Portrait Artist Of The Year 2019 - Episode 7 [HD]

Portrait Artist Of The Year 2019 – Episode 7 [HD]

welcome to the Wallace Collection where each week we forced nine portrait artists to confront nine blank canvases now that could be a problem for one particular artist because he's used to painting huge murals on street walls well that's right up our alley Joan I can't think of two presenters who are more Street than us welcome back to portrait artist of the year 2019 of the nine artists taking part today for our amateur Sharon Wright Annie Lee Emily Sharples and Catherine noon I enter this competition because I watch it every year they get so excited watching it and just makes me want to draw and get in there enough ago and joining them are five professional artists Nick wey Jian hoon Adam Liu Lucy Paz Kushner Suleiman but and Phil Tyler I love painting great majority of my time is sort of small snatched moments in the studio so to have a whole day to pain it's great selected from thousands of applicants today's artists have already proved their skill what made you enter all the press day is of course but they must now show the judges what they can do in just four hours I don't actually know how this can turn out so good we like that they'll have to do justice to one of three famous faces as a British girl keep calm and carry on all four amazing prize a 10,000 pound commissioned to paint singing legend Sir Tom Jones for the National Museum of Wales only one artist could go through from today's heat so who will make it to the semi-final come on Lucy it's okay I'm just gonna pretend that I don't love you it's fine I stay here the whole day [Laughter] as the artists prepare for their challenge the judges examine the self-portraits that got them here well here we are at the wall and here he is very much this is me Here I am fantastic sense of light that he's caught it's a very urban portrait does those feels like there's some kind of graffiti wall behind him what drew me to this portrait was a slightly malevolent look I think she's just focusing really really hard and what I really like about this is the way that the glasses dissolve into the cheek that's so beautifully painted I think it's really intriguing and I think she's absolutely not malevolent toy do you dress as glamorously as this when you paint I was drawn to this because we are used to the artists at work in front of their easel this is a version of it that nobody's ever seen and they are fantastic detailed that eyelash shadows on her cheek and it's incredibly well painted transparent Mac so there's technically some very virtuous of pieces of painting in them now this is intriguing but something that's actually quite restful and peaceful it's also full of tension and then all this text sitting on the banner behind I can't quite make it out but you just know that this artist is actually trying to tell you something right the girl without the Pearl Earring I was gonna say the same thing the whole thing's really heightened by the fact that they've gone for that quite direct gaze we're slightly above looking down at her and she just seems to come almost through the centuries veering out from the light can't be bothered yeah but just really well drawn it's just funny and direct and I just love it you know exactly what that feels like to do that so to push your eye around this seems to be starting its own genre sort of folk art anatomical but it's absolutely no denying that this just works as an image that you keep looking at it's a sort of an image almost more than it's a painting once you've been a Klimt it does have a spiritual feeling this is extraordinary sort of interesting 40 look but then the pink crown what I much prefer actually there was the eyes I think they're really beautifully painted and I think she gets away with that sort of contrived crown because everything else is so well done now there's something going on here this gentleman throwing shapes in the loo yeah it's very eccentric almost like a piece of dark theatre then he's setting up a kind of mini drum for himself to get in to do some painting he wants the stars this show is the loo and he's only look this is where we're we're all going to end up exactly where I'm gonna put myself this is where my phone's going have a look at what I've just done I think it's time to move on ready to start a new portrait the artists are about to meet today's mystery sitters artists your sitter today is a celebrated actor she's won critical acclaim for strong and complex leads in film and on television like The Borgias atonement Notting Hill please welcome Gina McKee also starring in popular dramas like line of duty and bodyguard Gina's enjoying an extensive career earning a string of accolades including a BAFTA for her role in our friends in the north how are you going to occupy your mind do you think I'm not entirely sure I've never done anything like this before so I'm very interested in watching you and the people watching you that would be entertaining and keep me amused artists your sitter began her career on the cobbled streets of Quarry she went on to star in hobby city Lewis and Waterloo Road it's Angela Griffin as well as a host of film and TV roles playing everything from a hairdresser to a detective Angela's not frightened of gritty theatre starring and dystopian thriller building the wall are you ever sat for a portrait before I might have had a caricature done in Magaluf at some point in my life yeah other than that no so what you're looking for today in a portrait something flattering something