very taken with your approach we've got not just one portrait there but all these were fractions I wanted to get something that gives you a sense of moving around here moving in the room there's some nice angles in there that you can't quite get place on and I'd like to include that somehow and is that because it gives you a sense that it can be sort of a multi-faceted view of someone mmm definitely I'm really inspired by the film the idea of a painting be more of a film still that has a bit of movement so you get the idea of what's going on in that scene more than just a photograph which is also a tenet landscape getting more like 16 by 9 and feeling of a film our colon allows even though I approached you with some trepidation really because I understand there are ground chicken bones or worse yes if you grind the middle wings of a chicken bone into the gesso it gives me the desired ground that I like to work on okay I mean my neighbors and friends just keep sort of saving chicken bones I come home with his bags on my front doorstep as soon as you know why they're there that's fine if I came to find a bag of chicken bones on my doorstep I'd move a former bricklayer Colin Pethick became a professional artist after a back injury stopped him from working but it was another life-changing event that led him to entering the competition now colleague there's a picture of someone over there how would you tell me about them well that's my dear departed wife unfortunately she was an artist I lost to her back in October I'm sorry did you know it's okay it just yeah so really why I'm here today is part you know she loved the program like I did and you know she always encouraged me to do it I didn't it wasn't till she was gone I was so busy nursing her that I had the time to actually enter you know so so you know I brought that up you know she's with me like so the why right coin right – yeah she would have loved to have been here well you're here because of her yeah that's it yeah thank you each week our sets reference a period or movement in art history what's today's theme the contemporary take a playful interpretation of the Baroque era and the Baroque era okay so we have the opulence of the Baroque era so we have beautiful draperies we've got a play on marbling because marble is ubiquitous in the Baroque here and behind us is a stylized version of candlelight if we generally think of the Baroque era we think of drama we think of dark and light Kyra's guru we know that Caravaggio the great baroque painter used candlelight to great effect and so this is a contemporary version of it and emanates behind me it does hint religious symbolism of the halo too don't you think yeah which fits perfectly into the block how is Jodi doing is the sitter she's very beautiful and as a portrait painter of course when once well lived in ravaged faces there's lots of paint but her bone structure is beautiful and an artist Lee rather well I'm super excited I've actually never had the poetry it's painted of me before I'm quite a fidget so for hours being spelled to me was gonna be a challenge but no it's been really enjoyable it's okay to theme of the day I'm assuming is Mediterranean swimming pool we're in the baroque okay so you could be transported to a Mediterranean swimming pool but it'd have to be in the 17th century so Nick behind us has brought a Macintosh which is I assume a welcome yes I think it's most of the artists have something else to engage with they may or may not paint it he might be disappointed he's a very good success it's very still quite composed quite calm my cheekbones good cheekbones and I think the blue offsets him it's quite cool seeing they should do well with him as long as I'm not too old to bald and too ugly I'll be perfectly happy that says a lot to be ten years younger please thank you now Kathleen this set behind this what's that about this set is really celebrating the way in which we're rock painting often used fabric or drapes and to suggest that luscious nurse there are lots of rich Velvets or brocade we've got rather a Barack Souter what do you think of he's the most perfect person to sit for a broad day I mean Daniel is just a rock personified in the 21st century is really quite special I love art I love artists any art is great and if they capture me in segments or they don't put my face in it or they don't put the jewelry in it it'll be great whatever they do as if completing a portrait in four hours isn't challenging enough one artist is using a medium that requires skillful last-minute creation to make tempura you want to separate the white of the egg from the yolk and then you roll the egg yolk around on a bit of kitchen roll or in the palms of your hands pierce it and you just want the inside you don't want the sack mix that with water and then I just choose a little bit deserve pigment and I mix them together with your palette knife tempera has that great translucent quality the colors glow through Emily Wolfe is an amateur artist from Dorset she painted Sol Campbell in portrait artist of the year 2014 and has since swapped her palette of oils for egg tempera an ancient and demanding medium Emily tell me does tempera dries at the moment you put it on pretty much yeah and then you can layer it immediately put another layer yeah so how do you make sure that your palette doesn't dry out it does it does I just keep mixing new bit okay well it sounds like a painstaking technique so I'll let you get on with it thank you the mouth is quite challenging because Daniels wearing like really big theatrical lipstick so I can see