warts and all I think I'd like something really honest I mean not not too warty artists your sitter took the West End by storm with his sensational performance in Hamilton please welcome the fantastic Jamel Westman just one year after graduating from Rada Jamel was cast as the lead in the hit musical Hamilton the row that saw him nominated for an Olivier Award this is rather modest stage by comparison nonetheless you shine it got the floorboards got the rounds okay how would you like him to sit there's a lot of you there is a lot of me yeah I mean I was told not to do that so I'm not gonna do yes but position for me just slightly to the left yes you can just run through the show I might have to just know if we'd all love it if you did artists what would you like from Angela be naturally natural what that smiling depicting many people smile and smile don't smile be miserable it works for me I'm not sure where I should be help me what do you need okay just don't move we promised you an interesting day okay lovely thank you artists it's time to take a deep breath not too close to your white spirit obviously and settle those nerves you have four hours to create your portrait and the time starts now many artists begin by taking a photo of their sitter but some favor a more intimate approach do you have anything of sentimental value on you this the charms on this bracelet you see that is love quite like the fact that the arrow is bent how's it going that's all right I noticed you talking to her about her bracelet what happened there because we've got such a short space of time I'm trying to take a little bit of everything from everywhere little from her character bill from the environment I wanted to involve for personality and what is important to her hoon Adam Alou took four days to create his submission entitled dreaming with ancestors it shows him surrounded by figures from Cypriot folklore his skeleton partly exposed to reveal his profound connection to his cultural heritage so we saw the inside of your body in your self-portrait we're not going to see the inside of any of genius podium unfortunately there's not enough time for that thinking that's probably a relief to her husband Gina his your hip sockets immortalized in paint yeah jemelle has got quite strong features nice strong jawline and his eyes are soft I think that's quite a nice thing so it looks like he's gazing at something you know it's the distance and I like that so it's going to quite interesting to paint that a student and part-time hairdresser and many Sharples is about to start an Art Foundation course at Camberwell she uses the kitchen at home as a studio and took 20 hours to complete her submission Emily it's very sketchy and you've already got a sense of general how's it going I sense a certain stress I was a bit unsure about the sizing I thought the head looked quite small on the canvas so why do you think the size is a problem I just think it's not free mm-hmm I'd probably like to use bigger brushes so the drawings correct but unfortunately a bit small I don't actually know how this can turn out good we like that so Sharon you regularly paid don't you oh yes I have to say you've really caught something there already well I hope so that's what Mia for what made you enter all the fresh news of course I retired receptionist Sharon Wright lives in Suffolk where she's a member of the local art society her self-portrait was created in three hours using a photograph but she prefers to paint from life now a lot of the artists bring along their phones and their tablets and they take photographs and then they work from that but you why don't you I think that's very rude actually rude it's a lady sitting there giving it up that time for me to paint you and I'm gonna take photos no I don't think so you're quite confident yes even though it's a strange world here yes having spent almost an hour creating a grid and plotting the features one artist is only just unpacking her oils how's it going any okay yeah I think possibly a bit behind but I think I'll be okay in the end that's definitely Gena already I just started very nice yeah 18 year old Annie Lee is today's youngest competitor and will take her art a level a week after the heat the background of her submission features the word Niihau which is mandarin for hello and is part of a project exploring her identity it's a really interesting way no self-portrait your head is sort of a angle you know like yeah yeah quite challenging it is challenging it made the viewer question which one should be considering the stereotypes of the motifs or the tree detail of me I don't really identify as a Chinese person and I don't speak any other language so apart from English a finding painting with all these cameras it's okay actually which is a weird thing to say I get that yeah it's going well it's nice to have people that see it yeah I was feel sorry for accountants if they do a great bit of accounting and there's no one there to ignore them the artists have three hours left to finish their portraits I was nervous about time before coming to the competition so it's kind of like when I was got some feeling a bit pressure in the way that the judges will be comparing us this sound it's really high but I should be fine in the end I'm not used to painting people with Angela skin tone so I'm going to find that a bit of a challenge because well I don't know if I have the right colors so well here at the Wallace Collection Lee artists are just over an hour into their challenge to paint sitters Gina McKee Angela Griffin and Jamel Weston it's going okay so far there's nothing really worrying at the moment yeah I'm quite a big fan of Stephen Mangan yeah I'm not I'm not cool so yeah that's an extra treat for the day Lucy Pass is a professional artist from Lancaster her self-portrait took eight hours to paint and she likes to sign off her work with a quirky motif like this crown your family hey what do they think of her self-portrait I think my nose is a bit local a bit local a gentleman local Oh family's great yeah yeah Wow anyway let's talk about this what's happening with the hair cuz it's magnificent hair what's the plan I don't know yet MT IRA like in your softly possibly I mean you know an actor I think deserves a crown an actor does deserve a crown I have to agree with you there it's okay I'm just gonna pretend that I don't love you that's why I sit here the whole day the only artist working in pencil today has been laboring over a delicate drawing and now it's time to start adding some more definition it's a bit overwhelming at first because so many people have so many amazing materials and I've literally just got a couple of pencils but I'm gonna use them as best as I can do I just love working with pencils Katherine noon is in her final year studying illustration and animation at Manchester School of Art she wanted to create something honest and unforgiving for her submission hence the grumpy expression I see you've got a photograph there which you've turned into black and white yeah obviously very helpful if you're making a drawing yeah some of the artists will arrive today and they'll be thinking about the Reds with the Grays but of course you have to find an equivalent in the tone yes definitely I was wondering whether to put any color in at all but I don't think I'm gonna do that because it might just look a bit corny I like seeing how much you enjoy it I know yeah make me want to get Sonique we got this great profile here at your mom and one of the things I see artists off from struggling with is the bit of the face they can't see well that's actually gonna be a part of the painting this less defined but I want to know this is courtesans correct position Nikko Aegean earned notoriety as dref on the UK street art scene creating large murals throughout the 1990s he since swapped his spray can for a brush and painted his self-portrait in 20 hours sue is it anyway or dress what's with the two names um ones my birth name the other ones my street name but why didn't we use your street name no not in the street are we in the gallery when I was younger be honest I was hiding behind a persona and I think I'm older now and really quite comfortable with just people knowing me or my birth name neatly each week our backdrops nod to different themes in art history and today's have a more contemporary feel I thought we were at the Wallace Collection but it seems we are in a very urban street environment today retains street art oh I would prefer urban surfaces I say the kind of theme for our sets today we made it slightly simple in the other two sections where it is just about texture the gray is concrete and in jamel's bit we've got a corrugated iron that's rotted away and rusting and I think that's very beautiful so here we have a very refined sensitive actress in front of quite a brash dirty wool if I may be so bold because you would never think of her in this context well I don't know how should be downtown New York isn't true maybe she is a New York Ian I'm noting it it's very interesting this isn't my natural habitat but I particularly like the blue and the pink it's a good combo how do you think jamel is doing as a sitter Jamal's doing a great job like all actors they're doing method posing keeping all their muscles alert and toned and that's really really important because it's way too easy to just relax and sag and everything in the face falls so he's been very very good and incredibly still I've watched struggle sitting silently and still for four hours even as an audience member in in theatre sometimes I find it hard to sit still man I'm just all over the place but I guess I've got a sense of focus on it and I maybe it's just about a sense of not wanting to interrupt someone else's journey we've given these guys here there's concrete background but actually I think is a really good backdrop right I think Angela looks lovely except that she's a very good sister yeah and also I think my pose is quite cool not too formal yeah I think she's gone a bit sort of urban yeah well I feel at home here I'm very Street oh yeah yeah well I live on a street so nice to hear that people think I'm a good sitter I may have watched a couple of these shows before and that I have seen the comment that the better the sitter the better the portray so I really tried to behave tell me what do make of Gina's face in the future his face is absolutely stunning she's got this voice thin complexion and the hair is beautiful and for me the background is emphasized with all of that then you don't find the background distracting no I like it Krishna's cinnamon but often paints seven days a week from 8:00 in the morning till 10:00 at night and took 40 hours to complete her self-portrait having graduated from Oxford University's Ruskin School of Art she's about to start an MA at the Slade but Kushner I understand you're a woman of some determination I am I love painting I just love artwork in general I've based myself in London at the moment even though I'm from Lancashire just so I can make the most of the galleries that are here I love doing research