his lip line and where he's painted the lipstick on around that and I don't know which one to go with how to get up in there how to have that reading is not like I've just done a big red swish amateur artist Becca train is an office manager from Kent despite showing artistic talent at school she gave up painting for over a decade until a recent life drawing class reignited her passion Becca I've known Daniel for quite a few years now you've caught something of him which is getting close to a sort of a glower which you do seems from sometimes nice professional photographs why is that the look that spoke to you I think it's the whole headdress and crown and stuff isn't I kind of like regal or German evolved key about it you definitely caught the dramatic side of him I mean not that he's remotely dramatic in all of that out there now Olga this is a most brilliantly impactful painting why have you chosen to use these colors because I like putting unusual colors for skin tones right to make it in my style to make it interesting professional artist Olga Elysee is from Moldova now based in London she hand paints luxury fashion accessories and describes her painting style as fantastic reality is this in the tradition of your painting from your home back in Moldova I learned to paint when I was a very young girl I went to children school of art and I learned to paint from life I think but my technique is quite traditional but the colors makes it very modern well it's very good I hope you're enjoying a snow because it's such a strange experience the artists are almost halfway through their challenge with two hours left to complete their portraits it's pretty terrifying but this is not normal conditions this hobble journey is full of anxiety more than a usual painting one bedroom my main problem is trying to like not be overruled by it is like being in an exhibition of your own work whilst you're doing it which is quite strange and one of those people that wing it so you just start with a mistake and just keep correcting those mistakes it's kind of a life philosophy really for an artist this is hard work Feuer north this is like reading out your first draft before the rubbish gets taken out it's baring your soul really I have two car crash my way through an emergency next the Apollo 13 syndrome I had to find it air-breathing afraid is advertised role and bit of citibank plastic here at the Wallace Collection nine competitive artists are two hours into therefore our challenge painting Daniel Lismore Jody coma and Nick Moran I do a lot of demonstrating you see I don't get to paint anybody's hands on with this chat I'm not the judge so halfway through what are the judges thinking little roundup of how they're doing hmm Jody is sitting very still she's got Duncan over there using big slabs of color I like what Duncan's doing is the kind of painting was actually good to watch emerge Judy is a rather more refined creature than I see in his painting and I'm hoping that will eventually come through next time is Emily very different style she's focusing more I think on that translucency that she loves to get from the tempura but I want to see that come to life a little bit more she keeps going the egg tempera should come into its own and we should get a very different quality to everybody else's in the section to our left we have the extraordinarily dressed Daniel when Daniel came in I thought this is too much information and all of them in some way I've doing rather well Thomas has been lovely from the word go and it's the kind of art what you would form a protective fence around that you don't anything to go wrong producing something that's really sensitive I'm just keeping my fingers crossed if he messes it up I think it would be one that I might not recover from Becca is giving us something quite luscious I like the scale of it like the color tone the energy as opposed to Tom I think Becca's problem might be not enough time Nick Moran in the final segment Tilly took a long time my god he took a long time to get going but the stories then is building up nicely he stalks off putting all the coat and stuff I know he's got time to do that and Collin seems to be trying to find Nick both working or a more paint onto his canvas but I like the way he puts paint down I think all the colors are working really beautifully I think he probably would get like this we know how good a painter is me submission he's still got a couple of powers maintaining their focus under pressure can be demanding for the artists but what's it like for their sitters sit there and do nothing sounds far less tiring and as it is you know you trying to concentrate you're trying to maintain something for them I'm not delivering coal you know this exactly what are in the night thought you still have a freedom to me of all scratchy days if you should feel the need to I'm gonna clear what to expect that's this mr. Clayton part yeah I think used to be the model for life during classes years ago some kind of yeast to it but I never had any anything on in those days so it's very different no matter who the sitter is every face has its own challenging characteristics slowly the face is getting tighter you're aware that say on the cheek no I'm not I'll enroll my cheek pass that it's gonna come in and then the duo will connect here your little shadows the name is obviously not just a triangle what's the bone doing there you know all this cracking both touch and this is what I'm used to dealing with now Tom a startling sitter yeah yes quite hot face would be quite hard to get them like this underneath