as others that just starting to add detail to their work one is already halfway through his second portrait so two pieces for you is this an interesting exercise so you can go away and think about this one or are you unhappy with this one I was unhappy with it for a while and I thought it'd be really good to have a bit of a break from it and then hopefully save the fresh eyes and I might go in and completely rework that I might completely obliterate it or am I sort of try to rescue it ah lecturer Phil Tyler made it to the shortlist of portrait artist of the year 2018 with his painting of Michael Ball his submission took about five hours and adds to his collection of three hundred and fifty self-portraits created in the last two years alone so your submissions have always got these fantastic stories Tyrion there's no weird and wonderful bathroom background here but you do have a very good system it's what's interesting I mean if you've got this person this presence this space you want to try to incorporate all of that so hopefully at the end of the day we'll have an exciting painting that also have yes well you give yourself that extra bit of work because you've got to and not only that you have to do between them we know that we can't even give you a clue leave you to wrestle with those demos thanks very much with just over two hours remaining some artists are getting advice from friends and family on how best use their time my dad was like you need to ride in the space between the lips and the nose and then my aunty was like you need to fix the back of her skull to give her the shape of the book okay I can see it there great it helped me a lot I'm not doing that background I've slightly taken the colors I like from there and also her lipstick it's going okay I seemed calm and collected inside I'm very overwhelmed I'm not sure at the minute if I'm going to be finished because I've got so much left to do if they add another four hours I'd probably move a lot around but I'm not sure if I haven't changed that really now so I have to stick to it in that horrible stage where you feel you kind of stomach tightening where you're sort of trying to get things in the right place it's knife-edge stuff here at the Wallace Collection the portraits of Jamel Westman Gina McKee and Angela Griffin are continuing to evolve but to ours in another artist is starting a new painting my feelings if I've gone as far as I can with the one that I've been doing all morning and I don't want to spoil it so I wanted to start another one and do something completely different hopefully but it's not starting off different there is it right halfway time time for some judgments I think Gina has sort of inspired them all yes what do you think of Annie what and he's following a style that she set in her own self-portrait she's got the backdrop with some inscrutable insignia so the backdrop is she's dropped it completely it's a very complicated factor and I can see why some of the artists having problems with it yes Gemma what do we think of him I think jamel's whole section has a slight problem with his lightness but Lucy's early drawing of Jamar was just beautiful I'm curious whether we're gonna get one of those flourishes she calls it signing off for it she did with the crown in her self-portrait I don't know that I would like it okay let's go on to Emily I was worried about Emily this morning she's got to resolve the likely yes but you know she's one of those artists again that I think might sort of pull it all together in the afternoon okay Angela I think some of the artists are sue involves with their work that they're not getting back to see what is actually happening but that's exactly what Phil's done in working on two canvases I'm not 100% convinced that it's actually helping him I feel for him because actually I think he's got two sort of likenesses if you blended them to get better she might be there what about Katherine Katherine is really managing to get a fantastic likeness emerging just by using that pencil and with a party-pooper here she's working from technology and she's working across Angela's face piecemeal well there's little bits that are not quite right this morning I thought it's very confident with certain artists landscapes changed to such agree I'm really unsure yeah make it the thing I'm interested in is having three artists in the same situation and to see how their interpretations differ I just want to see how much of today combines with their skill and their style and their alchemy that that brings so I'm interested in that I'm not really anxious about how anybody's portrayed they you know no one's been walking along the back oh so I presume that they are all gonna be alright I'm intrigued to see how they've captured the hair I can't wait to see my hair because I've got a lot of hair every now and then I can just see that kind of looks from the easel trying to catch different things and seeing them dipping into their paint to express their vision or whatever they see it's real kind of pleasure and honor I guess halfway through I was thinking I probably would add a crown but I don't think it needs it and I think I think his hair is his crown and I don't want to touch anymore okay I'm just worried about the hair I'm not sure I'll get it aldo but then I'm not sure for one – towards the edge I think I'm just gonna fade out right look at ya finished yeah cuz that's what I like to do so you can still see the sort of essence of it but not the fault so you've got it yep you've started there then the gray those ones have started