all the yeah gear yeah yeah but you have and that's why I think it's remarkable that you've actually been able to strip away this stuff that Daniels rate enough to get a really good likeness do you feel the pressure of the time yeah definitely that's that's gonna well I thought that'd be the main issue into having overcome the initial surprise at their flamboyant sitter the artist painting Daniel have progressed with varying interpretations and I mustn't oh hello keeping yourself enough to do yes more than enough you've got a Mineola tip down to blow the knees yeah it's the whole story it's the fabric sister clothes that's his story is something about the chainmail he looks like a knight going into battle that's it it's his armor plating right it's his protecting veil and that's the time you given the paint in its idle yeah the artists have just half an hour left and are feeling the pressure it's terrible can I come back tomorrow do four more hours on top of this four hours please it's okay he's never been completely happy with what you do otherwise just stop there's always room for improvement I can't even like think where I am right now if I stopped for a minute I probably have a panic attack or something it's like climbing a mountain and it's getting steeper twisting that little pebble up that mountain is getting harder as again to the detail mostly worried about the eyes I need to get them perfect for a carry-on anything else they can completely ruin a painting if you've messed that up nine artists are nearing the end of their for our challenge painting Nick Moran Jody coma and Daniel Lismore feels like everything could go wrong at this point I just gotta make the most of the time that's left I think but it's just make sure I don't ruin it yeah I kind of have to watch it because I can sort of kill it sometimes push it over a cliff so you can overwork things you know it's got to a point I don't want to muck it up I think there's a lightness there I think there's a nice balance within the picture to take it on to a whole new level of pride days artists you have 10 minutes left it's a race against time now to get as many details in as they can because that's what I want to show with tempera but I don't know if I'm gonna get enough yeah doing a few little details here and there not doing anything huge because I think the huge stuff has already been done hopefully I kind of want to go run around the room and the kick everyone else is ezel over okay aha now I'm the only one Martin what can you do now to make it a mile studies try and pick up a little itty bit the glitchy bit artists your time is up please put down your equipment and stand away from your easels it's time to reveal the completed portraits of Daniel Lismore Nick Moran and Jody coma and for them to pick their favorite to keep well Nick you've completed your sitting are you relieved I've never worked harder [Laughter] no I'm intrigued more than relieved I mean you know I really want everybody to do themselves justice and I'm really clean to see everything okay artists turn your easels round Wow they're all excellent and they all represent something slightly different as well it's the same face thinking thinking three different things it's a very interesting choice of colors and I like the way that the painting hovers between detail and deliberately vague abstract background you want to look more because you want to know what that man is thinking that's tremendous in the time frame and you've got the raincoat what I'm struck most by is the boldness of the brushstrokes the closer you get the more you can appreciate the strength of the paint now you have to make a choice one only to take with you home eeny meeny miny moe I'm gonna opt for Colin's uh I thought house I'll sign the others [Laughter] Jody how was it it was good it was a lot easier than I thought it was gonna be only because I fidget elaborate it was strangely therapeutic so let's not delay any longer artists please turn your easels oh my gosh I feel like there's a real strength I really like the colors I think it's amazing love the hair thank you it's incredible there's something about the mouth on this which I feel this spot on I love the color as well again the hair the ability to take a picture capture an emotion and then imitate the smile like fire is such a scale I love the green of the ice right Jody need you to pick one of these to take home with you my heart's really pounding and I'm sorry um I think Emily's artists please turn your easels I love them that's good it looks like my auntie strangely they're beautiful I want all of them I love how you've captured the fabric and I can see all the things that I dislike about myself in there also which is you know a true representation it really looks like me usually when people paint me is too clean and I can see that I'm tired in this it's amazing thank you very much you've captured how I feel right now and you've got the eyes right it's kind of like a nightmare version of me I love it so Daniel you're gonna have to pick one of these to take home with you one and only one I think because it makes me feel like I'm being haunted by my own self I think I will take home your one thank you thank you well the artists take a break the judges discuss the day's works Colin was really keen to get the paint down and find Nick within the paint and I think he succeeded actually there are sections of that herd that we should own very well you know Nick's right eyes beautifully painted the nose really well observed topi submission was so brilliant and I feel that we're getting partly towards what you can achieve here there are moments which are just absolutely stunning their forehead and that I just going towards the nose they just beautiful Olga's portrait of Nick to date was stymied somewhat by the lack of invention I love her stylization I love looking at art that is slightly outside of our taste range but done very well and their submission certainly was that these colors are wild Beck is brilliantly ambitious she went for this very big head but I think she pulled it off he does have a sort of glower that he can put on and I think she captured that I think it's a fabulous likeness I think what Tom does really well is he's really captured that stately grace that daniel has there's this filmic quality but there's also a really human quality I was so excited when I saw Martin start this morning I thought hey here's somebody's gonna tackle Daniel in all his glory as the day wore on it lost its vitality he left painting the face too late it's not that unfortunately Tasha was very ambitious producing such a large head she needs a lot of time to get all the detail in that really makes her paintings work I think she's treated the skin exceptionally well I think she could have done a better job if it was smaller today I think Emily caught an incredible intensity from Jody Stern but beautiful what she's done today is lovely Duncan's been able to capture the lighting on Jody and there's some fabulous colors in the shadows here the fragmentation with the paint on the face slightly irritates and distracts me but overall I think it's a fabulous portray study before choosing the winning portrait the judges narrow their selection to a shortlist of three we've got to make advance today there's a very powerful three there they all seem to make each other stronger by being together I'm actually very happy with those three as well artists it's been a pleasure and a privilege to watch your creative talent and your commitment today we've enjoyed your being here as you know the judges are only allowed to select three artists two short list and the first artist on that short list is Duncan Shoesmith and the second artist is Tom Mead the third artists to be shortlisted Toby Michael commiserations to the rest of you it doesn't mean that we didn't appreciate your work and enjoy its success so thank you very much indeed to fill this post in semi final is very exciting but I don't know if my money would be on me [Applause] taking into consideration the submissions the artists entered with alongside today's portraits helps the judges pick their winner six very powerful portraits looking at us definitely we're very pleased with our shortlist this afternoon great so we have Duncan's first of all Jodi's almost Sculptra informant he was really looking for that construction of her head the power comes from the way Duncan puts on paint if there's a confidence in it there are similarities that he's so portrait and his portrait of Jody in the way the marks and the palette is used it's just such a powerful portrait I just think that Duncan is someone who knows exactly who he is as an artist it was a good painting all day really then we moved to the nocturnal world of Toby there's some beautiful brilliant touches and there is a kind of melancholy narrative that comes from the painting the way in which he absorbed the colors from the background made it sing harmoniously with Nick's jacket just very clever Toby's submission is absolutely sensational it's got a maturity I think he's full of potential and then Thomas used another fractured face is that trick he's used before or was there had been a development well I think what he does is really authentic Tom doesn't use this way of composing reality as a trick it's just incredibly striking to see someone so young and be able to produce to really arresting paintings when you look at Tom self-portrait you see it is an exercise in the art of looking and he does it with such simplicity and grace I think Tom had got better today there's a completeness of the vision in his portrait of Daniel he just stepped up so how you gonna choose between these three we've had too good a day I mean it's it's a really high quality problem right well I look forward to seeing how you solve it Duncan Toby Tom we usually at this stage choose one person to go through to the semi-final however the judges today have found it so difficult to make one selection because the standard has been so high so we're putting two artists through to the semi-final the first of these artists is Duncan Shoesmith and the second artist going through to the semi-final today is Tom Meade Duncan phobias paintings worth incredible so she couldn't ask for anything better so happy I'm feeling quite speechless at the moment quite overwhelmed disappointed myself but there's been a really really wonderful experience I thought Tom and Duncan's portraits were excellent they both deserve to go through yeah extraordinary who'da thought blown away semi final just gotta go in there charging we've had an incredible day we've had some really good art it was so good in fact all three of us felt that in our shortlist were two really good artists on the one hand we had Duncan great painter great understand of how to manipulate paint produced beautiful portraits on the other hand with young Tom evolving from his self-portrait today he went up a gear and we really want to see what they're gonna produce in the semi-final to find out about next year's competition visit our website Sky Arts artist of the year TV you

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