very strong line you've got here yeah I always seem to do that not good when I was in school he said don't do that I just thought I liked it no this is just the only thing you like to do on on my drawings don't know hi okay so that's a curious motif in the background but I can't work out are they crabs or roasted the necklace that she's wearing looks like a beetle which I simplified by sooner so that motif for you in a way is also about the identity of the sitter you love her there's a lovely sensitivity around and kind of humorousness about Gina's mouth that you thought incredibly well where do you think a lightness lies in a portrait it's not one facial feature I think it's the whole the mood that you have vote from it while most agonize over how to refine one portrait two artists have abandoned their second attempt and returned to their first fill Stephen hey doing badly what's the problem well it's the age-old thing of you've got an interesting painting but it looks not far behind you I'm kind of feeling that there's a bit of that site that is looking a bit like Angela but this I is inept to say the least and this one's quite an interesting painting yeah but it doesn't know anything Angela there's a possibility if I can get this work and I might do a third I mean I didn't go away because I'll come back and I'll be six portraits whether they're working on their first second or even third portrait of the day the artists have just half an hour left I never really paint with oils this quick so so I just wanted to look how is in my mind I guess Khan will explain I'm nearly there I'm just gonna keep going with it and then I can reassess what I've got to do and what's good you know so far so good okay I'm ignoring the face because it's too overwhelming I'm concentrating on the background now somewhat apprehensive at the moment but as a British girl keep calm and carry on I'm really happy with the like this it's hot look whether you're gonna be able to capture something or not so I'm feeling quite Johnny sitter's Angela Griffin jemelle Westman and Gina McKee have maintained their steady poses and with four hours nearly up the artists must think carefully about any finishing touches they might want to make I'm focusing more on the eyes at the moment but the pain is so wet I don't overwork now once I hear that I haven't got a lot of time I'll just have to speed up a lot artists you have ten minutes left even though I paint fast to shout that there's only 10 minutes left has put a real panic company so I'm desperately trying to solve off all this painting together I've got to put the EU ink and I think that's so sweet you're about to pierce a penis that's the final touch at the aim okay the diamond goes in and the artists your time is up please put down your equipment and step away from your portraits with the challenge at an end the citizen to see what the artists are produced and choose their favorite to keep Jamel I can hardly believe that in two hours time you're going onstage to play the lead in Hamilton oh yeah artists please turn your easels round yeah come and meet them this is neat cray hey man how's it going put glasses on all right this is so good yeah man this is awesome oh man yeah all in the eyes eyes are always critical on me it tells so much about a person oh man yeah it's great and the detail of the eyes and the lips yeah but now the choice is yours oh my god how long have I got I mean I'm on a timer right now you've got to be at the show about how I've got go you're right I do love this [Applause] well yeah are you ready to have a look I think so yeah artists please turn your easels oh oh my gosh oh you got me necklaces and everything ah the details brilliant thank you I mean it looks like yeah right okay listen a fill painted seventy-six portraits oh yeah how many did you do in there sir eight three that was the last one of the day so how long did this one take you down just under an hour I mean that's just sick how can you just wizard paint now in an hour that's ridiculous big Brush thanks Phil thank you got me highlights in my all natural highlights yeah really good thank you okay the time has come you have to choose one and I'm going to choose I'm gonna choose this one [Applause] well of tanka great that's amazing the colors are stunning thank you I could hear you talking about the earring we do oh gosh I've just seen it my beetle yeah haha oh I like that a lot that's very clever you've captured the spirit of my personality though it's kind of spooky your concentrations stunning I just have a strong stare and this is fabulous I love the detail around the sides of flowers right now a moment of choice where the responsibility falls on you I think I'm going to choose this picture exhausted from their efforts the artists get some fresh air and await the verdict of the judges Lucy started with such a beautiful drawing I mean it was just gorgeous to look at and there's always that danger you fall in love for something which is never supposed to be the finished thing it is a beautiful pensive portrait of the man as a remember him sitting there today Emily started the day having drawn jamel's had a bit too small but actually she's done very well out of that early mistake it's a romantic portrait in his truest sense it's a really romantic and I think almost makes him much younger I don't know that Nick Craig got jamel's likeness it's nearly him but not quite I think you have to look at Holmes work from inside Huns mind so I don't think he's caught Gina as I saw her today but he's an interesting one to watch I loved the way any Court Gina's curious but playful look she's obviously found a color palette that she's happy with because she uses I think the same thing as her mission so is there a danger that she can only do one thing there's a real problem with the drawing because Cushing didn't get up and get away from it which is a pity because her face has got that sort of humorous half smile that was there all day I was so pleased that Sharon had such fun today she thinks you really enjoy herself she's got this great confidence but she's definitely lost something in the jaw she had a much more delicate face the thing with Phil is I love his practice he'd made so many different versions they gave him an opportunity to look with eyes afresh at the others but I don't think he actually did that careful looking this very thick dark outline I didn't like it earlier on and actually the more time I've spent with it the more I do like it because I think she understands that she needs to lift this off the page in a way that it doesn't destroy that lovely harmonious drawing so which three portraits will make their shortlist if I do that and we just look at these three a bit closer does that work or not really I think that's really lovely sort of sums up the day rather nicely as well she's beautiful and gentle and each character very different artists were so impressed by what you've managed to achieve in such a short time it's been fascinating to watch each of your work after discussing all of them the judges have chosen a shortlist of three the first artist is Annie Lee [Applause] the second artist is Lucy Pass [Applause] and the bird artists to be shortlisted is Catherine noon [Applause] our commiserations live the rest of you it doesn't mean that your work wasn't of a really good quality and that we didn't appreciate it we certainly did thank you all well I loved it last year and I loved it again this year I mean it's exhausting I'm really pleased that my skip 3 done and I'm pleased at the last painting I did an hour is the one answer chose seeing the submissions alongside today's portraits gives the judges a better idea of each artist potential so three sort of head and shoulders suspended in space the other thing is that they're all consistent within their artistic styles if you're playing pears you'd be away wouldn't you so Lucy's two paintings I could have feeling jimmy'll was the perfect sitter for her there's something consistent in the presence of herself and Jamel and that sort of distant looking eye kind of there is a romanticism but it's sort of contained obviously in her submission she did this flourish with the crown and I was worried that she was gonna feel under pressure perhaps to sort of deliver that today but I think she made absolutely the right choice okay so next Annie what do you think of Annie she's very good at examination and as a result you feel a really strong connection with the sitter either with herself or with Gina it's not just about a physical representation there's an emotion there and at the end Catherine well Catherine is wedded to the pencil and she does it proud I think and showed great maturity with the canvases being pulled off and put on by the other two artists in her statement yes to just keep her focus and keep her cool I was a bit worried when she started out that she was really slavish ly following the information off her tablet and that it wasn't working as a whole but somewhere during the day she must have got a bit of an objective distance on it because from here it's fantastic yeah so it feels today there's three paintings any one of which could possibly win so you're really pleased with today that really good takeaway Catherine Annie Luce making it through to the shortlist today is an achievement in itself so whatever happens next you can be proud of yourselves but only one person can go through someone who impressed the judges by being receptive to the sitter which resulted in a portrait that shows great empathy and that artist is a Neely I have one mate ah I can't believe it I went in to the shortlist thinking I'm happy with what happened and then they called out my name again and I was WOW hope just ate I don't know what to say I'm so happy Annie produced today Amy's 18 she responded to Gina's likeness without slavish ly trying to find it and she made a worker part that happened to also be a great portrait of Gina that's incredibly mature for somebody so early on in their career it's just wonderful the whole experience today has just been so much fun Annie's portrait is beautiful it's so sensitively painted yeah she's a very well deserved winner I was going and looking at her work through all the breaks and just seeing it come together she was amazing I'm in shock I'm gonna be in shock for a very long time now to find out about next year's competition visit our website Sky Arts artist of the year TV

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  1. Love this series but I don't understand the criteria they are using to choose the winner. In my opinion it should be the one who will be able to do the commission most realistically, so I am at a loss as to why other portraits were not chosen. Annie did a lovely job, though not very realistic.

  2. Just don't understand the choices by the celebrities. They have to be seeing something not visible on film. I chose the wrong one again.

  3. I don't know who actually sees, reads or gets feedback on these up-loads, I just need to say, THANK YOU. I love this series.

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